Comparing Aaron Rodgers to the greats


Aaron Rodgers is playing quarterback this season at a ridiculously high level.

We’ve heard the case made that no quarterback has ever played better. I can’t even disagree, although I remember the exact same things being said about Peyton Manning in ’04 and Tom Brady in ’07.

Rodgers’ athletic skill set to throw on the run sets him apart somewhat from Manning and Brady. Rodgers’ decision making is outstanding, but he’s also simply more fun to watch and makes more jaw-dropping throws.

It’s also too easy to forget that Brett Favre was a force of nature at his best.

Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel broke it down this week. During one 16-game stretch, Favre threw 49 touchdowns and seven interceptions. Silverstein persuasively makes the argument that Favre played at just as high a level as Rodgers is playing now.

(In fact, this entire post is an excuse to give Silverstein’s excellent post some love.)

So where does Rodgers’ 2011 season fit historically?

He’s playing at a level that can only be compared to all-time greats like Favre, Manning, and Brady during their very peaks. That says a lot.

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  1. I’ll vote for letting the season play out before comparing him to anyone.

    But as a football fan first and foremost, it sure is good to watch well played football.

  2. As a lifelong Packer fan and GB native, seeing Favre get ran out of town was akin to treason, but to see Rodgers come out and play like he has been makes all that seem justified. We’re very lucky to have had two of the best qb’s in history back to back.

  3. This era in football reminds of the steriods era in baseball-how can you compare what a Qb is doing in todays NFL to the old days when you could tackle the Qbs and hit the Wrs. Its pretty much 7-7 now.

  4. Aaron is certainly not as good as everyone continues to gush about now.

    He’s human — has to work hard to maintain his level of performance — will falter at some point — but that’s ok.

    We’re never as good as we are at our best — or as bad as we are at our worst!

    But until he falters — it is great to watch and enjoy!

  5. 25 in a row gets Rodgers two rings and gets Favre to get pipe down from the peanut gallery. The Packers don’t want to be “a fart in the wind”, as Ron Wolf said about the club after losing Super Bowl XXXII.

  6. In 5 years, when Favre is up for HOF, people in GB will remember him more for holding the team hostage than anything else. The play of Rodgers will ensure that.

  7. Great Job By silverstien !! People forget or are too young to remember the greatness of Favre or just like to remember the bad at the end of a career – I was there through it – lifelong Packer fan – Nothing or nobody will compare to Brett’s MVP years NOBODY – He was so dominate in a 2 wide reciver set system 95-97 it is/was not even funny (Aaron has 4 Wideouts all very good) – Aaaron is great also but he took over a team that was in the Championship Game the year before- Brett took over a team that was a laughing stock for 25 years – anybody remember the Pack is back- WAYYY Back! I do and Brett changed that in early 90’s with Reggie White helps of course but Brett was the MVP those years – 3 years in a row MVP – 3 championship games – 2 Super Bowls and 1 SB Victory in those years of dominence. Aaron is doing it now – but – system is more friendly and it has not been for that long- Give him some more time before you compare or try to compare the 2

  8. Ok, let’s put some of this in context against last year:

    Passing Yards: 2869 – ranks 23rd
    TDs: 28 – ranks 3rd(tied with himself)

    Did I mention those would be his rankings against the final 2010 regular season numbers?

  9. right now, rodgers is playing out of his mind, he’s coming off a super bowl win, he’s the MVP favorite, and everyone feels like he’s invincible. sound familiar? he’s almost exactly where favre was in 1997.

    in 95-97, there was a sense that Favre was the greatest ever, and that he could maintain that insane level of play for a long time and lead the Packers to multiple super bowl wins, cementing a dynasty. Instead, Favre ended up being damn good, sometimes great, for the remainder of a very long career — but he couldn’t sustain the excellence of 95-97, and ended up literally throwing away super bowl chances in the playoffs. He holds almost every passing record in the books, but that’s largely due to the fact that he played the game FOREVER with incredible durability.

    rodgers might never win another super bowl, who knows? if that’s the case, we won’t look back on him as being better than favre. but you get the sense that if his teams are on the brink, he won’t be the guy that forces a a pass and gives it away to the other team.

  10. I can’t think of a bad article ever written by Silverstein. Great journalist.

    I read it this morning, and I agree with Tom. Anyone who doesn’t think Favre was a machine in the mid-90’s is crazy. He was a monster. The fact that he spent the last 10 years or so morphing into the biggest pile of living crap to ever walk the face of the Earth can’t take the 90’s away from him.

  11. Suffice it to say that he’s having one of the all-time best seasons and one of the all-time best 16-game stretches.

    Keep in mind Brady’s ’07 pace was even more blistering and ended up slowing a tad in the homestretch of the season. Can Rodgers keep it up? I think so, but there are never any guarantees.

    The biggest question when his hot streak finally cools a bit, will he drop off dramatically and become erratic like Favre or will he drop off just slightly and stay crazy-good like Brady and Manning? I’m betting on the latter provided he doesn’t get hurt.

  12. In the words of B.J. Raji,

    “I don’t want to say anything crazy. I just think if he keeps doing what he’s doing, he’ll be the one they’ll be talking about as long as this game is around.”

