Tebowmania takes control of the NFL

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It’s official.  Tebowmania has taken over the league.

Beating the Dolphins, the Raiders, and the Chiefs didn’t really count.  Leading the Broncos from behind with a 95-yard drive against one of the best and proudest defenses in the NFL has taken the legend of Tim Tebow to a new level.

Tim Tebow and his Broncos, after a sluggish night through more than three quarters, put together an Elway-esque effort to steal a victory from the Jets.  The 17-13 win moved the Broncos to 5-5, and dropped the Jets to 5-5.

Facing third and four from the Jets 20, with a growing sense that this one would be settled in overtime, the Jets opted to blitz, Tebow avoided it by rolling left, and he rumbled past the first-down sticks and into the end zone.

Hampering the Jets was the early loss of running back Shonn Greene, who injured his ribs.  Coupled with the absence of LaDainian Tomlinson (knee), the Greene injury forced Joe McKnight to carry the load, and McKnight grounded and pounded for only 59 yards on 16 carries.

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez played erratically for most of the night, and an interception returned for a touchdown by cornerback Andre Goodman was the only seven-pointer that the Broncos could muster until Tebow orchestrated that epic 95-yard march.

It started with a near disaster, as Tebow passed from the end zone to Eddie Royal, who caught it in the end zone and nearly was tackled by Jets safety Jim Leonhard.  Royal juked past a sliding Leonhard and sprinted to the 13.

The Broncos had only 134 offensive yards before that 95-yard drive, which included seven runs by Tebow for 57 yards.  Perhaps most impressively, Tebow managed to keep possession of the back end of the ball as Jets linebacker David Harris tried to rip it out while Tebow was falling to the ground.

The Jets now have their backs against the wall — again — with two losses in four days and a visit from the Bills on deck in Week 12.

Next up for the Broncos?  A trip to San Diego.  And for the first time ever, the Broncos and Tebow widely will be expected to win the game.

208 responses to “Tebowmania takes control of the NFL

  1. Tebow: “I’m the worst QB in the league!”
    Sanchez: “No, I’m the worst QB in the league!”
    Tebow: “No, I’m worse…”
    Sanchez: “No, I’m worse…”

    At least Tebow doesn’t turn the ball over and comes through when it matters. Therefore Sanchez wins – he’s the worst. Congrats Mark, you’re awful.

  2. Ha! Rex Ryan thought his team was going to kick Tebows as* Instead the Jets got their as* kicked by Tebow.
    The Jets are stunned by what just happened.
    It will be a long plane ride home for big mouth Rex.

  3. Even the refs had Teblow mania on the last play. Contact like that would be a foul in the roughest NBA game, nevermind the nfl.

    makes you wonder, it couldn’t be more obvious.

  4. LOL Tebow is Shambolic and it’s like a bad Disney movie watching him. Yeah, I’m on board the Tebow Train too now I guess 😉


  5. “And for the first time ever, the Broncos and Tebow widely will be expected to win the game.”

    Uh are you sure about that?

  6. Reality check – You can’t play that offense, and have a passing game that poor for 60 minutes in a football game.

    Put simply, Tebow can engineer as many final drives as he wants – if he can’t get it done in the first 45 minutes, the Broncos have no chance to win a significant number of games

    Against the Packers? They’re already down 20-30 points by the fourth quarter. The Patriots? Same story.

    They were kept in this game thanks to the ineptitude of the Jets offense.

    The Broncos need a real QB.

  7. Well, the Broncos’ first round picks over the past couple of years were the best players on the field.

    Tim freaking Tebow.

    John Fox loves it because it’s fun to win and it shows he’s a pretty good coach. John Elway looks like this is very painful.

  8. JETS FAN HERE: Mark Sanchez is trash. SHOTTENHEIMER IS THE WORST OC IN THE ENTIRE NFL. They both need to GO!

  9. This was just fun to watch. An NFL team running the option is just fun to watch. I hope Tebow stays healthy to see if NFL defenses can match-up to this offense.

  10. I mean…what I saw tonight was scary. Scary bad, and scary good, all from one guy. I don’t think the league has ever seen anything like this.

    Then again, I remember when John Fox used to coach the Carolina Panthers with Jake Delhomme back in the day, and Jake would bring the Panthers back from the dead in many games, I think the Fox-Tebow pairing is one of two men that just know what it means to dig a little deeper to make something happen.

    This was a display of two quarterbacks, one mediocre from start to finish, and one awful in the beginning but great when it counted. Often times, that’s all that matters. That moment when greatness takes over one, it is what you do with that moment that defines you and nothing else. Tebow has it, and Sanchez….well USC QBs….

  11. I’m officially a Tebow fan all this guy does is win.

    His throws may mostly be terrible but when it’s time Tebow gets the job done.

    He’s 4-1 as the starter compared to 1-4 before.

    Enough Said.

  12. He’s a joke on a lucky streak. He’s gonna do just enough to sway the fans and management then screw Denver out of a good QB prospect in the draft because they committed to T-Ball

  13. Well…. He’s not much of a quarterback, but the kid is one hell of a ballplayer.
    Gotta give him that.

  14. It’s time to officially demote the Jets … from –

    “The Jets” … to – “The Hot Air Balloons.”

