Tebow shows poise, candor, and a dash of delusion in post-game interview

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Nearly as compelling as the final minutes of Thursday night’s game between the Broncos and Jets was the post-game interview of Denver quarterback Tim Tebow with the NFL Network crew.

Tebow said all the right things, and he projected throughout the nearly 12-minute session the poise and demeanor of a winner.  The full interview is available at NFL.com.

Mixed in with the expected Tebow worship were some tough questions from Marshall Faulk regarding the simple fact that, at times, Tebow isn’t an accurate passer.

“There’s times out there that it’s not pretty,” Faulk said.  “I want to know what goes through your mind when you hear maybe the fans not satisfied.  You look at that receiver, you know he was open, and you didn’t get the ball there.  What goes through your mind, that keeps you going and keeps you fighting?”

“Well, one, we know in practice we gotta go get a little bit better.  But in the game you can’t focus on it, you can’t worry about it.  You gotta worry about the next play.  And just find a way.  Keep believing.  Because it’s never gonna be good.  You know, people aren’t always gonna like you.  But you have to believe in the people around you and keep fighting, because you’re gonna get knocked down.  But it’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get back up.  And that’s something my parents always preached to me, and I believe.”

Faulk smartly shifted the focus from rhetoric and onto practicality.  “What are you saying to your receiver when that ball isn’t there?” Faulk asked.  “What are you saying?”

Said Tebow:  “You know, ‘I’m gonna get it there.  Next time I’m gonna get it there for you.  And we’re gonna continue to get better.  And let’s just go find a way on this next play.'”

Faulk later inquired about the changes to the offense aimed at suiting Tebow’s skills.  But Tebow surprisingly insisted the offense hasn’t really changed.

“We still have our same offense that we ran all training camp,” Tebow said.  “What we did was we implemented a few new things.  A few new things to try to keep defenses off balance.”

Compare that to the recent remarks from Broncos coach John Fox.  “We decided if Tim [Tebow] is going to be our guy, we can’t do that other crap.  We had to tweak it. . . .

“Do whatever the hell it takes.  I mean, what the hell?  You don’t get points for style in this league. Let me tell you something:  My man is really good in this offense. You know what I mean?  If we were trying to run a regular offense, he’d be screwed.”

Overall, Tebow nevertheless handled himself very well, as he always does.  And while it’s impossible to know whether the too-good-to-be-true Tebow routine is indeed the true Tebow, he tends to say and do all the right things, all the time.  And that’s good enough for me.

Even if he’s falsely polite, he’s polite.  Even if he’s falsely humble, he’s humble.  Even if he wears his many charitable acts on his sleeve a bit too much, he nevertheless engages in many charitable acts.

So while I’m not yet a full-blown Tebowmaniac, Tebow is a guy whom I’d like my son to respect, admire, and emulate.  And that’s probably the best compliment I can ever give Tebow, or really anyone.

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  1. Ew. Take it to a private chat room.

    Tebow plays with massive heart and this is a feel good story so far. Now if he can learn to throw better consistently…

  2. I’m not going to hate on Tebow or Tebow fans. I will say this though, if I was a Broncos fan I wouldn’t be too pleased. I mean if the Jets actually took advantage of opportunities that game wasn’t even close.

    Tebow just looks awful . Uncomfortable in the pocket, his throwing motion is terrible and his throws make McNabb look like an accurate passer. But lets face it, if the guy keeps winning, none of those things will matter. IMO sooner or later defenses will figure him out much like they have with Vick.

    On a side note, is anyone else annoyed with his constant prayers or his desire to make sure everyone sees it? I have no problem with athletes using their faith during games but I guarantee you that 95% of the league can do it without needing the camera to see them do it.

  3. Do we have to constantly and continuously question Tebow’s character? I mean really?

    Is he really polite, is he really humble? Open your eyes. He is.

    He can’t pass accurately. He is a great guy though.
    Can we just leave the same old questions about his personality out of the equation?

    Do we do this with all other 1600 players in the NFL?
    Hey, is Justin Tuck really polite? Is Steve Hutchinson really humble?

    It is hard to take.

  4. “So while I’m not yet a full-blown Tebowmaniac, Tebow is a guy whom I’d like my son to respect, admire, and emulate. And that’s probably the best compliment I can ever give Tebow, or really anyone.”
    Kudos, Mike. As a father, this sums it up for me perfectly. They are gonna have role models. I’m glad there are some good ones we can encourage them to follow, because there are way too many bad ones.

  5. Jus poking my head into say im not going on this site til sunday.. Ur tebow man-crush is already annoying and its only 9:30

  6. “Even if he’s falsely polite, he’s polite. Even if he’s falsely humble, he’s humble. Even if he wears his many charitable acts on his sleeve a bit too much, he nevertheless engages in many charitable acts.”


