Kolb was calling out Eagles’ plays to Arizona defense

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If you watched Wednesday’s PFT Live, you heard Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb telling Glen Macnow and Anthony Gargano of 94 WIP in Philly that, during Sunday’s game at Philadelphia, Kolb was calling out the Eagles’ plays to the Arizona defense.

If you didn’t watch Wednesday’s PFT Live, thanks for nothing.

The entire interview is posted at the WIP website, and Sheil Kapadia of philly.com has transcribed portions of it.

“During the two-minute drill, you almost feel guilty,” Kolb said.  “Mike’s sitting there giving the signals, and I’m standing there on our sidelines, screaming at our corners, ‘Hey it’s a go ball, hey he’s running a screen, hey he’s running a slant.'”

It’s unknown whether and to what extent all of the struggles of the 2011 Eagles can be blamed on coach Andy Reid.  The failure to change signals and formations and other things that a guy who spent four years with the team as a quarterback could use to help an opposing defense falls squarely on Reid, especially since Reid knew that Kolb likely wouldn’t be playing — and thus able to loiter on the sidelines when the defense was on the field, in lieu of working with the offensive coaches.

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  1. Some things you can count on is Andy Reid’s lack of originality and his total commitment to predictability.

  2. edmazeing1 says:

    Sound like how Chucky beat Raiders in the superbowl!!!
    You beat me to it. Deja-vu all over again…

  3. I think Reid is overrated. He’s been employed by the Eagles for a lot of years and never won anything of consequence.

    I think he’s a good coach who will produce a good product on the field more years than not, but I don’t think he’s a great coach who can lead his team to a championship. His game management is poor and when the difference between good and great in the NFL is razor thin, it makes a huge difference.

    Philly needs to decide if they are content with just being good or if they want to be great.

  4. “I think Reid is overrated. He’s been employed by the Eagles for a lot of years and never won anything of consequence.”

    They had a pretty successful four years in a row at the height of the McNabb era, but you’re exactly right that they never won a darn thing. As someone on ESPN put it a few years back — maybe Tom Jackson — four straight AFC Championship appearances, with only one win, doesn’t make you great: it makes you a JV Buffalo Bills. Burn!

  5. @jrmbadger:

    Overrated!? Have you been reading anything about Reid? Everybody thinks he’s the worst coach in the history of coaches. They all want him fired. Don’t you have to be rated highly before you can be overrated?

    There is also a third option to that last comment of yours…

  6. That is kinda crummy. Kolb knows the Offense well, so why would Reid stick with the same plays? I think he had to stick with what he has, Mike Vick is not the brightest bulb in the box.

  7. That’s nothing. You want real trickery? Castillo was calling D plays based on the Eagles’ offense.

  8. Off topic:
    But is there a huge stairwell to climb to get to the post game press conference?
    Every time you see reid at those things he is totally out of breath.
    You would think with all the millions they spend on trainers and gym equipment the guy would be in a little better shape.

  9. @warvette

    Is it really cheating if the Eagles were dumb enough to leave their signals as is from the time Kolb was there?

  10. Yes! I can’t wait to listen to Philly radio on the ride home. They are going to murder Reid even more than they usually do. Funny stuff.

  11. As a New York fan, I am admittedly lucky and spoiled when it comes to my teams winning championships (Giants / Yanks). It’s awesome when they win and I don’t say that to rub noses.

    However, I must say, watching my favorite teams staunchest rivals (i.e. Eags, Red Sox) completely unravel, fall apart and look as though they will completely blow up the whole thing in the offseason is a close second to watching my teams win championships.

  12. Maybe the Eagles ought to hire Kolb as defensive coordinator he does a better job than Juan Castillo.

  13. Andy Reid is one of the better coaches in the NFL. Moving the o-line coach to D-coordinator was one big mistake. Also their P0S QB has been figured out end of story. Should not have paid that rat so much cuz he’s done.
    He should be rotting in jail beside his societal scumbag of a brother.

  14. Not an Eagle fan but who are they going to hire?? Cowher? Just so everyone knows he was hired in 1992 and won his first Superbowl in 2006 Fisher?? Never won, Gruden?? He inherited Dungy’s team… Fire Reid and he could end up on the Redskins. There are tons of teams that would love to have a guy who gives them a chance for the playoffs every year.. I am sure it’s tough getting knocked out, but only 1 team can win, and aside from this year a lot of teams season is over by now.. I have said it before there is going to be some good Defensive Cordinators available, Mike Nolan, possibly Spags, the Eagles would be wise to keep him around, he wont have any problem finding a new job.

  15. This is just sad. This just proves how predictable and stubborn Andy Reid has gotten. We are officially the laughing stock of the NFL. Ugh!!!!