  15. Tebow is electric. What people are missing is that Tebow changes every player around him on both sides of the ball.

    Remember how horrid this defense was for Orton?

    Tebow’s clutch play makes every guy around him believe and in turn makes THEM better.

    I’m calling it now, Denver squeaks by Oakland for the AFC West…….

    I didn’t believe before, I do now.

  16. Mike, just imagine what Tim Tebow could do if he played for an offensive genius like Charlie Weis.
    Coincidence that this “winner” moves the ball and wins games when the dumbo Bronco coaching staff is forced to take the ball and chain off Tebow’s ankle because the ridiculous ultra ultra ultra conservative John Fox offense is losing in the 4th qtr and he has no choice?
    Tebow and this very unique and very different Bronco team are so good for the cookie cutter let’s all mimic one another NFL.

  17. The best defense in the league gave up a 95 yard game-winning TD drive to Tim Tebow, suck my…..

    Bill Belichick

  18. hmmm … that was different.

    I wouldn’t say that drive was quite ‘Elway-esque’, but John sure was fired up for that TD

  19. @jacksonjames4

    It is because Tebowhaters and Tebowfans have been fighting this fight since last season. Everytime he has started every W and L have been his fault regardless of how the game played. Neither side will concede anything at this point.

    I do have to say TT did a heck of a job on that last drive. I think I’d have to give the game MVP award to Von Miller though. That man is just unbelievable!

  20. Tebow is a great person and I really admire him for that. I have never liked him as a football player though, because I really didnt think he could do it at the NFL level. I cant believe im saying this but im starting to sip the kool aid. Not drink….sip. He is able to overcome his teams faults unlike a certain team off the shores of lake erie that cannot do anything well because they have a guy pretending to be a NFL head coach.

  21. I said once before: Bear Bryant onces said about someone, “He ain’t nothin but a winner.” What Bear was saying is that you just cant measure the intangibles. I think Bear knew a thing or two about football.

    Meanwhile, Tebow keeps making the talking heads look like idiots. He is alo making the Tebow-haters lokk silly with their “Tebow Envy”.

  22. With Dumerville and Bailey healthy, the defense is playing really well. The Jets have a good line, and Sanchez got smacked around a lot. Rivers is worried right now.

  23. The Broncos will not “widely” be expected to win in San Diego. They won’t even be favored. Easy now, Big Flo…

  24. As compelling as Tebow was in that 95 yard drive was, and he was — a lot of people seem to be overlooking how the Denver defensive unit has made “Tebow Time” possible.

    And tonight, “Sanchise” helped plenty — but seriously, much credit to the Denver defense too. Lots of limelight is going to Tebow, and he’s raised some eyebrows in a remarkable way — but the Denver D has been keeping the Donks in these games for quite a stretch now.

  25. i hear rumors that He can walk on gatorade??? sanchez REALLLLLY sucks-how did the jets get to the afc title game with this turnover machine as qb?

  26. Maybe, Revis, you’re right…. Maybe this offense can’t last in the NFL. But, it didn’t end tonight. On national TV. Against your team.

    Suck it.

  27. Let’s be glad this isn’t gymnastics caz u don’t get any style points for winning. I’ve watched this guy since be was a senior in high school and truly believe he is one of the best leaders, in te world. He says he’s truly been blessed and I hate to say it but in 20, 30 or even 50 yrs from now ppl are going to look at him in a different way than any human being. His effort and heart can’t be matched. He will go down as one of the greats. But also one of the worst statistical players in the nfl

  28. Wow….I’m a jets fan….and we are terrible…..just terrible….sanchez is hot garbage on a dusty platter….schotty is a horrible play caller….and rex needs to keep his mouth shut….why blitz 8 when the whole world knew tebow was gonna run?????…..wow…props the the broncs…..

  29. Everybody saying about Tebow “He is a winner”, yeah I remember when everybody was saying that about Vince Young LOL. Hope he turns out better then VY, but let the young man play some more games before putting to much on his shoulders.

  30. He cant throw, he cant play, he cant lead. All he does is just win nfl games and national championships…he is horrible..

  31. Emabarrassing interview by the NFL Network post game. What were these guys trying to bait Tebow into saying? That was one of the most unprofessional displays of journalism ever. The Denver media relations department should yank him from interviews, if he is going to be berated like that each time.

  32. 1Co 1:27 God purposely chose what the world considers nonsense in order to shame the wise, and he chose what the world considers weak in order to shame the powerful.

    Way to go Tim!

  33. There were a few drops and some catchable balls that ended up on the ground for Denver receivers. I didn’t think Tebow looked that bad as a passer at all. He was very close to having a great game as a passer. With a very young set of receivers as well. Royal and Thomas missed most of last season, Decker only played as an injury replacement. The tight ends are all new, Rosario and Fells as free agents, Thomas and Green as rookies. One of these days Timmy going to put up 300 plus passing yards, and I don’t think it’s that far off.