    Exactly. People can bash him for his inability to throw a football, but the why people take shots at him as a person is beyond me. The guy annoyed me in college, but looking back it’s not like he anointed himself the chosen one. The media and fans are responsible for his image. He just comes off as a good person in the face of all of his haters.

  7. I don’t root against him but this the wildcat all over again. It won’t last. The wildcat was all the rage one year and then kaput the next. Not to mention, the defense is winning ALL these games, not Tebow. There are a lot of things about him that are impressive but winning these games is delaying the inevitable. Denver still needs a qb.

  8. The interview was really uncomfortable to watch. It’s like they were trying to take all the fun out of what just happened.

    I always watch Thursday night football, that crew always makes the post game interview fun, about the winner.

    Not this time. They were just really badgering and honestly I don’t know what the hell they expecting the kid to say: “Ya I suck and I can’t pass, are we done?”


  9. You know what, I have been rooting against the guy because I don’t believe he is any good. I felt it was like rooting against Sanjaya on American Idol. As a singer who can really sing, when someone with far less talent than you or others and they keep being voted up and praised over you or others It makes you a little sick. If he was more talented than you or the others then you could deal, but he isn’t, so it is tough. Like an intern being hired as IT supervisor over people who have been there for years.

    I still kind of feel this way, but damn if Tebow doesn’t make a way out of no way. It isn’t pretty. Not even close. But he does it. I’m not on the Tebow bandwagon, but I AM jumping off of the Tebow Hate-Mobile.

    This guy just finds a way, and I’m done hating on him.

  10. He’s Vince Young minus the character issues and minus the turnovers. How is that a bad thing? Even though it was rarely pretty, Young was a winner before his attitude and personal issues sent him packing out of Tennessee.

    Look, Tebow’s not going to win a championship if he doesn’t improve as a passer dramatically. But this team can make the playoffs the way that it is and that would be a near-miracle in and of itself.

    The offense isn’t too hard to figure out folks; it’s a 1960s, or Raiders-style if you will, vertical passing game plus an option running game. That’s it. Tebow’s statistics are somewhat clouded by the fact that he’s constantly throwing low-percentage passes downfield. Honestly that’s a good thing because if he threw more intermediate routes, they’d probably get picked because he can’t read the defense.

    But look at the TD to turnover ratios. He’s clearly a game-manager. A unique one to be sure, but a game-manager with a crazy will to win and very good in the clutch. That’s probably all he’ll ever be but that’s better than a fair number of QBs out there.

    Oh, and as for his personal life. Folks he is the real deal. My father in law knows him well as he was his pediatrician for years. The guy is who he is in interviews and press conferences. You may be uncomfortable with it, but none of that is veneer.

  11. Instead of emulating Tebow, we should teach our children to emulate Jesus. That’s what Tebow is trying to do, but he isn’t perfect. Shoot for the real thing. I’ll bet Jesus has a quick release and great accuracy, too.

  12. I for one do not think that the Denver coaches have yet done nearly enough to change the offense to suit his skills. Maybe they need an offeseason to do that, and to adjust the offensive personnel.

    First off, he is NOT an option QB, he is a SHOTGUN SPREAD QB. What throws can he make? Well, he can throw short slants to TEs, backs, or slot receivers but does not excel in trying to throw the conventional out patterns and seam patterns that they keep trying. When the short 5-15 yard, low trajectory passes are not there, he runs like a Mike Alstott.

    There is a W column in the standings, and an L column in the standings, but a style points column is nowehere to be found.

    We can all agree that it is fun to watch, at least for the 4th quarter, and when the Jets are going down!

  13. What happened to all those people saying Orton (1-4) gave them a better chance to win than Tebow (4-1)? I’m sorry, but I just can’t take the high road like Tebow. I want them all to step forward and eat crow and admit they were wrong.

  14. “wtfpft says: Nov 18, 2011 9:14 AM

    Where’s Jack Tatum when you need him.”
    He’s dead.

  15. I was right there with everyone else mocking Tim in the past.

    Today is the day that if you continue to mock him then you are a fool. My mocking days are over.

  16. Chapman_Jamie says:

    I’m not going to hate on Tebow or Tebow fans. I will say this though, if I was a Broncos fan I wouldn’t be too pleased. I mean if the Jets actually took advantage of opportunities that game wasn’t even close.

    Tebow just looks awful . Uncomfortable in the pocket, his throwing motion is terrible and his throws make McNabb look like an accurate passer. But lets face it, if the guy keeps winning, none of those things will matter. IMO sooner or later defenses will figure him out much like they have with Vick.

