Rex Ryan: Sanchez will be QB “as long as I am here”


Rex Ryan is going to ride or die with Mark Sanchez.

“Shoot, I’m extremely confident,” Ryan said about his young quarterback Friday. “I’ll go out there and play tomorrow. He’s going to be our quarterback for as long as I am here, which I hope is a long, long time. We know we got the right guy.

“We just need to get better. We all have to get better.”

It’s not fair to pile everything on Sanchez, but a couple things are clear about this Jets offense.

In Sanchez’s third year, the coaching staff still doesn’t trust their quarterback. The offense has not improved since 2009.

It’s still run as if a rookie quarterback is running the show.

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85 responses to “Rex Ryan: Sanchez will be QB “as long as I am here”

  1. Rex is way more to blame than Sanchez. He’s more worried about following through on his lame super bowl predictions instead of developing his young QB for the long haul. Rex needs to take the reigns off Sanchez and give him a chance to succeed or fail on his own. Running the ball with below avg. running backs and only throwing 5 yard slants all game is doing a great disservice to Sanchez.

  2. Been saying it for a year and a half: Sanchez is NOT a franchise QB, and neither is Flacco.

    Sanchez is fine until his first read goes away, then he is lost and likely going to make a mistake.

    He can’t sustain drives, period.

    In the end, I blame Brian Shottenheimer. Why did Sanchez throw it 40 times last night in a close game?

  3. it’s really not Sanchez…here’s how to fix the problem: SCHOTTY MUST GO!!! SCHOTTY MUST GO!!!

  4. Coaching the bipolar way. Stupidest play he’s ever seen, Sanchez forever and ever.

    I’m confident too. Confident that Sanchez will continue to miss easy TDs, make poor decisions and look like a scared rabbit on PCP under pressure.

  5. Next year he would be wise to have McElroy starting and Sanchez as a backup. McElroy had a better grasp of the offense in pre-season than Sanchez does now.

  6. January 10,2012 New York Post

    Help Wanted: Looking for Head Coach-New York Jets.

    Requirements: Must be able to draft and develop an NFL QB. Should also be able to deal with press without dislusional statements

  7. Dear god…..this is the worst news I’ve ever heard…..where’s chad pennington when you need em…at least his 5 yard slant pattern throws where accurate…

  8. Way to throw your weight around Sexy Rexy!!!
    As a long time suffering Dolphin fan, I would love to have Rex as my head coach. Sanchez as my starting qb, not so much.

  9. Drop back and punt. Your only a few more miserable losses and a draft day trade up 3 or 4 spots for Luck away from being decent and the perenial second best team in the AFC East…..

    Or I guess you could keep Sanchez and still battle every year to be the second best team in the AFC East…..but it would be easier with Luck.

  10. I still maintain that part of the reason Sanchez came out as a junior is because if he stuck around for another year, he’d be in a more talented QB draft pool. His junior year it was Bradford, Tebow, and Colt McCoy in the Heisman running with no mention of Sanchez. He came out that year with the draft pool being Stafford, Sanchez and Freeman. Clearly he’s proven he’s not worth a top 5 pick. He likely wouldn’t have even had this long of a leash if he was picked in the 2nd or 3rd round.

  11. The Jets built their team around “winning now”.

    How long does Rex think that Woody can continue to pay Revis, Cromartie, Holmes, and Burress.

    Look at those names.. Every single one of them is a ME FIRST player.

    This team is a non-coherent disaster. I dont care what they did the last two years – every ball that bounced landed in the Jets favor. Playoff race, seedings, other team’s misfortunes, etc…


  12. Wow and to think some people thought this was a Super Bowl contending team. I think they need to fire Marty’s son and hire a real offensive coordinator.

  13. Love the article picture, classic post-INT image.

    “What happened out there, Mark?”
    “I don’t know… I threw the ball to a guy in white but a guy in another jersey took it and ran the other way. Can they do that?”
    “….when this all gets sorted out, I think you and me should get an apartment together.”

  14. Rex was hired with the knowledge that he was a “defensive guy”. The jets wouldn’t let him hire his own Offensive Coordinator and thus stuck with Shottenhiemer(sp).
    The defense seems solid, the offense is in la la land, how is it that Shotty escapes the heat?

  15. Rex Ryan, you might as well go up there and speak Zulu because absolutely nothing you say makes any sense whatsoever. You are a complete idiot, and your QB is possibly the worst in the NFL. Do yourself a favor and go back to being a defensive coordinator, or better yet, just go away.

  16. Before you get rid of Sanchez, get rid of B-Schott and see if a good offensive coordinator can turn things around.

  17. I’m not a Jet fan (in fact I enjoy watching them lose) but you can’t blame all of this on Sanchez. His O-Line is awful because you have a GM who would rather focus on making a splashy pick up than providing depth at key spots in the trenches. And I don’t think his Offensive Coordinator is very good – get Sanchez some protection and a coach who is willing to trust him and you might have something.

    Then again the track record of USC QBs in the NFL is not a good one.

  18. Based on that Pick-6 – SHOULD the coaches trust Sanchez? No.

    Asta-la-vista, Buddy Ryan junior. My new name is tebowismybff.

  19. Aw who am I kidding, I can’t resist.

    Feburary 2012 – Hempstead, NJ

    The New York Jets announced Joe Paterno has been hired as their new head coach. In other news today Coach Paterno traded Darrell Revis to the Denver Broncos in exchange for Tim Tebow. Univision NFL commentator and ex-coach Rex Ryan guarantees that if he were the coach of that Jets team they would win the Super Bowl.

