Hue Jackson thinks officials were unfair on Sunday


The Raiders got flagged 12 times for 117 yards in their 27-21 win over the Vikings on Sunday and coach Hue Jackson isn’t happy about it.

Jackson said that he plans to contact the league office to complain about the officiating in the game. He said that he felt that some of the calls were “a little unfair” and suggested that his team is being unjustly targeted.

“I know everyone says we’re the most-penalized team in football and that’s a fact, and I’m not running from that,” Jackson said. “But there’s no way, some things that happened today on that football field, I question. I just do, and I have to, and I’m going to defend my team. It’s time that I do that.”

Jackson also complained about the explanations, or lack of them, from officials when he asks them about calls. He seemed particularly concerned with four personal fouls for illegal hits.

“I don’t even know what football is right now,” Jackson said, according to the Associated Press. “I don’t know what hitting is, I don’t know what tackling is, and I’ve been in this league a long time. I can’t tell you what tackling or hitting or what’s a personal foul or what’s anything anymore.”

The Raiders are the most penalized team in the NFL and they are on pace to break the single-season record for penalties by any team. It hasn’t hurt them too much in the standings — they lead the AFC West at 6-4 — but it is a good idea for Jackson to do something to limit the chances that it winds up hurting them in the future.

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89 responses to “Hue Jackson thinks officials were unfair on Sunday

  1. Jackson has stayed away from criticizing the officials this year but today was just too much.

    The NFL should investigate this game.

  2. There was one late hit they were called for that would probably not been called if he just landed on him, but he landed forearm on the already down player. It’s not much but it’s stupid football.

  3. The ref who officiated this game is by far the worst nfl official I have ever seen. He has a lisp, fumbles through explanations of the call and has a dumb look in his face when addressing the crowd

  4. Cue all the raider haters…bad calls or not, people who post on this site don’t like players or coaches who complain about the refs. If this had been a steelers coach or player, there would have been 100 posts within 5 minutes

  5. Jared Allen comes flying in and wacks an already down Carson Palmer with his helmet and gets nothing.

    Curry makes a clean hit, get’s flagged, Bryant hits a guy while he’s going down, gets flagged and one more on the drive that was a half the distance on Branch.

    I can see MAYBE 1, but no more then that. They gave the Vikings 42 yards on one drive on penalties that will not be called on any other team in the NFL.

  6. Not a Raider’s fan but I agree. Week after week players fined for hits they were not even flagged for, and every score, catch, and “fumble” reviewed like the Zapruder film….

    Flags everywhere…I am tired of routinely seeing flags for holding on two yard rushing gains…it’s making the game almost unwatchable. Almost..Gotta go…second half is starting..

  7. The officiating was horrible the whole game. Not only terrible calls, but at one point, they didn’t even know what down it was. The NFL needs to act on this sort of incompetence.

  8. Jackson is right. Just WHAT has the NFL become ? Officials can throw a flag on ANY aggressive, hard tackle and call it a “personal foul” , changing the outcomes of games . PLUS, they aren’t held accountable for their poor performance. Just an ” OOPS ” from the NFL office on Wednesday morning

  9. Years ago all you heard out of the NFL was that they wanted to take the Judgement calls out of the Rule Book as much as possible.

    You remember the days, it was back when people knew a catch when they saw one, they could yell out Fumble or TD and be right the bulk of the time.

    The NFL today knows just what they are doing. They want the game the way it is today. That way they can call what ever they want on any play they want and push the games and teams they want in the direction they want as the Playoffs get near. Ever wonder why YEAR AFTER YEAR New England is ALWAYS playing a last place schedule? A little nudge here and a little nudge there to set the Playoffs as they want to see them.

  10. There needs to be an investigation done on the Raiders being flagged so much over the years.

    It’s obvious the NFL (starting with Rozelle) had it in for Davis and mandated that the refs call Raider games closer than most.

    The proof is there.

    The Raiders lead the league decade after decade. Many new coaches and players have come and gone yet they always still lead the league. I think that pretty much says what is really going on.

    Even players like Rod Woodson and Jerry Rice went on to say that they noticed the difference in the way Raider games were called when they started wearing the Silver and Black.

