There is no Tebowmania without Von Miller


Lost in all the Tebowmania last night: A rookie was the MVP of the game.

On any other team, Von Miller’s insane performance would grab the headlines. He’s already a Pro Bowl player and the best player on the Broncos.

Miller is the main reason the Broncos offense can pick up two first downs in 10 drives and still stay close enough for Tim Tebow to do his thing on the last drive.

There is no Tebowmania without Von Miller.

Miller had 10 tackles, four quarterback hits, three tackles for a loss, 1.5 sacks, and a pass defensed on Thursday night. He did not let the Jets passing game operate, and he was disruptive in the run game.

We’d call this a breakout game, but Miller has been a star from day one. He has 9.5 sacks on the season.  He has been a consistent force and continues to get better.

The Broncos defense started the season out as a terrible group, but they have allowed only 30 points in the last ten quarters. That’s why the Broncos season has turned around, and Miller is the key.

Just give the guy the Defensive Rookie of the Year award now. Aldon Smith has been great, but he’s not nearly as complete as Miller. (He also doesn’t play as much.) J.J. Watt is solid, but not as spectacular. Patrick Peterson may one day be a true shutdown cornerback; Miller is one of the very best pass rushers in football.

Tebow is a great story. Miller is already a great player.

80 responses to “There is no Tebowmania without Von Miller

  1. “Lost in all the Tebowmania last night: A rookie was the MVP of the game and of the Broncos season is a rookie. MVP of the game, and of the Broncos season is a rookie.”

    Say what?

  2. Lost in all the Tebowmania last night: A rookie was the MVP of the game and of the Broncos season is a rookie. MVP of the game, and of the Broncos season is a rookie.

    3G is at it again. lol.

  3. Gregg, you are a genius.

    Miller was a beast last night. Combined with Dummerville, this pass rush is going to be incredible for many years to come!

  4. Thank you giving credit were its due. Teebow isnt a good QB. The defense is winning games. Pick six last night was due to pressure applied by the men upfront.

  5. I’m not a Jets fan, but he also had two late hits/leading with the helmet hits on Sanchez that should’ve been flagged. Funny how that’s not noted in this story….

  6. I was going to call you out on the terrible English in the first paragraph but you changed it already.

    Still screwed up the last sentence though.

  7. Really, I didn’t know Peterson played quarterback as well. I guess the cardinals thought he would tear it up behind center better than…..what’s his name again…

  8. How come PFT is the only outlet to recognize this!? Tebow, ya did good and got your team a win, but the consistency award goes to Miller for sure!

  9. No doubt. He looked pretty freaking good last night. How did this dude get benched earlier in the season?

  10. Hate to be “that guy”, but no mention of Kerrigan in your talk about DROY? In my opinion it’s clearly between Miller and Kerrigan right now.

  11. I think it’s absurd to think Denver is forgetting about what Von Miller is doing.

    The fans love him out here. It’s the media that doesn’t pay attention because it’s a bigger story… but hey, thanks for going out of your way to make it obvious to everyone else.

  12. Jets fans I feel your pain. Nothing worse than losing to Tebow. Not only is it game you should have won easily. But iys hard to get over the loss because the media blows it up like he won the SUPERBOWL or something.

  13. True. Von is a Beast.
    If you did not cheer or feel anything other than happiness when this guy scored the game winning touchdown against the most arrogant team (JETS) in the NFL, you have no soul, or are a JETS fan (samething). FUN to watch this guy win.

  14. Funny, on draft day, all the talking heads were berating the Broncos for taking this guy instead of a Defensive Tackle.

    Ummmm…can you all just admit you were wrong and get it over with?

  15. ROY? How about DPOY.. he’s a beast, iv watched every game, doesn’t matter if he’s double teemed or not hes in the qbs face every play.. havnt seen a DF player like him for quite some time

  16. Right on, Greggy. Broncos D scored 7, consistently gave the O field position they didn’t take advantage, held the Jets to 3 after the fumble in Broncos territory. Yet after 55 minutes of putrid play, Tebow makes a couple of good plays and is the hero? And BTW, how the hell do the Jets blitz 8 and not have any containment on Tebow’s left. Worst defensive call ever.

  17. Let’s not jump to conclusions. He’s a great linebacker for a rookie, but he’s no where near complete. He can be overmatched when it comes to pass coverage. He just looked great last night because Sanchize can’t hit the broad side of a barn.

  18. The entire Broncos defense played a heck of a game. And their special teams was pretty solid as well. I don’t know what to say about Tebow. It seemed like they were not wanting him to run the ball much until the fourth quarter. But once they let him off the leash and he just went out and played his style, they scored on a 95 yard drive. He basically is at home playing street ball, and there’s nothing wrong with that. His passing accuracy does need to improve in the long run however. His decision making was actually pretty good last night, but he missed several throws that should have been completed, one even would have been a touchdown to Decker.

  19. Maybe its time we all accept that Tim Tebow makes EVERYONE a better player. He unites, inspires, and creates an atmosphere of champions. Even I have become a better football player just having watched Tim Tebow. Even if Tim Tebow never plays another down for the Denver Broncos, his very effect on the franchise has been enough already for at least 4 Superbowls in the next 10 years.

  20. Tebow ran THROUGH D. Revis last night. THOUGH him.
    (I’m doin the Tebow pose)lol
    This guy will continue to win games. He can run on any team at will.

  21. Broncos have a very young team and frankly are a below average NFL team…..which makes Tebow going 4-1 even more impressive in my mind.

    Besides Miller, Doom, Champ……maybe Clady on the OL and maybe Decker…..who else starts for the Jets? Some of those might even be a stretch.

