Ray Rice: Five carries won’t cut it

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Ray Rice was not a big part of the Ravens’ offense in their 22-17 loss to the Seahawks last Sunday.

He had five carries and 13 total touches in the game as the Ravens put the ball in the air 53 times, including Rice’s touchdown pass, and Rice didn’t speak with reporters after the game. That suggested he wasn’t thrilled with the way he was used, something he confirmed very calmly and without rancor on Wednesday.

“The thing is, you get down in a situation, you have to climb your way out,” Rice said, via Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times. “I’m never going to be a guy who talks about touches, but obviously, we know going into a game that five carries is not going to cut it. You look at it, and I know five carries is not going to do it, but we find ourselves so deep in a situation that we have to climb our way out. And we were looking for answers.”

Rice apologized to reporters for not speaking to them after the game, saying that he didn’t want to lash out emotionally after a frustrating afternoon for both him and the team. Rice said that such a reaction “leads to disaster, leads to trouble, leads to people pointing fingers” and he didn’t want to have that happen.

It’s not the way a lot of other players would have chosen to handle the situation, although Rice has spent much of this season showing that he doesn’t do things exactly the same as his peers. His contract is up at the end of the year, but unlike some other running backs in the same boat you haven’t heard much from Rice, who is making $600,000 this year, about his desire for a new deal during the season.

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  1. How much you want to bet that Ray Rice also has a really nice fat contract at the end of the year as well.

    Let your play do the talking, and he is.

    Not a Ravens fan, but I like Rice.

  2. It’s nice to see a player play out a contract THEY signed instead of having a good season or two and thinking they are the second coming. Then holding out or just being a douche in general.(CJ600,Meshawn Jackson,etc.)

  3. So basically he said “I’m not going to be a guy who talks about touches, but I need more touches”

    Thing is…he’s not wrong

    Inexcuseable. Purple birds were never down more than 2 scores with ample time remaining.

    Killa Cam outsmarts himself again.

  4. You may have opinions — for good or for worse about the Ravens — but one thing that is very true is that Ray Rice is the epitome of class and teammate. He is becoming a leader of the team and it has been showing throughout the season.

  5. You would have thought Cam Cameron would have figured it out after the disaster against Jacksonville but apparently not

  6. Unfortunately, it isn’t a dead horse. We thought it was a dead horse after the last debacle…but it happened again……Cameron is lost at calling a game….and the players know it…..if this keeps up, he won’t last the season!

  7. Ray Rice has been about as classy and upstanding a player as you get in this league. The Ravens owe it to him to pay him market value at the end of the season.

  8. I’ve got nothing but repsect for a guy who knows when to keep quiet, especially when griping will only cause trouble for his team.
    Compare his behavior to what we have heard about Desean Jackson this week and the admiration grows.

  9. Ray shouldn’t be complaining… Seattle does have the league leading rush defense… no one can run against that line… willis and novarro are the 2 best interior linemen combo in whole of NFL…

    oh wait… that’s sf…

  10. I am reminded of the famous line that the only person who could hold Michael Jordan under 20 PPG was Dean Smith. Cameron, we’re looking at you.

  11. Ladies & gentlemen GOLONGER has finally come out of hiding! Guess he was licking his wounds after that seahawks butt whoopin…dont worry youll disappear again after sundays game. Cause cincy gonna whoop ya. Cincinnati 30 Ravens 20 Final….HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO!

  12. As a Ravens fan, I’m not going to lie, I’m thinking more and more that this is a Cameron problem that is turning into a Harbaugh problem. Harbaugh, as the Head Coach, has the authority to dictate a gameplan.

    If JH truly thought that the problems that plagued the Ravens during the Titans/Jags/Seahawks loss were a bad trend, then we would see a difference in play-calling and we’re not.

    Could potentially ruin an awesome season so I hope it changes quickly…

  13. I don’t know if Cameron is trying to put his name out there as a HC candidate, or if Harbaugh is really that bad of a HC, but everytime the Ravens try to rely on Flacco they loose, any game in which Flacco is the focal point of the offense is an L for the team, Flacco is BAD QB, he’s a total media product, the Steelers game was a complete aberration, it was the exception to the rule… Flacco is a game manager, he will sometimes make some plays when the opposing team focuses too much on Rice, but to try and make him a Brady or a Manning, that’s just way out of his league, he doesn’t have the talent, he’s a mediocre QB at best, he’s right there with Alex Smith, Andy Dalton, Jason Campbell, but the media pretends he’s a second tier QB, he’s a low-end third tier QB at best. Rice should be the star in this team.

