Another week, another Lions punter: Ben Graham


The Detroit Lions have made yet another roster move at punter.

Detroit has signed punter Ben Graham, the former Australian rules football star who has previously played for the Jets, Saints and Cardinals.

The Lions cut Robert Malone, the punter who spent one week in Detroit and didn’t get the memo about kicking away from Devin Hester.

Malone was signed because the Lions’ regular punter, Ryan Donahue, suffered an injury in practice last week while practicing placekicks — something Donahue was only doing because kicker Jason Hanson suffered a knee injury under still unexplained circumstances during the bye week.

13 responses to “Another week, another Lions punter: Ben Graham

  1. The Lions probably have the worst special teams in the NFL(besides Hanson.) A new special teams coach is needed. It’s like we have Kwan as the special teams coach again.

  2. Aussie football? Probably signed him not solely for his kicking ability, but because he’s not afraid of contact and will often be put in position to have to make the tackle himself.

    This unit went from liability to strength back to liability again. Hope they get it figured out, it has certainly contributed to hardships during the games thus far.

  3. davikes says: Nov 16, 2011 1:38 PM

    And it turns out Stafford hurt his finger holding for placekicks because the punter couldn’t do it.
    And Calvin only got clotheslined because Stafford couldn’t throw the ball well enough to get him open. Damn you Jason Hanson…

  4. Lions have a full plate – very short week after Sunday to prepare for Green Bay.

    But unless the Packers defense shows up like it did against the Vikings (in which case, watch out Lions) — they may not need the punter anyway!

  5. Even in the darkest hours my Lions always had excellent kickers. Odd how now that the team is playing well the kickers seem to be in disarray……

  6. the lions need more than a punter to make the playoffs. but maybe the new guy can rip the helmets off the return men as they are running by,you know good hard nosed football like that. keep saying you are not a dirty team until somebody does the same thing to your team. can’t wait to hear them whine that happens.

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