Seahawks and Lynch have started talking contract

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Back-to-back 100 yard games from Marshawn Lynch could help him get a new contract in Seattle.

Eric Williams of the Tacoma News Tribune reports that Lynch and the Seahawks have started “preliminary discussions” about a new contract for Lynch.

Lynch, 25, is technically signed through 2012, but his deal will void after this year because he met minimum playing time requirements. Lynch has found a home in Seattle.

“I love having him around. He really is a very special guy,” coach Pete Carroll said.

There’s no reason to overpay, though.  Lynch has averaged below four yards-per-carry since arriving in Seattle. The Seahawks are 28th in rushing this year.

Lynch isn’t the type of guy that would make big bucks on the open market, especially with far more complete backs slated to hit free agency like Ray Rice and Matt Forte.

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  1. Pretty easy to see why Lynch’s average ypc has been low. The offensive line was in disarray last year, and this year, early on, wasn’t much better as Carpenter and Moffitt figured things out. Early in the year, it was 8-man fronts all the time, with teams daring Jackson to beat them. Once Jackson finally got the passing game going a bit, it started to create opportunities on the ground.

    The line was just beginning to gel, and Lynch was starting to find space. That game against Baltimore was full of tough, gutty running, and he had a few nice receptions, too. He was easily the MVP of that game.

    He’s only 25, so he has a few good years left. Plus, as long as people remember the Earthquake TD, he’ll have fan support.

  2. Lynch will break down soon – Hes got a lot of wear on those tires. And although hes been good lately, hes got two strikes against him with Roger Goodell.

  3. If Marshawn learned his lesson about staying out of trouble after the gun charge, or the hit and run, or even the theft of $20 from the wife of the chief of police, he might still have a big money contract up here in Buffalo…

    But because he never seemed to learn his lesson, he was shipped to Seattle. I can guarantee it had nothing to do with his play on the field, the guy was great, a real bulldozer. Paired up with Freddy Jackson the two wreaked havoc in Buffalo’s backfield. Teams had to plan for not one but two great backs.

    I was sad to see the player on the field go, but was more than happy to see the gangster type character leave.

  4. Just got done reading this recent article about the “Artificial croud noise” that quest field puts out. Thats amazing, to think that a NFL franchise has to put in fake crown noise through their stadiums speakers. What a joke. “12th man” must be latin for P.A system. Agree or disagree if you want, but im pretty sure “fake” crowd noise isn’t needed in a stadium of real diehard and passionate fans of their respective team. Not a Seahawk hater nor a NFC west fan, just a bluecollar fan that isn’t “artificial”. Just an opinion hawks fans, don’t get all salty cause we all know the truth hurts sometimes.

  5. I love when a teams fan base is so loud, people have to create imaginary stories about artificial crowd noise(No U in crowd). It’s the loudest stadium in the NFL, because it’s always sold out, great stadium design, and die-hard fans. Why you so mad? Hater.

  6. Lynch is worth a lot more. Pay him. Take care of the contract now so we can focus on drafting Landry Jones in April.

  7. Hey humbleminded85,

    I have been to 100 consecutive games there. The noise is real, it isn’t piped in. Come to a game and you will appreciate the stadium and the fan involvement. I also know a lot of the front office people and have had a ton of behind the scenes” involvement. The noise is very, very real.

    Come meet the 12th man. It’s pretty awesome.

  8. Did that guy really post about some nonsense about artificial sound noise? Come to the stadium and see how crazy the crowd gets. Yes stadium design keeps that noise contained but how is that different than what happens in any closed stadium?
    Nothing like being Qwest (I’m gonna still call it that), cheering your butt off and not being able to hear a thing because everyone around you is doing the same and it having an effect on the game.

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