Help us out with ideas for NBC SportsTalk

Every Friday, we have to come up with an hour of content for NBC SportsTalk (VERSUS, 6:00 p.m. ET).

In our effort to give you something you may be interested in watching, it makes sense to ask you what you may be interested in watching.

So what are you interested in watching?

Suggest any topics for today in the comments, including ideas of our weekly top-five list, along with possible subjects for a debate.

53 responses to “Help us out with ideas for NBC SportsTalk

  1. Do a “Where are they now (or did they play and for how long)” comparison between Green bays draft picks from the last 10 years vs Washington’s.

  2. If athlete such as boxers and MMA are required to have a minimum of 30 days or so (varies by state I believe) following a concussion, why are football players held to a different standard?

  3. How continuity in the coaching staffs and/or continuity in player personel has played out this season. This was a big deal early season because of the lockout but hasn’t been addressed much now that we have some data. Also, the coaching changes were stressed the most, but seeing the 49ers play so well with completely different coaches and much of the same players whereas the Eagles have most of the same coaching staff (clearly d-coord is an issue) but made so many big time player changes raises the hypothesis that perhaps player continuity was more important.

  4. I find this whole business of football players praying on the field or holding hands after the game in a big prayer session incredibly offensive. I personally think they should be fined. If they want to pray, that’s their business, but they shouldn’t be doing it as part of an entertainment spectacle like a football game. How would they feel if my buds and I went to church and started playing football? A man’s faith is his business, but it is and should be a deeply personal matter, and players should not be allowed to use the forum they have been given, that is, the football game, to promote or show off their faith anymore than they should use that forum to promote their views on gay rights, abortion, war or any other issue. It ain’t cute, its just offensive.

  5. Should penalties in excess of 10 yards (frequent game changers) be reviewable, subject to the penalized team having an unused challenge?

  6. Is there a higher propensity for players contract disputes and holdouts now than there was before “real” free agency? To me, it looks like a lot of players are scared to death of hitting the open market.

  7. Following the Jets collapse last night, a lot of talk surrounds the Jet’s offense – particularly Mark Sanchez’s play recently. I personally believe their inability to produce a solid run game is a large culprit as well. Since you guys are better equipped to research this question, perhaps you could discuss the possibilities of the Jets seeking a different RB by way of trading or acquiring via free agency. What are the current contract situations of the league’s better backup RBs such as Ben Tate, Michael Bush, etc?

  8. Talk about the upcoming NFL draft and how college players have to adjust at the pro level. What makes some players a total bust and others stars? Is it dedication? heart? work ethic etc….

  9. who will win each division?
    predictions on wild card
    rookie of the year awards
    predictions of pro bowl players
    make up some awards of some kind and dish them out to players.

  10. I know this is a little negative, but with so many “bad” games, i.e. last night’s game, Cleveland and anyone they play, Seattle v Cleveland, etc., Are we witnessing good matchups that make for low scoring close games or has the NFL finally created a league of mostly average teams that are sort of good in some areas and bad in others? There has been alot of unwatchable games this year. Any game involving the Colts, Rams, Browns, Redskins, Vikings, Seahawks, etc. and there have been quite a few that included both teams mentioned. There is no favorite in the AFC and we are through 10 weeks. None! Every team with a winning record has some major flaws or terrible losses. In the NFC, it only the Packers. All of the other teams with winning records are in the same boat. Saints, Lions, Falcons and Giants have serious concerns. The Niners haven’t been tested because they play in the West and the Bears seem to have figured it out, but for how long?

  11. With the recent success of the Packers, as goo as they are, they are not getting a whole lot of discussion and analysis outside of Aaron Rodgers. Everyone just seems so say “the Packers are just the best team in the league” and leave it at that. How about a piece about how they managed to be so successful without the “star” players that are always getting coverage? Guys like Jennings, Nelson, Matthews even, etc? As much as I am not a Packers fan, (unfortunately I am an Eagles fan) I have to give them credit for what they’ve been doing.