    On a side note, is anyone else annoyed with his constant prayers or his desire to make sure everyone sees it? I have no problem with athletes using their faith during games but I guarantee you that 95% of the league can do it without needing the camera to see them do it.


    Why does it annoy you when a player takes a few seconds to pray? Do you get annoyed with players who show off after they score a touchdown, or sack a QB? If not, then I don’t why taking a knee is an issue.

    As for Faulk’s questioning of Tebow and what his receivers say to them, why doesn’t he ask the receivers that question? Has he ever asked any other QB that question during his time as an analyst?

    I’m sorry, but Faulk (and a whole lot of other Merrill Hoge type announcers) can’t seem to stand that Tebow isn’t a typical NFL pocket-passing QB, and yet he’s still managing to find a way to win. Would Faulk ever ask that question of Michael Vick or Vince Young?

  17. This might be your best post ever Flo.. while he might not be the best QB..(yet) he stands for something we all strive to be.. he’s a good guy keep it up Timmy, ur giving the younger generation a role modle us older generation peeps have been lackin

  18. Sorry, but I’d prefer that my kids NOT emulate someone whose fear of an imaginary tyrant in the sky compels him to do good deeds. Kids, do good for the sake of good and for the love of your fellow man, and appreciate people who keep their religious superstitions to themselves.

  19. Mike,
    Tebow has stated that he plays this game as a springboard for a greater purpose. You are a lawyer that doesn’t trust anyone. You can’t help it, it is programmed in your brain. I saw no delusion as you eluded to that merits any focus. Very odd story.

  20. Fact is he wins games. It is not pretty, nor does it have to be. Wins get a team into the playoffs. Not fancy statistics. I personally would never draft him in a fantasy league, but on the field where the games are played, all he does is win. Denver needs to get a top notch QB coach in the offseason and worry about his mechanics then.

  21. Tebows game isnt made for the NFL, but its working. His passes and stats are hideous, but he wins. A wishbone formation shouldnt see an NFL feild, but it has. I dont like watching Tebows game. Its sloppy, theres no ryhthm, its unconventional. But this kid just finds a way and I can only respect that. Even having said that, I still keep thinking defenses will adjust but they havent. Hes a winner.

  22. Why would he answer Marshall’s question? Let the other teams figure out what they’re doing.

    Not Tebow’s job to tell the world.

  23. Fans keep saying it’s Tebow … It’s that defense. When you hold teams to 13-14 points, Mike Ditka could quarterback that offense and win. Today.

    Tebow brings very little to the offense. If teams score 21-27 points it is case closed for the Broncos.

    Give the props where they belong … that nasty Denver defense.

  24. He doesn’t have Brady’s vision or Rodger’s accuracy but neither have his heart and electrifying attitude…now haters, go get stool softeners if it can help you relive this hate-induced constipation a bit.

  25. Rex Ryan is one of the best defensive minds in the NFL. The Bronocs, lead by Tim tebow beat them on that particualr night. I can assure you Revis and Ryan did not believe for 1 second they were going to lose that game last night. Revis was quoted in the daily news saying ” that offense cannot survive in the NFL”. The tebow story which will continue to gain momentum is a reflection of what an individual can accomplish when armored with correct thinking. Truth does not need numbers to show itself worthy, it will do its works according to it’s own TIME and CIRCUMSTANCES. Mike, it would be better if we as a society focused on facts and truth more than our own subjective opinions about our fellow man’s genuiness. Last time I checked, we are all blemished and disfunctional, yes even the young man Mr. Tebow. But the GOOD NEWS is we all have the opportunity to get better, as will Tim Tebow and his football skills.

  26. “Do whatever the hell it takes. I mean, what the hell? You don’t get points for style in this league. Let me tell you something: My man is really good in this offense. You know what I mean? If we were trying to run a regular offense, he’d be screwed.”

    John Fox

    Refreshing yet funny, I love the straight talk.

  27. “was the post-game interview of Denver quarterback Tim Tebow with the NFL Network crew.”

    And I have Time Warner so I didn’t see either it or the game. Thanks NFL!

  28. If you watched the Broncos last year under Josh, he’s right. They ran way more spread even with Orton. What they are doing now is emphasizing the spread look from Josh with new plays added for QB runs because teams aren’t used to a QB that runs like a halfback. I hope that helps some of you who didn’t sit through the Broncos embarrassing bad 4-12 season.

