Timing of Vick’s rib injury raises questions

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To start his Monday press conference, Eagles coach Andy Reid announced out of the blue that quarterback Mike Vick suffered broken ribs during Sunday’s loss to the Cardinals.

Specifically, Reid said the injury occurred on the team’s second play from scrimmage.

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy recently told WIP that he believed the injury happened late in the game.  Shown the second play, which entailed Vick taking a hit that didn’t look particularly nasty after throwing a pass to tight end Brent Celek, McCoy chuckled and said that Vick wasn’t hurt on the play.

Indeed, Vick was fine the rest of the drive, moving laterally and vertically and never missing a beat.  He also showed none of the body language of a guy with broken ribs, which is an always-painful condition, especially right after it happens.

There’s even a question as to whether Vick truly has broken ribs.  Per a league source, Vick wasn’t privately complaining about the kind of pain that broken ribs typically will cause after the game ended.

Besides, why would Reid lead a Monday press conference with this disclosure?  Teams have no obligation to say anything about injuries until Wednesday of each week, at the earliest.  Typically, a coach will talk about injuries on a Monday if it’s already known that the player is injured, or if it’s known that an otherwise publicly unknown injury is bad enough to definitely cause the player to miss time.

The situation invites speculation that Reid is using the broken-ribs-on-the-second-play explanation in order to provide an excuse for Vick’s generally mediocre-to-below-average performance against the Cardinals.  Under this theory/hypothesis/whatever, the offensive struggles had everything to do with Vick fighting through an injury and nothing to do with the absence of receiver DeSean Jackson, whom Reid chose to deactivate and whose vertical speed forces the safeties to play deep, opening up the running lanes and all underneath passing routes for the Eagles’ attack.

The last time Vick broke ribs, he missed several games.  If he doesn’t miss a beat this time around, it’s fair to wonder whether the rib injury is simply a smokescreen aimed at covering up the otherwise clear consequences of the decision to deactivate DeSean.

54 responses to “Timing of Vick’s rib injury raises questions

  1. Remember, this is the same “QB” that pulled himself out of a game with a bruised non throwing hand.

  2. “The situation invites speculation that Reid is using the broken-ribs-on-the-second-play explanation in order to provide an excuse for Vick’s generally mediocre-to-below-average performance against the ”

    That could be one explaination.. Another could be just to hide the fact that he wants to bench his starting multi-million dollar QB for a game or two.

  3. out of 12 years, he has been to 1 superbowl. Great coaches win them. Regardless of how good he is, he hasn’t achieved the goal. Gotta go…gotta go, or not. hire a real defensive coordinator and run the ball. But if you can’t see that, how great of a coach are you?

  4. Tut-tut. Andy Reid is always perfectly honest and forthcoming with the press. For example, after every Eagles loss, Andy admits that it was his fault….

  5. As Sal Pal commented yesterday, this season and team are teetering on the edge of the cliff of complete debacle. The Vick “injury” and the Desean “benching” are just flat out weird stories.

    It will be interesting to see how this all turns out.

  6. This type of speculation about player injuries or explanations of injuries by coaches is thoroughly unprofessional. I hate the Eagles as much as any decent football fan, but just stop.

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  7. Who would have thaught that Tebow would be winning games and Vick would be losing games with the talent differences surrounding the two at the beginning year?

    Vick = stronger arm, better delivery, faster legs, runs like a gazelle, quicker release, more accurate arm, dynamic runner, injury prone, heartless

    Tebow = noodle arm, ak47 accuracy, catapault type delivery, rumbles like an offensive lineman, built like a timex (takes a licking and keeps on ticking), heart of a champion.

  8. Reid is trying to get a mental edge on NYG to make them think Vick won’t play. Reid is a loser both by choice and by birth.

  9. The NFL is turning into a league that pays players a ridiculous amount of money for a few decent performances. As soon as a player has a great game, there is talk that they outplayed their contract. Some have, like Chris Johnson and DeSean Jackson but many (like Vick, Kolb, etc.) The simple truth is that when some of these players get their big payday, they simply pack it in. CJ did it and it is likely why Jackson is still waiting. Vick isn’t consistent and was not worth his pay. This is how he has always been…sub-par to mediocre followed by an extraordinary game or two, rinse, repeat.

  10. There is no possibility that he broke his ribs on the second play. As a veteran of too many incidents of broken ribs, you don’t bounce up and keep playing.

    After some time on the sidelines and a nice pain killing injection, maybe.

    And let’s face it, we’re not talking about a guy with much of a reputation for playing through pain.

    Reid has consistently lied in press conferences from the day he got to Philly.

    He just used to be a lot better at it.

  11. Wow, you are really starting to search for crazy theories about the Eagles aren’t you? Reid starts every single press conference with injuries…

  12. I said the eagles would stink st the beggining of the year. And they wont be good until they get a line, linebackers, and ditch reid/castillo. Their gunna lose jackson and DRC. This team has a long way to go before their good

  13. Reid has 100 million reasons to make excuses for what amounts to Michael Vick being… Michael Vick.

  14. There are no crazy theories here.

    THE EMPTY TROPHY CASE CLAN is showing their true colors.

    Michael Vick doesn’t have broken ribs.

    He’s suffering from a broken heart.

    Then again, he never had heart to begin with.

  15. I hope Vick plays. The Giants D Line will be licking their chops. I can’t wait to see the numerous shots of Vick peeling himself all slow off the ground, acting like he’s some kind of warrior for being tough. You guys all know the shot I’m talking about…

  16. The Eagles coming into Giants’ stadium broken, battered, full-of-drama and playing for their post season lives couldn’t be worse news for the Giants. This coming from a Giants’ fan.