  12. Somebody sort of hit on it last night after the game, but I’m starting to think maybe Tebow excels in things other than throwing, like pre-snap reads. I think someone should study some tape and analyze what it is (besides throwing, obviously, since he’s pretty bad at that) he’s actually doing right as an NFL quarterback to win games.

    Of course, another thing you could talk about is running the option in the NFL.

  13. How about anything not: Jet’s Talk; Patriots Talk; Tebow Talk; Vikings Stadium Talk, etc…………………………….Oh, wait!! That would leave an original idea to talk about! We don’t get paid to do what you should be doing!

  14. Because HC Rex Ryan was a DC, he relies heavily on his OC for scoring on offense. And here lies the problem! The Jets OC carries a famous name but a lousy clipboard. What’s puzzling is Rex has former AFC championship offensive mind in Bill Callaham coaching his OL. The next step seems like a no brainer.

  15. How this coming Thursday will be filled with competitive games and how it will effect the winners and losers pertaining to the playoffs.

    (Dolphins are out for now, but what “if” they beat the Bills and Cowboys) Playoffs?

    AFC west is sinking just like the Bills and Jets. It’s only a matter of time another team does the same like Texans, Ravens, or the Bengals.

    Take a look at the state/status of each division leader and analyze them to see if they can stay on top. You don’t have to analyze the Packers.

  16. Clearly you are not keeping up with ESPN on the Tebow coverage. I know my life is not be complete without the hourly update on Tebow. Wtat did Tebow have for breakfast this yesterday that allowed him to single-handedly beat the JETS? How is he feeling this morning? When is he taking another romantic weekend at the cabin with Urban Meyer?

  17. On a more serious note, how about looking into the possible Gruden conflict of interest? JAY runs the Bengals offense and JON gets inside access to every coach on the MNF schedule. How comfortable do you think that makes the D-coordinators in Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Cleveland? You know ESPN won’t touch THAT!

  18. And how did Andy Dalton get so comfortable in that offense when he couldn’t talk to JAY or work out with JAY or get a playbook from JAY all summer? Could JON have anything to do with that?

  19. As a quarterback myself, please do a feature on the intangibles of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game. Talk about the upbringings of Tom Brady, a 7th round draft pick and how he reached the top. Tim Tebow on how he prepared mentally every week so far and how Aaron Rodgers had to wait patiently for years behind Favre to showcase his brilliance. I believe Ben Roethlisberger has that it factor as well, and you could talk about legends who built their foundation all because of their intangibles and uncannyness to win.

  20. How about a talk on if Philly should be in the discussion for the Suck for Luck sweepstakes given that they are performing so badly (or just been the product of so many bad turnovers). Would they take Luck if they ended up the #1 or would they trade it away for the picks?

  21. How about talking about teams away from the big markets. Show us the way they survive with out the cash flow of the big teams. Stop with all the tear jerk stories and emotion stories. Is there really a team in Tenn? I heard a rumor about a pretty good team in Western Penn. Is this true? Leave the Island of Manhattan once in a while without going directy to LA.

  22. How have so many rookies had great years so far with the shortened off-season. Wasn’t it the perception going into the season that rookies would do worse because of less time to learn the playbook? Is this years class just better in general?

    How do you think the lockout has impacted the prevalence injuries? Are injuries in general, or maybe a certain type of injury, up this year compared other years? Were there maybe more injuries in the beginning of the season until players got more conditioned?

    Pick one team that everyone is counting out right now to come back and make the playoffs. If you don’t want to pick one, who has the best chance?

    Is it time for the Jets to consider a new coach, quarterback, or both? Has Rex’s constant chest-beating worn old to the point where his players can no longer even believe him? Is this all we’re going to see from Sanchez, or can he get better? Can the Jets ever win a Superbowl with the way he’s playing now?

  23. How about a piece on today vs yesterday football. Get a group of alumni along with current players and compare the two dealing with topics like salary, rules and penalties.
    If you need help I will be with an alumni association next weekend and will run this accross some x players (of a great organization)for you. I am easy enough to get in touch with!
    Think of the posibilties – old NFL film with good laughs. Alumni loves to watch old clips.