  34. Tebow is like a super inaccurate version of Steve McNair….

    Scrambles/Makes throws when the game is on the line, not great Peyton/Brady/Rodgers type stats, but good enough to win the game.

  35. He’s an inexplicable virus to everything we’ve been taught about what an
    NFL QB is, except one;

    He just wins.

  36. Now you Jets fans know what it feels like to try to run the ball when BOTH your starting RBs are hurt. Browns fans are all too aware of that feeling with Hillis and Hardesty out indefinitely.

    As to defending Tebow, did you see how slow the Jets’ D looked tonight? Seems they were running with cement shoes on. Aging defenses like those in Baltimore and Pittsburgh better take notice. Speed kills in the NFL.

  37. Weeks 14 – Bears, and 15 – Patriots will be the real test. That’s when we see what the Broncos are made of.
    Dang though, gotta admire the Donk’s never say die attitude. I’m a fan!

  38. I avoided watching this game because, well, it’s the Jets vs. Broncos….I’m in shock and awe. Shock and Awe!
    I will watch the 4th quarter on NFL Rewind.
    I love to watch Sanchez fail.

    He is officially the worst starting QB in the NFL.

  39. JETS FAN HERE: Mark Sanchez is trash. SHOTTENHEIMER IS THE WORST OC IN THE ENTIRE NFL. They both need to GO!
    Ravens fan here: I agree that Sanchez and Shottenheimer are awful, but CAM CAMERON is the worst OC in the entire NFL by a longshot, my friend.

  40. Hate religion, hate Denver, and hate unconventional quarterbacks. Well, except for Tim Tebow. I can’t stop rooting for that guy.
    I hope Denver beats San Diego without even attempting a pass.

  41. visnovsky says: Nov 18, 2011 12:14 AM

    This was just fun to watch. An NFL team running the option is just fun to watch. I hope Tebow stays healthy to see if NFL defenses can match-up to this offense.


    did you even watch the game? The Jets had no problem with the option. They gave up 67 yards on the ground until the final drive.

    The spread them out and let Teblow run it is what beat them. Another 55:00 minute effort by the Jets defense is what won them the game. Anyone that’s watched any Jets games sees this 5-6 times a year.

  42. I think the Tim Tebow/Vince Young study is an interesting one. They have similar skill sets – whacky throwing motions, lots of speed and power, not to mention winners in college – but there’s just such a stark difference in perception.

    Young has made a series of bad choices, and he is immature, and he burns bridges, and he opens his trap too much. Tebow, on the other hand, is humble and gracious and polite. His teammates seem to love him (at least the defense and offensive linemen) and he’s winning games. Such a strange dynamic. VY could learn a little from Tebow.

    That said, how long can this last? You’ve got to get another QB in Denver, and maybe Fox and Elway can dream up a 2-QB system. Hell, maybe even have them both on the field at once a lot of the time. But it seems like eventually the league will catch up to Tebow. Or maybe not. Who knows. It’s fun to watch him beat the Jets and such, but against a team with a prolific offense: yeah, the Broncos are toast if they fall behind by 10 or more.

    Also: Mark Sanchez is terrible. I think he’s probably not even in the top half of NFL quarterbacks.

    Let’s see…I’d take Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Roethlisburger, Rivers, Freeman, Schaub, Flacco, Ryan, Hasslebeck, Palmer, Dalton, Cutler, Romo, the bearded guy on the Bills, Cassell, Stafford, Vick, E. Manning, and maybe even Cam Newton over Sanchez.

  43. to bad the jets dont play the texans would love to see a matchup netween 2 overrated no talent qbs from usc leinhart and sanchez seeing sanchez play should make teams reconsider drafting barkley with a high pick in the 1st.

  44. Tebow is the master troll: proving all his critics right for 58 minutes and then laughing in their faces at the end.

  45. For those who want to see more pass completions and passing yards, they had that in Orton, but that left them with a 4-14 record with this same team.

    For as much as the media knows about football, i dont know why they overlook this point. Passing stats doesnt mean your team will get wins… But having a “winner” as your QB will.

  46. Not trying to be sarcastic, but why are the Jets considered an elite defense? Take away the hype and their average.

  47. Born and raised die hard Bronco fan and Georgia Bulldog grad …. I’ve been distraught since we drafted him….
    but wow. The guy wins. Still not sure about long term, but I gotta say this is a fun freakin’ ride! Go Broncos!

  48. 229 total yards and WON the game also. 139 before the final drive. Let’s be real here and not want to see how NFL defenses match up with this offense.

    If Sanchez played OK the Jet’s win.

  49. Dear Rex,

    Don’t feel bad, repeating as Super Bowl champs is hard, and it is even harder going for the 3-peat.


    Paper Champs

  50. I’m sure Jet’s fans are not to happy tonight but you have to tip your hat to the Bronco’s.

    The defense led by Von Miller and the positive attitude & clutch game winning drive by Tim Tebow was just amazing.

    Imagine how good Tebow will be when he does (in time) become a average to above average passer.

    This was a Bronco team win but you have to love Tim Tebow.

