Jets can no longer hide Mark Sanchez


The headlines from Thursday night’s game will be about Tim Tebow.  They also should be about the lack of progress by the Jets offense in year three of the Mark Sanchez era.

The Jets defense is the same as it ever was, a Super Bowl caliber group. It played a sensational game on Thursday night, and any moderately competent offense and quarterback would have easily put the Broncos away before Tebowmania took hold.

Consider: The Broncos started five possessions in Jets territory. They got three points out of those five chances.

In the 10 drives leading into Denver’s game-winning march, the Broncos had two first downs. Denver went three and out eight times in that span, including four straight times. It was as dominant a defensive performance as you’ll see.

At this point, all the Jets ask Mark Sanchez to do is not make the big mistake. He still made it, delivering seven points to the Broncos on a game-changing third quarter pick six.

Throws like that make the Jets run on third down and punt the ball away instead of playing to win. Throws like that make Rex Ryan play it conservative even when the Jets face a terrible secondary like the Patriots. The Jets don’t trust their quarterback.

Sanchez is leading the same streaky offense with non-stop slants that puttered around .500 into December in 2009.

You can only hide your quarterback for so long, and Sanchez’s stagnation is plain for everyone to see.

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  1. Been saying it for three years now …….. Sanchez SUCKS.

    I laugh my a$$ off every time I see a story or read a Yets fan’s comments about how fantastic this guy is.

    With a half-decent QB in New York, a lot of Pat’s fans wouldn’t sleep as well at night.

  2. I don’t know that I would call the Jets defense a “Super Bowl caliber group”. They’ve not had a consistently good season, and having 3 good quarters against an offense that’s impressively bad does not suddenly make them a great defense.

  3. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. They trade up bigtime to draft a guy who seems a stretch to begin with, then he does little for 3 1/2 years while other raw QBs are looking pretty good. Meanwhile a pretty good team around him has to bend over backwards to cover for his lame ass because they don’t want to admit it was a bad pick.

    Stick with Sanchez. I for one don’t want to see you with a good QB. Keep playing Dirty for a few more years.

  4. They can probably get Jason Campbell next year as an interim solution. He’s better at managing the position and takes better care of the ball. Sanchez days are numbered.

  5. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Jets defense is good, but I do think it is a bit overrated by some. If they were facing an average QB, this game might have been over a bit sooner with the Broncos winning.

    I honestly don’t know what to make of Mark Sanchez. You see glimpses of good and then you see crap. He’s a confusing mixed bag of goodies.

    I’m still speechless about Tebow.

  6. Sorry but Super Bowl caliber defenses don’t give up 95 yard drives in the last 5 minutes of a game to a team with NO passing game. The Jets were not playing the Packers Thursday night. A total embarassment that should NOT only fall on the QB’s shoulders.

  7. He hasn’t been hidden from anybody except perhaps NYJ Kill-Aid drinkers.

    Third year in the league. Plays like he’s afraid he’s going to get a football stuffed up his vagina.

  8. .

    The Patriots secondary …terrible? That’s an upgrade from abominable.

    Inserting WR Julian Edelman must have solidified things.


  9. Sanchez is horrible. Holmes with no catches in the second half is unacceptable. In the first half he had him wide open on the ten yard line, but threw behind him. Would’ve been a walk-in TD.

  10. It’s crazy to me that the Jets traded up so high to get the kind of qb you can find in the middle rounds of the draft every year. It’s not like coming out anyone thought he was the second coming of Peyton manning. It was really hard watching the game tonight when both teams best qbs spent the night on the bench. Terrible football…

  11. Wasnt to long ago he was dubbed the “sanchize”? Never saw his appeal in college and its funny how the media= NY,,, fell in love with this kid.

    In other news: Timothy Tebow hath risen!

  12. The problem is, the Jets have been stuck in “win now” mode for at least 2 seasons are only getting worse as they lose their better players.

    They definitely need a better quarterback but drafting a new one would put them even further behind.

    The only real solution would be to trade for a veteran QB or pick up a free agent QB that can manage a game effectively. If the Colts let Manning go that would be a dream scenario.

  13. Rex Ryan: The quarterback plan had three parts. Mark Sanchez cut his teeth as a rookie, he improved in year two, and then… um… I can’t remember… oops!