  29. I don’t this style of play can last. But boy will he frustrate defensive players while it’s working. Am glad to see someone shake up the conventional in NFL. As much as NFL offensive coordinators like to think they are innovative, they simply follow convention too much. 3rd-and-15 in the NFL? Only 1 play exists: HB draw for minimal gain. Only in college do coaches routinely deviate from convention. Triple option, spread, wishbone, triple-read, shotgun and of course the breakneck speed of the Oregon ducks. Imagine an NFL team running no-huddle 100% of the time? Will never happen.

  30. Tebow’s throwing motion is atrocious and won’t ever be fixed at this stage in his life… I’m pretty sure you’re NOT supposed to wind up by dropping the ball to your waistline as you wind up to wing it, but he could get better if he slows down a little bit, and puts some touch on the ball. He looks like a relief pitcher in the bottom of the 9th looking for that strikeout everytime he zings the ball.

    I honestly think once the game ‘slows down for him’ he won’t be throwing so many lazer beams into the feet of his receivers.

    Also, that option play with the shovel pass to the up back was lethal. I’m not sure why they didn’t run that a few more times. They certainly do have defenses confused either way…

  31. @twiterchapman…. your an ediot..its not like Tebow went to the closet camera and knelt down to pray infront of it.. get real, he was back by his bench, knelt down, and a sea of cameras flocked to him b/c they all knew dumba** like you would cry about it.. u can judge a mans skills, but don’t judge a mans FAITH..

  32. Fox was really patting himself on the back with his comments. He was implying that he reinvented offense to make Tebow look good and any other coach with a “normal” offense would make Tebow look terrible. Honestly I don’t think they’re scratching the surface with Tebow. Way too many straight ahead handoffs into the line for a few yards on 1st and second down. I don’t mind the full back dive as part of the option but I’m talking about straight gives to McGahee for 2 yards and a cloud of dust. If you really want to take advantage of Tebow he should be moving on almost every play with run/pass option all the time. He can handle it.

  33. Unless Tim Tebow improves his passing drastically, he’s not a realistic long-term option at QB. Remember when Vince Young just “found a way to win games” with the Titans.

    He’s a nice guy, but you need a good passer to build a championship team in the NFL. I don’t think there’s any way Elway lets Tebow be the starter next season.

  34. Yeah I saw it all….Faulk was just short of RUDE. Tebow isnt claiming he The Man. He’s just trying harder than anyone else in The NFL…and it’s cool to see someone as focused as he is. NFLNetwork hammered him for 12 minutes and he never flinched.

    I lost a lot of respect for Faulk last night. Tebow should have said..”Im 4-1 and I dont answer to receivers ” but he DIDNT !

  35. Even though Vince Young was winning, “experts” were arguing he shouldn’t be the QB because he was not a true passer.
    Cam Newton got all the negative reviews because he was not supposed to be a true pocket passer.

    The same folks turn around and deify Tebow.

  36. Tebow needs to send Mark Sanchez and the pathetic jets offense a nice Xmas card. That win was handed to the Broncos courtesy of a horrible Jets offense.

  37. That offense is unorthodox, sloppy, ugly and probably not capable of sustained success. They’re a complete train wreck. But watching Tebow is more inspiring and far more enjoyable than watching the endless parade of overpaid, self-indulgent prima donnas.

    Talent is over-rated. Every team has talent and half of them lose every week. The dangerous teams are the ones that are inspired, and for all his technical shortcomings, the guy inspires those around him and somehow gets the job done. I hope more Bronco games get televised….

  38. @acorktalewake and brock29609

    Interesting when athiests and/or agnostics demand respect for your beliefs, while showing disdain and disrespect for people of religious faith. I know MANY athiests who understand the concept of respect.

    Your sniping insults are not cute or creative. They only make you look very, very small. Feel free to believe what you want to believe, but show respect for others to do the same.

    I DON’T agree with Tebow’s approach in many ways, but I don’t have to agree with him to display tolerance and respect, as far as it depends upon me.

  39. I wish all the NFL “experts” would just shut up and give the guy a chance. I’m sick of listening to their opinions about his game. Let him play for a while and see if he develops. These are the same experts that picked Jamarcus Russel #1 and Tom Brady #199.

  40. Got to love the guy, but I feel that his offense will go they the wildcat did. After a larger body of work, coaches will have more film to watch and will be better able to game plan. But in the meantime….go Tebow!

  41. Does everyone forget in all this Tebow Mania that the young man is absolutely awful for the first 50-55 minutes of every game, which since his defense is doing well sets up these late game runs. Like Steve Young says, this will not last no matter what.

  42. Hands down the most fascinating pro football on tv. With 5 drives starting in jets territory that were squandered with ugly 3 and outs, this game could have been a blow out by any decent offense. Then the 4th quarter game winning drive is up, everyone knows what is coming, and he still delivers. Freakishly unbelievable.

