Dolphins and Bills continue their recent trends


There was a point when the Bills were one of the most pleasant surprises of the season while the Dolphins were in the running for the worst record in the league.

That wasn’t all that long ago, although you’d think otherwise if you watched the first half of Sunday’s game between the AFC East rivals. After a Buffalo field goal on the opening drive of the game, the Dolphins have thumped the Bills every which way and have a 28-6 lead to show for their efforts.

The problems for Buffalo are the same ones that have plagued them in each of their last two losses. The offense has none of the big play ability they flashed earlier in the season and the defense has shown no ability to stop the opposition without picking up a turnover. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw two interceptions, giving him seven in the last three weeks, and injuries to center Eric Wood and safety George Wilson have left big holes on both sides of the field. They’ve been outscored 56-13 in the last two first halves.

Injuries have opened more holes in the first 30 minutes of this game. Brad Smith injured his ribs — he returned just before the half — and wide receiver Donald Jones was carted off after suffering a nasty looking ankle injury. Wide receiver David Nelson also went down with an injury on Yeremiah Bell’s interception just before the two-minute warning and cornerback Terrence McGee got banged up on Davone Bess’s ensuing touchdown. All the losses are going to make it harder for the Bills to recapture their early season magic.

Miami is also following their script of the last few weeks. Matt Moore has continued his strong recent play with three touchdown passes, rookie Charles Clay has exploited matchups for a pair of big catches and the offense has picked up 191 yards. The Dolphins defense, for their part, hasn’t allowed a touchdown since their Week Eight loss to the Giants and has totally stifled the Buffalo attack.

Both teams look like their recent play has created momentum. The Dolphins are confident and moving forward on every play while the Bills look lost on both sides of the ball as they try to figure out how to win games with so many injured players.

12 responses to “Dolphins and Bills continue their recent trends

  1. the dophins have played competitive ball quite a bit this season….they should be right in the thick of the afc east race if not for those close losses to cleveland, the broncos, and the giants.

    if dallas loses today they may be in huge trouble on thanksgiving.

    the bills….last place is looking like a reality.

  2. So Fitzpatrick had what 3-4 great games, got paid, then reverted back to the below average QB he’s been over his entire 6 year carreer? Everyone act surprised!

  3. @trbowman Matt Moore has a lot of development before even being considered a quality quarterback, but he’s not so bad (and the Bills’ defense so good) that anything close to “soul searching” should be involved. Maybe basic respect for your opponent is a good place to start.

  4. Miami fans are pathetic. Their team is putting on a pretty damn good show, and they all decide to ditch the game at halftime. Look at the stands – the stadium is half empty. Embarrassing.

  5. You’re right, tfaulk. Giving up three scores to Matt Moore in one half isn’t embarrassing. Matt Moore’s a top flight NFL quarterback.

    Neither is giving up 35 points in a single game.

    Nah, defense has soul searching to do. No question.

  6. gtrav, the stands were that empty at the beginning . very sad.
    and hardhead, you cant even come close to providing any argument that the bills will move to los santos.

  7. Matt Moore continues to play well in every game so far.

    Brandon Marshall continues to drop… it would be 49 – 3 if he had caught a couple sure passes

    and the real story? the Indy gets Luck… the most unfair event in the history of the draft……

  8. There are times that I wish I could just like another team but I can’t. I know there are those of you that can like a different team every year. Not this guy. I love the Bill’s and have been a fan for over 20 years. What is it going to take to start winning? Is it Ralph Wilson? I’m so defeated right now. I wish I could say maybe next year, lol we know how that goes.

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