  14. dont worry jets fans rex just gauranteed next years superbowl. what a group of losers

    your defence is great and your offence is loaded with weapons, too bad your defensive minded coach and highly invested franchise qb suck!!

    rex in his post game conference said “that offense is really hard to defend”

    here is some history for u, rex was so successfull at defending the option in college coaching that he wrote a book about defending the option play. now with one of the most talented defenses he cant stop it when the whole world knows its coming LMAO!!!!

    thanks denver for sending all the arrogant jets fans and players who have never done anything back under the rock where they belong

  15. Jets defense is a Super Bowl caliber group? Watch the play of Smith, Cromartie, Wilson, and Pace on Tebow’s TD run tonight. Game on the line with a minute left and each of them brutal.

  16. Jets want Sanchez not to make the big mistake but have him throw the ball 40 times? That is playing with fire. It is time for the the Jets to treat Sanchez like the game managing QB he is.

  17. By December, even GQ will be rethinking their decision to go with Sanchez. It really can’t get any lamer than that.

  18. So true…inconsistency is his game. The Jets D is Super ready, but the offense isn’t. In a division with NE, you have to be able to score some points. The Jets really couldn’t afford to lose this game…

    All the hype and hoopla for the next couple days will be about Tebow. We still get 50+ minutes of bad football, then big time plays when it counts, so both supporters and critics have material to work with. Bronocs still don’t know if they have a QB who can be consistently good.

    The Jets face the same question.

  19. “The Jets defense is the same as it ever was, a Super Bowl caliber group”

    They just let Tim Tebow march 95 yards down the field in 2 minutes to win the game. Super Bowl caliber defense? Riiiiight.

  20. The funny thing is that everybody but the East Coast media and Jets fans already knew that Sanchez wasn’t an elite quarterback.

    And as far as the “great game” pitched by the Jets defense in your eyes Rosenthal, score board! Great defenses don’t let teams march 95 yards on them in the final 6 minutes. Everyone knew what was happening on that drive the Broncos spread them out and made them play 11 on 11 and Denver’s 11 beat them, plain and simple.

  21. Its 50/50 Sanchez and Schotty. Sanchez will never be Manning or Brady but Schotty does not even come close to using Sanchez properly.

    Rex has a big problem because he has no one else to bring in at QB.

    Interesting to see how he handles this.

  22. Exactly… overrated from the start.

    BUT… even as a huge Broncos fan and Jets hater, I must admit that Sanchez’ 4th and 19 completion on the final (unsuccessful) drive was pretty amazing. And clutch, even.

    The window was so tight, it may have been a lucky throw. But that’s unfair, because I wouldn’t think it was luck if I saw Brees or Rodgers make that throw. Got to give credit.

  23. I’ve been a Jet fan all my life and always defended Sanchez up until last week.

    Enough is enough it’s been three years and he hasn’t improved. He has some of the best weapons around him and he just doesn’t take advantage. Hell, even Rex Grossman made it to the super bowl with a great defense behind him.

    The guy is Chad Pennington with absolutely no accuracy. Time to pick a QB in the first round to compete with Sanchez.

  24. Consider this: your vaunted Jets defense couldn’t stop a one-man show on a 95-yard “final drive of the game”. And if Tebow sucks as much as you media types like to say, that make the Jets D pretty damn useless.

    As regards Sanchez, he was screwed from the minute he arrived; he’s been “persona non grata” with Rex ever since. You don’t hear other head coaches throw their QBs under the bus like The Talker (see the Time Out debacle). Sanchez is done – certainly in New York – but I don’t think it’s because he’s a bad QB. He left college too early and ended up in a bad situation.

    I’m tired of hearing about that “great Jets D”. If they’re so damn good, why is the team 5-5?

  25. This guy flat out stinks! Im a 9er fan and everybody from the Bay to NYC has been throwing Alex smith under the bus (up until this year) and rightfully so but when is Sanches going to start feeling the heat?? Just like the article reads, you cant hide him any longer.

  26. This post is just a cheap hack job trying to grab internet clicks.

    Blame the jets play calling, blame the receiver on that pick for not driving his man deeper or coming back to the ball when he failed to do so. Blame the Jets O-line who got Sanchez beat up, badly, again. Also give credit to the Broncos defense who have some pro bowlers, and some emerging superstars playing at a high level.