    You have to give this kid credit. He doesn’t get down or give up. I’m really tired of the personal insults. I’m surprised people haven’t asked for his birth certificate yet.

  43. The truth is he’s still human like the rest of us, and eventually he’ll screw up with everyone watching. Then everyone can pile on and call him a fraud again. Sad but true.

  44. To all the Tebow haters, deal with it. Tebow has never said a bad word to his haters or his worshipers. Hes just a good guy and you people are having a hard time. Tebow will never be where he ducks gun fire or makes it rain dollar bills. But,,,if you watch film from his days at U F, he threw the ball a hell of a lot better then he does now. You cant get threw the SEC without a good accurate arm. But the boy is what he is, a good guy. You Tebow haters make me laugh out loud.

  45. I’m currently tebowing at work in my office…

    Two things matter in the NFL:

    1.) The # in the “W” column

    2.) The # in the “L” column

    ‘Nuff said…

  46. Great story and great runner, but cant pass to save his life… His style may win a few games, but not much more than that…

    Heck I can even pass better than him…

  47. I agree that this may be your best post on Tebow ever. I’m a devout Bronco fan, and I’d love to see him prove that he can hit this side of a barn. If he does that, we win by 14-17 points. But the guy wins games. It’s made me really value winning, because we weren’t doing that before he started.

    Also, there has to be a mention of the defense in regards to the team’s recent success. Von Miller should be in ROY discussions at this point.

  48. remember when everyone was saying, all Mark sanchez does is win, well look at him now.

    Tim Tebow is a good story but he still sucks ans will ne never win it big or be elite

  49. I keep seeing Tebow does this Tebow does that. Not one mention of why the Broncos are really winning. In their 4 wins the Broncos defense is giving up 15.5 ppg. The defense is what kept them in the game last night. When Tebow couldn’t get it going the D picked them up and scored a TD. 5 possessions inside Jets territory resulted in 3 points. Look I have nothing agaisnt Tebow but if he wants to stick in this league as a QB and not as a one trick pony he is going to need to start being able to complete passes.

  50. There is one characteristic that Tebow shares with Montana, Brady, Manning, Elway etc… His teammates believe in him. As long as that continues the Broncos will be tough to beat.

  51. Love this guy. What a competitor.

    But my opinion hasn’t changed. He’s not a long term solution as an NFL QB. Teams will figure this guy out, have no doubt about that.

    As I watched him running around out there last night, I thought to myself: what an incredible offense it would be if they had a top tier passing QB with Tebow running around like a madman at H-back, catching passes in the backfield, running reverses, taking snaps out the wildcat, etc. etc….

    And just to weigh in on the religious issue: I am an Atheist, but I respect the religious views of others, and don’t think people who believe are by nature foolish or ignorant. And I think Tebow’s religious demonstrations are actually rather subdued and appropriate compared to people like Reggie White and others.

    He’s a good man and a great athlete, but I still believe his long term prospects are not at QB.

  52. Tebow ran THROUGH D. Revis last night. THOUGH him.
    (I’m doin the Tebow pose)lol
    This guy will continue to win games. He can run on any team at will.

  53. Does anyone else find it strange that I saw Tim Tebow’s face in my grilled cheese sandwich this morning?

    The thing I wonder is…how short is his leash? If he would have lost this game after the first 3 quarters worth of performance….would Brady Quinn be starting next week? I’ve seen Quinn play…and I know he could make some of those passes that were missed by Tebow. It just goes to show that sometimes it’s better to be lucky than skillful.

  54. If you did not cheer or feel anything other than happiness when this guy scored the game winning touchdown against the most arrogant team (JETS) in the NFL, you have no soul, or are a JETS fan (samething). FUN to watch this guy win.

  55. Yeah he is too nice, too religious, but he wins. He doesn’t dance, doesn’t do “look at me” celebrations, he fights and wins. He talks his team up, talks his coaches up, stops and signs autographs for kids, shakes peoples hands before interviews, calls reporters sir. When the game is on the line and he has the ball, he is a lot of fun to watch. As stated here before, as a dad, I would let my son wear this guy’s jersey. Rather him root for a sappy, too nice guy, than a guy with 8 kids from 5 women or a guy carrying illegal guns into clubs. Oh, and like how he ran through Revis Island…ha

  56. You want your son to be oblivious to facts?
    You want your son to dodge questions?
    Well, if he’s not big and athletic, you might want to get him into politics. Tebow is a 240 lb. politician for Jesus, whos on the sideline antics, and question dodging are as nauseating.

