Ray Lewis will try to play Sunday


Despite a report earlier this week that Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis will not play against the Bengals because of a toe injury that could keep him out four weeks, Lewis hasn’t given up hope on this Sunday yet.

Peter King reported at halftime of Notre Dame’s game on Saturday that Lewis will try to suit up despite his injury. King said he’d be surprised if Lewis played, but wouldn’t rule it out.

Lewis, who has enjoyed yet another resurgent season this year, hasn’t missed a game since 2007.

UPDATE 9:45 a.m. ET 11/20/11:  Ray Lewis will not play Sunday, according to Warren Sapp of NFL Network.

58 responses to “Ray Lewis will try to play Sunday

  1. You telling me the team trainers/physicians can’t chemically alter his body Sunday morning to make sure he doesn’t feel anything until about an hour after the game ends?

  2. The greatest linebacker of all-time hands down… He is to LB’s what Rice is to WR’s… And this is a Die-Hard Cowboy fan talking.. Much, much, much, Respect!!!!

  3. About 10 years ago, before a Steelers-Ravens game Jerome Bettis was listed doubtful with a groin injury. Lewis’ comment was something like “Come on Jerome put a jock on and man up and get out there!” Well Ray, time to man up!

  4. Total non-biased view, at this point I think it’s safe to say that Ray Lewis is the best Middle Linebacker in NFL History. He’s without a doubt the best in the past 15 years and I would put him up against any of the other Greats who have been surrounded by more talent.

  5. Hey Ray Anthony Lewis, didn’t your buddies kill 2 guys in New Orleans 1/31/2000? You supplied the get away limo. Sound familiar? Why did this go away and you are the darling of the NFL?

  6. Weird coincidence…Of the three (Lambert, Singletary, Ray-Ray) greatest middle linebackers since the merger, two (Lambert and Ray-Ray) will have had their careers ended by a toe injury.

  7. Those bleating “pile-jumper”are at best unoriginal, and at worst misguided. Ray redefined the middle linebacker. Show some respect for the best defensive player of the last 15 years.

  8. Ray Lewis really isn’t my kind of player–too bombastic, loses his cool during/after losses, etc. But I can’t hate on him, or fail to recognize his talent, effort and excellence. He’s an all-time great, and while I may not be a fan of him, I can’t help but be a fan of his game. I feel really privileged to have seen players like Ray Lewis, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning play. I get that they are polarizing figures for different reasons, but to fail to acknowledge their greatness, that they truly played at championship levels that elevated everyone around them, is to admit you don’t care about football.

    You’re just a homer for team X, and there’s millions just like you. I don’t care who they play for, I don’t care whether they make frowny faces, talk trash or schill Ugg boots. I just care about excellence, about areté.

  9. Lewis better play if he is tough..I doubt it he is a loud mouth soft punk who lets everyone else do the dirty work while he takes all the credit! Play you big baby!!

  10. Ravens have lost to 4-3 teams this year. It is funny how no one talks about the bengals always beating the ravens. Look it up. I think it’s because of the rival against Pittsburg. Bengals play a 4-3!!! Watch out!!! 1-3 against 4-3 teams!!!!!

  11. 3octaveFart says:Nov 19, 2011 6:23 PM

    a non-factor whether he plays or not.


    You are…an idiot.

  12. His play is a non factor. He hasnt been any good for years now. If he was on the steelers he’d be riding the bench! Tomorrow every steeler fan far and wide will be rooting for the bengals. Tomorrow is the only acceptable day to say who dey! Red rifle baby!

  13. Sorry but Ray Lewis is great but half of his greatness is him dancing around promoting himself. Compare his number to London Fletcher who has never missed a game and they are almost identical. Lewis makes a spectical of him self. Fletcher has been to 2 pro bowls with identical numbers yet Lewis is considered a first ballot HOF. Who knew that all you had to do was dance around and talk about letting the dogs out to be a hall of taker.

  14. Surprised Ray doesn’t just take a knife to that toe. Just go ahead and murder it – don’t let it stop you Ray.

  15. Some of these comments are downright moronic. Nobody knows exactly how bad this injury is. If Lewis risks further damage that would put his season in jeopardy, he won’t be allowed to play. Lewis is absolutely out of his mind insane. He’d probably try to play through a broken leg… but he wouldn’t be ALLOWED to.

    We know he’s tough as hell. But when most NFL players play through a painful injury, it has little to do with how tough they are, and more to do with whether or not they risk further damage by playing. In this situation, ultimately the decision rests with the team. Lewis would get an injection and take the field 10 out of 10 times, even if it meant that his toe falls off the next morning. The team with millions of dollars invested in him might feel differently.

  16. Jjsteelerfan
    haven’t they beaten you twice this year?
    And for the rest of you clowns saying that he is the best ever and all this other cap…. (one guy says not to question.he is the best lb ever but could he be the best defensive player ever). Yes he is a great…. One of the greats of all time but to say that he is the best ever cannot be compared. Im sure back in the day someone was equally as smar, equally as talented, and even tougher. You cannot compare different areas because of technology, weights, supplements, equipment, etc(i could go on for days stating why you cannot compare cross eras). To sum it up it would be like stating that kobe bryant is the greatest player of all times. When in fact Oscar Robinson averaged a triple double with no 3pt line and was a pt guard

  17. etoharin78 says:
    Nov 19, 2011 6:31 PM
    I’d expect no less from one of the game’s greatest players.


    Well said. After all said and done, one of the five greatest to ever play the game. The definition of football player.

  18. The greatest MLB to ever play the game. Has such an impact on the game.
    And solely responsible for helping sweep the steelers this year. Thats why steelers fans adore him and wish that he had played for them, thats why all the hate.
    Can’t deny his legacy and what he has accomplished. He is a warrior and will probably suit up.

  19. Bengals need to worry about the other 15+ guys that will be flying all over the place.

    Whether he plays or not, it’s gut check time for the rest of them, and they know it.

    Andy Dalton in for a very, very rough day if they can’t run the ball…key to the whole game.

  20. Abungulfan, yes they did beat us twice this year. The steelers run a 3-4 not a 4-3. What would be funny, if the bengals sweep the Ravens then the steelers sweep the bengals to win the afc north would be more salt on the wound to the ravens. They always spend so much emotionally on beating the steelers that they forget they have other games they play. Just saying.

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