    As far as the Jet’s go?

    Just the same old Jet’s

    Yet’s, Yet,s Yet’s!!!

  51. Forget what the media says, I can’t not like the guy. He has the heart of a champion. He seems to be a generally good person. He’d be the guy in school that gets all the girls you want, but he turns them down. He’s the one you pray your daughter ends up with.

    Does he look awkward? Dam Straight. If Ryan Leaf or Jamarcus Russell had his heart and personality to go with their athletic abilities, they would have been the ultimate QBs.

  52. Same team that got BLASTED by Detroit, so lets not get ahead of ourselves , here. These are not the same Jets of 2009 or 2010, but lets give credit, where credit is due.

    The Broncos defense played well enough and rallied around him, and the usual errant and non-clutch throws of Mark Sanchez as well as Shonn Greene going out pretty much sealed it. Stayed within 3 in final minutes and one last drive sealed the deal.

    Formula remains, get on top of the Broncos, force Tebow to throw in the pocket, take away his option reads AND DONT TURN THE FREAKINGBALL OVER, and you beat this team.

    Jets were beaten by Raiders, so I wasnt convinced on them completely either, and they were dismantled by the Patriots the week earlier. Gang Green better handle there business against the circling Bills…..but Sanchez sounded so beaten, they may even lose that one. 10 days to think about it, and long flight home.

    Let us Tebow.

  53. Hahaha. You been Tebowed!? See you in September tubby!

    Decent defense in Denver.
    But I’m not as well educated as bozosforall, so what do I know? Doosh.

  54. Is the NFL like pro wrestling? Are all these close games orchestrated? Are the same bad teams deliberately playing the goat? Are the same teams always winning because the NFL is just fixed? Is Tim Tebow’s image being orchestrated? Just like Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant… is the NFL a prearranged affair? I bet it is… it’s smells crooked… looks crooked…. acts crooked!

  55. My gagging, retching reaction to tebow has nothing to do with his faith and everything to do with the absurb hero worship we had to listen to while he was in college. But this redskins junkie can only watch with pure jealousy. Hey coach shanahan, that’s how you take mediocre (at best) talent and win, pure and simple.
    And how freaking good is von miller? Tip of the cap young man.

  56. I am not much of a Broncos or Tebow fan.
    But I am happy they won tonight.
    The Jets need to learn to shut their big fat mouths and play decent football.
    They act like they are champions and THEY HAVE WON NOTHING!!!!!
    Win the Super Bowl then flap your yaps.

  57. Defense won the game for them I don’t know why tebow is getting all the credit. Yeah he did lead the drive at the end to win it but the defense held the opponent to 13 points. If Sanchez didn’t suck so bad the broncos wouldn’t be in it. The defense scored 7 points and generated two turnovers. At this rate the broncos should convert Tim to running back basically what he is and have him in the backfield with Orton.

  58. Yes, Tebow took the team down for the winning touchdown and I will give him full credit for that. He was crap all night, but when plays needed to be made he made them. The Broncos defense should get all the credit for this win. If they dont create the pick 6 were talking about how Tebow sucks right now, but were talking about how Tebow was clutch which is true. I still sports hate Tebow, but when the game was on the line he came through.

    If I’m the Jets I have to make some serious changes on offense. Mark Sanchez is not the answer. He’s been in the league for 3 years now and has shown little progression. Maybe Pete Carroll wasn’t wrong about him not being ready. Brian Schottenheimer needs to be shown the door as well. Once again I cant stress how bad this duo is. Rex Ryan will be fired if he doesn’t fire Schottenheimer and get a real quarterback.

  59. Trent Dilfer won a superbowl. Until further notice their’s nobody who should believe Tebow can’t! Yea it’s a stretch but it’s good to see something fresh in the NFL and until he loses…….

  60. Two observations:

    Tebow wins games (from a Tebow hater).

    The Jets are very overrated (from a Jets hater).

    Take it as you will…

    Signed, Dolphins fan.

  61. get a load of the charger fans taking offense to the favortism of the broncos next week……. wake up san diego, the chargers can only beat themselves with turner coaching and rivers struggling. Denver is now one of the hottest teams in the league.

  62. Was thinking about Von Miller being a beast and took another look at the 2011 draft. Usually you can look at the first round, even six months later, and point to a few obvious duds. This year’s draft class is really pretty good.

    I wanted the Texans to trade up to grab Von Miller. I’m glad we ended up with JJ Watt – that dude’s a freaking monster – but Miller’s going to be good for a while.

    Also: this is worth saying again. Mark Sanchez is not good. Also, I think he’s just kind of slimy and gross.

  63. jacksonjames4 says: Nov 18, 2011 12:11 AM

    why does the tebow get all the credit when von miller and the defense does all the work. question of the year i guess. he might be the worst winning quarterback ever.

    I’ll take that over the best losing quarterback any day. Look, Tebow isn’t very skilled right now. Anyone can see that. But he’s in his second year and has about half a season’s worth of starts. Wouldn’t you rather try to teach a winner skills instead of teach a talented guy how to win?

