A.J. Green wants to play, but will defer to doctors


Now that we know Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis won’t play against the Bengals on Sunday, the question becomes whether Bengals receiver A.J. Green will play against the Ravens.

Officially listed as doubtful with a hyperextended knee, Green wants to give it a try, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

But, per Schefter, Green will defer to team doctors.  And if that’s the case, it would be a surprise if the Bengals’ doctors let him play, especially since those doctors already assessed his chances of playing as slim.

13 responses to “A.J. Green wants to play, but will defer to doctors

  1. he should sit out this game and be ready for the rest of this season. that kids a baller cindy fans you have a very bright future! even if you miss the playoffs this year one more draft class will make you guys elite imo.

  2. Rest him. If they lose today they still have a great shot at the wild card, especially with the Jets and Bills tanking. If they play him and he reinjures himself even worse, they are done.

  3. It’s better to wait another week and have him down the stretch. That being said, we will have problems in the passing game without him.

  4. If the Bengals are smart, they’ll sit him down until he’s healthy. Green is half of their future.

  5. It doesn’t matter too much if he plays or not. Ed Reed won’t just stand around like that tool from Pittsburgh and watch Green score TD’s. All those cute rainbow bombs from Dalton will just end up being intercepted.

  6. I got news for ya rexismybff……..your old ass sorry defense is gonna be no match for my Offense for years to come. Prey you find the fountain of youth!!!!!!!………..and a QB!!!!!

  7. @bengalguy – what did I say about a month ago? Dalton zeroes in on his receivers, before and during the plays, and his interceptions this year are from DB’s reading his eyes. I said he wouldn’t win against the Steelers or Ravens, because they would make him pay for being able to anticipate his throws.

    And what happened last week? William Gay for the Steelers followed his eyes and jumped his throws, tipping one 4th quarter pass that was intercepted, and intercepting the final one himself. Two throws in crunch time, two INT’s. Don’t expect Ed Reed and company to treat Dalton any better.

  8. @rexismybff….do your homework clown….7 of his 9 ints. have been tips or jumpball situations…do your homework Ratbird….hows Flacco’s stats lookin this year????Not as good as Dalton’s…..YOUR WINDOW IS CLOSING FAST!!!!!DEAL WITH IT CHUMP!!!

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