Don’t be surprised if Steve Smith becomes a Giant again

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Steve Smith left the Giants for the Eagles in free agency this year, and he’s expecting a rude reception from Giants fans tonight. But there’s already talk that Smith could be back with the Giants again next season.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that people who know Smith think he’d love to return to the Giants after the season, and that he believes the Giants are the best fit for him.

The Eagles haven’t been a particularly good fit for Smith: He has just 10 catches for 110 yards this season. So it’s easy to envision Smith being one-and-done in Philadelphia.

And if he is, it’s easy to envision him returning to the Giants. He was a perfect fit in their offense during his one full, healthy season as a starter, catching 107 passes for 1,220 yards and seven touchdowns. The Giants might be the best team for him.

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  1. True. But do the Giants need/want him with Nicks, Manningham, and the emergence of Cruz? He’s the least explosive of that bunch. He’s a great possession guy. But I imagine the Giants passing unless he comes cheap.

  2. What? Steve Smith would step back into New York as the 4th receiver behind Nicks, Manningham and Cruz…

    …He’d be better off going somewhere where a possession receiver is needed. Maybe a team with a QB throwing an unusual amount of interceptions could make use of him…Tampa? San Diego?

  3. “…and that he believes the Giants are the best fit for him.”

    But do the Giants believe he’s a good fit for THEM anymore? With the emergence of Ballard and Cruz, the Giants have plenty of receiving options behind Nicks & Manningham. With the way he left the team for a division rival, paired with the talent the Giants already have, they may not be interested in Smith anymore.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the only offer Smith got from the Giants was a 1 year, $1MM offer.

  4. whats a matter stevie boy the grass isnt greener somewhere else? wellheres a news flash we dont need you maybe u can go join plaxico and play for rex and have sanchez throw to u. once a traitor always a traitor

  5. The only way the Giants want him is if Manningham leaves. Otherwise Smith would the #4 receiver, maybe. Cruz would have the regress for Smith to be in the top 3. Sure Cruz has had some bad drops, but he’s going to improve. Heck Ramses Barden may even be a better receiver than Smith which would push Smith to #5.
    I think all this talk is coming from the Smith camp because they realize just how bone headed a move he made going to Philly.

  6. As an Eagles fan, I’d be totally for it. What a stiff, and that play he quit on last week may be one of the worst things I’ve ever seen.

  7. Smith is clearly behind Nicks/Manningham/Cruz and likely behind Barden. So that leaves him battling two guys that can also return kicks, Jerrigan and Hixon, for the 5th receiver slot? Why would Giants even bother at this point for a guy that’s not a special teams player?

  8. This Steve Smith was a one year wonder. He’s nothing special. Special players are productive in any offense. The other Steve Smith is a special player.

  9. No thanks. to Steve “Benedict Arnold” Smith.. That Bum is a better fit on the Pipe Dream Team with the rest of the under achieving BUMS!! Eli made him what he was and now Eli is making stars out of undrafted guys like Victor Cruz and Jake Ballard.. Hope that extra mil was worth it you clown.. Its the last big contract you’ll ever see…

  10. smith isnt going to be a giant next year unless, like someone else already said, manningham leaves.

    i wouldnt want him back with the giants regardless. nicks is awesome and cruz may wind up emerging as a top 5 receiver in the league, and the best in giants history. yeah, i know its early, buy anyone who has watched him knows he has skills that most receivers could never dream of having.

    i hope the giants are able to resign mario.

  11. Bottom line, when he’s healthy, he & Eli have great chemistry. The “traitor” nonsense should have died the game against the Eagles when he tipped the pass right to our defense. That was the gift that kept on giving. If he can prove he’s healthy and NY can get him on the cheap, it’s a no brainer to take him back. Giants WRs get hurt all the time. To have a guy that Eli is in tune with on the sidelines waiting for the first injury to help the team out, yeah, I’ll take that. Plus with the tight cap, NY may not be able to sign Nicks AND Manningham, so NY could be a guy short. Just remember Stevie, you owe us a discount. Eli made you a star, Vick made you one of his dogs, and that means ALL your leverage is gone. You want to see the Pro Bowl again? It’s gonna cost ya.

  12. Sure he’d like to return to the Giants. He’s been exposed as being very average with the Eagles. You think Asomugha would like to return to the Raiders? These guys talk about winning being everything, but they always go for the money. I think the Eagles would have been better off if they used the money to sign these guys on a good linebacker.

  13. reid mis uses every good player he gets. he takes them away from what they do best. look at Babin before a new line coach this year. Look at the DB’S. Only Reid could make Osi look bad

  14. The “other” Steve Smith made his choice to take the money and play for the dream team, the Giants have moved on.

  15. What really funny is all the trash talking giants fans. Cruz = flash in the pan. Eli = one good season every four years, and the eagles will win the division next year. It’s pretty darn funny that Dallas will win the division and the giants will implode as usual. Go eagles.

  16. “What really funny is all the trash talking giants fans. Cruz = flash in the pan. Eli = one good season every four years, and the eagles will win the division next year.”

    Notice how even the Philly trolls like baldinger no longer say they will win the Super Bowl. Fifty one years and counting and not one Super Bowl win. Pathetic. Winning the division is all you’ll ever get. Now make sure you don’t run and hide for a week if the Giants win tonight like you did last time! BTW – Any team that just paid Vick $100 million really should not use the “flash in the pan” phrase. He is the QB we all remember from Atlanta. And, here’s the worse part for you Eagle fans, each injury and each year, he will get slower and less mobile. And then, all you’ll have left is a worn down RB pretending to be a QB, that can’t read defenses, and trying not to fumble the ball again and again before he makes a dump pass to McCoy because that’s all he can do. You boys better empty the bank to pay McCoy, he’s the only player keeping that train wreck of a team slightly competitive.

  17. Another brilliant move by the Eagles. Pay ” Drop to the Ground” Smith $4 million and leave the game breaker, D Jackson, twirling on the string at $600,000. No wonder the season imploded, besides making the O line coach the D coordinator.

  18. It doesnt matter what the vagiants do.they are a horrible team that doesnt deserve the record they have.since they got lucky with schedule and played 6 teams with bad records.the last half of the schedule will show the blues real for the eagles.Reid is the problem there..hiring a O line coach as a DC.bye bye AR.THE DREAM TEAM should be 8-1,since they lost all 6 games in the 4th quarter cause the d CANT HANDLE the pressure.the cowgirls will wind up winning the east.giants wont even get WC..Sorry giants fans but what you seen early is not what you will see at the end..too bad

  19. As for the eagles…thats what u get when you win so many games every year.CRAP draft picks.they finally have a bad year and maybe they get a better then 20-29th draft pick in the first round.Nope they havent won a superbowl ever no they have not.but only 1 losing record in the past 14 years isnt to bad either.playoffs 10 out of 14 years isnt bad either.just no super bowl..if a team doesnt win back to back SB means that that team got hot at the end…and won a sb.does not mean they were the best team in the league,hence the giants win over unbeaten patriots…giants got hot in the play offs,they were not the best team.rarely in any sport does the team that played best all year win the championship.

  20. I would get rid of Mannigham to make room for Smith. I’d like to see Nicks & Cruz on the outside & Smith in the slot & Barden as the 4th man off the bench. I don’t see anything special in Manningham, he drops a lot of balls tossed his way. Maybe we pick up Smith and trade Manningham for some help on the O-line so we can get our running stats back up, right now I think any other team with a one-legged running back would out gain us on the ground.

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