DeAngelo Hall thinks the Redskins should cut him


Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall gave up a 24-yard Dez Bryant touchdown in the first quarter of today’s loss to the Cowboys, and a crucial 26-yard Bryant catch in overtime was Hall’s fault, too. Afterward a dejected Hall said the Redskins would be better off without him.

“I can’t point a finger at anybody but myself. The way I’m playing right now, they need to go and cut me, because I’m definitely not worth what I’m getting. It’s frustrating,” Hall told the Associated Press.

Hall wasn’t saying he wants out of Washington. He says he wants to stay. But he also says he realizes that the quality of his play is totally unacceptable.

“Hopefully they see something in me and bring me back next year,” Hall added. “But the way things are going right now, I’m definitely not playing up to par.”

Hall’s bad day was a big reason the Redskins failed to win despite a surprisingly solid effort from their offense. At least Hall knows he has himself to blame.

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  1. Wait…the Redskins are currently overpaying an underperforming player? NAWWW. Can’t be. I won’t believe it.

  2. This guy has been a cancer his whole career and historically teams get better when they release him. Look it up. Atlanta got better and then Oakland got better. Meanwhile the Skins stink. They should part ways with MEangelo as soon as they have a chance.

  3. Hall has sucked and always sucked and sucked some more. And then he sucked again after he sucked before. Also, he sucks. (his own words, not mine)

  4. Couldn’t agree more. Cornerbacks need to know how to cover and tackle, not bite on every move trying to get big interceptions. Take Laron Landry with you.

  5. At least he owned it and was critical of himself, rather than faulting others constantly. Cough——Jay Cutler—-cough

  6. You’re right, Hall, you’re performance stunk. If they’re smart, they draft a corner next April. But hey, a Qb right tackle, guard or 2, and all the injured guys come back, and the defense will be good enough. I think Hall has blown it, but overall if the offense gets better the defense is not bad.

  7. Yep like the above poster said this is his way of gettin cut so he can play on a playoff contender

  8. Hall, can you please clarify why you never made the same exact suggestion in Oakland?

    His position in Oak was Man Full Step cause he was always a full step behind his man.

    Below avg CB at best. Save your money for a sexier splurge Snydee.

  9. Maybe if he stopped running his mouth all the dang time he might be able to focus on playing. You can’t talk smack if you aren’t going to back it up. DeAngelo Hall needs to shut his mouth and focus on playing the game.

  10. He’s right. He also gave up a crucial 3rd and 15 in the final drive among many other plays. The Cowboys playbook should consist of run left, run right, throw at Hall, they’d never punt.

  11. Glad we decided to sign Meangelo and let Carlos Rogers go to San Fran where he is flourishing…either that or it was absolutely idiotic.

  12. When are NFL owners gonna realize Bruce Allen stinks at his job and is living off his FATHER’S NAME

  13. Bruce Allen isn’t the problem. Currently he is a figurehead.

    This is the 2nd Cowboys game, this year even, that Hall has lost because of a big completion to Bryant.

    However as much as I dislike Hall, if we had either scored another TD or 1 of the 2 FGs that were missed it wouldn’t have gotten that far.

  14. Don’t cut him!!!! My Cowboys play them twice a year and he always leaves Dez open late in the game and allows us to come back and win!!!!! If you do trade him, send to the Giants or Philly!!! LOL

  15. I agree… hey you got any interest in being the 49ers quarterback? and by quarter back I mean 7th DB in those hail mary situations lmao

  16. This guy made the pro-bowl but gave up the most receiving yards of any starting corner. What’s up with that? All flash, no substance. Hello? This guy is all flash. One big game with buch of ITN’s, but I can point to a TD catch by other team week before dallas and he just tried to strip the ball near goaline. No thought of a tackle.

  17. I’ll give the man his due for admitting the obvious… Yes, Way overpaid. Just don’t be a fool and blow what you have been fortunate to get on fast women. Buy a boat and go fishing.

  18. Wait, a Redskin trying to talk sense after making boneheaded plays? Is this a Candid Camera or Punk’d thing or something?

  19. D Hall is a playmaker, but he is not a cover corner… but he’s worth $56 million & Carlos Rogers signs with SF for like $22million… I still wish we had Carlos, but he felt he deserved to be the highest paid CB on the team & he was right. That said… We need D Hall, Bryant is a BEAST!!!!