  13. First of all, Starr was the best in franchise history.
    Second of all, this is great. In Favre’s 18 year career with the team, it is possible to find a streak of games that was comparable to Aaron. Awesome. This is when Favre was under control of Holmgren, running a HIGH PERCENTAGE passing offense. Arodge runs a low percentage vertical offense, and still gets it done.
    Another great thing about Arodge is that he’s not blackmailed due to his off the field hijinx into throwing the most blatantly intentional interceptions in the playoffs or into laying down for Strahan’s sack record. So I guess I’ll take Aaron, thanks.

  14. Aaron Rodgers. A good example of why Mike Nolan should never be allowed to be an NFL head coach ever again. He’s the genuis that picked AS over AR.

  15. At this point I`ll take Rodgers. With Favre you would cringe everytime he passed the ball. I`ve got more confidence in Rodgers. It`s early but I don`t forsee Rodgers having as many INT`s as Brett did. Those int`s cost the Packers in huge games

  16. And I’d say that if the PACKERS do it make 25 in a row that might be one of the greatest stretches in sports history – 2 SB’s and a 19-0 season. I’d put it up there with the BULLS 72-10 season.

  17. btw- my opinion isnt based off stats. Grew up in the 80’s, saw Montana play constantly. Talk about clutch….also..Brady is a mix of Montana’s poise & smarts, plus Marino w/his ability to sidestep the rush and use the pocket….Manning is different. Similar to Marino w/the quick release, but maybe the most knowledgeable qb I have ever seen.

  18. No doubt Rodgers is playing at a very high level, and I too really enjoyed Silverstein’s article because it seems that in the midst of all the Favre drama, people forget just how good the guy was in his prime. He won three consecutive MVPs, and I think the argument can be made that no one played better than Favre for that three year stretch.

    My only issue with Silverstein’s blog is that he doesn’t mention at all, nor has anyone else that I’ve heard/read, the fact that the rule changes that heavily favor the passing game have to be taken into consideration when comparing any quarterback playing now to any quarterback numbers from even the 90’s. Frankly, it’s easier for quarterbacks now, and it shows in the numbers. While defenses may be bigger, stronger, faster, so are receivers, and they’re playing under the gun due to the rule changes. And don’t even get me started on quarterbacks. Defenders can barely touch them without having to worry about a penalty and/or fine. The rule changes have effected the way defenders play.

    Also, while Silverstein did make mention of this, Favre never, in his entire career as a Packer and particularly in his MVP stretch, had even close to the talent level of receiving weaponry that Rodgers has now, or has had since he took over as the starter. Again, not to take away from Rodgers who’s clearly playing great, but if we’re going to look at this objectively, all those things have to be factored in to the discussion.

  19. The only thing keeping Rodgers from obliterating all records this year is McCarthy’s lack of Belichick. Brady rarely (if ever) came off the field and the Patriots never left their foot off the gas. McCarthy doesn’t do that. If he did #12 would have had 6 tds and about 400 yards last Monday night. Instead, he didn’t even play the 4th quarter.

    Not saying either way is right or wrong, just that the stats don’t tell the whole story when trying to compare what Rodgers is doing this year to past great seasons. The fact that he is on pace to break every significant passing record IN THE SAME SEASON tells me this is a season for the ages.

    Brett Favre is surprised it took Rodgers this long to make everyone forget about him.

  20. He has incredible weapons to throw to which doesn’t hurt, but when you watch him play he is easliy the MVP to this point and deserves to be mentioned with the best of the best.

    The only thing I wonder about with Rodgers is the concussion thing. Here’s hopin’ that it won’t be a problem because from skill set to attitude he is just plain fun to watch.
    This coming from a Viking fan by the way.

  21. The game is so different now (different rules, different season lenghts, etc) that it’s impossible to compare Rodgers with Bart Starr or Arnie Huber, the pre-1980s Packers greats.

  22. Silverstein has always been ‘ga-ga’ over Favre so it’s no surprise that he would make his argument that BF & AR are pretty much the same ….

    Compare anything you like ….. When AR leads the Pack to another Lombardi Trophy (2011), he moves past BF ….

    Actually, the two are really pretty much the same except AR can ‘walk & talk’ at the same time …… BF – brain power – not so much ……

  23. It’s pretty hard to compare current QBs with past great ones it’s impossible but I’d give the benefit of the doubt to old school QBs

    the emphasis on helping the offense has really skewed QB play you can’t even touch a receiver anymore without getting pumped full of flags not to mention the league baby sitting QBs you can’t hit them low,high the defenders hands must never touch a QBs helmet(or they’ll call a wrong flag 60% of the time)you can’t hit a defenseless receiver that makes receiving targets more open ect..

    imagine what old school QBs could do with this much power over the defense

  24. As a Packer fan, I’m just thankful that I’ve been able to see 2 great QBs back to back. It just doesn’t happen that often in the NFL. The video in Silverstein’s article included the 99 yard TD to Robert Brooks, but the OT game winner in Denver in 2007 is another of my favorite Favre TD’s. The video highlights another forgotten Favre trait and that is that he was fairly mobile early in his career.

    Also as a Packer fan, it’s great I don’t have to choose. I have them both.

  25. I sure hope that my team (Jaguars) manager to higher Philbin and bring Clements and the OL coach with them. Would be great to see some good qb in Jacksonville, and we have the potential! Rodgers is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I think Aaron Rodgers will have a more consistent career than Brett Favre, and he’s already shown that he can be as great as Favre at his best. And even though the game has changed, Rodgers almost can’t play any better. He almost never misses, and he’s able to throw people open. That sounds a lot like Favre at his best.

