Chargers put Kris Dielman on injured reserve

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Kris Dielman’s season has come to an end.

Dielman, the Chargers offensive lineman who suffered a concussion on October 23 against the Jets, kept playing and then suffered a seizure on the flight home, has been placed on injured reserve.

The Dielman case has led to increased scrutiny on the way the NFL handles concussions, and the league office has told game officials to look for concussion symptoms.

The 30-year-old Dielman has been to each of the last four Pro Bowls. Until this concussion, he had never missed more than one game in a single season since 2003, when he joined the Chargers as an undrafted rookie.

18 responses to “Chargers put Kris Dielman on injured reserve

  1. That team is done, it’s time to start over with new management.

    Teams take on the demeanor of their HC and the Chargers are soft, like Norv Turner.

  2. Dielman out for the year. McNeil re-injured his neck. Hardwick is much older and another serious foot injury away from retirement. Not looking good for that o-line.

    Not to mention Jackson is on the last year of his contract, Floyd is always hurt and now showing why no teams in free agency wanted him, Gates

  3. (Stupid enter key.) And Gates isn’t the same player he used to be.

    Chargers need some major overhaul here. Just not the same team anymore.

  4. the Pro Bowl voting has been released for the first time.

    Jermichael Finley is not on the Pro-Bowl Team. Get out, go forth, give a shout and VOTE Today for the greatest TE ever to play the game.

    Year of the Take Over

  5. So sad for Dielman and a tough blow to the Chargers’ offense.

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  6. Next up on the IR, Phillip “Streams”. Urlacher and the Bears will clean this guy’s clock come this Sunday. Chargers’ o-line has been non-existent all year and it’s going to lead to the demise of their QB this season. Beautiful!!!

  7. Get well Kris. Do what’s best for your health. If it means it’s time to heng ’em up, please, hang ’em up.

    sinclairsrevenge – Rivers doesn’t look like a creep, he looks like the dude from Avatar.

  8. Raider fan, whose just as hard core as any AFC West fan of their own team, but I definitely don’t like to see players lost, especially to concussions. That event that took place on the plane ride home from NY must have been an unbelievable ordeal.
    Hope Dielman recovers and gets well soon. Totally have to agree with the Chargers because they must caution on the safety side, when it comes to concussions.

  9. Big blow for the O Line, he is a tough guy to lose. Him and Hardwick have been on that O-Line the longest and are staples of it. Not good at all. Hopefully they get thru the season without anymore injuries and Fire AJ and Norv.

  10. Even Helen Keller or A.J Smith can now see Norvel “The Big” TURDner needs to be flushed…..

    His mediocrity immediately rubbed off on the Chargers. Now it’s even infecting Rivers…..

  11. Its sad to see players go down from concussions. They put their health at risk. The league needs to take care of this asap. Who knows their who life can never be the same again.

  12. I think the Chargers are doing just fine. If you don’t appreciate what they are doing you need to find another team to cheer for. These guys will be back and the present coaching staff is doing a great job.

    A Kansas Chiefs fan.

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