Giants players “not involved and not harmed” in shooting


Several players on the Giants were in the wrong place at the wrong time early Tuesday morning — a Manhattan nightclub where a shooting broke out.

The Giants confirmed to the New York Daily News that receiver Victor Cruz was there but “not involved and not harmed”.

The New York Times later reported that Giants players Chris Canty, Hakeem Nicks, Antrel Rolle and Aaron Ross were also there.

The players were at the Juliet Supper Club at about 2:30 a.m. when a 43-year-old man was shot and killed, but all the players were reportedly in a different part of the club and none witnessed the shooting.

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  1. The players were at the Juliet Supper Club at about 2:30 a.m. when a 43-year-old man was shot and killed, but all the players were reportedly in a different part of the club and none witnessed the shooting.

    These guys should know by now NOT to be in a bar in the wee hours of the morning.

    This just in, you don’t live normal lives and you have allot of risk.

  2. Commitment to excellence! Out late at a club described as “shady” by more than one user. Not that it matters a lot, since they’ve got the broken Eagles coming in Sunday.

  3. In other related news, NY Jets WR, Plaxico Burress aka Harris Smith arrested on murder charges. He claims it was accidental and that the gun fell out of his sweat pants!!!!

  4. “Giants players “not involved and not harmed” in shooting”


    Guess there’s a first time for everything…

  5. This was obviously why the players wanted to limit practices. It’s hard to go to work after being out so late.

  6. People on here trying to scold the players or say “same old Giants.” You’re right. Tuesday is the off day for 90% of the NFL’s roughly 1,500 players. I’m sure these Giants were the ONLY ONES out at a nightclub at this time.

  7. They were out celebrating Cruz’s bday. They should be allowed to do that. The club is the culpable party here. They need better security procedures. I literally hate the Giants, but lets be realistic here.

  8. In other news, there were actually normal, non-athletic human beings at the nightclub near the shooting. They have names also, but they are not important enough to warrant a mention in news stories because they do not play for an NFL team.

  9. I love all the losers yelling at these guys for being out so late. Um, they are allowed to have lives that don’t consist of staying at home knitting, playing bingo, and going to bed at 9pm like you. Do you realize that guys like Nicks and Cruz are in their early 20s? Why shouldn’t they go out and have a good time? At that age I was doing the same thing.

    And Monday nights for these guys is the equivalent to our Friday or Saturday night. That is their Weekend. Because come Wednesday through Sunday they are going to be working their tails off.

  10. Because the clubs just arent the same in the off season – I mean how can you expect these young rich guys to stay home and get a good nights sleep?

    Thats what they do. God forbid they stop the party for a month or 2 during the season.

  11. Good to see NFL players are using common sense these days.

    Okay, I admit it…I could barely type that sentence without laughing.

    I understand these guys are young and want to party, but be smart about it. Chris Canty signed a big contract with the Giants, I’m guessing he’s got a pretty big house; probably with a bar, a theatre room, and a champagne room. Why not just invite a bunch of women over and party there??? And if not his crib, someone else’s???

    Oh yeah…that would be too logical.

  12. Just happy none of them were hurt when some asshat decided to shoot up a club.

    And to all you people saying it’s “too late”, 2:30am in NYC is the equivalent to 11:00pm in most places. Give the guys a break for trying to actually enjoy themselves.

  13. Some of you people are clowns. Why should the playing in the NFL prevent you from going to a nightclub (to apparently celebrate a teammate’s birthday) when they’re in their early to mid 20’s?

    I’m sure plenty of posters here on this site hung out in bars and nightclubs when they were in their 20’s as well.

    It’s the same guys over and over again that post negative comments on this site about every team/player. I think we all know who they are. Just scroll down and you’ll see the same losers posting the same biolerplate comments:

  14. Also at the club were a bunch of NBA players including Kemba Walker, John Wall, and Russell Westbrook. But I guess cause of the whole Plaxico thing this is a story.

  15. Listen to these morons talking like the Giants set a standard of gun use.

    Its not what happens in life, its how you handle it.

    – We cut the loser that shot himself.
    – We fined the ever living crap out of him weekly
    – We sat him multiple times for character issues

    The Giants handled everything the way it should’ve been done with Plaxico.

  16. NFL Players cannot go to Night Clubs anymore. Nothing good comes from it. They are targets for lawsuits, implicated just because they are present (as in this story), and they are often overly harrassed by police looking for the big media arrest.

  17. These guys just do not learn.

    They are all rich, but apparently lack the common sense to find a safer alternative to hang out. These guys have ridiculous cribs why not host their parties there? Have a limo go pick up the hottest babes in the clubs and bring them back to the crib. Take out the element of the stupid punks who want to pick a fight with a highly paid athelete to attempt to get something out of it or impress his friends. Its no wonder so many of these atheletes end up broke, they have no common sense.

  18. Most of you people are not thinking about this rationally. So these young men don’t deserve to go out and have a night out with their friends? What did they do wrong? Because they were out at 230 they should be scolded? C’mon guys. Yeah, they’re famous. But can we fault them for not wanting to assume that everyone is out to start stuff with them?

    Nice call by the guy above me. That’s exactly what they should do. Get a bunch of 20 something year old millionaires to get a harem of groupies and bring them back to their crib. Yeah, that’s a million dollar idea. Then one of these girls cries rape to get a payday, and the same guy will be chastising them for such a reckless move. Stupid.

  19. To the less than intelligent individual who commented about how there were more than just nfl players there, but their names aren’t important- you’re right. This is an nfl blog, so jon simmons and suzie smith don’t matter here. Got to the daily news for the other peoples’ names. Jackass.

  20. Firstly, i’m so glad that no Giants players were hurt. Secondly, glad that no Giants players were involved. They were out celebrating Cruz’s b-day…they’re grown men and allowed to do that. What is Sheriff Goddell gonna do, enforce a curfew for the grown adults that play in the NFL?? Gimme a break

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