  16. Ha! Only the Eagles. I rib my rival Bears and Vikings fans on here from time to time, but man, that takes the cake.

    It seems that the Eagles could have every bounce go their way for an entire season and still wind up not winning anything of significance.

    People have been giving them a hard time for under-achieving this year. Perhaps we had it all wrong and they were overachieving? Maybe they were just a bunch of no talent hacks all along that were just playing way above themselves last year?

  17. “But is there a huge stairwell to climb to get to the post game press conference? Every time you see reid at those things he is totally out of breath. You would think with all the millions they spend on trainers and gym equipment the guy would be in a little better shape.”

    Check out how he looked when he was a QB coach in Green Bay. He must have put on 200 lbs since then. Given the long hours, high stress and awful diets of football coaches, I’m stunned more of them aren’t having heart attacks. The only one I can think of recently is Michigan State’s Mark Dantonio – a skinny guy.

  18. OR…..you have a bitter avg qb who is pissed off he did not get his chance in Philly. Do you really think Kolb did not know his comments would lead to Reid being questioned?

  19. Anyone that calls this cheating has never competed in anything in their life.

    I can’t believe Reid is that dense. I’d say well done to Kolb, but this is too easy.

  20. mrsmith22, newsflash for you philadephia has not played in an afc champ game, since they are members of the nfc eatstern division. kinda like me commenting on brain surgery, please know what you are talking about, btw your comment applies a little burn ointment

  21. Eagles fans shouldn’t be to eager to see Reid get the boot. As a Skins fan, who has been a Skins fan for at least 26 of the 35 years I have been on this earth, I can tell you the alternative is not fun at all.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  22. How was this cheating??? It wasn’t. Coach Andy screwed up, big time (yet again) by not changing the signals from when Kolb was an Eagle. C’mon, man! He isn’t some rookie head coach…he should have anticipated it. 100% Reid’s fault.

  23. Good! This’ll shut up those people from outside Philly that still insist that Andy is a great coach.

  24. The Raiders got beat in th eSuperbowl because the Bucs defense back then was one of the best in NFL history. We know that he never had anything to do with the defense anywhere he has been a coach. Now, it doesn’t look like anyone is coaching the Bucs on either side of the ball. Sad.

  25. Skins fans are used to years of failure. They hav ea couple Superbowls form the 80’s to fall back on.

    Eagles fans are sick of failure after a couple years. We have NOTHING to fall back on.

    Sorry Skin’s fan, Eagles fans have higher standards and a longer drought to deal with.

    We demand our team delivers every year.

    Andy Reid had been a failure since 2004. It’s been long enough. We don’t need to fail with Andy. I’d rather try another coach now.

  26. Ok Lets be fare, who thought this game would come down to the last 2 minutes? Also most plays have routes built in based on how the CB is defending the route that is built into the play… Eagles talent did not show up period, they had no business letting Larry Fitzgerald catch over a 100 yards on them, and losing to a back up QB.. Example, KC all they had to do was defend the run, didn’t help them against Denver. If the Eagles fire Reid, I will be one happy Giants fan, unless he is hired by Cowgirls, or Deadskins.

  27. Not sure what’s the big deal, this is an included perk of pickup up someone another team is getting rid of. You get their knowledge. It’s been stated countless times about a team picking up a castoff who isn’t very good, “They just want to pick his brain about the other teams scheme.” Usually the out of work player will take a few weeks pay to give it up before they get cut again.

    It’s why teams don’t usually trade good or heavily involved players to division rivals, they’d get punked like the Eagles did 2X per year.

  28. Yep I say fire him. I have the perfect landing spot – – The Buccaneers. They have been described as Yungry – Young and Hungry. Reid def falls in the hungry category

  29. Since Eagles raped the Cardinals in the trade.. I guess this is the only way Kolb will ever contribute.

  30. Hey, if you can’t beat’m on the field…do it from the sidelines.

    Unfortunately for Kolb, the Cards don’t get to play the Eagles every week.

  31. Andy Reid=Donovan McNabb

    Good enough to warrant high expectations and therefore good enough for you to hold on to, but will never win anything. Reid will be back next year, even though he deserves the ax. Works for me, I’m a Giants fan, I LOVE watching the Eagles struggle. Does Reid have a twin brother and can we get him installed as the Dallas HC?

  32. This sort of thing results in a $750,000 fine and the loss of your first choice doesn’t it?

    Or was that really a gross over reaction back in ’07?

  33. habsman says:
    Nov 16, 2011 5:01 PM
    This sort of thing results in a $750,000 fine and the loss of your first choice doesn’t it?

    Or was that really a gross over reaction back in ’07?

    Cry us a river, you little Boston wussy.