  57. I will never understand when people say “falsely polite”, or “falsely humble”.

    Aren’t we all?

    I mean, do you think I’d seriously rather stand up while riding the train instead of sitting down? OF COURSE NOT! But I’d still offer my seat to a woman or elderly person. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do!

    It’s not your feelings/desires that matter, it’s how you act on them. If you act polite, then you are polite.

  58. I know everyone is calling him a crappy qb but to me he’s a young qb in a system he doesn’t know yet. He’s not very accurate but i think that’s a case of being late on timing routes. Like many young qb’s. I think people need to give the kid some time before deciding how good or how bad he is. He is still getting used to the speed of the game and the quick decision making process required of the qb at the pro level. I’m not a Tebow supporter nor am I a Tebow Hater….but he does win…I’m betting that his accuracy gets better the more he plays.

  59. Poise, candor, and a dash of delusion = the province of youth!

    Refreshing to see. Reaffirms my faith in humanity.

  60. If you’ve seen Quinn play, then you also saw how his team quit on him. They are rolling with Tebow the rest of the way. Next year they draft a QB and some more depth on both sides of the ball.

  61. Tebow makes the Broncos a better team as a whole. Orton didn’t. The haters can’t believe he is still winning games. Tebow’s make defenses waste time on the option read stuff. Too bad the Jets didn’t have that time to practice tackling. Jets were didn’t think they were going to lose. I think the Broncos go 3-3 the rest of the year looking at the schedule. Who knows they may even win the division.

  62. I didn’t think this guy could play in the NFL….won’t say I’m fully converted….but, he’s earned the right to see if he can improve his passing skills.

  63. Atheists u might want to re-evaluate.

    The thing that carrys Tebow is his faith. You can call it heart or whatever.


  64. I have to admit, I don’t get all the hating of this guy. There are any number of bad young QB’s in this league, from Matt Moore(two separate chances with 2 teams), to Blaine Gabbert to Brady Quinn, Colt McCoy, Matt Leinart, Tavaris Jackson, Charlie Whitehurst, the list goes on and on. Why pick on this guy? Yeah, it isn’t pretty , but at least this guy has a pulse, gives a damn about the outcome of the game, and his teammates believe in him. This next 6 games for the Broncos will be the first meaningful games they’ve played this late in years. Think they’d be in this position if Kyle Orton was starting? Well, he has been starting for them the past couple of years, and you saw what happened. Give the guy a chance, he’ll probably never be a Brady or Marino, but he gives the Broncos a chance to win every week and that club can’t ask for more than that.

  65. It’s really getting annoying when the Broncos win, all the credit immediately goes to Tebow. Last time I checked there are 50 other players on that roster. Not just Tebow.

  66. The media doesn’t like him and wants him to fail…..because of his faith and the fact he talks freely about it. We need more Tebow’s in this world and in the NFL. Finally someone good to talk about and report on but instead they report and do everything to bring him down.

  67. the other players pray after the game, he does it before every series, after every touch down. after the game.
    But he seems sincere and he does come off better in a long interview then a sound bite.

    Watching the game I was amazed how he(and that offence) where able to execute so many different run plays with such fast execution. He looks like a fantastic leader and QB, right up to when he throws the ball. I was surprised his ground throw on the last drive was not reviewed, but NFL network is not nearly up to snuff on their game production and camera work.

  68. So lets see. This guy doesn’t go clubin’ every night with his homies, charge for an autograph, demand a new contract, have any illegitamate children, and he believes in his faith. I for one am not a churchy person, but how can you not think this guy is great for a league that has websites posting how many days since the last arrest? Let him get through this season, then take him out of the weight room and just have him throw through a tire for 6 months under the guidance of (I know, you’ll hate me for this) Brett Favre. Install a West Coast offense so he all he has to throw is short routes and screens, and what do you get? An effecient QB that people can look up to. Goodell, you should be salavitating at this.

  69. Big Bronco fan here. As to the Faulk question, I think it was fair. He asked Tebow because he could without the prissy QB getting bent. Do you see Marshall ever asking another QB about their lack of accuracy? He should ask these fair/tough questions. Good on you Marshall; now ask other QBs.

    My back doctor works the Broncos training camp and said that Tim is the real deal. Good to hear.

  70. Holy hypocrisy, Batman! How can you call a guy humble when he 1) divides the lockerroom 2) undermines his teammates in the press 3) takes a starting job he never earned 4) refuses to switch positions to help the team 5) expects the other 50 guys on the team to change everything to accommodate him 6) ALWAYS calls his own number at the goal line 7) make his most aggressive moves running over teammates heading for the post-game press conference? Sound pretty selfish to me.

