Kolb doesn’t look close to returning for the Cardinals

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Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt isn’t saying much about his quarterback “controversy” because he doesn’t have to.

Kevin Kolb isn’t ready to return to the field. John Skelton will have more time to display his wares.

As Florio mentioned last night, Kolb finally returned for a portion of practice Wednesday. Emphasis on “portion.”

“Kolb moved ‘gingerly’ on his injured right foot, and judging from the portion of practice that’s on the record for reporters, he didn’t look close to being ready to play on Sunday against the 49ers,” Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic wrote.

I noted in our PFT Picks this week that Skelton got very fortunate against the Eagles last week. He’s unlikely to be so lucky this week against the 49ers.

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  1. He will be standing on the NY Giants sidelines Sunday night barking out the Eagles plays that arrogant Andy Reid hasnt’ changed in 12 years.

  2. Maybe it’s better for Kolb to be able to have a couple of more weeks to spend some time in the film room and with the playbook. He’s going to have to start when he’s ready, so it might be a good thing for him to have this time to really study the offense. It doesn’t hurt that Skelton has put up 2 wins in his stead.

  3. I feel bad for Skelton. Kolb got a large contract for being a very unproven quarterback, and if he doesn’t do well in AZ, I am sure he will be recycled throughout the league as a backup. Skelton, however, has to prove himself immediately or he’ll end up like Max Hall.

  4. Skelton isn’t great yet, but he also doesn’t freak out under pressure. It’s telling that Kolb was great in camp, but has had serious problems in real games.

    Maybe he just can’t hang

  5. Can’t wait until next season when Kolb is tearing it up.

    Unlike Kolb, Skelton has had over a year in the offense.

    It’s completely different from Philadelphia.

    Kolb will have a great season next year. Jump on it now, folks, you’ll look smart a year from now.

    Rosenthal astutley pointed out, something almost no one has mentioned, that the defense has stepped up to the plate for two weeks in a row.

    Worst thing Cards could do is give up on Kolb after just one season.

  6. “Skelton, Tebow, and Alex Smith can’t lose. Vick and Rivers can’t win to save their life. What world did I wake up in?”

    Want to know what the first three have in common that the other two don’t?

    They’ve had a defense.

  7. “Skelton, Tebow, and Alex Smith can’t lose. Vick and Rivers can’t win to save their life. What world did I wake up in?”

    Vick has only been to the playoffs twice in like 8 yrs. Hasn’t really shown to be a winner in the NFL.

  8. May as well face it, Kevin Kolb is only capable of walking up and down the sideline holding the clipboard, drinking gatorade, and chewing bubble gum. That is what the Cardinal organization is paying for. Bottom line the guy is a bum.

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