    Has Sanchez played well, no, but then no other offensive player has distinguished themselves lately either.

  27. yup..The Super Bowl defense a patented 5minute, game winning 95 yard TD drive with 2 completions for 25 yards.

    Cromartie, standing straight up in the end zone not wanting any part of tackling tebow, Leonard being just about as slow a new bottle of Heinz ketchup.

    OK, you’re right – Sanchez does suck

  28. The big difference is he has absolutely no run game to carry him. Plus the O-line has been average at best in protection

  29. You’ve got to be kidding me. This defense is super bowl caliber????

    The D-line generates no pass rush…the play of the OLBs decline year after year, Bart Scott hasn’t shown up to a game yet, the safties ( especially Eric Smith are below average. Where is the Super Bowl caliber defense because I’ve watched every game they’ve played this year and haven’t seen it?

  30. Come on Mike.

    How about giving Denver defense some credit…they were better than your precious Jets D was…

  31. After watching him give this game away, anyone who has attempted to compare Sanchez with Joe FLacco can officially retract those statements. Not that the comparisons were valid in the first place, but Sanchez is worse, by far.

  32. Usually defensive coaches are by nature, a little more conservative on offense. Even aggressive guys like Rex. I think part of it is that they realize how important having a good run offense is to a defense and part of it is “I wanna protect my baby” which is the defense, from bad plays (INTS, etc) by the O.
    I’ve not talked much junk about Sanchez but at this point in time it surely looks like he isn’t improving like one would wish a young QB to do. And the performances of rookies like Newton & Dalton (1st rounders who ARE NOT highly compensated unlike Sanchez) aren’t helping Sanchez’s case.
    What is even more troubling is the way some of his teammates have talked about him recently. Revis on NFLN a couple nights ago basically saying “he’s who we have, we will deal with him”. Holmes after the game, etc. It’s almost getting like how the Ravens D used to be in the Boller etc. era.

  33. yes, that “super bowl caliber defense” really stuck it to Tebow on the last drive as he ran all over them (like everyone who even watches NFL football knew he would) mark “the dirty” sanchez, the jets, and rex ryan are the most overrated organization in the league. I’m so tired of the new york bias. the media needs to just realize that eli and the giants are the NY team nowadays. f*ck the jets. GO BRONCOS!

  34. I completely disagree that any “competent” QB would have “easily put the Broncos away”. Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil are absolutely ferocious and the Defense equalled the effort of the Jets Defense.

  35. Why should the headlines be about Sanchez and not Tebow? If you’re a Jet fan, I suppose that makes some sense. But not otherwise. Regardless of what Sanchez did in that game, the headlines would be about Tebow. That is the way it is, and there are some very good reasons for that. Not the least being that Sanchez is as bland as decaf.

  36. No longer able to hide Sanchez? If Rex Ryan was trying to hide his flaws he has done a terrible job. Just about every NFL fan has known for quite sometime that Sanchez is not a NFL starting QB.

    With so much money invested into Sanchez the Jets are handcuffed to him for a couple of more seasons and it will be the down fall of a team aside from it’s QB could make it to the big game.

  37. The secret that Sanchez stinks has not been a secret to many ever. Sure he has had a few good games because he has a lot of talent to hand off or throw to. Put a qb with talent on the Jets and they would not be 5-5 they would be battling for the top seed in the AFC.

  38. please stop hating on Tebow. Or at least hate him when he is losing. I’m sick of this what a team with a decebt QB would’ve, should’ve, could’ve done against the Broncos. It doesn’t matter what Drew Brees would’ve done to them. Whats the point of talk like this? I know it’s not pretty, but he is winning games!
    You are making fools of yourself

  39. Jets can no longer hide Rex Ryan either. no pun or disrespect intended
    Stop putting added pressure on your star studded team by making prideful guarantees and start working on your offense and Quarterback progression.
    Someone isnt doing the work and its stinking up the place. You guys better get a QB early in the draft….

  40. Dominant except for a 95 yard touchdown game winning drive. A good defense? Yes, Super Bowl caliber? No. A Super Bowl caliber defense does not let a one dimensional offense drive 95 yards to win the game-even if it is Tim Tebow quarterbacking.