  71. And don’t forget how polite and humble Tebow was this summer while Kyle Orton was leading off-season practices and Tebow was out promoting Tebow and Tebow’s book – the one about the amazing 22 years he’s spent making our lives better. I’m sure his teammates found that very humble and team-oriented!

  72. Good for the Bronco coaches for doing the best they can to put Tebow in a position to succeed. Unfortunately, it will not serve the organization well, in the long run. Tebow is a fullback playing quarterback. Think “Ronnie Brown” and the Wildcat in Miami. The Ronnie Brown and the Wildcat are gone from Miami. Tebow at quarterback stunts the Bronco organization’s chance to succeed, as soon as it might otherwise. I admit, I like watching the experiment, and Tebow does surprise me, the way he pulls out games at the end. Good for him. Not good for the Broncos, long term.

  73. Wow, brock29609 posts a comment mocking Tebow’s religion, then I politely post an explanation of how his view is distorted and it’s *my* post that gets deleted? Seriously?

  74. Congrats to the guy, he won another game. Whatever the future hold for him (success or failure), he has given the fans in Denver a reason to keep showing up. That’s a good thing for a team that appeared to be heading nowhere, and the league in general.

  75. Deion’s tried to bait Tim several times during his part of the questioning. Tim never took the bait. Deion was clearly frustrated.

    Tim’s a class guy, no doubt about it. He is what he is. As a Christian, he not only talks the talk, but he also walks the walk. We could all learn from that. Sooner or later those who are waiting for Tim to fail will come to realize that he’s the real deal, that he won’t fail. But if he does fail, it will reinforce the fact that he is human after all. And he’s never said that he wasn’t.

    Hoover HS fan (Tim played against us when he was in high school)
    Auburn fan
    Dolphins fan
    Tebow fan.

  76. I think one thing that is lost is this: The Lockout hurt Tebow as well as others. He was coming into year 2. I think that Elway mentioned in his interview about Tebow hopefully continuing to improve. I believe he will just due to being a hard worker. You can improve your accuracy.

    I think Michael Vick has greatly improved his accuracy over the years. He is still not the most accurate by far, but he has improved enough and that meshed with his other skills makes him effective.

    No, this style of offense alone, it cannot have a long life. But I look for Tebow to morph it over the next 18-30 months and become increasingly effective overall. He will never be Brees or Brady, but I think he can become pretty good.

  77. PackerBacker:

    I love how the Broncos are some sort of 52 man dynasty plus Tebow. This team is below average. How many Broncos start for the Packers?

    Maybe Von Miller, Bailey, Doom, Clady? Some of those are a reach. C’mon, give the QB of a bad team some credit for being 4-1.

  78. The only real question is whether or not this little act has more staying power than Miami’s wildcat. That won Miami what, 5 or 6 games but got old really quick.

    Can any College style offense really be expected to do much better than that?

  79. I think there’s comes a point that you need to just stop asking how or why the Broncos are winning. If they win with Tebow in, then you keep in him. End of discussion.

    Sometimes there are very easy answers to life’s questions.

  80. I thought the NFL Network interview was classless. They went out of their way to continually question his passing abilities. Tebow took the high road with every answer he gave, but I found it very awkward that they felt the need to repeat essentially the same question over and over, “Are you aware that your passing game is abnormal?”

  81. I’m a Raider fan and I’m rooting for this kid. Too many morons who blindly hate the guy. I’ll be a moron that likes him.

    So do well Tebow, I love how you make the experts look dumb. Just don’t give us any flack over the division.

  82. “what do you say to a receiver when a ball isnt there?” what kind of stupid question is that? it sounds something like 3rd grader would ask a football player on “career day”.

  83. I think we all knew that Tebow is a really good running QB. But getting to watch last night, I was even more impressed with some of his shorter runs where they just needed a few yards for a first down.

    A guy like Vick just takes off and he’s lighting fast and piles up yards. Tebow has an kind of controlled patience in small spaces when he running that seems pretty impressive to me.

    The second thing that the Tebow haters now have to admit that he’s one of the best late-game QBs in the league. While his overall QB-ing is near the bottom, his running and late-game managing are well above average. How many other QBs in the league lead that last drive? Not many.

  84. The greatest thing about Tebow is how he gives the so-called NFL “experts” palpitations. The pompous windbags who think they have it all figured out have no idea what to make of him. That cut he made to the inside instead of pitty-patting his way out of bounds like 90% of other QB’s would have done was awesome. But he’ll never be a “classic” QB like, say, Blaine Gabbert, right?

  85. “An evangelical, preachy religious person with an inflated sense of self-entitlement showing signs of delusion? I don’t believe it for a second!”

