Todd Haley holding out hope for Cassel’s return


Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel might miss the rest of the season after undergoing surgery on his right hand on Monday night, but coach Todd Haley isn’t ready to count him out just yet.

Haley spoke to reporters Wednesday and, to the surprise of no one who has ever heard a report about an athlete’s surgery, said that the operation went “really well.” Perhaps that’s why Haley and the Chiefs aren’t ready to pull the plug on the possibility of Cassel’s return just yet.

“We’re just giving as much time as we can to see where he is and, as we make decisions, we’re going to let you know,” Haley said, via Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star. “But we have not done anything with Matt yet, as far as his status.”

Haley said that the next week will be crucial to deciding whether or not Cassel returns to the team this season. The assumption is that he means Cassel’s recovery from surgery, but it also bears watching what the Chiefs do with Tyler Palko under center.

With games at New England and against Pittsburgh in the next two weeks, it doesn’t take much to see the Chiefs suddenly sitting at 4-7 with very limited chances of making the playoffs. It would be hard to imagine the team risking Cassel’s long-term health under those circumstances, especially since Kansas City’s offense wasn’t exactly cooking of late.

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  1. First of all, do we even know if Cassel is much or even any better than Palko. As a Raiders fan, I’d rather face the known here than the unknown in Palko. Who knows, the odds are against it, but he could be another Brady (6th rounder), Romo (undrafted) or Kurt Warner (undrafted) who comes in completely unheralded and shocks everyone on Sundays.

    Second and with all due respect, the Chiefs are done. I don’t say that to gloat or trash talk or disrespect them. For a while there I was worried about their roll and how long they can sustain it. Then … I looked at their schedule. The upcoming 5-game stretch KC is facing is one of the most brutal gauntlets I can remember. They’ll be lucky to be any better than 5-9 going into their Week 16 game against the Raiders. If they’re 6-8 it would be miraculous. Odds are, they’ll be 4-10. It’s a brutal, brutal stretch for that team up ahead right now.

  2. Any KC fans who still believed that the Chiefs still remotely had any chance of staying in the AFC West hunt can start researching the 2012 NFL draft. The Chiefs are officially done.

  3. Cassel is a nice guy who just can’t get the job done on the field. I can’t remember how many times he’s dumped the ball off or made a poor throw to a covered reciever when another is running free in the secondary. He just seems to hold the ball too long, and he cannot find the open man. I hope he heals well and gets a chance somewhere else, but it is time for the Chiefs to move on. Cassel has been paid well and should be set for the rest of his life financially. Palko looked better on his one short drive at the end of the last game than Cassel has all season. Give Stanzi some playing time to find out what he has as well.

  4. You people have no freaking clue what you are talking about!!!!!!! Yes Cassel has not burn it up this I know. But he has not had any protection up front. The offensive line does not block at all. By the time he gets to his third step in a 3 step drop he is already ducking a defensive linemen or a linebacker. When he does get the pass off he is hit as he is throwing or right after. Most of the times he has to throw the ball before the play has developed so it looks like he ids missing his throws because the receivers are not ready for the ball. You have to watch more than the QB to fully understand whats going on. Palko looked good win he came in because Denver dropped everyone in coverage deep and only rushed 2 or 3 guys so he was able to hit the underneath stuff. Hell they almost sacked him when they only rushed 2 linemen, they chased him from the pocket when only rushing 2 guys. That is horrible

  5. Loyalty is great but this league is based on performance and after all the rhetoric the QB that will come out of the remainder of this season could be the Chiefs new QB.

    Cassel has been on the fans s—t list all season and as much as Pioli has tried protecting him it suddenly has gotten out of his control. Palko has a great chance to move into a starting spot or at least show the rest of the league he can produce. If he doesn’t we should see Stanzi and hopefully one of these guys will dislodge Cassel who will make a adequate backup.

  6. Hey rammer27, I’ve been there in the stands for every game and watched every play. Both the O line and D line need improvement. If you really think Cassel has something, you are mistaken. He was often terrible last year with a “better” line.

  7. Toddy Pooh is “hoping” that the oncoming train doesn’t smoke him too soon! ” hoping” is NOT a strategy, no wonder the Chefs suck AGAIN, he was “hoping” to go 8-8!!!! Geeezzzzz Bye Todd!

  8. I’ll tell you, Stanzi is the guy that worries me here. I really wanted the Raiders to draft him last year. I think he’s the answer. Now I just hope the Chiefs don’t find him. Really impressed with his throwing at Iowa last year.

  9. Chiefs have to address the o-line. They had some key injuries to Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry early. Many analysts felt they shouldve addressed the OL before they drafted Berry, but they still have playmakers at LB, DB. NT Kelly Gregg was a decent pickup.

    They arent that far off, but the Cassel era could be over. I’m just glad my Raiders won against S.D., but we cant take anything for granted. This thing could still go to the wire. Stanzi was a decent game manager from Iowa, and remember Pioli’s first choice head coach was Kirk Ferentz, who refused to leave Iowa. – Wondering if Pioli may just get let go of Haley, stick with Crennel and add another D-Coordinator. Seems like new head coaches with defensive backgrounds have had better success (Belichick, Dungy, Cowher, Ryan) – Yeah, i know, Crennel didnt light it up at Cleveland, either.

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