    He’ll be more consistent because Favre tried to do too much to lift bad teams later in his career (let’s not forget how bad of a coach/GM Mike Sherman was). He couldn’t accept when things weren’t there. I don’t see that in Rodgers.

    As a Packers fan, I remember when Favre was great. I’ve just come to realize since that he’s a douche.

  27. “Very few Packer fans will admit that Favre was a pretty good player in his time.”

    Really? I know Packers fans are bitter about how it ended, but I don’t know that there are any out there who would say Favre was a bad player. He did a lot for Green Bay, put up huge numbers, was an MVP, and won a Super Bowl.

  28. He’s the best QB in the NFL today, leave it at that. When you attempt to compare players from different eras, you’re bound to make a fool out of yourself with the latest thing is the best thing mentality.

    Passing rules are so different today, it’s not even funny. It’s safe to say that Marino in today’s NFL might have thrown for 60 TDs, seriously. The DBs can’t touch receivers today, defensive linemen can’t touch QBs today, free agency has watered down teams to the point that there is probably only a couple of truly good defenses in the league today, not to mention that the QBs that he faces every week are mostly mediocre because expansion has stretched rosters so thin.

    Guys like Matt Schaub and Joe Flacco are held up as borderline elite QBs in today’s NFL, enough said.

    There are guys from the 70’s and 80’s who would be productive NFL starters in today’s league, but who were losers back in that era (i.e. Archie Manning) because opposing teams were more complete across the board, thus making them inconsequential to their team’s overall success, whereas today with most teams having huge glaring holes, having a good QB puts you five steps ahead of the game.

  29. I like the Packers but they are not my favorite team. Aaron Rodgers however is my favorite QB in the league. When Favre retired then tried to come back and take the qb position back from Rodgers just because he IS Brett Favre I loved how the Packers said no. I am not gonna compare the two but Rodgers has been playing lights out. He is the best QB in the league and has the weapons to showcase how great he can be. It’s been an amazing thing to see how awesome he has been playing.

    With all that said let’s not compare him to the other greats just yet. Let him write his own legacy and show the 20+ teams who passed on him what a mistake they made. That’s one of the reasons I like him so much. He is driven by anger and a player with a chip on his shoulder is the most dangerous player!

  30. Hehateu – Your analysis is right on. I’d like to do you one better. Comparing Rodgers to past generations would be like moving the pitcher’s mound in the steroids era back 20 feet and comparing those batters with the all-time greats. When you change the rules of the game, you cannot compare a player who operated under one set of rules with another who operated under a completely different set of rules. You might as well call Warren Moon (who accumulated half his yards in Canada on a bigger field) one of the best then.

    That being said, Rodgers still looks like he would have been pretty darn good back then too. The guy can throw the ball through the eye of a needle.

  31. Nobody but NOBODY will ever compare to TROY Aikman. He was money and he had “That EYE” that said, I’m gonna beat you and Im gonna make you look bad while Im doin it.

  32. Favre had a much better running game, much better defense, and a better special teams as well. The 94-97 defense was pretty much insane and led by one of the best defensive linemen of all time. The current defense has a great coordinator and some stars. Maybe even a HOFer in Chuck. But there’s no one on that wide of the ball that’s the player or leader Reggie White was.

    Bennett and Levens were nasty for a few years and Desmond Howard was pure filth for a couple of seasons. Jacke was probably on par with Crosby as well.

    So frankly while Rodgers does have a better receiving corps, it’s pretty much a wash given that the Packers are actually asking more from him than they were of Favre due to the 95-97 team’s superior running game.

    Rodgers has a much higher AYPA than Favre did and he rarely checks it down. This is a vertical passing attack and it’s quite precise.

  33. i wonder what joe montana’s numbers would have been playing with the defensive rules of today. you can’t compare players from different eras when rules are changed. you can only compare rodgers with his contemporaries.

  34. Heaven save Aaron Rogers — we set impossible expectations for our heroes then complain when they can not measure up!

    But until then —

  35. Rodgers has played great – but its very early for him. He is a guy who is prone to concussions – which could ultimately be his demise…it will be interesting to see if he does become great

  36. It was stated that very few packer fans would admit that Favre was a great player in his time. I disagree, most think he was great, just got tired of his inconsistent passing. When Favre would pass, I would hold my breath to see who caught it, he played catch with both teams. When Rodgers passes, you kind of expect a completion. But yes, Favre was a great quarterback who did a lot for Green Bay and Green Bay loved him for it. I just wish it could have ended better.

  37. How does Erin compare to the others? Smaller, less impressive, and far less interesting. Probably uglier as well, although Peyton would give him a run in that regard.

  38. The point this post is making, and the position that Rodgers has taken when asked about his ability is, that the fact that we can have this discussion shows how well he is playing right now.

  39. I think Rodgers is one of the greatest to play the game, already at this early point in his career. The Sky is the limit for what he can accomplish.

    What I don’t like is his attitude. I don’t care for the smug way he carries himself during games. Flash back to that whole ducking the cancer patient last year bs that was blown out of proportion but still happened nonetheless. The passive aggressive shots he took at Drew Brees after the opening night game concerning off-season player programs. Think he is an elite QB with an endzone dance. What is the Brady endzone dance? The Brees endzone dance? He’s young maybe he will change overtime but right now he carries himself poorly.

