Friday morning one-liners

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WR Brad Smith and RB C.J. Spiller haven’t been the explosive weapons the Bills envisioned.

Dolphins S Tyrone Culver is fighting to keep his spot in the starting lineup.

S Sterling Moore says he got over being nervous quickly in his first Patriots start.

Jets RB Bilal Powell’s first NFL action included a fumble on the goal line.

Former Ravens T Jonathan Ogden doesn’t like the team’s focus on passing.

Some of Bengals WR Andre Caldwell’s best moments have come in games at Baltimore.

The Browns liked what they saw from S Usama Young last Sunday.

Steelers reserves say that they have the mentality of starters.

The Texans are counting on their running backs to make QB Matt Leinart’s job less difficult.

The Colts aren’t the first team to go in the tank after losing their quarterback.

Jaguars G Uche Nwaneri has made big progress as a blocker this season.

Last week’s touchdown ended a long wait for Titans PR Marc Mariani.

The Broncos got three sacks from the duo of Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil on Thursday night.

Chiefs players had a hard time answering a question about what their identity is this season.

The Raiders added CB Bryan McCann to the active roster in place of injured CB Chimdi Chekwa.

Protecting QB Philip Rivers is something that’s worrying the Chargers right now.

Cowboys CB Terence Newman has played well since recovering from a groin injury.

CB Prince Amukamara is getting close to making his Giants debut.

Said Eagles WR Riley Cooper, “I haven’t got a whole lot of opportunities this year, but like I always say, we’ve got so many weapons on our team at the receiver position, I’m not mad about it. Everyone’s time comes. Hopefully, this is mine.”

Redskins LB Perry Riley is hoping to build on a strong debut as a starter.

A flag for unnecessary roughness last weekend isn’t going to change the way Bears LB Lance Briggs plays.

Ben Graham is next in line at punter for the Lions.

John Kuhn has gone back to mostly being a blocker for the Packers.

Vikings rookie TE Kyle Rudolph wants a bigger offensive role.

It has been 13 games since the Falcons allowed an opposing runner to gain 100 yards against them.

The Panthers aren’t talking about their plans for covering Lions WR Calvin Johnson.

Saints LB Jonathan Casillas held court on the state of the team during the bye week.

LB Geno Hayes is returning to the Buccaneers starting lineup this season.

Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald says he’s still learning new things about the game.

The Rams are dealing with more injury troubles at cornerback.

Are the 49ers going to see more defenses selling out to stop the run after last weekend?

The Seahawks have been forced to adapt their right side of the offensive line because of injuries.

2 responses to “Friday morning one-liners

  1. With regards to the Ravens, Cam Cameron is a freaking idiot, and that’s the problem. He makes Flacco, Ray Rice, and the entire offense look worse because of his terrible playcalling.

    For instance, I don’t know why it took him 4 years to figure out that Flacco is better in the gun, but once he did, what did he do? He abandoned the run and added the gun to all the other crap passing plays that seldom worked before, and still seldom work. I don’t know why he can’t get it through his head, but he needs to mix the gun with running. There’s no reason we should be throwing the ball 50 times when we have Ray Rice.

    Harbaugh looks bad too, because he keeps letting Cam totally derail the team. Cam needs to be fired immediately following the end of this season.

  2. Kyle Rudolph deserves a bigger role in the Vikings offence. He has the best hands on the team, it is not even close. His catches this year are ones that most players wouldn’t have made. Unfortunately for us OC Bill Musgrave is a terrible play caller… Rudolph is so much better than Kleinsasser and Shiancoe in the passing game he should be utilized, as well as Lorenzo Booker and Greg Camarillo.

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