Rex Ryan fine expected to be disclosed today


Jets coach Rex Ryan had a bad night in Denver.  Friday won’t get much better.

The league will be disclosing at some point today the fine to be imposed on Ryan for his Sunday night New York echo while entering the tunnel at MetLife Stadium during halftime of the November 13 game against the Patriots.

So what will it be?  If he was fined $50,000 for showing a middle finger to a fan at a non-NFL event in South Florida last year, will he be fined more, or less, for shouting the “F” word to a paying customer, in the presence of other paying customers, while Rex is on the clock?

While we wait for the answer, feel free to offer your own prediction from the choices below.

31 responses to “Rex Ryan fine expected to be disclosed today

  1. Your poll is lacking an option of $0. I mean, c’mon man, he swore… who the f’ cares?

    He should be fined by the Jets for running his mouth and backing it up with a 5-5 team that’s not even as good as its record, not for a hilarious verbal jab at a taunter.

  2. Hey rex! How’s that Superbowl prediction working out for you? Here’s one “I predict you will get to watch the Superbowl…again!”

  3. Didn’t Bud Adams get a $250K fine a few years ago? I get that he is an owner, so its different, but I have to imagine that its in a similar neighborhood.

    Then again, this IS Goodells operation, and we all know how consistent he is with this fine business (rolls eyes)….

  4. As a Pats fan I would agree with the $1.00 figure. If he had said anything less to the fan who yelled at him it would have been offensive.

  5. Don’t like the Jets nor Ryan because of their bombastic NYC mouths, but don’t think he should be find. This is the NFL – or at least it used to be – not choir practice.

  6. Rex’s only problem is his ego which is massive, then again so is his waistline.
    its a shame his cranium is so small. after all he cant keep his mouth shut and he hired an idiot savante as an OC.
    his owner should fine him for being, well a Ryan who doesnt know when to shut up.

  7. Believe me I’m no Rex Ryan fan, but hey, that word has become so prevalent in our society and in the heat of emotion who doesn’t utter it. You mean to tell me Roger himself has let go with a few F bombs? I mean what the _______!

  8. Rex looked shell shocked on the sidelines last night. With no running game he had no clue. Its obvious he knows you cannot win on the arm of Sanchez. His passing or lack of isn’t scaring anyone these days.
    Take the run game away and its a pass rush feeding frenzy. Good luck with that Rex

  9. Wow. We are getting really sensitive about these things. If he had said it with a network camera in his face and he knew he was on TV– then yes, fine the guy.

    But I see nothing wrong with him retorting to an idiot (aren’t all Pats fans?) in the stands.

    He shouldn’t be fined, but should be commended.

  10. Last week it reported that Rex Ryan called a Mark Sanchez timeout near the end of the first half against the Pats”the stupidest thing in football history.” I think they meant the stupidest coach in football history.

  11. I don’t think they will fine him. His punishment will be to continue to start Sanchez as his QB.

  12. I’ve got to laugh at all of the Pats trolls here on this thread who complain about similar comments on Pats threads.

    Pot calling the kettle black…just another day in the life of a New England sports fan.

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