    Attitude aside I respect the heck out of his game.

  40. If Brady and Manning retired today they would be first ballot HOF, so they are amongst the greats. On top of that, they are already mentioned in the same breath with the very best of that bunch and still have several seasons left to play, well at least Brady does and hopefully Manning can return healthy. Rodgers is certainly very impressive and a few more seasons at this level will put him in that conversation.

  41. I did pick up on a few things watching the video that makes Favre better. Throwing across his body on the move is amazing, the receivers were able to get more seperation, and when they couldn’t, which I think is the big one, were constantly getting mauled by the DB’s.

    How many passes were incomplete and could have been TD’s had they been playing with the rules today favoring the offence?

    We can’t play the what if game, but judging from what I’ve seen in vids from the past, his numbers and those of others would be much greater with today’s rules on pass interference.

  42. Rodgers has had one of if not the best starts to a career statistically and this year will end up in the top 5 of all time single year QB performances if it keeps going the way it is. Maybe #1.

    That said… He’s got a long way to go before he’s Brady and Manning. He doesn’t have their durability thus far and we’ll have to wait a few years to properly judge.

  43. Is it fair to say that rules protecting WR’s are more a factor in ARod’s success than rules protecting the QB? Rules protecting the QB are only a factor if he gets hit. If he gets hit before the ball is thrown, the ball most likely will not get thrown.

    He’s a smart, athletic player with a strong arm, and loads of talent at his disposal. Decide where he sits with the greats when his career is done, until then I’m pretty sure the Packers and their fans are quite happy with him.

  44. Rodgers is a great QB. As a 9er fan it hurts to know that he grew up worshipping the 9ers and we passed on him. That said our franchise was so dysfunctional from 03-10 that he would have been as grossly mismanaged as Alex Smith. I’m truly happy for the guy. He deserves to reap all of the awesomeness that his hard work and patience has created.

    His level of play reminds me of Steve Young’s 94 campaign when he was playing out of his mind. Steve Young was unstoppable after the infamous Philly beat down. He’d destroy you through the air or with his legs.

  45. Rodgers certainly has made it easier for Packers fans to forget the douchiness of Favre and his massive ego. The way he held the organization hostage with his waffling was absurd. Then they way he treated Rodgers made Favre look all the worse. Rodgers has handled the situation with nothing but class while playing at a very high level. I just wish his offensive line would protect him better.

  46. Can we let the kid play a few years before we annoint him? This is just getting ridiculous. Rodgers is awesome and I wish he was on my team, but all this talk of best ever is sooooo premature. It’s the same with all the talk of Luck being the best ever and he is still in college. There are just too many writers with time on their hands to bloviate about the greatness of players just so they can tear them down at the first hint of failure. I look forward to watching Rodgers continuing his impressive play and hope that he does not let all this talk get to his head.

  47. Regardless of how well the 49ers are playing, it’s gotta sting knowing they passed him up for Smith especially since he’s from the area and he was fully expecting the team he grew up idolizing to pick him number one that year. Who knows where that franchise would be if had been playing there the last six years? Part of that is what drives him and makes him play with that chip on his shoulder. Reminds me of Brady even though he didn’t fall to the 7th round

  48. Favre has a slightly better arm but wore his emotions on his sleeve…He played like a physically gifted fan.

    Rodgers plays like a physically gifted football professor who keeps his emotions in check.

    Brett forgot that his legs were more important than his cannon arm. He bought into his own hype….but when you look back on the 90’s…his legs setup favorable throwing angles and defensive attention to allow huge plays.

    If rodgers stays healthy, keeps his ego in check, and works harder as he gets older to keep his mobility….he’ll have an exceptional legacy to look back on.

  49. Manning and Brady have done it year after year after year. Comparing Rogers to either one is waaaaay premature.

  50. warriorsonthegrid.
    I agree with you, Favre and White turned that franchise around and made it great and now the so called short memory fans have forgotten everything the guy did for that team . Rogers is good, quick reads and a fast release, but his receivers make him look great. Balls that aren’t thrown all that accurate they make some fantastic ajustments and spectacular catches. Heck the receivers GB have would even make Christain Ponder look great. LOL.

  51. There are too many variables to fairly compare qbs this way so I will only say Favre may have been great at his best but he was always at risk of a meltdown at crucial points and Rodgers has never played like that. In the end stats don’t matter, hardware does and all of them (maybe not Favre as much) would agree. Rodgers’ stats may be eyepopping this year but if he doesn’t get another ring this season can only be regarded as a disappointment. I guarantee you 12 is playing with that mindset.

  52. Favre won games for the Packers that they should have lost. He also lost games for them that they should have won. Rodgers is steadier and smarter. Favre was more athletically gifted and tougher than rawhide. Yes, we should wait a few years definitely. But personally I’d take Rodgers right now over Favre at the same age. No coach will ever have to tell Rodgers “No more rocketballs, please.” And of course Bart Starr will never get enough credit for quarterbacking five world championship teams in seven years back when QBs were treated like all other players and receivers were routinely mugged. Don’t think that record will ever be touched.

  53. You are witnesses to history in the making. You can only stand in awe of the wonderful talents God has given to Aaron Rodgers and how he has developed them in service to the Almighty.

    Praise God that He sent his servant, Aaron Rodgers, to the NFL’s greatest franchise.