  20. Hall should retire. He should give Dez props. He should give himself to the Broken Big Mouth Society for research…

  21. Hall has the 2nd highest number of tackles on the team. A cornerback with the 2nd highest number of tackles!!! It’s always a linebacker or a safety with those kind of statistics. How can it be all his fault? How can he be overrated? He is feeling bad because he got beat those two plays, but give the guy a break… He is a good player.

  22. It should also be noted that “4.2” D.Hall couldn’t run down Jason Witten on that 60yd TD pass….instead he tried to punch the ball out 5 yards deep in the endzone.

    D.Hall, the Tashard Choice of defense.

  23. I would add the officials to all those mentioned.

    Funny how 3 or 4 calls go Dallys way that changed 4th downs to 1st downs and eventually points?

    But I’ll take the loss as 6-10’s and 8-8’s never seem to produce in the ‘Skins draft (compounded by the fact that they used to trade most picks away). How much worse can you get than having no more than 1 or 2 players per draft make the team? More unsigned free-agents than drafted players?

    This team is 2 or 3 more years away from competative. There are so many holes in BOTH starters & depth and now you can add kicker to that list.

    I hope league historians take note to the unprecidented damage one decade under Snyder has produced. NEVER IN THE LEAGUE HISTORY HAS A SINGLE PERSON DAMAGED A TEAM FOR THEN 15 YEARS (sorry Al Davis)! The league administration should create rules TO PREVENT ANOTHER DANIEL SNYDER FROM TARNISHING (WHILE EXPLOITING) ONE OF THE TOP FRANCHISES WITH RICH TRADITIONS. Any business that operates in that manner will soon fail.

    Wonder if the Hershey company would ever take an original like the Hershey Bar and change it by dipping it in poo?

    I hope and pray that the league will some day revoke Snyder’s franchise. I would rather see the team gone than its current state.

  24. Couldn’t agree more. Dude has been the most talking-est, no playing-est corner in the league his whole career. Enjoy the rest of the season Hall because you won’t be back next year.

    Memo to to offenses around the NFL. If you positively have to have a completion for a first down late in the game, just look across the line and find 23. Throw it to whoever he is covering because he WILL be open and 23 WILL NOT make a tackle.

  25. Hmmm, all this whining about contracts in the NFL not “guaranteed” (ahem, hiccup, signing bonuses), and all the whining about not getting paid by players when they “out-perform” their contracts.

    Well, is DeAngelo Hall going to give some of his money back to the Redskins based on his play? Is Chris Johnson going to give some of his money back (much of it)? Did Roy Williams, when in Dallas (Receiver Roy, not safety) give back a portion of his since he “under-performed”?

    This is why players should just play and not whine.

  26. prior0knowledge says: Nov 21, 2011 1:06 AM

    Hall has the 2nd highest number of tackles on the team. A cornerback with the 2nd highest number of tackles!!! It’s always a linebacker or a safety with those kind of statistics. How can it be all his fault? How can he be overrated? He is feeling bad because he got beat those two plays, but give the guy a break… He is a good player.


    Any corner that has a ton of tackles it’s because he can’t cover. He gets thrown at all day. And obviously that WR is catching the ball because Hall is tackling him. Every time we need a stop they throw at Hall and he always gets burned. And Haslett is the worst. He plays zone or blitzes everybody. Not a good coordinator at all. Why isn’t Dez doubled in 3rd and 16?

  27. MeAngelo couldn’t cover a 90 yr old man in a wheelchair. Never was worth what he’s paid.

    Would you be willing to give back your undeserved salary MeAngelo? If so, HAPPY TRAILS to you!

  28. Wow all these fake fans who are asking for Carlos Rogers back. This player had only 8 interceptions in the many season he played for us. He was a 1st round CB that had cover skills but dropped so many interceptions that directly correlated to losses. Also he spent the last two years whining about getting paid. He gets lucky on the 49ers and you want him back. He was trash and can just go Fk himself! He made no attempt to better his catching skills and got bit on so many double moves.

  29. I give him credit… most athletes have huge egos and would never say something like that… I respect his hard opinion of himself… I hope to see him bounce back… just not against my ‘Boys of course…

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