Josh Freeman calls Albert Haynesworth a “mentor”

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Well, now we’ve heard everything.

Veteran defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, who has loafed his way out of two NFL cities in less than a year, joined the Buccaneers last week via waivers.  On Wednesday, Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman raved about Haynesworth, describing him to Steve Duemig of WDAE in Tampa as a “mentor.”  (Via

Duemig points out, after Freeman’s gush-fest over Haynesworth ended, that Haynesworth’s history suggests things can change quickly.  Perhaps his new team’s goal is positive reinforcement.  Perhaps he really has changed, at least for now.

Either way, Haynesworth has ever only played hard when chasing a contract, and he’s never been described by anyone as a mentor.

Given his past behavior, Haynesworth is the last guy to whom the “youngry” Bucs should be listening, or whom they should be emulating.