Alex Smith isn’t interested in a new contract during the season


For several key NFL players, 2011 represents the final year of their current contracts.  While that reality has caused some to complain publicly (e.g., Matt Forte) or to engage in bizarre behavior privately (e.g., Peyton Hillis and DeSean Jackson), 49ers quarterback Alex Smith doesn’t seem to care about whether and to what extent negotiations will occur.

It’s nothing I’ve talked about or even really thought about,” Smith said Wednesday, via Matt Maiocco of  “It’s so early.  I’m focused on playing football.  It’s not something I want to think about in the middle of the season, to be honest with you.”

So is Smith willing to wait to address his contract after the season ends?  “I think so,” Smith said.  “I do.  It’s something the guys upstairs — Trent [Baalke] and Coach Harbaugh — it’s something we can deal with later.”

Smith signed a one-year, $4.9 million contract before the season started.  His value on the open market isn’t known, but if he plays well into January, as 20 teams and counting are watching the postseason on television, one or more owners or General Managers undoubtedly will decide to pursue him with an offer much richer than the one he received from the Niners after the lockout ended.

In the end, Smith’s best bet likely will be to stay put in San Francisco.  The first overall pick in the 2005 draft hasn’t had a coach like Harbaugh, and there’s no guarantee that any other coach can set Smith up to succeed the way he has in 2011.

Still, Smith is bearing the risk of injury by not clamoring for a new deal.  If he tears an ACL or suffers a serious shoulder injury, for example, his value for 2011 will plummet.

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  1. thumbs down if you guys think he has shed is bust label… thumbs up if you like my silky smooth hair…

  2. He has enough money from that first contract he robbed out of us…. I kid I kid. Alex is real smart… I’m sure he hasn’t pissed all that money away like most do. He will be okay financially regardless. He is also a stand up guy to not want contracts getting in the way unlike 98.5% of the NFL

  3. Neither do the Niners,..mark my words,..Harbaugh is going to pay whatever the asking price is for Luck,..and if that team doesnt trade his rights to Harbaugh, Andrew will simply play another year at Stanford. I just set you all strait.

  4. Alex Smith knows that his “BBD” (bigger better deal) is right there in San Francisco. Smart of him not to let anything distract him from the present task at hand. Just look at where it got Chris Johnson to do otherwise.

  5. Plus he’s had a different offense almost every year he’s been in the NFL. He’s a REALLY smart guy so he could learn another offense, but he’s also smart enough to realize his best chance to win is with the same offense for more than one year. He and the 49ers seem like a great fit. People forget how young he is. Even though he’s been in the NFL for 7 years he’s ONLY 27. HE was 20 when he was a rookie. People always forget that. He’s just coming into his own.

  6. deanvernonwormer says:
    Nov 16, 2011 5:28 PM
    This guy needs to strike while the irons are hot cause in SF for 2012 Peyton Manning’s a comin’.


    If Manning ever plays again he will play for the Colts.

  7. Common sense says Smith will sign with the 49ers after the season is over. I’m sure he’ll want to play with the coach who has finally got him to play consistently at a NFL level. Plus with him, I kinda doubt he is real in need of cash.

    That said, it is nice to know he is more worried about winning games than renew a contract and come down with a sudden “injury” like some of these other players.

  8. Alex Smith will likely go down swinging in the NFC championship game to GB this winter. After that he’ll be rewarded with a nice 3-5 year deal.

    From there I would expect him to have an explosive second season with Harbaugh and really open it up with greater knowledge of the playbook.

    Looking forward to it.

  9. The 9ers front office has really turned the corner. They have signed guys quality guys cheap and they are playing it smart by not giving any of their soon to be free agents a contract extension mid-season. It is distracting and not necessary.

    The front office scoffed at the deal Buffalo gave Fitzpatrick. I bet they can resign Alex on the cheap. He will not want to go elsewhere, plus the fact that they have already paid him fat in previous contracts.

    I imagine that they will be able to resign every player they want to resign and have room for a splash or two.

    They have to get the following guys back next year IMHO:

    Alex Smith
    Dashon Goldson
    Joshua Morgan
    Ahmad Brooks
    Blake Costanzo
    Carlos Rogers
    Reggie Smith
    Adam Snyder

  10. I see him blowing a playoff game when they play a team that shuts down the run game and forces him to win it throwing into the flats every play LoL.

    Get that paper NOW Alex!

  11. I’d franchise him and see if he can do it again in 2012. If he does, sign him to a long-term deal.

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  12. Something that never gets brought up is how Alex willingly restructured his contract while he underperformed on his huge rookie deal

  13. Come back player of the year. Alex graduated college in 3 years and has always worked hard for the 49ers except for a long time the results were not showing on the field. Glad to see a player who does all the right things finally starting to become a quality NFL starter.