  64. Please….Tebow is awful. Did you see some of the standard passes he blatantly missed? Give me a break. An average college QB could make these throws….also, yes, Broncos are winning games but….if they had a decent QB, they would be winning these games by more and wouldn’t come down to the wire……

  65. gods (I did not capitalized that on purpose) do not care about a stupid insignificant game like football. Tebow means nothing, he’s a fluke and will be stamped out of the NFL within another 10 games. If there were such a thing as a supernatural mystic that controlled our world I would hope he’d spend his invaluable time dealing with suffering children and other people in poor countries/communities instead of meticulously planning the outcome of a damn game.

  66. The Jets have serious offensive problems. Getting rid of Derrick Mason did not fix the problem. Lack of a consistent offense that can maintain drives is bound to wear out any teams’s defense. It is no surprise that Denver won since they were able to stay close. There is no consistent running game or passing game. Clearly the offense has regressed from previous years and Schottenheimer needs to fix it quick!

  67. We gotta see how he does against a team with a better record since the big loss to the Lions.
    We need another “I told you he’s not that good” game.
    Maybe it won’t happen. Maybe he and the Broncs are getting better. But I’m still not convinced. We need that game to confirm that.
    Until then everyone should just be quiet and quit acting as if he’s the best player ever.

  68. Tim Tebow and Aaron Rodgers have something in common. They both make me laugh when they play.

    Rodgers is so good its comical.

    The Broncos just grind it out for 55 minutes and then go for broke, and its worked out all right so far.

    It makes for pretty funny tv.

  69. Tim Tebow is the Rocky Balboa of the NFL. He doesn’t get that he isn’t supposed to succeed. He’s a warrior you can beat down, but in the end he just keeps coming and he refuses to lose. He has more heart in his chest than some entire rosters do around the league.

  70. dave1961 says: Nov 18, 2011 12:51 AM

    Is the NFL like pro wrestling? Are all these close games orchestrated? Are the same bad teams deliberately playing the goat? Are the same teams always winning because the NFL is just fixed? Is Tim Tebow’s image being orchestrated? Just like Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant… is the NFL a prearranged affair? I bet it is… it’s smells crooked… looks crooked…. acts crooked!


    Watch the final play of the game. How the field isn’t littered with yellow flags I’ll never know.

    Wouldn’t want one last play from inside the 10 yard line to blow this Tim Teblow BS up. Gotta have something to push to the bible thumpers that think the game is too violent.

  71. @Andre’s Johnson, You’re an Idiot, how u list a bunch of trash QB’s, then say, “..and maybe Cam Newton” when Cam is top 8 right now in the league, and you put trash like, Rivers, Freeman, Flacco, Ryan, Hasslebeck, Palmer, Dalton, Cassell, Stafford, and Vick over him? Get lost you hater. Can’t wait until the rest of the Panthers catch up to Cam’s level, then ppl like you won’t be able to hide behind excuses like “…wins”.

  72. Well this does not make sense. I thought you all told us that 600yd passing games were the new NFL. After week 4, all records were on pace to broken. What? And now you say Teebow is a new breed, it’s hard to follow you news types. Whats next, a running game resurgence?

  73. funny to see all the positive tebow talk within the comments here, and when 3 weeks ago, all ESPN, and PFT (and serial commentors) could only talk about was how awful he was. He may not win pretty, but 4-1 as a starter speaks for itself. and if it werent for some costly drops by decker and royal in the past few weeks, his stats would be nice and padded. everyone needs to remember that tebow has had one full offseason, a lockout with 1/3 of an offseason, and two playbooks to learn, with a roulette of recievers. at 5-3, his record stands better than the overhyped VY part 2 (cam newton) with worse rbs. in the long run, he’ll get his timing, reads, and footwork down and be around a lot longer than $cam. and be a good qb. GO BRONCOS!!

  74. And watch the TD run. When you wrap your arm around the front of a defender trying to move up field, thats usually called holding in normal games.

    There is two guys holding in the endzone, both just go not noticed by the refs.

    This is stinking more and more.

  75. Not saying they would be as good as Tebow…..but I sure wish Eric Crouch and Tommie Frazier were still young bucks…….(I’m not a Nebraska fan but wow could they play)

  76. gor3hound says:
    Nov 18, 2011 12:07 AM
    You got to admit it, the guy knows how to win and in the end, that is the only thing it really matters.

    No, I don’t have to admit it.

  77. Dear Rex,

    Welcome back to 1950’s era style football. By the way, how’s that ground and pound thing working out for you these days? Funny how we are not hearing your gums flapping now isn’t it? What happened there Rexy? Did you finally run out of hot air? Hope you have your resume updated you are on your way out of New York.

  78. I don’t overlook the fact the Broncos win with Tebow at the helm, but Tebow supporters continue to overlook how awful he is in dpi g so. Just win baby? Do you really think that offense can stand with the Packers or any other top tier team? The Broncos have turned two absolutely horrid starts by Tebow into wins and everyone is losing their mind over how great Timmy is.