  11. That referee needs to go. He absolutely oozes incompetence. The whole crew was seeing phantom calls everywhere.
    Are they getting a commission?
    Seriously, this was the most poorly called game that I’ve seen so far this season. And there have been some really bad calls this year.

  12. The first quarter was awful. There was a series where the officials even forgot what down it was. Minnesota had to take a timeout to explain to the officials why it should be 3rd down instead of 4th. At the least there was a lot ineptitude on the part of the officials today. It was terrible.

  13. This has been the worst officiated season I’ve ever seen. It becomes increasingly difficult to blame the officials. They are clearly getting horrible guidance

  14. The Steelers are the only ones with the right to complain about any of this. They voted no on the CBA while the the other 31 teams are getting exactly what they voted for. They don’t seem so stupid now, do they?

  15. I’ve been a Raider fan as far back as the secound year in the AFL and yes they always got allot of penalized allot but today was bad. I seen a helmet to helmet hit while our player was down with the ref standing right there and no call.The call on Aarron Curry was way over board the player had the ball he was trying stop him and jar the ball losse,Tommy Kelly hand on the Qb helmet never hurt this guy he barly touch him. Might as well hang flags on these players. It not just the Raiders, it all over this league I’m not going to sign up for my Directv next years.Cheap calls on Refs

  16. the league should suspend these guys for stinking so bad….like i said earlier, and not mentioning the bogus calls in the 2nd half as well

    lets just go to the vikings first score….

    .the fine irish lad tommy kelly has a sack , even with the right guard holding him the whole way to the qb, only to be called roughing the passer becuase he tackled him with one hand

    then a 265lb tight end catches a pass makes a move upfield, and is drilled by arron curry(great pick up by the way), only to be called defenseless.

    Then after what should be a first and 10, somehow becomes a first a two, and after the ref’s admit they make a mistake on 4th down or third down, they never adjust the marker the other 8 yards.

    But does not matter because somehow i guess when tyvon branch tackled the guy with two hands on his shoulder pads, the refs felt that shoulder pads are now part of the face mask

    At that time Refs 7 Raiders 0

  17. Absolutely ridiculous for Jackson to question the Officials. There’s a reason they have the job, because they are the best at what they do. Even if some of the calls weren’t exactly right, your team shouldn’t even be coming close enough to penalties if your coaching right. Even if you take away half of those penalties, it’s still a lot. If there is smoke somewhere, there’s a fire. You don’t get the most penalties in the league for 6 years straight and then say one game was the officials’s fault. Either way there is a coaching and discipline problem in Oakland. I could see most of the penalties were clearly good calls. The plays that got called tonight are gonna get called every time. I expect the league to give him nothing. MAYBE if his team hadn’t lead for penalties for 6 years and this was only a one-game-occurance.

  18. Hue Jack City is right….those refs were dumber than a bag bricks.

    Ponder ducks from Tom Kelly’s arm- horse collar tackle.

    WR makes a football move then gets smashed by Curry- 15 yard penalty.

    Refs had more yards against the Raiders than any Vikings player.

  19. The NFL and Rodger Goodell did a terrible job at letting teams know whats legal and not. They change the rules with a letter too teams and the teams are supposed to figure out what flies and what doesnt. This has been the worse officiating year ive seen in a long time. Mostley because players dont know what they can and cant do. And that with bad calls has led to bad football this year

  20. The Raiders got hosed. Last time I saw officiating that bad, the Raiders were on the winning end of the bad calls (for once, which was strange) when the league had it in for the Steelers.

    Some games are just too much and this one was one of them.

  21. I’ve seen better officiating by high school refs, and they don’t make a living out of that!

    This had to be the most poorly officiated game ever and that ref smirking every time he gave the call what’s up with that?

  22. blitzburgh43 says: Nov 20, 2011 10:32 PM

    The Steelers are the only ones with the right to complain about any of this. They voted no on the CBA while the the other 31 teams are getting exactly what they voted for. They don’t seem so stupid now, do they?

    The Raiders abstained jackwagon. Now go enjoy the rest of your bye week.