  14. Let’s not get a head of ourselves. The Niners are doing great and have surprised everyone but Smith is slightly above an average qb. Does he deserve a new contract-sure. Does he deserve a top contract-NO

  15. After 6 years of terrible coaches and his reputation dragged through the mud…do you really think he sees greener pasteurs elsewhere just for money? The Niners will sign him to a multi-year deal worthy of his performance this year. Harbaugh will make sure of that. Also, the Niners are preparing to enter a new ballpark. Do they want to have a potentially unstable QB position when they finally have some performance out of that position that has not existed for over 6 years?

    Smith realizes what a good thing he now has in SF with new management, new coaches and the support of his teammates and local fans. Why would you walk away from that when he saw what it was like on the other side.

  16. He’s not caring because he was a former #1 pick overall. He’s got the coin. Ge stayed to make things right and he almost has. There is no way he leaves, hell he may give a discount to stay. If the 49ers make the playoffs Alex will not just abandon the ship right after the course was finally righted.

  17. All I see here is a guy that has been a middling, uninspiring, lower level of the pack NFL QB -one that even though he is 8-1 right now, is also not allowed to throw anything past 15 yards.

    The big difference for him this year is the defense keeps them in close games and he only has the to make one or two important throws per game. In the past when he had to make 5-10 big throws per game, he simply choked.

    I don’t think anyone will pay big bucks for him and he knows it. In fact he’d be crazy to go anywhere unless it was the same situation (top shelf defense, solid running game). Trouble with that is the NFL is a big time passing league now and there aren’t many teams looking to win by running 80% of the time. Maybe a desperate team like the Cardinals or Redskins might throw him a bone, but outside of that, I think he is a 49er for life.

  18. His rookie deal was for 49.5 million, and he just got another 4.9 this year. I’m fairly certain, he’s A-Ok.

  19. I’m rooting for Alex, he’s a class act. He’s handled his failures really well, never placing any blame on anyone even though a lot of it wasn’t his fault. It takes a special kind of person to still want to make things right with the 49ers after all he’s endured there from the organization and fans.

  20. If SF was willing to give you a one year contract for $4.9 M on what they thought you are capable of just think what they or someone else will give you once you take the 49er’s into the playoffs.

    Good call Alex.

  21. “Still, Smith is bearing the risk of injury by not clamoring for a new deal. If he tears an ACL or suffers a serious shoulder injury, for example, his value for 2011 will plummet.”

    As smart as he is, I’m sure he has a big insurance policy. He should anyway.

  22. Are you freakin’ kidding me? Why is this even being discussed? Guys like Forte and D-Jack have been proven studs for multiple years and then can’t get new contracts. Yet a guy like Smith, who after 6 years of ineptness, plays 9 games where he shows he can be a capable game-manager, and we are talking contract extension for him??? Actually, the fact that he is currently getting paid $5 million for being nothing but garbage for 6 years doesn’t seem right either.

  23. isn’t it amazing when an athlete is asked a question about his comment — and he doesn’t give an ignorant, short-sighted selfish answer?

    alex has taken a lot of verbal beatings over the last few years, so it’s Thoroughly Cool to see him taking the high road.

    on top of that — alex smith is smart enough to know that being harbaugh’s QB is a pretty good gig; I’d be surprised if he ever wants to leave SF.

  24. A lot of things have been said of Alex Smith. One thing I idon’t think an be said of him is that he’s a jerk. Alex has remained steadfast through a lot of mistreatment. I think be next year at this time all of the bust and game manager stigma will be long forgotten.

  25. Take it while you can get it, dude. While everyone still thinks you’re actually a good quarterback. Won’t get any better than this.

  26. There is absolutely NO WAY that Alex signs elsewhere. Wait till the season is over and see where things stand. What this team does in the playoffs will dictate whether he’s brought back in 2012.

  27. I continue to get frustrated with the “right here/right now/this minute” attitude of the NFL. It never used to be this way.

    Smith’s a great guy. A great team player. But everyone, including myself, have tried to believe, given up, hopped back on, etc. I’m very happy and not surprised by his success this year, but I still rate him as a great backup/borderline starter in a stable system. He has thrown only two 300 yd games.

    Keep him around for another year, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. To borrow from NakedCowboy’s comment, let’s shed the bust label and be happy with that for a while.

  28. Giving him a new contract would be a massive mistake.

    He’s done a good job as a game manager, but that’s all he is. The 9ers have won with defense and pounding the football. Old school ball.