    Well he ain’t great just because he wins. Tommy Maddox was a winner. Kelly Holcolm won some games. So did Derek Anderson as did Kordell Stewart. See any long term greatness in that bunch?

    Tebow was inept. Yes, he can run some. But beyond that he is simply awful and any Bronco fan who thinks this guy will lead them to a SB is delusional.

    If Tebow pulls that crap against the Packers he is done 49 to 3 before the drive can even happen. The Jets handed that game to him – not that I am unhappy as I hate the Jets, but the love for Tebow is ridiculous. Horrible, horrible QB. Good RB though.

  79. John Fox is 2011s version of Marty Schottenheimer. It ain’t pretty, but it works. That defense can slug ya, and by the 4th quarter they’re tired of tackling Tebow.

    I guess the only rational way to look at Tebow is this. The Broncos don’t have a ‘quarterback’. They have a leader and a physical force. For now, it’s enough.

  80. Tebow brings a lot to the table – but in the final analysis, he can’t throw the football. He’s simply not a franchise QB.
    He’ll make for some exciting football and great talk show material, but not superbowls.

    Its like the Bears back when they had the best defense in the league, and Rex Grossman as their QB. The defense got them to the SB, and Grossman did make some great plays through the postseason. But in the end, you’re simply not going to win a Superbowl with a QB who can’t
    throw the damn ball.

    Maybe Tebow will improve his throwing mechanics. But as he is now, it would be stupid for the Broncos to bet their future on this guy. They’ll be finishing 8-8 every year (if the defense is top-10) and will get trounced in the first round if they ever make the playoffs.

  81. plan for denver’s continued success:

    1) get another option QB from bargain basement (HEYO there VY) this should be easy because, hey, option QBs dont work in the NFL amiright?

    2) run offense around Timmy T and other option QB. Who’s gonna get the snap? VY or TT? or maybe a direct snap to a RB? one QB going out to receive? WHO KNOWS!


    4) profit.

  82. Where are all the Orton supporters who didn’t even want to give the kid a chance?

    Orton doesn’t have what it takes, he’s not a leader and he’s not a winner.

    The Bronco’s did the right thing, giving Tebow a chance, even though it was probably due to public pressure, they still made the change.

  83. I still do not buy Tebow as a viable NLF quarterback over an entire season. But Tebow is making it harder and harder to make my case.

    While he doesn’t seem to have the tools we associate with great QB’s he does have some indefinable qualities that are helping him win. His team sure seems to believe he can do anything.

    Tebow is a very interesting storyline to this season.

  84. Congrats Tim Tebow!! I love how he plays the game. Most of all, every time he wins he takes the wind out of the sails of every hater he’s ever had. There’s been such a double standard for this guy…..

    When guys in the league are showing up in mug shots and police reports, we demand that they become model citizens and role models.

    Tim Tebow comes along and proudly displays his character as a Christian and wants to do well and we make him a punchline.

    He never asked for all the attention he gets, but he’s handled it with grace.

    Keep going strong Tim! There are those of us cheering you on… GOD BLESS YOU!

  85. was pretty funny watching the NFL network pregame show trying to justify and figure out Tebow, with the lip flapping crotch grabbing yabba dabbing! They were aghast it wasn’t their Cam!

  86. NFL Network is definitely two for two so far this season. This game and the game last week were both highly entertaining. This weeks game was a bit tougher to watch, but the drive at the end made all that suffering worth while (unless you’re a Jets fan). As for Tebow-mania, it is a fun story and he is an easy guy to root for. I am one of the staunchest proponents of organized religion there is, so I understand why he gets under peoples skin. But he seems like a genuinely nice guy and as long as I am just watching him on the field his other antics don’t really bother me. Somehow he has earned himself the underdog role, and we all know Americans love an underdog. I wish him success this year (except when the Pats come to town in a couple weeks). It is an interesting story and its nice that it doesn’t involve a selfish or stupid player, or one in trouble with the police.

  87. Run a split screen shot of Dan Marino and Tim Tebow over center and then throwing youll start laughing. But Tebow keeps winning by sheer determination. Ive never seen an NFL QB look like he launching a shot put when he throws a football.

  88. For just a regular season game, that final drive was something to behold. TT was absolutely terrific in that drive. I sat there in amazement. The guy has muscles on top of muscles. You can’t say he’s not a hard worker. I don’t know how well Denver will do the rest of the season but for one drive last evening, it was certainly a sight to behold. All the hate he must take just because he is Christian and the haters are not just makes it better. The outcome of the game did not mean a damn thing to me as I am an Eagles, Phillies and Flyers fan and I have troubles of my own with them.

  89. Hey Mike Tanier!
    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Tebow is here to stay. He’s a winner and you’re a loser.

  90. in my opinion its simple. if he develops in the passing game where he can consistently put up around 200 yds on a 55% passing rate, then he will be a guy that you keep at qb.
    100 yards through the air and 70 on the ground isnt going to cut it for long. you cant only get 170 total yards from your qb and expect to win 10-14 games a year.