  23. Justin Fisher, Hue is not complaining about one game of bad officiating, he’s complaining about 40 years of biased and targeted officiating meant to keeping the bad boys of the NFL in check. Your logic simply doesn’t hold up, 6 straight years of leading the league and the refs are the only common denominator on all those teams. Think before you speak, or type.

    Refs calling raider games know before the game that they will be over zealous and less judicious when calling flags on the Raiders. The Raiders reputation influences the refs perception and clouds their judgement in a league where production is now dictated by the judgement of officials.

    Any win the Raiders get is against the opposing team AND the officiating crew, and it’s been that way since Al Davis sued the league, and there’s no end in sight.

  24. The Raiders were not unfairly treated. The officiating crew was horrible. Both teams got hosed. Harvin’s TD gets called back on a hold, when Jenkins pancakes a guy. The phantom down, Kluwe gets horse collared on the botched field goal. The horse collar called on the Raiders was a horrible call. But the hit to the head on Ponder would get called by most officials. While an “iffy” call, most officials will call any contact to the head of a QB.

  25. I would pay a ton of money to sit down with the refs today and go over every call they had today for both teams, it was a disgrace to the game. Raiders were the victims of a disfunctional crew, had to beat the refs and the viking today. Something must be done.

  26. As a vikings fan I agree that this was the worst officiated game since super bowl XL. However, you won the game hue. So quit being a baby.

  27. @blitsburg43

    The Steelers voted against the deal because there was a clause for mandatory HGH testing.

    The ONLY team that voted against Testing for HGH. Sorry, just the facts.

  28. the morons calling down Hue for complaining about the refs OBVIOUSLY did not see the game … It really was that pathetic … 100 times worst then the fumble (tuck bs rule)

  29. committed2excellence says:
    Nov 20, 2011 11:06 PM
    Justin Fisher, Hue is not complaining about one game of bad officiating, he’s complaining about 40 years of biased and targeted officiating meant to keeping the bad boys of the NFL in check. Your logic simply doesn’t hold up, 6 straight years of leading the league and the refs are the only common denominator on all those teams. Think before you speak, or type.


    you tell one to think before they speak–and that was after you claimed the refs were the only common denominator in the last 6 years.


  30. litzburgh43 says: Nov 20, 2011 10:32 PM

    The Steelers are the only ones with the right to complain about any of this. They voted no on the CBA while the the other 31 teams are getting exactly what they voted for. They don’t seem so stupid now, do they?

    The Raiders abstained jackwagon. Now go enjoy the rest of your bye week.

    Correction, Master Jackwagon. Al Davis abstained on the owners vote because of stadium issues. The Steelers players took a stand and voted NO to Goodell and officiating issues. And they were right.

  31. I think it was the drive AP scored on. We got a roughing the qb on Ponder. Then they called an unsportsmanlike for a text book hit and tackle in the flat. Then they called a facemask, which clearly was not a facemask, his hands were griping the jersey. It’s just these quick knee jerk reaction calls that really spoil this sport. The game really is too fast for the refs to call correctly. I see the need to review every penalty in the near future.

  32. There’s no doubt in my mind that certain teams get certain calls and others don’t. Ever notice how the Steelers always manage to get a big call every game? It’s no coincidence. The teams that make the playoffs are the teams that the league want to make it.

  33. “While an “iffy” call, most officials will call any contact to the head of a QB.”

    Dalton didn’t get any suck luck today. Saw that in the grasp type call at the end of their game and clearly the DL hit Andy in the head and face before dragging him down. They showed the play over and over and not even the commentators said anything about it. Dude, it’s right freaking there and you can’t comment? Puppets of the NFL. Don’t upset the NFL. These inconsistencies are killing this sport.

  34. Officials nowadays, are so afraid of their own shadow and are way too concerned about being proven wrong when held up to replay standards. Replays blatantly show officials engaging in a corrupt NFL system.

    The game that we all love is being taken away because of the official situation. Just watch any random NFL game and you’ll see what I mean. It’s f’ing arduous man.

    It’s almost like the officials need “face time” on
    any given gameday.

    Arduous, I tell you.

