Urlacher says Briggs was flagged for “perfect” hit on Megatron

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Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher is teeing off on the NFL’s officiating again.

This time what drew Urlacher’s ire is the officials who flagged Bears linebacker Lance Briggs for a hit on Lions receiver Calvin Johnson on Sunday. In an interview with Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Urlacher said he’s baffled that Briggs drew a penalty for lowering his shoulder and delivering a hard hit on Johnson.

What do you want us to do?” Urlacher said, via CSNChicago.com. “The referee threw the flag, but that should be teaching tape for the NFL on how to hit a guy because that was perfect in my mind.”

Briggs’ hit on Johnson was hard, but it was clean, and Urlacher is right: It was a textbook example of the right way to hit someone. The NFL apparently agrees, because Briggs wasn’t fined.

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  1. What is it with the bears and bears fans. They used to be my second favorite team in the nfc north, they have a game this weekend and all they do is focus on last weekend and cry yet they blew out the lions. “Geez Brian, you won, he didn’t get fined, here’s a Kleenex, you’ll be OK”

  2. Clearly the refs were upset that they knew they weren’t going to see that fool’s epic TD celebration that he was yapping about pre-game. Total domination of the kittens, star scream, and the gloved one!

  3. 5 yrs from now players are gonna be wearing little red and yellow flags on the side of their wastes and no one will hit the ground unless they slip and fall…

  4. I hate the Bears with every fiber of my being, but Urlacher is 100% correct on this. They got jobbed on a few calls in that game.

    Unfortunately, they (and their fans) whine about the officiating in EVERY game so this is like the boy who cried wolf.

  5. Agreed. If a “defenseless receiver” jumped in front of a LB on the 3 yd line, caught the ball sailing towards the end zone on a bang, bang type of play I don’t think any LB would carefully escort him to the ground because he’s defenseless.

  6. Ok so refs stink. Nothing new there. Two weeks ago Devery Henderson was flagged for holding on Tampa cornerback. The replay showed a textbook perfect block, one of the best I’ve ever seen any wide receiver make. It happens. You won. Move on.

  7. I think it’s simple. The game has become too fast and violent for some of these referees that they see a violent hit and think it’s an illegal hit. In the Patriots – Jets game Sterling Moore got there just as Plax was receiving the ball. Moore hit HIS OWN guy and was called for hitting a defenseless receiver. The play was just so fast and violent that the ref assumed it was a penalty. Some of these (older) referees just can’t keep up with the speed of play.

  8. As a Lions fan, I have to say that was a clean hit.

    Like the hit Suh put on Cutler.

    That being said….can we move on? I’m tired of all the snarky remarks from both sides. We won one, you won one. Both sides play hard, punishing NFC North football. Isn’t that what we all want?

  9. The problem is those who are making the decision aren’t qualified to do so. Art Shell, clueless, Ted Cottrell, even moreso. Ray Anderson, a former scumbag agent who doesn’t know if a football is blown up or stuffed. Carl Johnson, who came from Coca-Cola to be the head of officials and never played past high school. And Merton Hanks, a decent cover guy who hung back and made plays on overthrows but the next guy he hits will be the first guy he ever hit. So how is this crew of misfits remotely capeable of deciding a good hit or not? They aren’t! The must be another reason why they all have the jobs that they do, I wonder what they all might have in common?

  10. “Clearly the refs were upset that they knew they weren’t going to see that fool’s epic TD celebration that he was yapping about pre-game. Total domination of the kittens, star scream, and the gloved one!”

    On what basis can you or anyone refer to Calvin Johnson as a fool? In a league full of prima donna receivers (three of whom are now on the outside looking in), CJ is a model for young receivers as well as other players – just shut up and get the job done.

  11. that was a perfect hit. briggs shoulder was dipped low not his helmet. national flag league is comin sooon

  12. What is a defenseless receiver anyway? If he has a helmet on and shoulder pads he is protected. If he gambles across the middle without looking for the safeties and linebackers and gets jacked up then he is a fool. Stupid rules.

  13. Ruining the game. If you accept the paycheck you have to accept the risk. Its football. Otherwise take off the helmets and pads and play touch football.

  14. It was a bad call, but cut the refs slack. The game moves fast and mistakes happen. He didn’t get fined which was the league’s way of acknowledging it was a hard but clean hit… the league had the advantage of rewind and slow motion to help them out, the officials had to make that call in real time.

  15. CJ didn’t complain, whine, cry dirty or retaliate after getting hit in football. This is how a real football player acts.

  16. I haven’t seen the hit that Urlacher is referring to, but what I’ve seen in a lot of games the last couple years is guys getting flags and/or fines for textbook hits that result in some incidental contact that with the helmet. There was a hit that Ryan Clark from the Steelers put on a Patriot a couple weeks ago. Clark is running full speed at the receiver who is running full speed almost directly at Clark. Clark makes a textbook hit with his shoulder, but his helmet just brushes the facemask of the patriot receiver. The hit by Clark was obviously not malicious. The replay showed that the patriot receiver’s head lowered a little but just before contact was made. With two guys running full speed directly at each other, I don’t know how Clark is supposed to make that hit while at the same time making sure to avoid all contact with the receivers helmet.

  17. When I watch college football I count how many incomplete passes would have been either pass interference, roughing the QB, or unnecessary roughness for hitting the WR when he’s trying to catch the ball. College rarely calls ticky tack fouls and it is now such a better game. The NFL kinda sucks.

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