Bears’ Gabe Carimi done for season

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The Bears have lost their rookie first-round draft pick for the rest of the year.

Chicago announced today that tackle Gabe Carimi has been placed on injured reserve with a knee injury, ending his season.

Carimi, who won the Outland Trophy last year at Wisconsin, was selected with the 29th overall pick in this year’s NFL draft and started the first two games of the season at right tackle, but he hasn’t played since Week 2.

With the roster spot opened up by the loss of Carimi, the Bears have moved tackle Levi Horn from the practice squad to the active roster. Horn has been on the Bears’ practice squad for most of the last two years since signing as an undrafted free agent out of Montana in 2010.

16 responses to “Bears’ Gabe Carimi done for season

  1. Wow.. not good. Carimi played well, let’s hope this doesn’t turn into Marc Colombo 2.0

    Come back stronger and hungrier next year, big boy.

  2. Lets lay off the Columbo talk. Lets not jinx anything. But I am curious to see how the monster Levi Brown ( 6-6 330) plays, then again, I hope he doesn’t have to play cause that would mean another injury to the Oline.

  3. defeltz:

    Buddy, the player you are thinking of is mentioned in the article above. His name is Levi Horn. He’s a tackle from Montana and he’s actually 6’7″, 315 lbs.

    Levi Brown was the 5th overall pick of the Cardinals a few years back. You’re right in that he’s 6’6″, 330 lbs, unfortunately he’s not on your team.

    There’s another Levi Brown that is a backup QB for the Bills.

  4. Bad week for 2011 first-round offensive tackles. First James Carpenter is out for the year, now Carimi.

  5. Ouch. Tough year for the baby badgers. Bill Nagy, John Moffitt, and Gabe Carimi all earned starting jobs as rookies and all are on the IR.

    If I were JJ Watt or Lance Kendricks, I might wear an extra knee brace the rest of the season.

  6. Didn’t Columbo go to the Cowboys and end up starting and playing for a few more years? Maybe it’s not the Bears’ draft picks, but rather, their coaching.

  7. You knew when Carimi fell into the Bears laps something was amiss. Did anyone honestly believe that Angelo was smarter than the 30 GM’s who passed up Carimi in the first round ? This is exactly what happened with Tommie Harris who also fell int their laps.Unfortunately he may be a guy with a couple great years early then an early exit from football. When things look too good to be true they usually are especially when Angelo is involved.

  8. Tough loss. Get healthy and he’ll be in the Pro Bowl next year. Keep our fingers crossed to get through this year keeping Cutler clean.

  9. angelosdraftboard,

    I wouldn’t chalk this one up to Angelo making a pick that a bunch of other GMs wouldn’t make. There are a lot of GMs that would have taken Carimi with that pick given who was still on the board, especially if they would have had the Bears roster. Carimi will be back and I expect he will have a solid pro career.

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