    Kaepernick is a much better talent, even if he looked like a fish out of water during the preseason. He’s raw, but he’s going to be a huge upgrade on Smith when he’s ready.

  29. Remember that Alex Smith also restructured his lucrative rookie contract and gave up 20 million to stay on the team a few years ago. I don’t think Smith is looking at another team. If there were any time to leave it would have been after last year, San Fransisco fans were ready to ride him out on a rail anyway.

  30. @808 raider you mean like how the Giants did?Oh wait Smith won that game with his arm fool!And you wonder why everyone has no respect for the Raiders your team sucks barely any knowledgeable fans and jealous cuase youve always been in the 49ersNFL shadow even when we sucked…But as far as putting on face paint screaming for your team you cant name three players on your doing great..Keep hatin chump!

  31. “he might wanna reconsider his stance before the wheels fall off. and by wheels i mean frank gore’s ankles”

    First off, Frank’s showing no signs of slowing down..but if that were to occur, Have you seen Kendall Hunter play? Hunter will be a pro bowler.

  32. sterilizecromartie says:
    Nov 16, 2011 6:39 PM
    Are you freakin’ kidding me? Why is this even being discussed? Guys like Forte and D-Jack have been proven studs for multiple years and then can’t get new contracts. Yet a guy like Smith, who after 6 years of ineptness, plays 9 games where he shows he can be a capable game-manager, and we are talking contract extension for him??? Actually, the fact that he is currently getting paid $5 million for being nothing but garbage for 6 years doesn’t seem right either.

    D-Jack and Forte are under contractor next year. Teams should pay them but won’t. Smith is free after this season and somebody is going to overvalue him. The 49ers are not going to want to slide back after finally making the playoffs by going with a first year player. If Smith waits and stays healthy he will have all the leverage for money and years. Any deal on the table now is likely to be a fair deal. Any deal postseason could get silly. Smith is taking a calculated gamble with a potentially massive payday.

  33. Lol @808raider, we could blow our future on a subpar QB that is going to set us back 3 years. Wait luckily we aren’t dumb enough to follow that dump of a franchise, the faiders

  34. DSphon55:
    2 years ago Alex was given an untimatum,either take a huge pay cut or be cut. He was only willing to not get cut. You made itr sound like it was alex’s idea or something ,lol

  35. SOBEIT:
    Alex will not be the starter when they move into their new stadium(2014),Colin Kaepernick is scheduled to be up to speed well before then and he is the future,unless Alex takes another huge jump in talent .

  36. I just don’t understand how he can feed his family. Is it possible he actually saved some of that big rookie contract so it really doesn’t matter right now?

  37. botchedextrapoint………….. Alex already turned down more money to stay in San Francisco…. twice. When he had taken the pay cut he had also been granted permission to seek a trade, flirted with an unnamed suitor and still chose the pay cut. This may really boggle your mind but there are still players that will take far less cash to stay in the right situation or have the best chance at a championship. Of the teams that will still remain in need of a starting qb…. likely none of them will have any playoff hopes

  38. Tim Alex was also granted permission to pursue other avenues… So you in turn make it sound like it was restructure or nothing at all… Besides with all the guaranteed money they were way way worse off if they cut him, than him restructuring… but hey it’s cool you got a long history of Alex bashing on you.

  39. The kid dont want money. He wants wins. How can anyone hate on him? Hes the underdog of all underdogs. Hea the kid that got beat up for most of his career. The little brother thats been picked on. The non favorite. The one everyone booed. Hes the robin to the batmans. The red headed stepchild. The scorned. The doubted. Set up in a system that was designed to see him fail. The one that wants revenge on everyone with a million grudges silenced by a straight face and filling up like a ballon. Bigger ang bigger and bigger. Until finally it pops! Through a metamorphasis to become not the one you know as alex smith. But the one in the future you will call ALEXANDER THE GREAT!!!

  40. rcali…. Alex Smith is not the typical NFL idiot player when it comes to money and lack of common sense. I’m sure he has an extremely heavy majority of it still.

  41. Even he knows it could end with any errant pass. He didnt score high on the wonderlic because of his good looks. Niners and Trent Baalke would be well to be mindful of whats happening with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    Let the season play out, see how the playoff performance finishes, and take it from there.

  42. I admire Smith for the way he’s hung tough over the years with all the different systems and crappy coaches he’s had. No, he didn’t earn his rookie deal, but he always looked like he was busting his ass trying. The leadership he showed during the lockout with no contract also showed what kind of guy he is, and you have to hand it to him for believing in himself enough that he thinks he can improve his bargaining position in the playoffs.