    I thank God for his many blessings on the City of Green Bay, and his divine blessings upon the Green Bay Packers, and each of their 13 World Championships.

    Who can question God’s gifts to Aaron Rodgers or
    defeat His chosen team, The Green Bay Packers!!

  54. As a Packer fan, when I watch Aaron Rodgers, I know I am watching something special.

    I appreciate it much more than watching Randy Wright, Anthony Dilweg, Lynn Dickey, Blair Keil, David Whitehurst and Don Majkowski.

    Can’t I just enjoy the moment?

    Do we have to over analyze it?

  55. Rodgers is the RoethlisManning of qbs. He’s not as strong as Ben, but he’s just as good at escaping pressure and making throws on the run.

    But then, he possesses Peyton Manning-like accuracy and decision making.

    He’s the perfect combination of the two quarterbacks.

  56. Take away the amazing WR’s and see how his play is. Could he do the same on any team in the NFL?
    Invalid argument. Doesn’t happen with any other QB (unless they are traded) so why apply it to Rodgers.

  57. All of you folks out there saying that the rules in the passing game have made it easier on QB’s to accumulate stats please explain to me why Aaron Rodgers is the only QB with the outrageous passer rating of over 130! Drew Brees’ is 101 and Tom Brady’s is 102.

    101 and 102 passer ratings have been commonplace in the NFL for the past 30 years for the top QB’s in the league. Heck Steve Young had a passer rating of 112 in 1994.

    So to all you who say that Rodgers is a beneficiary of the rules changes, I ask why aren’t ALL QB’s in the NFL taking advantage of these rule changes?

    One more point.

    To the guys that say Brett Favre holds every passing record in the league.

    Brett Favre only holds cumulative passing records. Most career yards, most career TD’s most career passes, most career attempts, most career interceptions. Those so called records are a result of him having started the most games of any QB who has ever played. He should have those records as a matter of just playing so many games at QB.

    Brett Favre does not hold one single game or single season NFL record.

    Wait, that’s wrong. He does hold the record for most interceptions in a playoff game.

    Thats it, every other record Favre holds is cumulative.

    To me, that is not the same accomplishment as the most yards per season or game, most TD’s per season or game, highest single season passer rating.

    One more note, Aaron Rodgers does hold one cumulative record already, one that Favre never sniffed, that would be the highest career passer rating ever.

  58. Memory challenged article. Plenty of great seasons/QBs (such as Graham, Unitas, Montana) before 1995.
    Of course, if they are talking about stats only then yes, this Rodgers season could be the greatest.
    But, there is stats inflation with the rule changes.
    Great article on ESPN by Greg Garber about this.
    Rodgers has started for 3.5 seasons. Let’s wait for a few more before comparing him to legends.

  59. I hate when people are mad that Aroge rode the bench his first two seasons under Farve saying that they wasted 2 years. Aaron Rogers got to learn from one of the best qbs and gain the confidence needed to be a true starting qb, and thats how you unlock someones true potential. Old man Farve stinks but he proved useful in passing down some knowledge.

    Thats what the colts wanna do with Luck and Manning so they can go another 10 years of making the playoffs without a real team

    But none of them are as good as tebow! lmao he got to learn under kyle orton *insert sarcastic headnods* lmao

  60. On most days, I’m a pretty crappy golfer. However, on a few days in my golfing life I was “in the zone,” and somehow managed to shoot in the 70’s. I recognize somebody “in the zone.”

    And Aaron Rogers has been “in the zone” all this year, most of last year, and a good deal of the year before.

    He is quite possibly the best QB we’ve all seen in a long time. And I hate that he doesn’t play on my team.

    Nonetheless, you gotta tip your hat to him. He has incredible skills…

  61. damko12 says: Nov 18, 2011 12:59 PM

    Brady > Rodgers > Manning
    Not a colts fan but I think you got that backwards!
    sj39 says: Nov 18, 2011 1:02 PM

    “The greats”? I think you left a few guys off the list.
    Like Who? No one compares to those four! No one! Montana and Young are nothing without Walsh and Rice. Then Elway would never have a single SB if not for Davis and that o-line (which was over the salary cap). Most of the others couldn’t play today.

  62. Although I think Rodgers has played with much more control and precision than Favre, they’ve both continued to provide excellent QB play for the Packers. One dispute that I have is the comments on how much better Rodgers’ receivers are than what Favre had. Really? Robert Brooks was a very good receiver similar to Greg Jennings. The dual threat of Mark Chmura and Keith Jackson were pretty difficult for defenses to stop similar to Jermichael Finley of today. While I think the rest of the receiving corps clearly favors the current roster, do not discount the RB’s of that era as receiving threats. Edgar Bennett and Dorsey Levens were extremely dangerous backs out of the backfield while Ryan Grant and James Starks pale in comparison as receivers. All in all, I would say the receiving threats of the two teams are a wash in the end. Bottom line, as Packer fans, it’s been a great run since the early 90’s that has now stretched into a 3rd decade. Go Pack!

  63. childressrulz says:
    Nov 18, 2011 5:12 PM
    damko12 says: Nov 18, 2011 12:59 PM

    Brady > Rodgers > Manning
    Not a colts fan but I think you got that backwards!
    sj39 says: Nov 18, 2011 1:02 PM

    “The greats”? I think you left a few guys off the list.
    Like Who? No one compares to those four! No one! Montana and Young are nothing without Walsh and Rice. Then Elway would never have a single SB if not for Davis and that o-line (which was over the salary cap). Most of the others couldn’t play today.