  91. I’m starting to believe in this Tebow hype! But by far the best part of last night was watching those arrogant Jets see their season slipping away as Tebow took control. Now I’m just waiting for April when the Jets will be crowned next Super Bowl champs!

  92. And watch the TD run. When you wrap your arm around the front of a defender trying to move up field, thats usually called holding in normal games.

    There is two guys holding in the endzone, both just go not noticed by the refs.

    This is stinking more and more

    *******Actually on the TD run Cromartie had the flagrant holding penalty ( on Eric Decker so he wouldnt have to tackle Tebow LOL)

  93. So glad I’m not Merril Hoge, Pete Prisco, or Boomer Esaison this morning. Can you imagine Boomer having to face up to all his Tebow-bashing on talk radio after his Jets got Tebowed?

    Also, atheist Tebow-haters may want to take a step back and start questioning their beliefs (or lack thereof). This kid definitely has something, and is 4-1 as a starter this year despite all of the venomous hatred that has been directed at him from the media.

  94. Oh please, keep the religious nonsense out of this. If this is proof that there’s a higher power operating in Tebow’s favor, then what was the Detroit game?

  95. Well…that was interesting. I was almost ashamed watching this game and I barely had any vested interest (Pats fan).

    I hope that the Broncos organization gives the kid a chance to continue to play. He’s an exciting player that needs a lot of work. But he’s got one of the best QBs ever to play the game upstairs. In the offseason when there’s an open opportunity, I think Elway should spend some time and work with Tebow. Why not?

    Maybe Tebow should take it upon himself to ask…or find a QB guru like Tom Martinez and really put his nose to the grindstone in the offseason. If he can be an average or at least competent passer, he’d be a very dangerous player in the league.

  96. Hey, I’m as non-religious as they get but I like gutsy, hard-nosed football playing, and Tim Tebow’s shown that he has that. That 95 yard drive should remind everybody why they love football. I don’t know if he can keep it going long-term but if he can give the NFL games like that I’m all for it.

  97. war27 says:
    Nov 18, 2011 3:25 AM
    And watch the TD run. When you wrap your arm around the front of a defender trying to move up field, thats usually called holding in normal games.

    There is two guys holding in the endzone, both just go not noticed by the refs.

    This is stinking more and more.
    And Michael Jordan pushed off..boo hoo…

    You should focus your complaints on:
    1) why were the Broncos even in FG range?
    2) why did they blitz everyone on 3rd down?
    3) why did they lose contain?
    4) those jets being held made minimal efforts to shed their blocks
    5) fact that Revis/Cromartie wanted none of Tim at that moment
    6) jets’ record is the same as denver’s (!)
    7) the end of the jets’ super bowl dynasty

  98. When the gates of hell open, and the armies of darkness descend upon us…I dont know about you all, but I am following Tebow

  99. The NFL has become boring with its cookie cutter offenses.

    It’s nice to see a new wrinkle.

    Would that the players and coaches were paid by what they do and their wins rather than potential.

    My 2¢

  100. (Broncos fan living in Redskin-land) I had to work last night, but kept updating my phone so I could see the score… I don’t get it. Are the analysts all wrong for saying he’s a crap QB since he’s 4-1? Is he really a crap QB and this is all just a bizarre fluke? Have we all gone insane?

    4-1 this season for him and pushing the team towards what would be a bizarre playoff race… if he’s truly as awful as we keep hearing, it must suck to have a Pro Bowl QB like Rivers, I guess. I’m just baffled.

  101. Merrill Hoge has got to be pulling his hair out about now, along with every other Tebow basher out there who has staked his reputation as a competent talent scout/analyzer on Tebow’s failure. I love it.

    Tebow keeps going along like the Energizer bunny, while those who have predicted his demize are left wailing and pulling their hair out, like they’ve just pushed the”destroy Tebow” button, and realize their batteries are dead.

    Not bad for “The worst starting QB in the history of the NFL”. I’m a Viking fan, and I’d take 5-5 over 2-7 any day. Hey, if the Vikings defeat Oakland on Sunday, guess who’s in first place in the AFC West?

  102. The Denver win last night was GREAT! It is all about the UNDERDOG! Every flabby butted announcer was pointing out that Tebow is not a picture perfect QB, but at the end of the night John Elway was standing and applauding Tebow!

    Let’s give coach Fox the attention he properly deserves! On most teams Tebow would have been playing back up Tight End. This is what a coach does. He takes what is given him and finds a way to win!

  103. The truth is, Tebow is the worst QB in the league. Denver won because Sanchez is bad. Tebow is not a winner, Brady is a winner, Brees is a winner, Roethlisberger is a winner. Winning 4 games does not make you a winner. This will not last past this season, Denver will be looking to replace Tebow next season. Trust me. He’s a great “winning” college QB, but this is not college. I’m not a Tebow hater, I just think I’m one of the few people that understand this. Any who, GO LIONS!

  104. I remember when Steve Young was with Tampa – “he’s just an athlete lining up at QB”. Same with Flutie and Vick……………………

  105. Why did the Jets go with an 8 man rush on the Tebow TD play? If they get to him (and he doesn’t fumble) they just make it a little longer FG. If they fail (as they did) then you have Tebow with blocking vs a DB and you see what happened. The Jets DC and HC should really be questioned on the all out blitz.

