PFT Live: Is it time to jump off the Bills’ bandwagon?

Mike Florio talks with Luke Russert from NBC News. They discuss the recent slide of the early-season surprise team, the Buffalo Bills. Poor showings against the Jets and the Cowboys have diminished the Bills’ playoff chances and have many of their fans jumping off the bandwagon.

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2 responses to “PFT Live: Is it time to jump off the Bills’ bandwagon?

  1. Why was anybody ON the Bills’ bandwagon? Let me see you play out the season at a high level and win a couple of playoff games.

    THEN I will be impressed. But any team can win a few games in a row.

  2. Winning helps, but this team has had top 10 attendance over the last 10 years. (which is impressive considering the Bills last 10 years). They have sold out all of their home games this year, even the one in Toronto. The bandwagon is always going to be there, (only considering history, attendance #’s, facts, etc.) numbers don’t lie folks. I challenge anyone to argue otherwise. The only threat of a non sellout is in heavy snow this December, to which they didn’t even sellout in the early 90’s.

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