  41. And Antonio Cromartie can’t hide from the fact that he simply refused to make any move to try to stop Tebow on the game winning touchdown run! Watch that replay. Simply outrageous.

    He’s a total coward who quit on his team just as much as he quit on his 9 kids born out of wedlock.

  42. Gregg, as an expert on rating NFL teams, I can tell you most assuredly that the Jets defense is NOT “the same as it ever was, a Super Bowl caliber group”. They are a marginal, perhaps even a below average, unit who could not stop a team that has no legitimate passing threat.

    While I do not make this comment to excuse Mark Sanchez, your assertion that the Jets defense is awesome but held down by the incompetant offense simply isn’t true. The Jets simply are not that good on EITHER side of the ball this season.

    I heard the commentators say something about this no longer being “Rex Ryan’s defense”, that their current coordinator has taken the reigns fully? Perhaps that isn’t a good thing….

  43. Every time Tebow wins a game you start your post-game column saying how the headlines shouldn’t be about him. What is your issue with the guy? When the Broncos got spanked by the Lions, in a game where the whole team was bad, you had no problem making it all about him.

    This week’s headline should be all about Tim Tebow. With five minutes left and 95 yards in front of him, he put the team on his back and drove for the win. Did he do it in the same manner that a Manning or Brady would? Of course not. That’s not him. But, he did it nonetheless. He is the headline.

    After that you can almost mention that a Denver defense that the experts called horrible in the preseason has quietly gotten pretty good and John Fox should be in the running for Coach of the Year.

    Only when you’re done covering those topics should you even mention the Jets. They were the same team they’ve been for three years. Good defensively, good on the ground, horrible at QB. Their is no story there. On this Thursday it was all about the Broncos.

  44. Jets should lose the rest of their games so they can get a good draft pick on a somewhat good QB . PLAIN AND SIMPLE this guy shouldn’t even be a 3th stringer

  45. a) You can’t be considered “a Super Bowl caliber group” if you give up a 95 yard winning TD drive in the last 4 minutes of a game to a college option offense. The Jets are good, but not that good.

    b) The Jets OL didn’t look all that hot and give the Denver DL credit for the sacks and pressure they brought on.

    c) Sanchez was as over-hyped three years ago as Tebow has been. The only difference to me is Sanchez hasn’t sold as many jerseys.

    d) Denver is still a house of cards. It will collapse under the current offensive scheme.

  46. This just proves the point that Sanchez is overrated and should stick to being a pretty boy model. The Jets D is solid but the offense is led by a joke a QB. How is that Super Bowl looking now Rex?

  47. Sanchez could be the most overrated QB in the NFL. The guy is average at best. Give him a couple years and he’ll be holding a clipboard.

  48. “The Sanchize” has ALWAYS been over-rated. His defenders will say he’s won 5 road playoff games & been to 2 AFC Championship games blah blah blah……the Jets got as far as they did IN SPITE of their QB play. He’s erratic & thin skinned. 3 yrs in & he still plays like a rookie.

  49. Yeah. That was horrific. Not blaming it all on Sanchez, but the Yets wasted a fantastic showing by their defense on the road. New York is the better team and should have left Denver with the W.

    Crazy stuff.

  50. You’re telling me a QB with practically zero starting experience since high school, drafted in the first round, and playing for one of the most scrutinized franchises in the league is struggling? No way! The arrogance of the Jets seems to be catching up to them, drafting an obvious bust, calling superbowl wins in the preseason, talking all the smack you can shake a stick at……

  51. Jets can no longer hide Mark Sanchez…

    No they can’t, they need to let him out of the closet soon. Its getting a little cramped in there with big-mouthed Bart Scott breathing down his neck.

  52. He’s the worse starting QB in the NFL. Not only can’t he WIN a game for you, he usually finds a way to LOSE it

  53. ihatethenfl says:Nov 18, 2011 1:31 AM

    You heard it here first, folks: “The Jets don’t trust their quarback (sic).”

    Thumbs down. The statement is 100% correct, but that was like the 1000th time I have heard or read that.

