DeMarcus Ware fined $15,000


On Buffalo’s first offensive play of the first half on Sunday, Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware sacked Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, giving him 13 sacks this season. On Buffalo’s first offensive play of the second half, Ware hit Fitzpatrick just after a pass, giving Ware a 15-yard penalty.

Now Ware has a $15,000 fine to go with that penalty.

Charean Williams of the Star-Telegram reports that the NFL fined Ware $15,000 for the penalty, noting that Ware hit Fitzpatrick in the head and neck area, which is a major no-no in the NFL.

Ware is second in the NFL in sacks, just behind Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, who has 13.5 this year.

21 responses to “DeMarcus Ware fined $15,000

  1. Typical of Dallas. They are always playing second fiddle to someone. Be it Jared Allen or Pittsburgh.

  2. I don’t even remember this penalty. But a fine for something that I’m sure that was unintentional? It’s not like he has a history of personal fouls and fines.

  3. DeMarcus Ware’s name should never be mentioned in the same sentence with that pile of garbage Suh!! Ware IS the class of the NFL, while Mr. Personal Foul is already on the decline.

  4. It was the first play of the second half. The first play of the first half was one of the softer QB sacks you’ll ever see. Ware even kept him from hitting the turf too hard.

  5. Frist to ask is their any diffidence between him and Suh not they play the same hard all out the way it should be played.


    Right, except Suh tries to hurt people and can’t play the run.

  6. The NFL has become so soft. God forbid you make contact in a contact sport. Might as well remove the helmet and pads and just put some flags on them. Damn

  7. Soulman45 says: Nov 17, 2011 10:29 AM

    Frist to ask is their any diffidence between him and Suh not they play the same hard all out the way it should be played.

    You make a very special point here.

  8. This must mean Matthew Stafford’s fine is coming soon. If not, the NFL is going to have consistency issues and a legitimate argument from defensive players.

  9. KNOCK THEM ALL OUT DEMARCUS! TAKE NO PRISONERS! Hopefully Michael Vick will be back in time to TRY and complete the sweep of Dallas in Dallas next month so you can RE-break his ribs and knock him out for good! Eagle fans think they are gonna complete the sweep, the bad news, if they did, it may be for only their 4th or 5th win lolololol in “garbage time”!

  10. Perhaps I havent seen it yet, but where is the fine for the hit on Heath Miller of Pgh ? Heath Miller was a defenseless receiver, and the hit was around the head and neck. Personally I dont think it should be a fine, to me it was a great hit and a great catch to hold on to the ball.

    But Ryan Clarkj got fined the previous week against Ravens for a very similar hit, during the same game Ray Lewis hit Hines ward helmet to helmet but wasnt penalized for his hit however Mr. Anderson fined Lewis.

    Where is the consistency Goodell? I’ve almsot come to expect the refs to be inconsistant, but shouldnt Ray anderson and your fine squad at least be consistant?

  11. nebster21 says: Nov 17, 2011 10:34 AM

    Typical of Dallas. They are always playing second fiddle to someone. Be it Jared Allen or Pittsburgh.
    If you think DeMarcus Ware is second fiddle to anyone, especially a player on Pittsburg, you’re out of your mind.

    He’s pretty much regarded as one of THE best defensive players in the league, and is often compared to Lawrence Taylor.

    He’s on pace to break Strahan’s single season record, and if he leads the league in sacks just one more time (very likely the way he is currently playing), he’ll be the first player in history to do that.

    Take your cowboy hatred elsewhere. Ware is a hard nosed, clean playing, gifted athlete, with a team first attitude. The league needs more players like that. Regardless of whether or not -you- like the Dallas Cowboys.

  12. DeMarcus Ware is just about the LEAST dirty player in the NFL. Peppers is probably a close second. A player can be elite without being dirty.

  13. Really NFL fine him 15 k for this? This has to be a joke…in the college level this wouldn’t even be a penalty….so for every penalty you get a fine also… Come on Roger you are ruining the NFL

  14. I saw the hit, he was getting past a block, looks up and Fitz turned right into him. There was nothing he could have done as they were face to face at that moment and he was at full speed. What you saw on the field was he let up they hit facemask to facemask. Fitz went down and he helped him back up and probably said, sorry.

    It wasn’t worth a penalty and it certainly isn’t worth a fine. What do you do when you are coming at full speed and the QB turns INTO you? Exactly what Ware did. Fitz probably didn’t even feel it as Ware basically laid him down and helped him up afterward.

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