    What a pathetic comment.

  86. “On a side note, is anyone else annoyed with his constant prayers or his desire to make sure everyone sees it? ”

    Ya I’m sure he never prays when there are no cameras around. The media jamming cameras in his face when he does the same thing he has been doing his entire football career has nothing to do with it right? Many many things in this world annoy me but Tebows faith isn’t one of them.

  87. @myfinalword:

    Don’t know if another user already covered this, but the delusion in his statement was insisting the offense hasn’t changed. It has. It’s more geared towards his skills, both the positive and the negative. The result is 4-1.

  88. I’m a Tebow hater, but fully respect the guy for being a class act and not an egomaniac like other QBs (Vick, Favre, Romo, etc). I’m a Christian, but loathe other people who throw religion in people’s faces. He’s certainly toned that down after realizing he’s not in the Bible Belt anymore. One thing is clear that they need to find ways to put the ball in his hands because he makes plays… with his feet.

  89. Tebow never said it was ONLY him contributing toward their wins. The media hype and fans (good and bad) have done all this to make him supposedly responsible for ALL the W’s and L’s for the Broncos. Listen to what Tebow says; he is just trying to make his team better and believe in themselves. On the other hand, he has been critical and instrumental in some of these final drives and comebacks but he never claimed to be the owner for all the Bronco’s successes right now. He is a competitor and wants W’s just like any other player; but he is also realistic, just like everyone else should be…..just sit back and enjoy the show. BTW….he is a great guy…..what’s wrong with being that too?

  90. When Rex Grossman won 3 in a row, people said, “he’s 3-0, you can’t argue with that”.

    Didn’t take long for Rex to be a loser again.

    Tim won 4 games… and that’s awesome. But like the Bills, Lions, and Rex Grossman… a couple of wins don’t solidify him as a “winner”….


    I hope it happens. In the meantime, I’ll wait to see if other teams figure him out and he eventually ends up like Rex Grossman.

  91. Good point with the Tebow/Grossman comparison. Both played at UF. Both won one SEC championship as a starter. One won the Heisman, the other was runner-up. Their winning percentage and passing stats are almost identical.

    However, Grossman’s played a decade in the NFL, thrown for 10,000 yards, 100 TD’s and led a team to the SuperBowl.

    Tebow is no Grossman and will be lucky to have Rex’s NFL career.

  92. cuda1234 says: Nov 18, 2011 11:40 AM

    Holy hypocrisy, Batman! How can you call a guy humble when he 1) divides the lockerroom 2) undermines his teammates in the press 3) takes a starting job he never earned 4) refuses to switch positions to help the team 5) expects the other 50 guys on the team to change everything to accommodate him 6) ALWAYS calls his own number at the goal line 7) make his most aggressive moves running over teammates heading for the post-game press conference? Sound pretty selfish to me.

    You’d have a hell of a case if ANY of that were true.

  93. “Maybe Von Miller, Bailey, Doom, Clady? Some of those are a reach. C’mon, give the QB of a bad team some credit for being 4-1.”

    I think he has helped the Broncos win 4 of their last 5. I just don’t think he deserves all the credit he is getting. I keep reading headlines saying “Tebow does it again!” when in reality it was more of the defense that got the win.

  94. Watching Tim Tebow play quarterback is like watching sausages being made… unsightly as hell to look at but it seems to come out nicely in the end.

    I don’t know if he will be a successful quarterback in the long run but I am sure pulling for him.

  95. lancing a hemorrhoid looks better then Tebow’s QB skills, but I don’t question his character, he seems genuine and was basically under fire from every broadcaster not named Faulk. He handled himself well.

  96. Tim Tebow is terrible. Worst QB ever. He can’t throw.

    He got lucky one.. two.. three.. four times.

    Keith Moon once said “I’m the best Keith Moon type drummer in the world!” Although I would say he was the best drummer ever.

    Tim Tebow is the best Tim Tebow type quarterback in the NFL.

    He’s 4-1. He will improve as a quarterback. What do you want from your quarterback? A guy who wins games.

    The guy is a winner, just like Cam Newton. Say what you want, but they win a lot more than they lose.

    I love how Tebowmania is driving some people crazy.

  97. Cam isn’t winning much this year, but who would with that Panthers lineup. Wait and see.

    For everyone who said he was the next JaMarcus Russell… I don’t think so.

  98. sakatak says:
    Nov 18, 2011 10:21 AM
    When Reggie White gave praise constantly he was never criticized like Tebow. I wonder why?


    1. No one questioned White’s sincerity.


    2. A underlying fear that White might “lay his religion down” and beat the snott out of whoever did criticize him (hee, hee!)

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