  54. I have saying it for the last 3 years, but Jet’s fans never listen………I always get the thumbs down and they tell me I’m nuts………..this is what I have been saying on Sanchez since he came into the league……..”he is nothing but a career backup or he will be out of the NFL all together within 3 or 4 years”. Well, how do you like me now?? It’s year three. I’m not far off!! Thumbs up? Jet’s fans should have listened to me!!!

  55. He was a PR move from day 1 – large Latino base in NYC, trying to sell more merchandise, NFLatino and all. Mediocre QB with a nice smile and a Hispanic last name.

  56. Two good college QB’s…now terrible NFL QB’s. Whats all the excitement about? That game last nite sucked so bad. And what about Rosenthals’s comment “SuperBowl” caliber group on defense! Haha. If you havent noticed, the Bronco’s offense is pretty terrible. The sanchise sucks…..teblow sucks. NFL, please do not put these two lousy teams on prime time again. Thank you.
    J E T S suck! suck! suck!

  57. jagerbmb says:
    Nov 18, 2011 1:25 AM
    Rex Ryan is flabbergasted.

    At first glance, that just made him sound even fatter, yet.. I know what you meant.

    Caakes and Piiiesss Caakes and Piies!

  58. Every other QB gets such a short leash, I’ve never understood why so many Sanchez appologists? He is obviously not good enough, change it up already.

  59. It’s a shame Greg McElroy is injured — he looked good in the preseason and is precisely the sort of “game managing” quarterback the Jets need (or at least seem to want). Sanchez seems like he may be a bit of a head case and that the more poorly he plays, the more his confidence takes a hit, and then his play declines further — a vicious cycle.

  60. Hey, Mark. GQ called. They want their white skinny jeans back. Oh and Woody Johnson wants his $15M back too.

    Seriously, if this guy keeps playing he’s got a shot at a great record: most career pick 6s

    Santonio, Plaxico, Keller, they should all be fuming.

  61. And also, Brian Schottenheimer shouldn’t escape from this discussion blameless, either. His play calling is laughably predictable and perhaps as uninventive as any I’ve seen in the NFL this year. There’s enough talent on that offense to overcome bad quarterback play if the offensive coordinator was worth a damn.

  62. If by Super Bowl caliber defense you mean terribly average, then yes, the Jets D is SB caliber. They gave up 30pts last week, at home, and this week let Tebow waltz down the field 95yds to win the game. Thats not exactly stellar.

    First Mangenius, now Sanchize. Perhaps NYJ fans should give up on the ridiculous nicknames until someone actually wins something.

  63. The Jets defense sucked when it needed to stand up ans stop Denver. The Jets D played prevent defense when they should have stacked the line of scrimmage and begged weak armed Tebow to throw.
    Instead, he made total fools out of the D by just keeping the ball and running with it. That is his game plan, no big secret. Except for the defensive coaching staff apparently.

    Oh, by the way your people were gassed in the 4th quarter and should have had releif players in, it is Denver and the air is thin.

    The Jets were a miserable excuse last night. Make sure you guys come out with some kind of injury for Sanchez to make an excuse for otherwise your opponents will get it: cant throw the outlet, can’t run, shaky accuracy downfield, might as well defend the run against Jets and you win.

  64. Why do ppl overrate the Jets D? That same D couldn’t stop Tom Brady from TD in the last 2 minutes of 1st half; the same D couldn’t stop Tim from driving 95 yards when the game was in line. The D is good but way from dominant. It is just better than the O.

  65. What do you mean “can no longer hide?”

    The only people in this country that were fooled by Sanchez were Jets fans.

    Rex – you called out the Giants multiple times for a fight. The problem with that? You’re sending Don Flamingo into the ring with Mike Tyson waiting in the other corner.

    The Giants are going to saw Sanchez in half.

  66. It’s Media City and he is an average QB.

    If he played in a small market town and didn’t have the fat loud mouth as coach, it might be different.

  67. Its not all Sanchez! That O line is not very good! He is constantly under pressure. Plus his receivers drop the ball alot! Besides, you can’t logically explain it when you just got TEBOWED!!

  68. He just cant be counted on to win the game. I have not seen any improvement in 3 years now. I was all for giving the guy a chance but he has had his chances.

    The Jets need to be looking to the future and draft a QB for the future. Sanchez will make an adaquet backup.