    Umm, Montana won 2 Super Bowls before Rice was on the team and won 1 more without Walsh coaching.

    Steve Young was not the starting QB until 3 years after Bill Walsh retired.

  64. bobnelsonjr says:Nov 18, 2011 3:59 PM

    You are witnesses to history in the making. You can only stand in awe of the wonderful talents God has given to Aaron Rodgers and how he has developed them in service to the Almighty.

    Praise God that He sent his servant, Aaron Rodgers, to the NFL’s greatest franchise.

    I thank God for his many blessings on the City of Green Bay, and his divine blessings upon the Green Bay Packers, and each of their 13 World Championships.

    Who can question God’s gifts to Aaron Rodgers or
    defeat His chosen team, The Green Bay Packers!!

    I’m pretty sure it was Ted Thompson that sent Rodgers to Green Bay.

  65. sleazysnake says: Nov 18, 2011 4:10 PM

    All of you folks out there saying that the rules in the passing game have made it easier on QB’s to accumulate stats please explain to me why Aaron Rodgers is the only QB with the outrageous passer rating of over 130! Drew Brees’ is 101 and Tom Brady’s is 102.

    101 and 102 passer ratings have been commonplace in the NFL for the past 30 years for the top QB’s in the league. Heck Steve Young had a passer rating of 112 in 1994.
    Perhaps true in the last 10 years. Completely off base for 1981-2001. In those 20 years, 17 years had 1 or less passer with QB rating > 100. 1984 (Montana and Marino in that special season > 100) and 1998 (four passers). 2000 had Trent Green and Brian Griese with over 100 passer rating (that itself should show how stats had become inflated).

  66. sleazysnake says: Nov 18, 2011 4:10 PM

    All of you folks out there saying that the rules in the passing game have made it easier on QB’s to accumulate stats please explain to me why Aaron Rodgers is the only QB with the outrageous passer rating of over 130! Drew Brees’ is 101 and Tom Brady’s is 102.

    101 and 102 passer ratings have been commonplace in the NFL for the past 30 years for the top QB’s in the league. Heck Steve Young had a passer rating of 112 in 1994.
    One more thing about that 1994 season. 17 years hence it’s still pretty high to have passer rating of 112, despite more rule changes. That was an exceptional season by Young

  67. you guys do realize the mel blount rule existed before 2008, right?

    and if we’re puting an asterisk for the performance Rodgers is having now, then about we put one for every defense that was dominate in the past?

    They could maul recievers back then, so that must make a guy like Revis way better than Sanders or Rod Woodson, that must mean that the 2010 Packer’s defense was way better than the 85′ bears, ka-durhh!?

    quit hating, if a dude is playing great in his era, then he’s playing great, quit under cutting it… making some of you sound snobby as heck.

  68. mediasloppy says:Nov 18, 2011 1:55 PM
    “Take away the amazing WR’s and see how his play is. Could he do the same on any team in the NFL?”

    So, are the cardinals making Kevin Kolb look like an all pro QB yet?

    how about the colt’s recievers, have they made curtis painter into an all pro 4 time Mvp yet?

    WRs are good, but they need someone to throw it to ’em.
    A Great QB can make nobody WRs into pro bowlers, we’ve seen Great WRs go 0-10 without a QB throwing them the ball.

  69. Since 2004, the best improvising quarterback in the league has been Ben Roethlisberger. No one turned a broken play into something special quite like him.

    Since Peyton Manning came into the league, no quarterback has been a better pure pocket passer. He may be the smartest to ever play in terms of dissecting defenses. His accuracy was unparalleled and he had terrific arm strength.

    Both of those quarterbacks had a winning formula, even though the style of play differed greatly.

    Aaron Rodgers is a combination of those quarterbacks. He make plays out of the pocket as regular as Roethlisberger does. He makes plays from within the pocket like Manning did. He’s an excellent decision maker and has uncanny accuracy.

    He’s perfect for my money.

  70. urworstnitemare58 says:Nov 18, 2011 3:47 PM
    ” Rogers is good, quick reads and a fast release, but his receivers make him look great. Balls that aren’t thrown all that accurate they make some fantastic ajustments and spectacular catches. Heck the receivers GB have would even make Christain Ponder look great. LOL.”


    so Ro(d)gers ain’t accurate, huh?
    what next, Reggie White ain’t strong.
    Barry Sanders ain’t elusive…. lol

  71. One talent evaluator who passed on Rodgers and instead chose Alex Smith is not only still employed in the NFL, he is the Green Bay Packers Head Coach. Mike McCarthy was the San Francisco 49ers OC when he evaluted Alex Smith as a better athlete than Aaron Rodgers before the draft. The 49ers chose Alex Smith. Aaron tumbled all the way down to the Packers who chose him despite having a productive Brett Favre on the roster. It was Ted Thompson’s best draft pick. Ted then chose McCarthy the next year to become the Packers’ Head Coach. Another excellent pick. And now McCarthy is leading a 9-0 Packers team largely due to the QB he passed over on draft day because “he wasn’t a great athlete”. Hmm. McCarthy is a great coach but he better leave the talent evaluation process with Ted!