    All that said, I’d be wary. If the 49ers don’t make the Super Bowl I think they might make a run at a bigger name to play QB.

  43. He should be interested any time an NFL team wants him to play for them.

    The overall way he’s played since being drafted hasn’t been great so one has to wonder when he won’t be able to get anyone to sign him anymore.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he is out of the league by 2013,,,

  44. @quittsburghstoolers

    And with a name so clever you would have thought your comment would be more informed.

  45. Alex isn’t going anywhere. He has been through too many O coordinators already. Harbs and Alex know he will be much better in year 2 and beyond. It dosen’t hurt to have Kaepernick learning and waiting, you never know when injury strikes in this league. Unless you are a RB against our Defense, then prolly by halftime.

  46. First thing, I don’t think we’ve seen the best of Alex Smith. People say he is coached like a high school QB…that Harbaugh doesn’t let him do much. Isn’t Harbaugh coaching to our ultimate strengths in a season where our offense is probably not completely installed. Harbaugh seems to keep adding new surprises each week. And Alex seems to get better and better. Imagine what he can do after this season and a full offseason. Living three blocks from University of Nevada, I know that Kaepernick is a great talent, but I still think Smith is in the driver’s seat in Frisco for a few years.

  47. discosucs2005 says:Nov 17, 2011 8:30 AM


    And with a name so clever you would have thought your comment would be more informed.


    Smith was drafted #1 overall and his numbers don’t reflect his draft status. That’s what my comment refers to. He hasn’t lived up to his pay check and his draft position.

    For you to claim that my statement is somehow inaccurate points more to you not knowing what you are talking about.

    Even the Niners are not completely sold on Smith. If they were, why did they draft Colin Kaepernick? The team has many other areas of need so why use a 2nd round draft pick on a QB if the one you got is doing great?

  48. quittsburghstoolers says:
    Nov 17, 2011 10:57 AM

    Even the Niners are not completely sold on Smith. If they were, why did they draft Colin Kaepernick? The team has many other areas of need so why use a 2nd round draft pick on a QB if the one you got is doing great?


    It’s more accurate to say the 49ers WEREN’T sold on Alex Smith before the season started. Of course they weren’t. Nobody really was. When Kaepernick was drafted Smith didn’t have an official deal that he would come back next season, just an understanding. Sure he was starting to show improvement at the end of last season, but nobody was really paying attention to that because the mess the 49ers were back then.

    But now you can’t make the same claim. He clearly has the locker room and the support of his teammates. While he hasn’t been asked to throw as much as a lot of quarterbacks he’s been accurate and hasn’t made big mistakes. His Quarterback rating is 95.8 this season, ranking him 7th in the NFL right now. And when the team had to lean on him he’s come through. His passer rating in the 4th quarter is a very impressive 117.6, a quarter that he’s been asked to take the team on his shoulders and come back in several times this season. When Gore was out with an injury he took the team on his shoulders again and won in the game against the Giants. If he continues to play like this for the rest of the year there will be offers on the table. I don’t think he will take them, however, I think he’s exactly where he wants to be.

    Bear in mind as well that drafting Kaepernick was something of a vote of confidence in Smith, because Kaepernick clearly wasn’t ready for the NFL straight out of college. Remember he was a product of the pistol offense and many questioned how long it would take for him to adapt to an NFL style offense. He wasn’t a come straight out of college and make a difference immediately kind of draft choice, this was a draft choice looking several years down the road.

  49. marcsasharc says:Nov 17, 2011 2:55 PM

    good job quittsburgh, you sound like another idiot.


    I’ve read a lot of your comments, pal.

    Considering the quality of your opinions, for you to make that statement about anyone else is laughable.

    I love it when a moron calls someone else an idiot.

    Taking that into consideration, I try not to use too many big words so guys like you can understand. Obviously, my opinion was still too difficult for you to comprehend so I guess I’ll have to use baby talk next time…

  50. oh good one, quittsburgh.

    the guy who thinks drafting a qb means the team is not currently satisfied with the current QB. heres a news flash, all teams should draft a qb from time to time even if they have Brady, Rodgers, etc… you are always 1 hit away and qb is rather important see Indianapolis.

    the packers drafted Rodgers when they had Favre. whats your take on that?

    common sense, its kind of important.

  51. Saying you will wait til the season is really easy when you’ve already taken 50 million to the bank. Give Alex a 2 million rookie deal that he blows out of the water like Forte, Peyton and DeSean then see how willing he is to wait. This doesn’t mean he’s the ultimate team guy, it means he’s stanky rich. Some of the articles I read on the internet makes me wonder where the authors got there degrees from or if they got one at all.

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