  17. OR maybe he does have broken ribs, but they could be the lower ones, or it might not be BROKEN but cracked, or it could be a minor break… you don’t know. I know its your job to speculate, but you should speculate all angles instead of the one you want to use to stir controversy. It was said IMMEDIATELY after the game that Vick broke ribs. This wasn’t something dreamed up Sunday night.

  18. @ FinFan68

    It’s all about potential. Teams think they can keep producing.

    Chris Johnson didn’t pack it in. He’s been out of shape for a year because of the lockout and the holdout.

    I’m not sure everyone thinks DeSean outplayed his contract (See Roseman, Howie and Banner, Joe). He’s only an average receiver with above average punt return skills. Does that justify $10 million a year? No. I think his comparable NFL player is Leon Washington and Washington only got half of what DeSean wants.

  19. You clearly didn’t do your research before you wrote this piece.. yes Reid said second play of the game Vick got his ribs broken.. but he meant the second series of the games.. when Vick ran short of the first down and was hit by Cardinals linebacker Paris Lenon.. he stayed down on the field for a minute.. I’m not sure what game you were watching…

    You also didn’t do enough research or you would have posted this as a new story that the whole game KEVIN KOLB called out all the offensive plays.. Kevin Kolb said it yesterday at 5pm as a guest on 94 WIP…. Shaddy McCoy said it on the Monday Show on 94WIP and Jason Avant said it on Monday on the coaches show on 94WIP… that they head Kolb Yelling out the plays to the defense the whole games..

    The more absurd part is Andy Reid and the coaching staff didn’t change the lingo before the season and even worst new Kolb was calling out the plays because the players told him and he still didn’t change anything.. The Cardinals Defense knew every Offensive play the Eagles were running

  20. Yes, Reid does start every press conference with injuries, but he was about to get skewered by the press around here (I’m also from the Philly area). What better way to divert questions about losing to the Arizona Cardinals, at home, with a backup QB then by announcing that Vick, suddenly, broke his ribs. He said nothing about Vick’s rib after the game on Sunday and I didn’t see Vick do anything on the field Sunday that would suggest he broke his ribs.

    Suddenly, half the press conference became about Vick’s injury (when it happened, how it happened, whether he’ll play next week) rather than what can only be termed the worst regular season loss by the Eagles in a pretty long time.

  21. Interesting point for Eagles fans who have wanted Reid to go and have been frustrated by Jeff Lurie’s unwavering faith in him.

    You know Jeff Lurie is from Boston and is actually a big Red Sox fan, right?

    What did he watch the Red Sox do in September & October?

    Go down in flames after having so much promise. And their Manager – Terry Francona – who accomplished much more for the Sox than Andy Reid ever has for the Eagles – resigned, or was fired, depending on who you believe – BECAUSE EVERYONE AGREED IT WAS JUST TIME FOR A NEW VOICE IN THE CLUBHOUSE.

    I am guessing, given the Eagles situation, Lurie has to have taken note of this.

  22. Wait a gosh darn minute there pal!

    Are you trying to insinuate that Andy “Father of the Year” Reid intentionally lies to the press on a regular and ongoing basis?

    Are we asked to believe he had his fingers crossed when he said “McNabb is my guy” just a few weeks before trading him to the Redskins? That he knew he was 2 days away from firing Sean McDermott when he told reporters “He will be here in 2011”..? Next you will tell us he told the press that “Kevin Kolb is my starter” one day before making Vick the number one QB on the depth chart.

    Seriously…………….Reid really does have all the credibility of Baghdad Bob (or one of those blond air-heads at Faux News). He is shameless when it comes to saying whatever works so long as it fits his agenda that day. If I was a beat reporter in Philly covering the “Dream Team”, I would preface all my Eagle stories that included Reid quotes with a warning that he HAS been known to massage the truth in the past and readers should factor that into the story.

  23. Reid was confused, before he came out for the press conference, he had seen a commercial for the McRib sandwich returning to McDonalds and only had two lunches that day. Cut the guy a break.

  24. Still laughing at all the morons who had the gull to say Vick is the best player in the league. I said it before.. he isn’t even Top 10 at his position.

    17th in completion %
    15th in passing yards per game
    15th in TD passes
    4th (worst) in Interceptions
    20th in QB Rating

    Along with all his baggage, questionable morality, lack of heart.. and that fact that he has proven to be unreliable and basically just a giant scum bag. The Eagles deserve everything they get (including a 6-10 record at best.)

  25. I would rather have Vick with his 3-6 record and 1-7 record in his last homes games than Tebow and his 3-1 record because Vick runs and throws a lot prettier than Tebow.

    Signed, Nobody.

  26. Its been proven over and over again, you can’t believe anything that comes out of Andy Reid’s mouth. The Eagles don’t want to look foolish by benching Vick after just recently signing him to a 100 million dollar contract. Gotta feel sorry for the Eagle fans, they’re going to be stuck with Reid and Vick for many years to come.

  27. I had an employee break his ribs and didn’t show up to work on Monday. He had a note for 3 days. When he called in on the 4th I fired him.

    If football players can work through the pain then by god so should the rest of the working class!

  28. With increased attention being paid to Matt Leinart as he prepares to take the helm for the Houston Texans, much has been made of his “sub-par” career 56% completion average. Wait, now that I think it, isn’t that was Michael Vick averaged for his entire pre-incarceration tenure with the Falcons? Never in the history of the NFL has a quarterback been afforded more tolerance over as many years as Vick has, clearly the most overrated, over-hyped player in the history of the league!

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