  72. Aaron Rodgers is playing at such a high level that it’s him and the great TONY ROMO all by themselves as the greatest qb’s in the game. Rodgers has a better surrounding , so that’s why his numbers are better , and why the packers have a better record.

  73. It’s about time A-Rod started getting compared to the legendary QB’s the NFL has had. A-Rod has been awesome since replacing Judas as leader of the Pack.

  74. @urworstnitemare58

    Rodgers isn’t accurate? Have you ever watched a single game in your life?

    With Manning out of the game, there’s not even a question who is the most accurate passer in the NFL.

    If you’re saying that Rodgers isn’t accurate, it means one of three things:

    You’re a Bears fan.
    You’re a Vikings fan.
    Or you’re a Lions fan.

  75. @wcdunkenfield

    You nailed it. Rodgers just looks like he’s been in the zone all year.

    I think he’s going to come back to Earth a little bit, but he’s still going to be amazing.

    Tom Brady looked in the zone all of 2007 and he had quite possibly the most talented receiver to ever play the game at his disposal, yet he never looked quite like Rodgers does now.

    So even if Rodgers is just in freak mode right now, his freak mode is better than any other quarterback’s freak mode.

  76. I always find it hilarious when people try to claim that Favre “threw away” a bunch of SB chances by his reckless play. Evidentially, they don’t remember how the rest of the team played.

    – 2nd SB against Denver, Favre’s numbers are pretty good. However, Reggie White and the “#1 D” I the NFL let Terrell Davis run on them all day long. Funny, I never hear anybody blame Reggie for that loss.
    – Year later, Ref gives the playoff game to San Fran after Rice clearly fumbled the ball.
    – Against St. Louis, The first two INTs thrown in the game were tipped off the WRs hands.
    – Against Atlanta at home, nobody seems to remember that the Packers defense and special teams gave up 21 points to Atl in the first 16 min of the game. They also seem to forget how Vick kept getting first down after first down by running at will.
    – 4th and 27 anybody?
    – Or how horrible the coaching and the Packers defense were against the Giants in 08. Favre got 13 yards rushing in support. He literally had to carry the team on his solders. Plexico Burrus schooling Harris all day, their running attack rushing for almost 200 yards. 24 clock eating first downs. Holding on to the ball for the first 7 min of the 2nd half ending in a TD before the offence even had the ball. Yet somehow Favre gets all the blame because he made the final mistake in a mistake filled game by a team that didn’t deserve to be there. Btw, Favre played better against that Giants D than Golden Boy Brady did in the SB. He only got 14 points against them despite having the best offensive team of all time.

  77. Anyone here claiming the rule changes aren’t that big of a deal when comparing QBs is in denial.

    In all of the 1990’s, there were 22 4,000+ passing seasons…from 2008-2010, there were 21. Just one stat showing how ridiculous it is to look at numbers alone and claim that Rodgers is better. Again, heavily favored by rule changes and having the best receiving weaponry, 1-5 WRs and Finley, since he took over the starting job. It’s a lot easier to put up numbers when your throwing to wide-open receivers, on football terms, on at least half of your throws. Not to mention the ridiculous yards after the catch those dudes get.

    This is not meant to take away from how well Rodgers is playing, but seriously, let’s not ignore the facts here.

    Also, we’re not talking about Favre throughout his entire career, we’re talking about his prime. All the complaints people are talking about here in regards to Favre are metnioning negative qualities that either A) happened later in his career, or B) have nothing to do with football.

  78. ok, this is coming from a vikings fan… But the rules of the game have made it much easier for this to become a “passing league”. Now you look at a reciever funny, and you get a flag. So you go back into the 90’s when Brett brought the packers back, he was good… Darn good! Now, fast forward to now… Today… You look at what Rodgers is doing, and this is no joke! Doesn’t matter how much they have changed the rules! He is placing the ball better than i have ever seen! I’ve watched alot of packer teams. (second favorite team after the vikings) So i have saw him toss a few balls over the years. The problem is (coming from a vikings fan)… Is, Rodgers isn’t playing at a high level.. I think this is just how he is always going to play. I think this is just the Rodgers your going to see season after season. He’s just flat out that good. (which sucks for us vikings fans). But it’s reality. He’s just that good. I think the concussion he had last year isn’t even going to be an issue in the future, because he get’s rid of the ball so fast now. He knows where to go with it, so fast. He already seems to have the play figured out before he get’s the ball from center. He’s not going to take many hits. Sure, Jared Allen has gotten to him a few times. But, how many sacks does Rodgers take now? How many has he taken in 2010? Not many over the past 2 years. The line has gotten better since 2009. Now he’s playing behind a good line, and has 2-3 seconds to get rid of the ball, and that’s all he needs. The only hope we have here in minnesota is maybe he will get some bad McDonalds drive thru on game days, and be stuck on the pot during gametime!

  79. 1) Silverstein still has a Favre Fathead on his bedroom wall and barely hides his dislike for Ted Thompson.

    2) While every QB who has ever had a very long hot streak need not be mentioned, it should be recalled that Steve Young had a run in 1994 that rivals all those mentioned already.

