Brandon Lloyd making strong case to stick in St. Louis

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The Rams only gave up a sixth-round pick to acquire Brandon Lloyd, but that pick will upgrade to a fifth-rounder if he catches 30 passes with the team.

In four games, Lloyd has 21 grabs for 255 yards and two scores. It’s safe to say that pick will improve for Denver, and the Rams won’t mind one bit.

Lloyd, who is a free agent after the year, has quickly built a strong case to remain in St. Louis on a long-term deal. He’s clearly the best receiver on the team and Sam Bradford badly needs reliable weapons.

The problem for Lloyd is that there’s no guarantee offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will be with the Rams next year. Lloyd only makes sense for St. Louis if the offensive system remains the same.

The Rams will likely have to win a few more games down the stretch in order for McDaniels and coach Steve Spagnuolo to return next year. Otherwise, Lloyd may wind up following McDaniels to his next job.

And Bradford may be stuck learning his third system in as many years.

17 responses to “Brandon Lloyd making strong case to stick in St. Louis

  1. Lloyd is an underrated receiver, and it would be in the Rams best interest if they kept him. He has made a ton of great one handed catches in his career.

  2. Lloyd has been a great pickup for the Rams. With that being said this article insinuates he can only function in a Mcdaniels offense. A good WR finds a way to get open no matter what offense he is in IMO

  3. …the point being that Lloyd had hugely underachieved, for a player of his talent, until last season under McD in Denver. It would make sense for BL to follow McD if they click together.

  4. They have to keep him. No doubt. Otherwise they will be drafting 2 recievers early in draft. That’d equate to 3 picks. No team could do that

  5. I’m sure even if he walks for more money or a chance to play for a contender, Spagnuolo and Devaney will scour the Eagles practice squad for a replacement. Nothing Spagsy likes better than Reid’s tablescraps, and if you look at Reid, you can tell he isn’t the type of guy who leaves many scraps.

  6. Spags should def. come back. His players still fight and play their butts off for him every week. I don’t care how they finish, they need some more players and for them to stay healthy. Spags is a good, patient coach.

  7. I hope for Bradford’s well being McDaniels and Lloyd stick around one more year. He needs a quality pass catching TE and two more WRs at the very least. Lloyd needs to have his ego stroked and Josh McD seems to know that. If the front office would provide the coaching staff and players with all necessary parts to win in the NFL this staff would be fine. I would hate to see such a good guys (Bradford) talent & career tank because he was not provided the right tools. To me Bradford is a BIG investment and the Rams ownership should do everything needed to see a healthy return on their investment.

    DRAFT – Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma St.

  8. Frick and Frack. Luverne and Shirley. Fred and Barney. Starchsky and Hutch. Ponch and John. Bert and Ernie. Josh and Brandon……….

  9. Of course he’ll be back. Rams were out of the playoff picture when they acquired him, it wasn’t a one year rental type thing. He’ll re-sign.

    Lloyd is a true number one receiver.

  10. I’d tag him if I were the Rams. Keep that “prove it” fire in his belly. The franchise tag will not backfire and be a mistake down the road in the fact that if he doesn’t live up to expectations, you only paid for one year.

  11. Why does everyone assume the Rams dont have good weapons for Sam Bradford?

    Laurent Robinson wasnt good enough to make the team, but he is the 2nd best WR for Dallas this year, he has no problems making plays in Dallas,

    Perhaps it has something to do with passes hitting him in his hands somewhere more than 5 yards down field, something Sam Bradford has struggled to do for a year and a half now.

    Does Tim Tebow have great weapons? Tebow has the worst throwing motion in NFL history and is terribly inaccurate, yet has been a far more productive passer than Sam Bradford.

    When is the public perception going to catch up to the reality that Sam Bradford is not a good QB.

  12. Robinson wasn’t as explosive last year for the Rams as he is for the Cowboys this year. I really think that his knee wasn’t a 100% last year when he came back. It often takes more than a year for the “explosiveness” to come back after a knee injury. I think if he had stayed w/the Rams for another year he would have proved himself. On the other hand, he did have a lot of drops last year as a Ram and that’s not related to the knee, but to his concentration.

    Sometimes players just need a change of scenary to do well. This might have been the case for Robinson who I liked when he first got to St. Louis and really showed something until he got hurt.

  13. Lloyd would be smart to follow McDaniels….He has shown he can’t get it done anywhere else.

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