Costa, Bowen cleared the air on snap-count flap


The last time the Cowboys and Redskins met, claims arose that former Cowboys and current Redskins defensive lineman Stephen Bowen was calling out the snap count, which caused Cowboys center Phil Costa to make multiple mistakes.

Bowen denied the accusation strongly.  “He’s making excuses for messing up,” Bowen said at the time.

As the two teams prepare for a rematch, Bowen said that he and Costa have since cleared the air.

“It’s no big thing,” Bowen told the Dallas media on Wednesday, via Tom Orsborn of the San Antonio Express-News.  “We’ve moved past that thing.  It’s all good. . . .  He’s a good player, and I respect him.”

Bowen maintains his innocence.

“Because everybody knows I’m not that type of guy,” Bowen said.  “I’m a high-character dude.  All I do is just line up and play ball. . . .  I’ve never been that type of guy that just tries to find some little sneaky way.  That’s just not my game.”

Though Bowen may be a “high-character dude,” he seemed to subtly suggest that someone else on the Redskins defense perhaps isn’t.

Asked why Costa believed he heard someone calling out the snap count, Bowen said:  “I have no idea. . . . I know I had nothing to do with what he was hearing.”

In other words, Costa was hearing something, but it wasn’t coming from Bowen.

17 responses to “Costa, Bowen cleared the air on snap-count flap

  1. Gamesmanship……well, will the Redskins finish their self destruction this Sunday?? Or will Dallas, in true Romo-style fashion follow a huge win with an abysmal choke? I wish, hope and dream of a Redskin victory but I can’t see how it’s supposed to happen…..

  2. You’re misinterpreting what Bowen said.

    Later in the article he said he didn’t hear anything. And that’s because the linebackers have to make calls for the defense as well. So he’s listening for them to make calls and not necessarily anything else.

    But he specifically said he didn’t hear anything. So to imply somebody was calling out snap counts, it just wasn’t him, I think is false. Bowen basically said he heard nothing. He’s been saying that for a while.

  3. Not surprised, the Redskins have no prayer for another win all season. Might as well cheat all you can.

  4. Bowen didn’t call out anything. That would imply that the redskins have some clue as to what is going on. They don’t. They stink.

  5. It wasnt’ a DLineman at all if anyone on the Skins was yelling a cadence.

    From watching the game, it looks to me like it was one of the LB’ers, most likely London Fletcher.

    Costa would sense if a voice was yelling out a cadence practically in his earhole just a foot or two away. Directional sound is hard to discern in that environment, but I’m pretty sure a guy can tell if another player lined up a foot away is yelling at him.

    In the shotgun Costa’s trying to hear a voice that is about 5-7 yards away. That’s about as far away as the MLB’er is standing.

    Interesting fact: in 9 games he’s snapped the ball thus far this year, Costa hasn’t had one early snap except for that Redskins game.

  6. Phil Costa is a bum. Even if he was hearing a false snap count, which he wasn’t, why is he snapping balls over romo’s head and far left and right of him? Costa is just making excuses

  7. Who cares. Every team looks for an advantage when they pick up one of the opposing teams players. It’s sports, and you always look for an advantage. Secondly, how is that cheating? Costa was just trying to justify his horrific performance in that game. At this point both teams are heading in different directions, and really don’t see the cowgirls struggling in this one. My skins are done, and cannot compete, so I’ll be in my yard cleaning leaves this Sunday.

  8. 4skins tried to cheat their way to a win and still couldnt execute……There had to be some cheating going on with the snap count as why didnt that happen in any other games……Thats about as low as it gets but we are dealing with the 4skin org and it starts at the top with that weasel owner…..37-0 this weekend…BOOK IT DANO!!!

  9. It will be an interesting race to see who finishes last, Eagles or Skins. I.m betting on m y Eagles.


    Yah RIGHT! My Redskins are going down! There ain’t nobody better than the Eagles. Redskins are gonna get creamed haha. (I really want my skins just one step closer to luck.(I know they aren’t gonna get him straight up just hopen they can make a trade easier))

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