Dolphins to sign Shayne Graham for Sunday


The Dolphins will have a different kicker this week for the first time since 2007.

Dan Carpenter, one of the first additions of the Bill Parcells era, will miss Sunday’s game against Buffalo. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports the team will sign Shayne Graham to replace him.  Graham last kicked with the Patriots.

Miami is looking for their third straight win on Sunday.  They are actually favored against the 5-4 Bills, who could get sole possession of second place (at worst) with a victory.

10 responses to “Dolphins to sign Shayne Graham for Sunday

  1. why suck for luck when you can score with moore? …yes I know, just trying rack up the thumbs down at this point of the season.

  2. As a Dolphins fan, if we win this game, we better go 9-7 or I’ll be pissed. Leave it up to Miami to win itself out of the running for Andrew Luck or Landry Jones at the end of the season.

  3. I’m far more concerned that a 9-7 or 8-8 finish will give Sparano another year- without Sparano gone, every year will look more or less like it does now.

  4. The Dolphins should go all out to win every game, wanting to lose is a cancer on any team, we don’t know what place we will have in the draft, and we don’t know who will be available to us, best to play the game to win, who knows, we could win some games and lose out on another Ryan Leaf. Bill

  5. “bsizemore68 says: The Dolphins should go all out to win every game, wanting to lose is a cancer on any team..”

    Here, here! Any fan that roots for his team to lose halfway through the year has no pride. Screw that! WIN!!!

    I like Barkley better than Luck anyway.

  6. “Fantasy Football Legend says: I just don’t understand all this dumb Andrew Luck talk. This draft will have a number of good QB’s and I will bet any money Luck will not be the best one out of them in the NFL.”

    +1. I like Barkley, and Jones is at least close, as are Wilson and Griffen. If Kellen More were 2 inches taller he’s be the hands-down best QB in the class, and still may shock people (he was “too small” for college, too, until he won more games than any QB in FBS history).

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