  20. Not a chance.

    Von Miller would have broken Brunell in half. Jets had no running game, no protection and the vaunted D allowed a 95 yard drive to end the game.

  21. mjbulls45 says: Nov 18, 2011 2:03 PM

    better off with brunell

    but i like the loyalty

    dont make that mistake, brunnell looked downright horrible when the saints rested drew brees in the last game of the 09 season

  22. The Jets did not resign Braylon Edwards, Cotchery and Brad Smith. All wide receivers in their prime. Instead they brought in Plaxico Burress who is getting better but he’s not in his prime at 34 and fresh out of prison. Moreover Tomlinson is showing his age. You can blame it on the offensive coordinator or you can face reality. The Jets made some bad decisions with their offensive personnel. They should have signed the three wide outs they unloaded. I guess Rex Ryan and the General Manager don’t know everything.

  23. The Jets have squander valuable opportunitys to take a strangle hold of their division, now they are in jeopardy of not making the playoffs, and if that should be the case, then the blame should fall squarely on the coach’s and the GM, period!

  24. As a Jets fan you can’t know what you have in Sanchez until Schottenheimer is shown the door. 4 other QB’s (including Favre and Pennington) have been unsuccessful under him. He’s not missing the throws, but he’s definitely not setting the team up to win, either. Plus the O-Line is mediocre and our RB’s are hurting. Jets are a mess right now, we’d be smart to let this season slip away, get some great players in the draft and cut out the cancers we already have.

  25. The Jets will not be getting any rings as long as Rex and Snatchez are together.

    I can totally see Peyton heading to NY next year if the Colts draft and keep Luck. At this point, NY still has a talented team, they just don’t have a leader.

  26. To be fair to Sanchez, his struggles can be attributed, at least in part, to his being distracted with giddy anticipation of the new “Twilight” movie opening tonight.

  27. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new starting QB for the Jets next year, or a new OC at the very least. The fact is though, Rex is not going to say mid-season that Sanchez is gone next season.

  28. I used to be pissed of when Rex did his bloviating with the “We’re gonna win the Super Bowl” crap every year, but I’m beginning to realize that a HC has to make a decision as to how to handle the incessant future hypothetical questions the sports media throw at them (much like other media do with politicians).

    If I’m in his shoes, there’s really no down-side to giving my troops the ultimate in vote of confidence, even if I know (and we all should) that I really can’t cross any bridge until I get there.

  29. interesting in the press conference after the game Rex mentioned not having brad smith anymore, think he is realizing that role players like Brad smith and Cochery were the only reliable pieces of this offense, maybe now he sees he should not have pulled a Dan Snyder and tried to pick up bi-name/past-thrier-prime guys like Burress and Derrick Mason while letting reliable role players walk

  30. The main difference between this year and last year seems to be the lack of a running game. Is the offensive line the problem? Since they aren’t running as well they need to change the game plan to play to the strengths of the offense. Instead of establishing the run they need to establish a short and intermediate passing game and run just enough to keep the defense honest.

  31. He’s as good as Dilfer ever was. And that’s who was QB-ing the Ravens when Rex got his only ring.

  32. footballfan80 says: Nov 7, 2011 7:07 PM:
    “The Jets didnt lose those 2 playoff games because of Sanchez, but they were put in poisition to win by him. Yes, those stats amount to the 6th highest qb rating in nfl playoff history.”

    doesnt look like they will be backing into the playoffs this year. the jets just help sell ALOT of tebow jersey’s.

  33. I put Sanchez in the same boat as Tyler Thigpen, Tyler Palko, Matt Leinhart, Jake Delhomme, Jimmy Clausen and Derek Anderson…

    He can be Alex Smith’s backup if Rex leaves the Jets lol

  34. i dont understand how you can have Santonio Holmes, Plaxicco Burress and Keller, who all look good, and have the problem of a “stagnant offense” lol he literally cant throw to them and Holmes and Burress always look disgusted when the pass isnt even catch-able most of the time
    Shonn Greene isnt too good either

    Sanchez and Greene = NFL version of Andrea Bargniani and Jose Calderon lol not a good thing

  35. Captain checkdown has tw0 passes- the slant and the screen.

    This the reason that good teams know how to defend against Crapchez!

  36. Gotta laugh at how so many pathetic Pats fans are trolling this article. You all would be much better served worrying about your team losing in the playoffs once again this year, like last year and the year before.

  37. bozosforall says:
    Nov 18, 2011 5:02 PM
    Gotta laugh at how so many pathetic Pats fans are trolling this article. You all would be much better served worrying about your team losing in the playoffs once again this year, like last year and the year before.

    You would be much better served worrying about your team making the playoffs period.

  38. >Time to trade for another Green Bay quarterback. This time: Flynn.

    1. Trading deadline is long gone.
    2. Why in hell would GB want Sangina?

  39. Sanchez gets put into bad situations.. Because of shotty… Shotty calls two running plays up the middle and then it’s always 3rd and long.. What do you think the genius is going to call now.. Hmmm a pass. Anyone with a brain can see that. Sanchez might as well stand at the line of scrimmage and tell the defense he’s going to throw it. So now what pass do you think they are going to throw.. On the count of three say it together. 1! 2! 3! SLANT! Correct. It’s not marks fault.. We need to throw down field more and be more aggressive and throw some screens in there. Shotty has to go, bottom line

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