  22. No Tebow mania here. Only ones at work today talking ’bout him are the Jesus freaks in the office. The handful of us that know sports thought that was a disgrace of a game (kept flippin to the Presidents Cup), and we aren’t sure why the last 3 D coordinators (Oak, KC, NYJ) still have jobs.

  23. I agree Von should deserves the ROY at this point, but if Aldon Smith got to see as many snaps as Von I would be saying differently

  24. I would say “Great strategy by the Broncos” but they kind of fell into it – Don’t bother sending anyone to Revis Island. Just don’t bother throwing at all.

    Looks like that works against the Jets as long as you play good D on Sanchez and don’t turn the ball over. What a devastating loss for the Jets.

  25. I saw 2 personal fouls missed on Miller, refs can’t be blinded by Tebow-mania forever!!!! Flavor of the month is just that.

  26. Von effin Miller is awesome! When asked why he took him Elway said that he remembered how Derrick Thomas used to terrorize him and he wanted the Broncos to have their own version…so far it’s looking pretty good! If you watch all of the wins in this 4-1 streak you’ll notice that Von Miller is just hammering the quarterback play after play. Elway hit a home run here!

  27. Yes, seriously. The Denver offense put up 7 points! And fans wanna call Tebow a winner. They got the other 10 pts from the defense. The worshiping is mind boggling. If Tebow develops into a quality qb then great for him. Until then people should be posting stories about how great Denver’s D has been.

  28. Normally it be hard to credit the Broncos defense here. This is the same Jets passing attack that couldn’t do anything against New England. But this same Denver defense shut down a number of teams recently. Besides Vonn Miller, i think Champ Bailey deserves extra recognition here. He completely shut down Brandon Marshall, Vincent Jackson, Dwayne Bowe and Santonio Holmes in recent weeks. Thats impressive.

  29. One in this article and many in the previous articles so far.

    The refs and no calls had nothing to do with it. NYJ GOT BEAT. Green’s about right when you turtle!
    Ever notice everybody’s always cheating when NY loses something? It’s like 20 million children sobbing away all the time.

    Should’ve just had a coach try to trip him, but instead you got Tebowed!

  30. Im not a denver fan, but this team has talent. Von deserves the rookie of the year award. Cam newton is dope, but von miller is the difference maker that scares qb’s .

  31. as a Raider fan, this guy (Miller) scares the holy bejedus out of me. Derrick Thomas reincarnated.

    As for Tebow, he keeps it interesting, but the truth is he is wildly innaccurate and his body will not hold up with him rushing th eball 35 times a game

  32. It’s funny, just because an athlete is a great guy, wants to be a great guy, loves to be a great guy and wants to be a role model…..he still gets grief for it. And then when an athlete (most of them) are d-bags, people pile on to them as well.

    I hate to bring this up, but I think religion plays a big part in this. If a non-religious athlete was acting the way Tebow is, he would be getting praise from EVERYONE.

    Some people just need to grow up and accept that some people are religious, and some people are not. They are still people and if religion is what makes them better people, then let it be.

  33. This isn’t really all that surprising. I think most people had Miller as a top 3 player in this year’s draft. (I had it as Patrick Peterson then Von Miller then everyone else.)
    Denver still needs a DT though b/c any good team that can stop the run (9ers, Stillers, Ravens) or any team that can run up the score (packers, lions) are rooting for denver to succeed b/c they would be an easy win in the post season.

  34. Maybe Tebow just motivates the defense to play better because they know he cares and he gives everything he has. Hes not the best qb but when its all said and done his stats will be terrible but he will have a lot more wins than losses.

  35. miller had nothing to do with the D scoring 6 points.

    The last drive was 100yards not 95 as the first play of that series was a completed pass in their own End Zone…

    With Orton in there the 2+ interceptions he does loses the game

    defense wins super bowls….
    18-1 GO GIANTS!

  36. Ummmm….Tebow does not have 35 rushes in any game, not even close…..the ignorance on this site is humorous.

  37. The majority of posts on this article are exactly why so many people are sick of Tebow. Here is an article praising someone else for playing a great game (best player on the field last night by far), yet the posts are still about Tebow and him ‘willing’ the D to play better. Unbelievable. You mean Tebow didn’t intercept Sanchez and score himself? Didn’t Tebow have 3 sacks in that game. He made the blocks that allowed the punt return game to consistently get great field position. He broke the tackle in the endzone to avoid the game ending safety. Oh wait, no he didn’t. The Broncos D knows that if they fall behind by 17 points in any game they will get killed (see 45-10 Detroit lions game). Yet they are still holding teams to 13 a game. Give credit where it is due.

  38. Tim always gives the whole team props. It’s Team effort, it’s a team game. Tebow says nothing, all he does is play. By the way, do you notice all the love his teamates give him? That says it all. He is not responsible for the hype, stop hating you pathetic sad little people

  39. Someone to keep an eye on is Brooks Reed of the Texans. He took Mario Williams’ place in the starting lineup after he got hurt. He has 4 sacks and has put consistent pressure on the quarterback the last few weeks since he has been starting. He’s only 2.5 sacks behind Miller and Smith but hasn’t played nearly as much.

  40. jnbnet says:
    Nov 18, 2011 10:56 AM
    I so wanted the Patriots to draft Von Miller. He would have been a great addition.

    Wasn’t going to happen. Your coach is a horrible drafter for the most part.

  41. It seems like everyone has forgotten how bad the Broncos sucked at the beginning of the year. Von Miller has been playing all year and the Broncos started out 1-4. They only started winning once they made the switch to Tebow and re-energized the team. That’s why he’s rightfully getting the credit.

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