Justin Tuck: “I’m not a very good player right now”

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The Giants went into the season appearing to have the deepest group of pass rushers in football.

With Jason Pierre-Paul’s emergence as a Pro Bowl caliber player, the group has played to expectations. They lead the NFL in sacks.

The only guy struggling out of the group is New York’s usual defensive leader: Justin Tuck.

“I’m not me. I’m not,” Tuck said via Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger. “I’m not a very good player right now.”

Tuck has missed four games and doesn’t seem 100% when he plays. He’s struggled with groin and neck issues.  He says he’s not having much fun.

We’ll take the optimistic approach. The Giants are succeeding without much help from one of their best players. They could get improvement from him, which would help prevent another late season swoon.

“I sit here and mope around talking about how I [stink],” he said, “but at the end of the day I know I’m still out there helping the football team win.”

6 responses to “Justin Tuck: “I’m not a very good player right now”

  1. Justin,

    Calm down. Every single athlete on this earth, whether elite or amateur, goes through this.
    This is why football is the ultimate TEAM sport.
    When you’re on the ice, others go on a heater, and pick you up.

    You will be back before this season’s end, and it will be right on time.

  2. Justin Tuck not playing well is better than most DEs in the league. Unfortunately, the Giant’s can’t really rest him, as the rest doesn’t do much for his neck, and their below-average run defense is much worse without him.

  3. I’d love to see how many of his injuries were a result of playing DT on passing downs. It’s such a great idea until you realize that DTs get hit much harder, by multiple blockers from many different angles.

  4. Would be nice if JPP was even on the Pro Bowl ballot. Another reminder that the Pro Bowl is a joke.

    Back to Tuck, he’s right. He’s not a very good player right now. Hopefully that will change as the giants go forward.

  5. Its cool, I think Justin Tuck has put up enough of a resume for everyone to know he’s a beast.

    When healthy he’s hands down a top 2 or 3 DE in a 4-3 scheme.

    His absence is the reason why our run D is as bad as it is.

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