  24. Lots of discussion about Tebow; how about the Bronco defense! Of course playing the Jets offense maybe LSU could hold them to 13 points!

    All season we have been pummeled with stories about the offensive explosion; how about showing modern era fans the differences in rules between now and the pre 79 rule changes so they can appreciate how good some of those old Steeler, Cowboy and Packer Teams were

  25. Compare and contrast the 2011 Packers with the 2007 Patriots through 9 games, including (obviously) Rodgers vs. Brady.

  26. Which team/teams on the Colt’s schedule are most likely to force them to get a win and why.

    For example, will the Texans be so secure in their playoff spot on Dec 22 to only play their starters a few series?

    Or will the Jags throw the game on Jan 1 in an effort to help themselves in the draft?

  27. Have a reply button to engage and rant with other bloggers. Take a look at (Signedoffsandiego) andget some ideas. They have a sports bar, a rant section, a casino and many other things to do. They are part of disqus and it’s growing fast.

  28. Maybe you could talk some about the teams like GB who have played a lot of very poor teams, and even the good teams they played were not playing good for a stretch when they played the Packers.


    teams that have good records who have not played very good teams, VS teams that have bad records who have played several good teams, and what the second half of the season looks like.


    looking at the games coming up, who could make a jump, or fall backwards

    What teams match up best against the top team in the NFC, and what teams that has a bad record do you see coming on in this second half

  29. Pro Bowl voting — who’s overrated, not having a great year but riding on his reputation from past years? Who’s more deserving, but unrecognized (unestablished rookie, small market team, great player on a bad team, etc.)?

  30. Why dont you do something good and talk about some of the things football players do good off the field. We always hear about the negative things these players do, when there is a lot of good things some of these players do that you never hear about. I would like to hear about something a NFL player has done good for someone else.

  31. Everyone says you can’t judge a draft for at least 3 years. So, go back 3 years, and judge the drafts of various teams with hindsight. Who has been the best at drafting?

  32. Which teams will go to LA, when it will happen, where they will play, which of the two will be popular, better, and why.

  33. How about a Top 5 throwback players? Players now who could have played back in the 60s/70s and got away with things. Maybe the list is already made….dirtiest players. I’d say:

    Big Ben (partied like the old schoolers did)
    James Harrison (will belly-to-back suplex you if need be)
    Ndamakong Suh (just nasty)
    Richard Seymour (wont mind throwing punches to QBs faces)


  34. Why the Ravens keep losing to bad teams, and perhaps why Flacco is on pace for the 6th most passing attempts in league history while Cam Cameron continues to give his best weapon Rice 5 carries a game??

  35. How about getting the TV networks to allow you to choose what games you get to see instead of just the local market games. If that game, team or not your team is bad thats all you get. Unless you have sat. TV your stuck

  36. No one can explain or show HOW IN THE HELL can a team make adjustments in a 12 minute half time. All while going to bathroom or getting treatment etc…..How do they fit all that in ?????

  37. If you are running out of ways to fill time then Have a call in. During the last 10-15 minutes of the show let someone call in and talk with you guys and have a discussion

  38. Some stories about “regular” NFL players, and their lifes. Enough about the Ray Lewis’ of the league. How about stories about guys who do great things off the field, not just on the field.

  39. Let me start by saying I have been to several high school games and a few college games this year. What I noticed at these games were that the vast majority of the teams ran the read option offense. Also, I played high school and college ball about 20 years ago. When I played the majority of the teams were running pro-style offense. So my question is with the proliferation of the read option offense at the college and the ability of NFL teams to keep 3 QBs rostered, isn’t possible that the spread option will be run at NFL level on a regular basis? After all defenses in the NFL and NCAA run the same defenses (3-4, 4-3, nickel, etc.), and the read option is successful in college.

  40. I would like to see two things… One is that College Basketball has its own dedicated page. Secondly, a “This Week In NFL History” you could highlight a certain player’s performance during a game. For example “In week 11 of the 1986 season, Player (insert name) rushed for 197 yards in a win over….” Then maybe give a breakdown of the game itself. I like the thought of keeping it week specific as opposed to date specific.

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