  34. there’s a lot of nfl defenses that call out the plays and some of them never had players from philly. there’s been a few times in recent years where players laugh about how predictable andy reids offense can be.

    Reid needs to leave town

  35. if reid tried to change anything, vick would pull a donovan and balk at wearing a wristband.

  36. Wow – so many silly things to comment on in this post – first and foremost, the eagles would have been better in the long run with kolb instead of the convict(who needs to take off his shoes to count past 10….)
    Also – not all nfl head coaches are ridiculously fat(like reid) – tom coughlin is the oldest coach in the league and looks to be in pretty good shape.
    And lastly – to say the 2002 bucs had “one of the best defenses ever” is is just plain silly – let’s see – ’85 bears, 86 giants, 2000 ravens, several steeler teams – that buc

  37. oops, hit the wrong key – that bucs team – while a very good defense – is maybe – in the top 10 of super bowl teams, maybe….. also ’90 giants that shut down an explosive bills team was a lot better than bucs…….

  38. and 2007 giants that shut down undefeated pats that had a record-setting offense – bucs d does not even make the top 10 of super bowl teams

  39. this happens constantly in the NFL…every week, almost every game…

    Fire-able offense? Gimme a break…

    Plenty of things my Iggles are doin’ wrong…the Lawyer…not football expert…that wrote this should try harder, it won’t take long.

    Happens EVERY week…teams pick up a practice squad player from a rival they are about to play….cut him 2 weeks later…

    Do your job better blogger…

  40. Kolb has good reason to feel smited by the Eagles and Andy Ried…

    Can’t blame him for stirring the pot a little…

    Go Eagles…have to win this week.

  41. i dod remember a game a few years ago where miami shut out NE in NE 21-0.

    the cover story was that the fins had the patriots signals and all.

    but i suspect it was more a case of “we win or we deliver u to goodell”.

  42. jg725 says:Nov 16, 2011 6:49 PM
    “oops, hit the wrong key – that bucs team – while a very good defense – is maybe – in the top 10 of super bowl teams, maybe….. also ’90 giants that shut down an explosive bills team was a lot better than bucs…….”

    You do know the buc’s defense had more than 1 season, right?
    From the mid 90s to early 2000s, they had to go toe to toe with some of the most explosive offenses of their era, including having to play against Barry Sanders twice, The Favre led Packers when he was the 3 time NFL MVP twice and The Moss/Carter record setting Viking’s offense twice, back in the NFC Central days, the Bucs then went on to hold the Greatest Show on Turf to 11 points in the NFC title game…. in a dome, on the road!
    Just saying… They were LEGIT good.

  43. I’d say they were better than the mid 80’s bears or early 90’s giants…

    Those teams didn’t sustain the kind of defensive dominace that the mid90s-early2000s’ bucs did, plus free agency and what not… more rules to favor the offense, etc.

    The Michelin Man has yet, again, demonstrated his ineptitude for strategic planning, his love for showboats, and his extreme lack of a propensity for talent assessment… Really, if Mr. Kolb, a #1 draft choice and Eagle’s QB can retain the Eagle’s playbook AND learn and retain the Cardinal’s play book, AND call out to his defense the Eagle’s plays and have a viable effect on the outcome of a professional football game – Kolb is a genius. Mr. Fuddy-duddy deserves to be fire! Reid is no strategic planner: I submit 2nd & 4 from the Washington 7 yd line and Reid passes the ball three times straight with the 4th & goal & calls a pass to the flat- shades of Rhonde Barber jumping the route for a TD unabated in the NFC championship game at the Vet! … he learns nothing, he does not know to run to make the opponent use their time outs and to run the clock. He has no concept of a blind bootleg, let alone the coffin corner… He does not watch the greatest West Coast Offense a lan Montana & Walsh & the great 49er’s teams of that era… what a sham, what a hoax, what a LOSER! Reid has no demonstrative football savvy on game day, and has a totally inept ability to make appropriate situational game moment decisions. He is no assessor of talent. Reid has an great ineptitude exceeded only bu his EGO!! He blamed a kicker for losing a play-off game, while Mr. Akers continues to strive for perfection and is highly successful, while Reid does not realize that field goals are the result of offensive team failures… Let’s face it, really! Reid is a loser dressed up in the Packer’s past success. He NEVER should have been in Philly, while McNabb did his best and while at McNabb’s most dangerous time in the NFL, Reid failed to go to 7 men down with 2 tight ends to negate the 3-4 defense of the Patriots in the SB, and split the wideouts and put Westbrooke in motion to spread the defense AND if there weren’t 8 men in “the box” (the spy on McNabb in place), Donovan should have run at least for 100 yards, and the Birds should have disassembled the Pats. The shame is: ownership never played the game, never played a contact sport, and is focused on the profits and not the passion for The Kill.

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