Bills can’t explain their decline, Gailey says his team is “pitiful”

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Three weeks ago the Buffalo Bills were 5-2, and their two losses were by a field goal apiece, both against teams with winning records. A whole lot has changed since then.

Today the Bills were blown out by the Dolphins, for their third straight lopsided loss. They’re now 5-5, and they’ve been outscored by 80 points over their last three games.

Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who picked up a hefty new contract just before the team went into a tailspin, says he hasn’t a clue what’s going on.

“We’re baffled as to what has happened,” Fitzpatrick said, via the Associated Press. “For the past three weeks, it has not been fun to play, and I’m sure it has not been fun to watch.”

Bills coach Chan Gailey says he can’t believe that his team — which three weeks ago looked like one of the best teams in the league — lost 35-8 to Miami — which three weeks ago looked like one of the worst teams in the league.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever been through that before, ever,” Gailey said. “When you’re that bad, you’re having a pitiful day.”

The Bills have had three pitiful Sundays in a row.

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  1. “We’re baffled as to what has happened,” Fitzpatrick said, via the Associated Press.

    Now you know how a lot of us felt when you were playing well and winning. Return to normalcy.

  2. Bills coach Chan Gailey says he can’t believe that his team lost 35-8 to Miami — which three weeks ago looked like one of the worst teams in the league.

    “I don’t know if I’ve ever been through that before, ever,” Gailey said. “When you’re that bad, you’re having a pitiful day.”
    No offense to Miami, of course.

  3. It sounds cliche but the blame starts top to bottom. Play calling has been abysmal. Execution pitiful.

    Explain to me this!…why would they put Levitre at center when he CLEARLY can’t snap the ball…seems like its a pretty important aspect for a center!

  4. This is how it goes every season. We either start off hot and than implode the last half of the season or start off slow and get hot at the end of the season. Not surprised by this

  5. It is not hard to explain….look at the Offensive line play for the first 6 weeks. Then look at the injuries and offensive line play for the past month. Everything explained!!! The defense is the same allowing 30+ points and all kinds of yardage.

  6. Biggest issue for Bills is their lack of depth, once injuries started to pile up so have the losses. They are rebuilding and while the starters are pretty good, their depth is not on par with rest of league.

  7. Agreed…Absolutely pitiful. Coming from a Bills fan too. Play calling has been one of the number one reasons too. Then poor execution. And when you give up a TD on every possession what do you expect. They can’t cover a anything or even sniff the quarterback.when you make Tony Romo and Matt Moore look like Brady and Rodgers I think pitiful is generous

  8. “Gailey says his team is “pitiful””
    Really, did he? Cause what I read was that he said that they had a “pitiful day.” Maybe it’s been awhile since you had comp&lit but having a pitiful day is not the same as calling the team pitiful.

    Semantics you say, well you are supposed to be a professional writer after all shouldn’t I expect you to be able to understand the structure of a sentence properly?

  9. Im not here to kick the bills while they are down, but what the hell has happened to the offensive line? I suggest drafting a corner that has better skills then some o line depth

  10. The real Bills have showed up thank u god. I lost all kinds of wieght throwing up after laughing so hard at the Superbowl talk.

  11. Since 1999, a great start has never come without an even greater collapse to end the year. I’m not one of those fans who pretends he walks the halls at One Bills Drive but doesn’t it beg the question: Is there a culture of losing that starts at the top? The players and coaches are different but we still see the same results! EVERY time! This doesn’t fly in places like Boston or New York. But in a place like Buffalo, where we don’t even joke about the possibility the Bills move to a bigger season, it’s almost like we don’t hold them to the same standard because we’re just happy to have them. I don’t know…I’m just trying to make sense of it all.

  12. Remember week 3 when the Bills finally beat the Patriots and all the Bills fans were on here celebrating about how it’s over for the Pats and the Bills are Superbowl bound?? Try to remember this next year.. K.

  13. Bills are who we thought they were. Same old bills that fall apart every year. Loved how everyone jumped on that bandwagon in the beginning of the year. Where you all at now??

    On a side note…the headline on this is so far from what the head coach said its ridiculous. These media writers anything to twist the coaches words to make him look like the bad guy. Seriously what coach would say their team is pitiful?? These writers are pitiful

  14. @ seatownballers:

    the defensive backfield (when healthy) is actually okay.. . its the lack of pass rush that is making them look as bad as they do. i dont care if your Revis, if the opposing QB has 5+ seconds to throw the ball EVERY SINGLE TIME he drops back to pass, then he will complete passes…. NO ONE can cover a WR that long and shouldn’t be expected to.