  35. Raiders always have to play against the refs. Its funny to hear other teams complain about one game, but for the Raiders its EVERY game. Its not a coincidence. The Vikings last touchdown drive the refs threw 5 STRAIGHT! flags against the Raiders. 5 STRAIGHT! I am 30 and I have never seen that happen in my life. Its crap and Im sick of the Raiders having to beat two teams every Sunday.

  36. “blitzburgh43 says:
    Nov 20, 2011 10:32 PM
    The Steelers are the only ones with the right to complain about any of this. They voted no on the CBA while the the other 31 teams are getting exactly what they voted for. They don’t seem so stupid now, do they?”

    Didn’t Al Davis abstain on that vote?

  37. I’m a Vikings fan but even I agree with Hue. Disgraceful and there were even things that went against Minnesota. Jenkins’ phantom “holding” on Percy Harvin’s called back rushing TD and how about the chain gang having the wrong down for MN on the same drive?

    Can’t touch a player anymore these days

  38. I only could handle some of the game…I had to fold my socks but What I saw was puss football Raiders were called on to many PF Let the players play. The game has gotten real girlish and really made for TV ONLY The rules are so judgmental from one ref to the other it becomes so inconsistent from game to game. I dont like the no tuck rule “GAY” I dont like the total position all the way down. Yeah this a qb driven league now but that is so wrong should be best player driven. RB, Defense, QB, WR, whatever.

  39. Why was the ref laughing when Darius heward bey was on the ground injured? The fix has been in for a long time. I thought the league would let up when Al passed. But they seem to be pushing harder. I have seen it all

  40. Anyone who doesn’t believe there is a conspiracy against the Raiders is absolutely delusional. I wasn’t always a Raider fan. I grew up in Hawaii and watched the NFL for years. Moved to Cali started following the Raiders and have been taken away by how much this team is screwed year after year. It’s not even fair. The Raiders make NFL rules household names. Tuck rule, completing the catch all the way to the ground. Every fan in football knows about these rules that were called against the Raiders in pivital moments. Penalties turn games around. I can think of three games this year alone that officiating was the reason the Raiders lost the game. The refs gave the Vikings 45 yards on 2 different drives I believe. 3 back to back to back 15 yard penalties to set them up first and goal. I have never seen anything like that in my life!!!!

  41. Obviously, some of you (justinfishermn) didn’t watch the game. On the Vikings first scoring drive alone, there was a season worth of blown calls. How exactly did Tommy Kelly “rough the passer” during his legit sack of Ponder? He didn’t make helmet-to-helmet contact, contact to helmet or face mask, grab the face mask, or horse collar him? It was a sack. They sometimes happen (unless Jerome Boger has anything to say about it). The only penalty that should have been called on that play was for the full-nelson their guard had on TK. Will sacking the QB always be considered roughing the passer from now on? Should all quarterbacks just wear a red jersey over a team-colored sun dress for game days?
    The call against Curry was just about as bad! How exactly is a receiver who has caught a pass and taken two steps up field a defenseless player?
    I didn’t have a huge problem with Jared Allen flopping on Palmer, until we were called for an almost identical play later. There’s absolutely no equity.
    Furthermore, I won’t even waste time going into detail about the crew having all that trouble simply counting to four! Jerome Boger and his crew truly suck.

  42. Hey Hue, u should have enjoyed the referees today. They took away a Vikings touchdown to Harvin on a TERRIBLE holding call. Without those refs, your team loses 28-27.

  43. Like the great John Madden said during a football game, “you ever throw a flag on them.” Roger Goodell should get all his referees together in 1 room. Show them a play and have them give their opinion. If they’re not all on the same page, like they’re not right now, then it’s time to fix the problem.

  44. 13curtjp says:
    Nov 20, 2011 11:23 PM
    As a vikings fan I agree that this was the worst officiated game since super bowl XL. However, you won the game hue. So quit being a baby.


    I don’t think that was being a baby, I think he was trying to stick up for his player, keep them aggressive, and gain some traction in the locker room. The Raiders have made it a focus in practice to try and reduce the # of penalties, they pay refs to come in to their practices, and week after week Hue has said that the players needed to be smarter, but still they continue to rack up penalties at a record rate, something had to be said

  45. The Raiders always get screwed because they are the 2nd or 3rd least profitable team in football. The wealthy and elite teams always get the calls and the poor ones don’t. It’s just that simple.