    3) Favre was NOT “ran out of town”, he retired because he was not getting his way in adminstrating the team to his liking. He HAD the “right of first refusal” for the QB job, probably even after he retired, probably through the end of May/early June. All NFL teams have their off-season cycle, which ends in June – the rosters are set, basic SALARY CAPS ARE SET, and everyone goes on vacation before training camp starts. Favre WAITED until his salary cap was allocated and the front office was on vacation before finally informing the Packers he planned on coming back. He DID THIS for a reason – to put the Packers in a salary cap bind that would pressure them into RELEASING HIM so he could sign with the Vikings. Goodell gave the Packers a grace period after Favre’s paperwork arrived to get a deal done, which took the wind out of Favre’s sails, and he accepted the trade to the Jets and put off his revenge campaign for a season. The idea that Favre was “ran out of town” is nonsense, and the only “treason” was Favre turning his back on the team that made him who he was and tried to “stick it” to them.

    4) Yes, there is “era creep” in numbers, but there are certain websites that have done the “common sizing” of QB performances by comparing a QB’s year by year stats to their contemporaries – their stat against the three year average of the year before, the year of, and the year after. Favre’s and Rodgers’ “fat years” 25-28 are basically identical when adjusted for era. Favre had to learn on the job and did poorly, and came very close to being benched for Mark Brunell in 1994 – which deflates the notion of those who say that Favre “turned the franchise around”. Rarely do guys who are nearly benched after 2.5 seasons as a starter are seen as “turning franchises around”. Rodgers got to sit and study for years until he was ready to start. Now the only question, in contrasting Favre and Rodgers, is after this quality year, will Rodgers play like Tony Romo for a decade (decent regular season stats but generally a season killer) yet think he is God’s Gift and try to be the de facto GM, and throw pity parties for himself, publicly defame the management, and try and stick it to the team that gave him the opportunities he had. It would be a refreshing change if he deviated from Favre’s path starting here.

  80. Wisconsin77-

    All that needs to be known is in the 8 playoffs OUTSIDE the Great Years of ’95-’97, Favre had a 62.2 QB rating in playoff “exit” games. It’s NEVER Favre’s fault that the turnovers occur etc. It’s everyone else’s mistakes that are the costly ones.

    I have done a fairly exhaustive research of the decade ’98-’07. People rip the Packers for not being the 49ers of the 80’s and that somehow absolves Favre’s post season performances. In that decade, in the regular season, the Packers had the 4th best record in football, the BEST in the NFC. The Packers had the 3rd best point differential, again the BEST in the NFC. The Packers had the second best record in the NFL against playoff caliber teams (both conferences), of course the best in the NFC, and THE BEST record in all the NFL against a team’s “home conference” playoff caliber teams.

    And yet, in the playoffs, the Packers were in the bottom third in results. So I compared the differences in about 20 different stats (per game numbers, per attempt #’s, rush/pass %’s) and only THREE were appreciably worse – the Packers gave up more TD’s per rush attempt, had less defensive INT’s, and the OFFENSIVE INT’S WENT THROUGH THE ROOF. I don’t care if passes are off the receivers’ hands, it’s the QB’s job to get it to the receiver. One of those passes was so high it was at the absolute peak of the receiver’s jump and it still went off his fingers, and it was thrown way too hard from only 8 yards away. Off the receiver or not, it was Favre’s fault. Favre’s INT % in his career was already too high for a West Coast Offense QB, and it jumped up the 5.8% in the post season in the ’98-’07 decade. A team is not going to win when the QB turns the ball over 3 times by himself. People can trot out whatever other weaknesses there may have been in game 1, or 2, or 3, or 4, but when the list adds up, after a while it is reasonable to blame the common element to all those games. It’s not like Favre didn’t give a Cliff’s Notes version of his career up in Minnesota, and yet again it was everyone else’s turnovers that were the killers, Favre’s 3 turnovers (2 INT’s and the botched handoff to Peterson at the 10 – that’s on FAVRE, not Peterson) were just exciting, hardnosed play.

    Yes, Grant didn’t rush well in ’07, but Favre STILL only had a 70-ish QB rating, and that included the long pass to Driver for a TD, without that, Favre’s numbers were even more abyssmal. Harris did give up a lot off yards, but Manning, too, had a low 70’s QB rating because he didn’t target anyone else. No, the game came down to the OT coin toss, which the Packers won, and two plays later, Favre threw a BAD pass. No other way to describe it. BAD. He knows it. And it cost the Packers the season.

    4th and 26 is on Sherman for not going for it on 4th and a foot and a half at the Eagles’ 40. The Packers could have run off most of the rest of the clock. The Packers were an offensively skewed team and it was up to them to win it. The Pack had already rushed for 230+ yards that day, they should have gone for it and sealed the game. Which shoo-in HOF QB publicly threatened Thompson that if Sherman was fired in 2005, he likely wouldn’t come back, all because he didn’t want to have to learn a new playbook?

    Favre threw way too many INTs, and blew a lot of playoffs. But at least he made up for it by being a big pain in the _ _ _ for three years before quitting, and then spending the next three years planning and executing revenge.

  81. BrINT Fail sucks.
    He’s an overrated loser who was one of the worst QBs to ever play the game when it comes to important games.
    Wake up. He wasn’t as good as everyone thinks he is.
    How many SBs did he win?
    What is his playoff win/loss record?

  82. Apparently, defensive breakdowns and WR’s having balls go off their fingertips only happened to Brett Favre. Good to know. At one time or another, I thought stuff like that happened to all QB’s.
    Stop making excuses for this guy. We watched those post season games as well.
    The absolute worst thing a QB can do is turn the ball over and Favre did that waaaay too often.

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