Eagles’ Steve Smith expects Giants fans to be “brutal”


Eagles receiver Steve Smith will be in New Jersey on Sunday night playing against his old team, and he doesn’t expect Giants fans to welcome him with open arms.

“I had some big years, but I came to Philly, so the reception might not be that good,” Smith told Mike Garafolo of the Star-Ledger. “New York fans are pretty brutal.”

Although Giants fans might take it personally that Smith decided to sign with the Eagles rather than return to the Giants, Smith says it’s a business, and the Eagles were offering him a better contract.

“I would rather have more money in my pocket and be able to play football,” Smith said.

So far this season Smith hasn’t been playing much football — he has just 10 catches for 110 yards.

31 responses to “Eagles’ Steve Smith expects Giants fans to be “brutal”

  1. When does Smith think he’ll be booed? How many times a game does the ball come his way?

    Smith was one of my favorite Giants. I was mad that they let him get away and disappointed he signed with a rival. I’d still welcome him back though.

  2. What does the last part of his quote even mean, “…and be able to play football”?

    He just needs to say, “I would rather have more money in my pocket.”

  3. Giants fans expect Steve Smith to be “inactive”

    thats coming from a Packers fan so you know its true AND funny

  4. So much for the players claiming “they play for the love not the money” in all honesty didn’t the eagles only offer him like 500,000 more?

  5. They were hot and mad in the pre-season Steve Smith. The Giants are 6 – 3. The Eagles are 3 – 6. They don’t give a crap about you anymore Steve Smith.

  6. I harbor no ill will towards Steve Smith. I’ll remember him for the good times he had for the Giants, highlighted by the 3rd and 11 conversion one play before the Plax TD in XLII. Philly offered him more money and he took it. Who wouldn’t?

    I was more annoyed with the Giants when I found out Smith would be ready for Week 1. Turns out, though, they might have been right after all. He might have been able to play, but he wasn’t the same. Looks like he needs a season to get back, like Kenny Phillips.

    I realize the mob mentality will take over Giants Stadium whenever he does anything and he’ll get booed. Still, I think most Giants fans would welcome a healthy Smith back.

  7. “I had some big years, but I came to Philly, so the reception might not be that good,”

    You sure he’s talking about the fans? Sounds more like his play.

  8. I would be “brutal” too if I had to cheer for the sucky giants all the time… and I hope they are being brutal toward you, that would probably mean you not dropping balls that turn into interceptions for them… remember that??? idiot…

  9. “I would rather have more money in my pocket and be able to play football,”

    It’s passionate players like this that have my Eagles playing so well!

    …wait a minute…

    Thank goodness I like hockey.

  10. “I would rather have more money in my pocket and be able to play football,” Smith said.

    Really Steve? Will it be worth it for a one-year deal, learning a new offense, alienating a giants fan base, being a non-factor in Philly, then being kicked to the curb after this season?

    Funny how Philly fans now feel the same way about you as giants fans, and can you blame them?

  11. “New York fans are pretty brutal.”

    And Philly fans are known for being thoughtful, caring, and compassionate?

  12. Steve, we’re over it. You’re probably hoping to get booed so that you know you still have some relevance in the Giants fans eyes, which you do not. Way to steal money from a rival though…we do appreciate that.

  13. Giants fans should love him. He drops everything thrown his way. Coughlin obviously sent him to Philly with instructions to do that.

  14. He’s right, Giants fans are like whiny little kids with no attention spans… and I say this as a die-hard Giants fan. We have barely any homefield advantage- if the Giants are down, the crowd is dead. The opposite should be true we’re supposed to pump our team up! Kudos to fans of teams like the Packers, Seahawks, and Chiefs where there’s a real homefield advantage. There’s a reason this team won it all in 2007-08 on the road!

    That said, SS12 (I guess 11 now) is right- Giants fans will boo the crap out of him. But lets not forget what a great player he was for us, and that key 3rd and 11 he converted for us in the Super Bowl as a rookie. A brilliant player in every regard except for the fact that he was dumb enough to sign with the Eagles who signed him only to keep him away from the Giants. You got tricked, Steve– and Victor Cruz has been the beneficiary of your stupidity. We’re not complaining as a result! Have fun riding that Philly pine.

  15. Giant fans are really nervous with Steve Smith coming to town. With 10 receptions for 110 years in 9 games playing for a team that has gone 3-6, he’s really been a difference maker. Crafty move by the Eagles paying him $2.3MM for one season. Let’s see what he says about Eagle fans next year when he’s dropping balls for a different team.

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