  106. Tebow ran THROUGH D. Revis last night. THOUGH him.
    (I’m doin the Tebow pose)lol
    This guy will continue to win games. He can run on any team at will.

  107. I realize that a lot of people have criticized Tebow and his stats are rather pitiful. But, he does have a promising future. With his poor stats he is still 4-1 as a starter. That makes him something that is the most valuable commodity in the NFL. He is a WINNER! Imagine what will happen when he actually improves his skills and has a better supporting cast? Not a Broncos fan, but I do like this kid.

  108. Everyone needs to take a step back from the religion nonsense. If Tebow’s team wins one week, it’s proof of a higher power? What happens when he loses? It’s just football folks, nothing more. Any higher power out there that would focus on a game and not the multitudes of real problems in the world wouldn’t be worth worshiping if you ask me. Also, true faith means not feeling the need to find “proof” for your beliefs.

  109. Refs had nothing to do with it, you snivelers. NYJ crawled into the fetal position with 4 minutes left and GOT BEAT.

    Joe Namath only won the Superbowl because of his mob connections. Now that’s a conspiracy theory!

  110. That game winning drive was incredible…and the way the Jets’ defense just folded under the pressure was hilarious. I’m not a Broncos fan, but I hate the Jets

  111. “Everyone needs to take a step back from the religion nonsense. If Tebow’s team wins one week, it’s proof of a higher power? What happens when he loses? It’s just football folks, nothing more. Any higher power out there that would focus on a game and not the multitudes of real problems in the world wouldn’t be worth worshiping if you ask me. Also, true faith means not feeling the need to find “proof” for your beliefs.”

    It’s not about God watching out for you during a football game to make sure you don’t lose. It’s about how having faith can make you a stronger person. I’m sure Tebow doesn’t think that God is making him win these games, but he sure as hell thanks his faith for the strength to stay in it.

  112. To those of you who insist that TT is not a “real nfl QB”. Yes he is. If you start in this league, you are a real nfl QB. Some are better than others. Also, Peyton Manning said in an interview that he improved his passing when he came into the league. It is possible to improve your accuracy. God knows Tim needs to.

  113. Right,.LOL..if this is the way the league wants to change too than….get me off.

    He is simply a poor-man’s Mike Vick…only slower and not nearly as talented.

    He is playing because the Broncos are desperate……anyone that thinks otherwise hasn’t a clue.

  114. The Jet’s may have a “proud” defense, but certainly not a good one.

    I can’t believe people are really falling for Tebow. Have you actually watched him play? He is absolutely terrible.

  115. Not a fan of Tebow, but anytime Rex has the look of surprise buttsecks after a loss, I LOVE IT!!

    Maybe Rex can teach Revis a thing or two about proper footwork.

  116. This guy is an embarrassment to his team, the league, and anyone wearing his jersey for 56 minutes a game. The last 4 minutes are the only part of his games worth watching. What I don’t understand is why can’t the whole game be ‘TebowTime’? Then I could get more excited about the guy.

    He is taking credit away from their defense, who has really been winning these games for them. A Tebow led offense could not keep up without the defense playing all out. Credit Denver’s defense for allowing Tebow to look decent for 4 minutes.

  117. Its amazing how ridiculous broncos fans have become .

    Orton was a winner before he came to the broncos with the Bears using the very same philosophy that Denver is suing to win now .

    Just three months ago no one in Denver wanted to be bothered with that style of play .

    Where are all the Tebow scores more points and converts on 3rd downs ?

    Many people in fact nearly everyone outside of Denver said improve your non existent special teams and the 28+ ppg defense and you will win games .

    But most said no it was all Ortons fault lol and now they do just that and say its because they changed Qbs .

    In the last 5 games 13,10,23,10,15 is hat that defense has given up and they have had several special teams scores .

    That fact is that with the scapegoat not playing anymore the fans and local media cant lock in and blame Orton for everything and now that spotlight is on everyone else . If they dont do there jobs they know tebow wont get blamed and so now they have to step up .

    The defense is giving up 14 ppg the last 5 games the only time the Broncos have ever won anything even with Elway the defense has been good and yet Broncos fan still create the illusion that its about the QB.

  118. He is simply a poor-man’s Mike Vick…only slower and not nearly as talented

    It will be interesting to see which of them finishes with more wins this year.

  119. TheWizard says:
    Nov 19, 2011 4:51 PM

    He is simply a poor-man’s Mike Vick…only slower and not nearly as talented

    It will be interesting to see which of them finishes with more wins this year.

    Vince Young won his first 6 career starts. One season is a small sample size.

  120. You can teach mechanics and how to read defenses. You can’t teach winning. That being said, its only a matter of time before NFL defense coordinators get wise to this (However I did think the Jets would be the first to do so, and they pretty much did for 55 minutes)

    On another note, you cant throw pick sixes if A) you only throw 15 times a game and B) 90% of your passes dont come within 10 yards of anyone on the field

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