Refrigerator Raji scores as Packers lead Bucs


Taking a page out of the 1985 Bears’ playbook, the Green Bay Packers have given the ball to a defensive tackle at the goal line.

B.J. Raji, the Packers’ 337-pound nose tackle, lined up at fullback today at Lambeau Field and took a handoff, plunged into the line and fell forward into the end zone for a one-yard touchdown. It was a play reminiscent of the touchdowns that William “The Refrigerator” Perry used to score for the Bears.

The Packers have taken a 7-0 lead over the Buccaneers as they attempt to improve their record to 10-0. The way Green Bay is playing, having a defensive tackle play fullback isn’t the only reason they deserve to be compared to the ’85 Bears.

29 responses to “Refrigerator Raji scores as Packers lead Bucs

  1. Any other plays the 49ers have run this year that the Pack wanna copy? We moved our DL to FB for a couple of plays this year and wow, guess who does it too now.

  2. I hate the Packers but it’s not stealing it from anyone to use a defensive player on offense. I’d expect a more intelligent comment from a 49ers fan, too. For shame.

  3. bill walsh was the first coach to put a lineman in the backfield, guy mcintyre in 1984 vs the bears in the playoffs. he called it the “elephant package”. ditka copied it & used it in 85 w perry.

  4. 4evrnyt…. If your talking “copy” obviously the 9ers have copied many many other teams… I wouldn’t even worry about it. Coming from a Vikings fan here (packers second fav) The 9r’s don’t have much of a chance against the Packa’s… Nobody does! It sucks to say it, cuz i’m a big Vikings fan. But seriously, Until Rodgers gets some bad McDonalds drive thru on his way to a game, nobody will have a chance.. And this isn’t a “trend” or “mirage”.. Rodgers is flat out that good. His throws are so perfect, put into spots where the reciever only has a chance at it. It’s just awesome watching him. Other QB’s have had great years. But this is going to last Rodgers a while. Especially when he has guys who are in my opinion under-rated. Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Greg Jennings… That’s 3 very good WR’s, that i think are very under-rated. Kinda sucks, cuz my vikings will be bottom feeders in the North here, but, atleast my neighbors will probably win a couple more Lombardi’s in the next couple years.

  5. “Any other plays the 49ers have run this year that the Pack wanna copy? We moved our DL to FB for a couple of plays this year and wow, guess who does it too now.”

    Sorry to rain on your pathetic parade but I’m pretty sure the Packers used BJ Raji as a fullback numerous times last season. So if anything your 49ers are copying the Packers plays, moron.

  6. anything can happen in the nfl. ask the texans. packers fans,google guy mcintyre…you can look it up.

  7. My great grandfather invented a football play where a player took the ball and ran toward the end zone.

    I’m greatly offended at all the NFL teams for stealing his playbook.

  8. jerrykill: you’re a vikings fan & a packers fan? thats a joke. your future comments are hereby disqualified. thats like being a yankees fan & red sox fan.

  9. alldayaldon… How can anyone not be a packers fan? Answer that, and answer it by actually making sense! Packers are partially publically owned. Play football outdoors the way it was meant to be played, and started out. They have tradition. And they “build” a team the proper way. Through drafts and developing young talent. Look at the teams that try to do it by high priced free agents.. ie.. The Vikings, Redskins, Eagles.. Where are they? Eagles and Vikings never won the big dance, and Redskins haven’t been there since 92… Also, preparing myself for when the Vikings move to LA…

  10. rhett: what’s your point? my point is putting a fat lineman in the backfield is nothing new & goes back to the 1984 Bill Walsh 49ers. thats a fact!

  11. jerrykill: sorry,but you have to choose 1 team. that’s rule #1 of sports fan etiquette. figure out if you’re a vikings fan or a packers fan and get back to me.

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