League is exploring options for expanding in-game concussion monitoring

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In response to a report from Chris Mortensen of ESPN that the NFLPA wants the NFL to do more when it comes to the monitoring of in-game concussions, the league says that more could indeed be done.

“We have been discussing possible next steps to expand medical monitoring during games to make sure any player needing attention is receiving it, but no decisions have been made on what those steps will be,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells PFT via email.

Per Mort, the union would like the league to place a neurologist in the booth, who would alert sideline medical personnel as to players who may be suffering from concussions.

That sounds familiar.  The point is that the NFL may indeed decide to do that.

The biggest factor when it comes to diagnosing concussions during games is to overcome the players’ natural tendency to want to continue to play.  No amount of complaints or concerns by the union will change that specific characteristic of the rank and file it represents.

These discussions were all sparked by the seizure suffered by Chargers guard Kris Dielman, after he was allowed to stay in a game last month despite stumbling and wobbling.

5 responses to “League is exploring options for expanding in-game concussion monitoring

  1. The league should be “exploring options” on improving officiating. It’s really getting ridiculous. The amount of flags and the amount of time spent reviewing plays are LAUGHABLE.

  2. It is funny to see the union complain about this. A large part of the problem is the players worrying about people questioning their ‘toughness’.

    This seems to be a reasonable step. If the league is going to make concussions such a big deal they have to take enforcement out of the teams hands period. The teams have every incentive to keep players in. a good portion of what many players do on the field is muscle memory and history has proven that still works while a player is concussed.

    So between players wanting to play and teams wanting to play them, only the league can stop it.

  3. Touchdown Refs! 3 15 yard penalties that were not penalties a 4th down that turn into a 3rd down…screw the concussions get refs that know how to make a call

  4. Ahhh yes. Can just see it now. A special – Concussion Ref – who after every play – asks the players how many fingers he is holding up.

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