Dolphins once again buy tickets to avoid blackout

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The launch has week of Thursday Night Football has caused us to swap watching NFL games for monitoring the possible blackouts of Sunday contests.

And so the blackouts will have to wait until Fridays.

In Miami, there will be no blackout on Sunday for the 106th straight regular-season game because, for the fourth time in five games, the Dolphins and/or a sponsor have purchased the remaining non-premium tickets.

The 2-7 Dolphins host the 5-4 Bills.

The local CBS affiliate, which will televise the game, contributed to the effort.  Under little-known league rules, unsold non-premium seats can be purchased by the home team at 34 cents on the dollar.

8 responses to “Dolphins once again buy tickets to avoid blackout

  1. Now that the Jets and their “best” defense in the league were just exposed as the pretenders that everyone knew they were, this game becomes all the more important.

  2. Steve Ross must shake his head when he looks at his ticket sales staff , who can’t sell out an NFL game. Ross, should walk into his ticket sales department and make sure everyone associated with selling tickets for his NFL team, who made him spend extra money out of his pocket, when it is their job to sell out his stadium, had their desks cleaned out and a security escort out the front door.

  3. I wish I could post pictures here! I have pictures of Sun Life stadium 15 minutes before game time. There was me and one other guy in the john. The stands didn’t fill up until half way into the first quarter! Someone told me that they would sell you the Blue deck tickets for the price of lower orange deck seats if you will give them a multi-year contract. Call the place NO-LIFE stadium!

    The team still sucks. Vegas took the Bills vs. Dolphins off of the board. Last time I looked we were a 1 point favorite at home. Pathetic! Look, if you really like the Dolphins or really hate the Bills, this is a great time to see a competitive game. They had a great Blues Band playing on the south side last week – maybe they will be back. My wife tried a chicken crepe that was good ! (SE corner – second level)

    Of course, a boycott is good too, I guess! I am conflicted – send Ross a message or have fun paying six pack prices for single beers!

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