    It’s time for the Jets to move on. The only bright spot in using Sanchez is its not Favre.

  69. For all the crap Romo gets, Sanchez isn’t in the same league. I’d much rather have Romo than Sanchez…but i’m content with Rodgers. Go Pack Go!

  70. The Jetz do NOT have a championship-caliber defense. Sure, they look great against weaker opponents, but twice the Patriots have hung 30 on this defense, and they’re damn lucky they’re not playing the Packers this year. They’d easily shred this defense for 40+ points. The Jetz are a mediocre team with an inflated opinion of itself, and they’ll probably finish 8-8.

  71. I can’t wait to see how many thumbs down I get here but I’ve been saying this since the Andrew Luck sweepstakes began…

    Colts pick Luck
    Colts trade Peyton Manning to Jets

  72. Way to go, Nyets. Smooth…..

    From what I’d seen last night, at this point the Nyets can’t stop anyone, even a 50 yr old offensive scheme. And to top that off, now I gotta duck and run when I leave the house – gotta stay out of the gunsights of all the zealot bandwagoners who are now convinced Tebow is Gawd and no one or nothing will change this now. As a Raiders fan living in Denver, I may have to go deep cover now until either the season ends or the Donks are proven to be the posers that they are, hopefully next week.

    Meanwhile, thanks for an “outstanding” game, Nyets. You proved to us that Sanchize is nothing more than Don Majkowski (with better hair) and Rex and Schotty can’t coach worth a hoot.

    And the crack about Majkowski is reserved – even he had a better arm and brains.

    Thanks Nyets – now the AFC Worst is a total clusterf*ck.

  73. Woke up this morning, I see the Jets lose and Sanchez getting bombarded. First thing I look at is pass attempts… 40!!

    There is no defending the play of this kid but hes not meant to pass the ball 40 times. The Jets were most successful when they were a run first team. If he is passing the ball 40 times a game its going to be a long year the jets…

  74. Come on, guys he’s the second coming of ‘Broadway’ Joe. HAHAHAHAHA

    Maybe the Jets should’ve kept Brett Fawv-ruh around for a couple of years and let Broadway Mark Sanchize develop under him. That recipe has sire seemed to work for Aa-Rod!

  75. And I thought my Ravens’ offense was terrible with Cam “audibles are overrated and I call plays so slowly my offense gets to the LOS with 5 seconds on the playclock” Cameron thinking Flacco can throw it 50 times with average pass protection. Haha, at least Flacco occassionally hits some big plays to make up for it somewhat Sanchez should have been a 3rd or 4th round pick as Flacco should have been a 2nd rounder, its too bad most teams need QBs that badly.

  76. A year ago, the Onion listed “genuinely believes in Mark Sanchez” as part of their “weak side” write up of Rex Ryan. Even a bunch of comedy writers can see what the World’s Greatest Coach can’t.

  77. I actually think Mark Sanchez plays better when Rex Ryan cuts him loose. Whenever Sanchez is under too much constraint he fails miserably. That’s why you always see Sanchez play better from behind because at that point, there’s nothing left to lose, and Ryan knows he has to cut Sanchez loose to just throw the ball downfield.

    Having said all this, Sanchez is still a fair quarterback only and will probably never achieve elite status.

  78. By my moniker, you can see I a NO fan of the Jets or Sexyt Rexy the toe-sucking, food vacuum that he obviously is.

    Having said that, I am mildly shocked a late hit was not called on Denver when they blew-up Sanchez up from behind.
    That would have been called if it were against Brady, Brees, Rodgers and most other QB’s.
    Blown call? Perhaps, can’t say I know the agendas, if any, at work here, but it sure looked LATE to me!

    Jets O still sucks and it probably would have made little difference if they called it.