    The Bills Pass Rush is a total farce.

  15. The coaching on this team is an absolute MESS… particularly on the defensive side of the ball. If George Edwards isn’t fired this week and replaced by Wannstadt then I really question the direction this franchise is going in. I have NEVER seen such a miserable pass rush. I mean, its non-existent.

  16. I understand that we have depth issues and are getting CRUSHED with injuries, but any reasonably talented coach would at least TRY to adapt instead of simply throwing the same stuff out there with lesser talented players. And the depth issue is a real concern from a team management perspective. How does a GM allow us to be heading into a season with no back-up center? Like … WTF?!?!? My wife was screaming at the TV with how badly he looked and how poorly he was snapping the ball, I can’t argue with her…. But having never played the position, he shouldn’t be put in that position in the first place!

  17. Again, I understand that we are totally screwed with injuries…. BUT, there has to come a time when the coaches address our weaknesses and at least attempt to mask them with different packages on both offense and defense. There is NO imagination or creativity in the play calling on either side of the ball. Yes our defense is garbage, but so is New England’s… but the Pats at least confuse the opponent with different coverages and blitz schemes….. The Bills just continue to rush 3 at the QB, with Dareus getting double-teamed because he is the only one worth a damn….

  18. it got to a point yesterday where i was more interested in seeing J.P. Losman come in and play against the Bills to see how he would look. I missed it, and only saw one handoff. Dang

  19. You don’t give a QB who is a career backup and not a high draft pick a big contract after just a few good games. Not too smart.

    But it’s not surprising considering the Bills, the league’s welfare case.

  20. Nobody was crowning the Bills to go to the Superbowl. At least no Bills fans were. The fanbase has a collective “tempered enthusiasm” when it comes to the team. You jagoffs that come in and take pot shots at them after each loss are basketcases. Of course Bills fans will take the opportunity to enjoy a victory when it comes, one the most historied teams in the league with what is arguably the strongest fanbase when considering attendance. There is no bandwagon in Buffalo, they are always there. It’s mind numbing that the Bills still attract this type of hatred when they have been down for this long. Well I guess it’s about par when considering the classless fanbase that the criticism comes from.

  21. Everybody has pretty good arguments here that I don’t really disagree with, excecpt the “Lack of Depth” complaint. We have depth, but that depth is also injured. We started the year with 2 WR on IR, now we lose Jones, Nelson, and Smith for short periods of time, that is 5 WR and we can still field enough to go 3 wide, that is pretty good depth. Both LT were injured, we moved Levitre over, and the line really didn’t miss a beat. But now we have 2 linemen out and a 3rd hobbled, you can’t really complain about depth there either. DL is one of our deepest positions along with ILB. The issue isn’t depth, it’s that we are getting plauged by injuries and it is forcing guys to play out of position. What this team really lacks is “true talent”. Hard work will only get you so far. At some point, natural talent needs to be there to be succesful. This is why I am somewhat glad this implosion is happening. It will give the coaching staff a honest evaluation of the roster at years end. The Fitz blame is not warranted, I don’t have enough extremities to count how many catchable balls were dropped in the last 3 weeks, a number of them would have been for big plays. Give him a “Talented” WO to pair with SJ and a defense that can stop someone, and let’s see what happens. I’m not ready to throw the towel in on him yet.

  22. @rabid, i appreciate nearly all of your posts. But the logic behind supporting the failure behind a team you pull for is nonsense. Then in the next breath you arent ready to throw in the towel.
    I can see your point (I think) about problems being addressed through losses, but thats about it.

  23. @ Stanmark

    I’m not ready to throw the towel in on Fitzpatrick as the QB of the Buffalo Bills. This team is a 7-9 to 8-8 team. Do you honestly think that if this team wins 10 + games that some of the true problem areas will get adressed? I don’t. I support consistency, if that means missing the playoffs this year to make sure the kinks are worked out for the future, I am all for it. Why do you think about 50% of teams don’t make the postseason a year after going? Thats becasue their teams aren’t as good as what they are, and they kept guys around because they helped them to the playoffs once, instead of giving a true evaluation and making changes regardless of the seasons outcome.

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