Report: Vick “unlikely” to face Giants

Getty Images

It’s unclear when Michael Vick hurt his ribs against the Cardinals, but it sounds like the injury could keep him out of Sunday night’s game against the Giants.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the “early signs” indicate Vick is unlikely to play Sunday night. Then again, Schefter points out Vick “still has time to heal.”

Florio’s post on the timing of Vick’s injury is well worth a read. The whole thing is odd.

I watched the Eagles game on Tuesday night. Vick moved well and threw a number of great passes after the play he supposedly was hurt on.

Perhaps more telling, he ran like crazy and took a number of hits in the game without ever appearing to be in pain. If anything, Vick was more eager and aggressive running the ball than usual.

It was only in the fourth quarter when Vick’s accuracy fell apart and he seemed to be in pain.

The pain may keep him out of this week’s game against New York. Something tells us this story will take a few more turns before gametime.

“I’m not going to believe Vick won’t play until I see him not jog out there,” Giants coach Tom Coughlin said Wednesday.