  46. I’m not going to say that the refs are against us. But I cannot get over just how terrible the officiating has been league wide. It seems to get worse every year, especially with rule changes.

    The personal foul calls in the first half were absolutely deplorable. A personal foul call (blow to the QB’s head) when the defender actually hit and grabbed the QB’s chest and pulled him down by the front collar. He would have grabbed him with two hands, except the other arm was being held by the offensive lineman. The TWO officials behind the QB didn’t see the held defender, but saw a phantom blow to the head?

    The second personal foul was even more of a joke. Hitting a defenseless receiver? So, it’s illegal to know hit a receiver in the chest with your shoulder AFTER he catches the ball AND TURNS to run up field? That call against Aaron Curry was total crap. Why even have defenders out on the field if they aren’t allowed to tackle/hit a guy after a catch and a “football move?”

    To top the cake, the incompetent zebras couldn’t even get the down right! The Vikings had to call a time out to help the refs! Even then, the refs took 3-5 minutes to figure out their mistake!

    All three of these gaffes came on the same drive too! That allowed the Vikings to keep drives alive and eventually score a touchdown. Take away that touchdown, the entire dynamic and momentum of the game slides heavily into the Raiders favor EARLY in the game.

  47. Sorry Hue, Justified or not, when your team has been leading the league in penalties for the last decade, don’t expect the calls to go your way….but hey I’ll give him this. At least he didn’t blame anything on the wind

  48. I’ve been waiting for a Raider head coach to actually draw attention to this, rather than just give the normal “we need to clean up the penalties” statement.

    Even the biggest Raider haters have to notice this stuff. I have so many friends that are Charger fans and even they see it.

    For a franchise who has been through SO many different head coaches and coaching staffs….not to mention players, to lead the league in penalties EVERY year….something is wrong. Even when Al was alive, if anyone thinks he was walking around practice telling players “go ahead and commit penalties…I dont mind”, they are insane.

    It may not be conspiracy theory, but you can call holding on every play. You can damn near call PI on every play. When officials go into a game expecting one team to commit penalties…they are naturally going to see their penalties more.

  49. This was easily one of the worst ”officiating” games I had ever seen. I too started to question what the heck a definition of clean tackling was. There was so many poor, ticky tac personal fouls I thought I was watching an NBA game.

  50. vikes fan here and i agree with hue jackson. getting pretty tired of incompetent and inconsistent officiating.

    imagine how mad he woulda been had the raiders lost…

  51. The bottom line is that Goodell has got to go.
    His stewardship had made the NFL a hollow shell of what made it the top sport in the country.
    I routinely turn games off this year and no longer bother spending the money for tickets.
    I hope he gets hie idiotic wish of a team in London. Maybe he can out-source the whole league while he’s at it.

    Goodell is bad for football.

  52. Raiders,
    we all know players cheat, all the time, and in every game. They fake injuries, exaggerate their falls, say it’s a catch even though they know it hit the ground. I just saw today, a cornerback intentionally PI to prevent a td. I could go on and on….players cheat. They are taught to by their coaches. Players/coaches have accepted it and never complain. They only complain if a ref makes a bad call, or as in your case, makes a few 1000 bad calls.

    If the ref’s are cheats, the last person to complain is a NFL team member (Mr Hue)
    As for you the Raider fan, whining is ok.
    Sorry about your luck…..
    keep the drives going for those struggling offenses out there.

  53. You guys have said it all. I wish i had a list of the headscratching calls we have gotten in just the past 10 years. It happens every game just about.

    This game was an atrocity for all the reasons above. One minor thing, but reminded me of another one of our famous plays was when AP went down to a a knee after his TD. Chris Johnson got a penalty for celebration in Dallas two/three years ago for doing it after an INT.

    There are tow rule books in the NFL, ours and one for the rest of the teams.

    If Goodell does not do something, someday something bad will happen at a Raider game. Some lunatic fan will lose it.

  54. How abvout Marquez Pope sliding into the endzone diving for an INT in SEA? Well, that’s a safety of course. Never seen it called that way before or since.

