Ray Lewis listed as questionable


Ray Lewis missed practice again on Friday, but the team isn’t ready to rule him out of Sunday’s matchup with the Bengals.

The linebacker is listed as questionable on the team’s Friday injury report. That designation is at odds with reports that Lewis will miss Sunday’s game and possibly future games after seeing a specialist in South Florida. Lewis hasn’t missed a game since 2007, which may be why coach John Harbaugh is leaving the light on for Lewis to play with an injury he deemed “not any kind of serious, serious thing.”

“Ray is Ray,” Harbaugh said Friday, via Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times. “You can’t count Ray out. There could be reports out there and you guys could turn over some rocks and figure out and ask, and think you have something, and you might have something. But you might not. We’re talking about Ray. We’ll find out on Sunday really. Ray has had shoulders dislocated and he’s done 35 push-ups on the sidelines to prove that he can go. He’s had hamstrings that have torn off the bone because he went ahead [and played] when he should have been gone.”

If Lewis can’t play, Dannell Ellerbee, who is also listed as questionable, would likely get the start at middle linebacker. The Ravens did rule out running back Anthony Allen and defensive lineman Arthur Jones.

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  1. It still amazes me this clown who knows more than he will ever admit or was directly involved in the deaths of two people is even walking around as a free man.

    Reopen the investigation and administer due justice.

  2. People keep calling Ray a murderer but the facts are he was a pawn to get info on the individuals involved and they were found not guilty by reason of self defense.

  3. ravensarepretendersflaccoisajoke says:
    Nov 18, 2011 8:48 PM
    Speaking of questionable, Suggs still hasn’t responded to Skip’s challenge that he get back on ESPN this week and brag up the great Joe Flacco. What is he so scared of?
    Skip Bayless is a joke. How he has a job, I don’t know. I guess people like tuning in to self-promoting blowhards these days. I stopped watching BSPN years ago (disclaimer: except for a few live football games). It has really gone downhill since the early days. Bayless is just one example of what is wrong with TV sports people.

  4. nemyx1 says:
    Nov 18, 2011 9:05 PM
    If I got my ankles broken by Marshawn Lynch, I’d be questionable to play too.
    Lynch is a beast and did indeed kill the Ravens defense (and Lewis too). But, at 36, Lewis is a pretty good player who is still in great shape. How many even thought he’d be playing at this level at this age? And if the Ravens win the Super Bowl, he might even retire. If not, who knows how long he’ll play?

  5. Ray misses 1 tackle in a HOF career and all the armchair analysts pounce. Hilarious. He’s made infinitely more than he’s missed and ended the careers of better backs than Lynch. Keep watching the legend cement his legacy. Question now isn’t whether he’s the best LB of all time,its whether he’s the best defender of all time.

  6. hes 1 linebacker. Steelers throughout history have had several ray lewis’s. we created the linebacker position. Im sure ray lewis group up idolizing the steelers! I know all ravens fans do as well!

  7. Steelsownyou
    your a total clown. You didn’t invent anything…. So shut up. I really get tired of reading all the stupid post you ignorant steels fans post. And no one wants to be you. I co.stand read about Bengals arrest and pac man making it rain. Apparently no one can ever recall big Bens over sized a.. Having to go to a therapists because he couldn’t keep his big paws to himself. Don’t they teach you that in kindergarten????? So keep your snide comments to yourself YOU CLOWN!

    And for the rest of you clowns saying that he is the best ever and all this other cap…. (one guy says not to question.he is the best lb ever but could he be the best defensive player ever). Yes he is a great…. One of the greats of all time but to say that he is the best ever cannot be compared. Im sure back in the day someone was equally as smart, equally as talented, and even tougher. You cannot compare different eras because of technology, weights, supplements, equipment, etc(i could go on for days stating why you cannot compare cross eras). To sum it up it would be like stating that kobe bryant is the greatest player of all times. When in fact Oscar Robinson averaged a triple double with no 3pt line and was a pt guard

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