  14. “It’s nice to see a player play out a contract THEY signed instead of having a good season or two and thinking they are the second coming. Then holding out or just being a douche in general.(CJ600,Meshawn Jackson,etc.)”

    I can understand this sentiment, but I also can understand why a guy, running backs especially, would want to try and get a better deal after 2-3 years of consistently performing well. I didn’t harbor any resentment toward Chris Johnson, but he does look like a fool for coming out flat after wanting a mega, mega deal.

    Ray Rice deserves to get paid. So does Matt Forte. Hope they both get some!

  15. Here is what I don’t understand … I watched that game and I know Seattle jumped out to double-digit lead, but was that lead ever so large that the Ravens needed to abandon the run altogether.

    Kinda strange to me.

    I’m a Steelers fan and I would take Ray Rice in a heartbeat. Flacco? Not so much.

  16. What is it with coaches not taking advantage of their best players? Are they allergic to calling run plays, or are they just idiots?? I’m guessing it’s that they’re being stupid! The Eagles-Shady McCoy; Ravens-Ray Rice.
    Earlier in the season, it was an issue with the Bears. Anyone disagree that a big part of Chicago’s turn around is that they’re actually letting Matt Forte run the ball? (I know- the improvement is also due to the offensive line keeping Cutler upright; the return of Cutler’s favorite target- Earl Bennett; better play from the defense;etc).
    I just can’t believe the Ravens aren’t giving Ray Rice the ball! Isn’t it painfully obvious Flacco can’t carry this team?
    However, I’m used to Andy Reid stubbornly abandoning the running game.

  17. @thankheavenfornumberseven

    He didn’t get more touches against jax cuz he fumbled every time he got it…3 fumbles and 2 more that were overturned…I wouldn’t trust him

  18. Ray Rice is all class and a tremendous talent. He knows Ozzie will show him the money at the end of the season, because Ozzie always keeps his AAA talent.

    Ironically, less work now can translate into better stamina in January. So this could be a plus down the road.

  19. Ray Rice is making 600k this year?!?!?

    I never want to hear another player bitch about their salary now that I know that.

  20. For all you Cameron n Flacco bashers you’re correct! Cam plain sucks ask the dolphins.. Or a Ravens fan who watches every game. And Just like someone else said flacco is a 3rd tier QB nothing special in fact he’s not very good just has a canon n occasionally makes good plays.. Ravens can’t win a superbowl w Cam.

  21. If you read it and don’t take a phrase out of context it’s a very tactful and mature complaint. On the other hand, I hole Cam ignores him. Go Bengals!

  22. Ray Rice is just a class act compactly wrapped around a ridiculous amount of skills. This guy deserves a hell of a contract. The Ravens offense flows through this guy

  23. I understand the turnovers worried the Ravens staff, and they were likely impressed by that no-huddle drive that got them a score in the 1st half.

    But it seemed obvious to me that Seattle had adjusted to that so when the Ravens tried it again on the opening drive of the 2nd half, they sat back in the dime and picked Flacco off.

    The resulting FG from that turnover made it 22-7, but there was 12 minutes left in the 3rd quarter at that point.

    Looking at the overall play by play at NFL.com, it looks like Cam decided to try to take advantage of what he saw as a weak Hawk secondary. Only 2 runs in the entire 1st half?

    When you are that one dimensional you make it so easy for the defense to sit back and wait for you to make a mistake.

  24. P.S. Somebody tell Suggs to go back on ESPN, and brag up Flacco to Skip and everybody else. Tell us how great he is, and how he’s the guy to lead you to the Bowl. Laugh at everybody who thinks otherwise. Oh, and be sure to act all smug about it too.

  25. Ray, 35 carries wouldnt have cut it against Jacksonville that night.

    Every once in awhile Jack Del Rio can call up a good defensive game plan. Once upon a time back in 2004 or so, the Jags d was on par with the Ravens. They even had an alternate all black uniform, too. I could never quite figure out why that team didnt take the next step….guess it was the QB.

  26. The Ravens seem to be a night mare for the steeler fans. They just can’t seem to get the Ravens out of their heads. I would guess getting beat by the Ravens twice within the first half of the season would give them night mares. It must suck to be them.

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