    Louis Murphy needed to take his TD catch home to signify possession against SD.

    SD receiver gets up untouched and does a Plaxico and spikes the ball while not down. What you say? Well that my friend is a forward pass, just ask Mike Perreira the head tool. Plaxico’s? well that was a fumble.

    The list goes on and on. Rob Lytle fumble, Tuck, etc. I have forgotten more absurd calls than I remember. There are about 5-10 a year.

  55. There were two things that even kept the game close: Ponder’s running and the referees who practically gave the Vikings two touchdowns.

    You watch the game and you see it’s third and long. The Raiders stop the Vikes. Wait, a Raider was flagged for a hard but legal hit on the WR. 15 yard personal foul penalty. Now the Raiders stop them again. Wait, there’s a flag. The Raiders are called for a personal foul for touching the QB’s neck. The Raiders stop them again, and yet again a borderline personal foul call keeps the drive alive.

    What Hue Jackson should have done was just asked his defense to lie down on the ground when the ball was snapped. Let the Vikes have the TD and when asked why his team didn’t been play, he could explain that he didn’t want anymore personal fouls, and the refs were going to give the Vikes a TD anyway.

    Each week in the NFL, the calla are so inconsistent. A hard tackle on one week is a personal foul the next. Last week against SD, on SanDiego’s last drive, I watched as their left offensive tackle BLATANTLY held the Raiders’ defensive end on consecutive plays. Any ref at any level would have called holds. Not one call on those plays. Against New England, I watched as a New England lineman makes two blocks on TD running play, one legally, while the key block that sealed the edge was done by sticking his leg out and tripping the defender right in front of the ref. Again, no call.

    I’m sick of it. Sunday’s game was so blatant that the NFL should fire every one of the refs.

  56. Raider calls aside, there was a point when seven, yes seven, officials didn’t even know what down it was. Amateurs.

  57. Just watch college football after watching a lot of NFL. What a difference. In college they still allow players to be hit hard and don’t hold back. The NFL is trying to sanitize the league too much. You can’t polish a turd.

  58. Biggest point Hue needs to make to the league is it was a badly officiated game PERIOD. Majority of the bad calls went towards the Raiders (Ponder “ducking” into a “blow to the head” and 265 lb TE turning upfield became a “defensless reciever”) but there were bad calls against the Vikings too and the refs couldn’t even keep track of downs or how many timeouts the teams had called.

    This defenseless reciever crap has to be redone…The worst hit of the day (DHB getting kneed in the back of the head by E.J. Henderson) didn’t even get called…You know why? Hitting is part of the game and when you go over the middle bad things can happen (luckily DHB seems to be doing okay initally).

    Every player/coach/fan knows what is a clean/spirit of the game hit and what is spearing/dirty/helmet to helmet…Why can’t the league and refs figure it out?

    Make defenseless WR penalties and helmet to helmet hits (especially ones where the QB/WR ducks at the last minute to prepare for the hit) reviewable. 15 yard penalties if called incorrectly have WAY too much impact on the game.

  59. I thought I seen it all when the NFL just made up a rule on the fly with the “tuck rule” but yesterday was on a whole new level.. If the Raiders even touched the vikings they got a flag, then the Vikings had to call a Time out cause the Refs forgot what down it was! The vikings actually had to call a Time out Not the Refs The vikings cause The Refs could not remember what down it was! I think the Vikings owner and Hue Jackson need to come together and call Goodell cause that was just a disaster. Both teams had to walk on egg shells the whole game cause you never knew what the Refs were going to call or if the Refs would forget Downs

  60. You know who else is unhappy with the officials? Every team that has played the Steelers in the last decade. I feel for the Raiders because I’ve seen my time get rigged time and time again by the refs. They put up the stats yesterday- the Ravens have the third most penalties in the league since 2003. Expectedly, every other team in the top 5 was a consistently sub .500, undisciplined team. The Ravens make the playoffs just about every year, run probably the hardest training camp of any team in the league, stress technique and not getting penalized more than any team in the league (because they know their games are rigged), and yet they still play rigged games. I feel for you Raiders fans, but look on the bright side, you don’t have to play in a division with a team that is always on the “right” side of the rigging like the Steelers.