  79. Very simply put he is a bust …..he is soft mentaly
    and physically not that talented….he is a second string QB at best…..sincerely a Jets season ticket holder..
    Ps….i told ya so!!! At least any one who has listened to me bitch about this clown for three years…

  80. sikkcaden:

    No one would argue with you that Sanchez is struggling. But to go all out and say he is possibly the worst starting qb out there is ludicrous and ruins anyone chances of reading your post and giving you any credibility. Just argue which quarterbacks are better, dont exagerrate to make a point when everyone (including yourself and other football fans who have an intense hatred of the Jets but wont admit it) knows its not true. If you need me to go team by team I will: Here is a list of starting QB’s who a reasonable NFL fan could arguably debate at this point in time over the course of their careers that Sanchez is either equal to or better than. I am not saying 100
    % Sanchez is better than all these guys, I am simply stating it is debatable in that you would see plenty of objective people argue legitimately than Sanchez is equal to or better than:

    1. Rex Grossman
    2. Matt Moore
    3. Ryan Fitzpatrick
    4. Kevin Kolb
    5. Alex Smith
    6. Tavaris Jackson
    7. Sam Bradford
    8. Tim Tebow
    9. Any of KC’s backups
    10. Carson Palmer
    11. Mathew Stafford (talent is completely irrelevant if you cant ever play a full season without getting hurt)
    12. Christian Ponder
    13. Andy Dalton
    14. Colt Mccoy
    15. Cam Newton (Wow, he throws a lot of yards for a bad team with a bad TD-INT raio).
    16. Josh Freeman (Outside of 2 of his 3 seasons which have been disastrous, in his 1 good season last year he had a total of 1 game where he played well against an above average defense, the Saints in week 17 in a meaningless game).
    17. Matt Leinert
    18. Blaine Gabbert
    19. Curtis Painter
    20. Matt Hassleback

    So yea, we get it, Sanchez is not a good QB. But neither is nearly 2/3 of all the players who play the position in the NFL.

  81. clownsfan:

    You are right, they did get to the PLAYOFFS in spite of Sanchez, but is illogical to say they got to the AFC Championship in spite of him. Sanchez’s playoff credentials speak for itself, and I am not talking about team numbers like 4-2 on the road. I am talking about 60%, 9-3 TD-INT ratio and a 95 QB Rating. And yes, that 95 QB rating is 6th all time in NFL playoff history. So the Jets are certainly not winning playoff games in spite of Sanchez. They are winning BECAUSE of him and losing in spite of him, evidenced by him playing extremely well in those 2 playoff losses.

    But yes, the Jets do win in spite of him in the regular season. Last time I checked regular season doesnt count as much as the playoffs. Now if you want to talk about a team winning playoff games in spite of their QB that award goes to Flacco with his 4-7 TD-INT ratio and a playoff QB rating in the 60’s.

  82. 1. Rex Grossman
    2. Matt Moore
    3. Ryan Fitzpatrick
    4. Kevin Kolb
    5. Alex Smith
    6. Tavaris Jackson
    7. Sam Bradford
    8. Tim Tebow
    9. Any of KC’s backups
    10. Carson Palmer
    11. Mathew Stafford (talent is completely irrelevant if you cant ever play a full season without getting hurt)
    12. Christian Ponder
    13. Andy Dalton
    14. Colt Mccoy
    15. Cam Newton (Wow, he throws a lot of yards for a bad team with a bad TD-INT raio).
    16. Josh Freeman (Outside of 2 of his 3 seasons which have been disastrous, in his 1 good season last year he had a total of 1 game where he played well against an above average defense, the Saints in week 17 in a meaningless game).
    17. Matt Leinert
    18. Blaine Gabbert
    19. Curtis Painter
    20. Matt Hassleback

    Dalton, Hassleback, Bradford and Ryan Fitz should not be on this list. They are definitely better than Sanchez.

    The Sanchez stuff wouldn’t be so annoying if the NY media hadn’t puffed him up so much. Anybody that knows football can see he doesn’t have what it takes. However the Sanchise stuff…that was grating.

    The only person hyped more than Sanchez is Josh Freeman. Those are the two QBs that I would most like to play every week.

  83. The Jets situation with Sanchez reminds me of the Ravens of several years ago. The Ravens wasted a dominating defense for years because Brian Billick insisted that Kyle Boller was an NFL QB. And Rex Ryan was there to see it all happen !!

    Jets fans can only hope that management learns from this mistake. Sanchez is not the answer. I hear Kyle Orton can be had !!

  84. I think I’d rather have a guy that’s average in the regular season, and fantastic in the playoffs which is Sanchez. top seeds mean nothing anymore so as long as you can get in the playoffs its good to have Sanchez as your guy. Sign Peyton Manning to play weeks 1-16.

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