  61. The refs in this game flagged both teams excessively, including a ‘hold’ against Michael Jenkins that negated a Percy Harvin TD run for the Vikings. The only thing the replay showed was Jenkins blocking and knocking down a defender.

    The Raiders have earned their reputation as an undisciplined, sloppy team. However, the number of penalties in that game yesterday was ridiculous, and both the Raiders and Vikings have right to be upset.

  62. @theallegedone:

    The harvin touchdown that was wiped off was during the first scoring drive. you cant score twice in one drive. In other words, even if that td counted, Raiders still wouldve won. You clearly didnt watch the game.

  63. Hey Hue, u should have enjoyed the referees today. They took away a Vikings touchdown to Harvin on a TERRIBLE holding call. Without those refs, your team loses 28-27.

    You got that TD anyway Jackwagon…. AP ran it in four plays later…….idiot.

  64. This may have already been addressed. But at blitzburgh. The only team to abstain from the cba was the RAIDERSplus everyteam in the nfl has a right to complain about poor officiating..what else is the friggin competition committee for..its supposed to be fair for everyone

  65. one would think with the leagues hatred of Al Davis, that they would let it go now with his passing, but you can tell the resentment still lingers…,,.

    hard enough to beat another team, but almost impossible to beat the refs week in and week out.

    One would have to conclude if this continues that eventually somebody is going to go zebra hunting, and take them out.

  66. Let’s not forget that if the Raiders somehow lose that game yesterday Tim Tebow and the Broncos are tied for first place. Think the NFL doesn’t love the idea of a story like that?

    Just sayin..

  67. The Raiders would also be the #1 or 2 seed in the AFC right now….

    In the Denver game 3rd and more then 10, Tebow runs the ball and gets next to the sideline. Curry doesn’t lay him out, he just pushes and makes sure Tebow ends up out of bounds. PF, 15 yards, drive continues.

    Without that 1 call that was iffy at best, Oakland wins the game. With that win would have came controlling the #1 seed at this point.

  68. Re : the CBA

    League owners voted Thursday to approve a new 10-year collective bargaining agreement with its players. The vote was 31-0. The Raiders abstained.

    Re the flags: Kelly gets called for a blow to the head, which Ponder ducked INTO, but the 300 lb lineman attached to Kelly’s other arm, holding him, is overlooked?

    A few games ago, DHB was in the back of the end zone and the ref threw his hat on the ground signalling a player OOB. DHB was OOB. He got pushed out of the back of the end zone by a player. LOS was the 6 yard line. He was in a pass pattern. Where was the flag for illegal contact?

    Blows to the head do not always draw a flag. Carson Palmer knows that from yesterday’s game. He took a blow to the head and saw no flag.

    Officiating is bad all over the league. I just believe the Raiders see the worst of it.

    New coaches , new players, new schemes, yet year after year, the Raiders lead the league,

    The only constant is the officials., and how they are told to throw flags.

  69. I’m a Raiders fan, but I’ll be the first to admit there were obscenely rediculous calls on BOTH sides of the ball yesterday in that game. The refs couldn’t even keep the downs straight on one play for cryin’ out loud! Absolutely unacceptable! This is your one and only job, and you can do it right???

  70. I don’t remember exactly what order the penalties took place but here are a few that I noticed…

    1. How is it that a TE with control of the football is considered a “defenseless” receiver?

    2. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it pass interference if the defensive player is draped over a receiver for which whom the pass is intended? Refs only called an illegal contact.

    3. For every personal foul that the Raiders were charged with, the Vikings could have also been charged if the same logic had been applied…for example, Carson Palmer was hit while already on the ground more than once…DHB’s injury could have constituted a flag…and all the extracurricular pushing and shoving from the Vikings would have drawn flags if it had been the Raiders initiating the pushing and shoving.

    These are just a few but anyone who saw the game knows that there were far too many to mention…but I do have to mention the refs gift wrapping half the field for the Vikings on one their scoring drives…just saying.

  71. now to be fair, Tebow should be penalized every play for praying (I have nothing against prayer or Tebow, just making a comparison)

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