Report: Jay Cutler may need surgery for broken thumb

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The surging Bears may have hit a roadblock.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the Bears fear Jay Cutler has a broken thumb.  Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune quickly followed up that report to say Cutler indeed does have a broken thumb on his throwing hand.

It’s unclear when the injury occurred. Cutler was able to finish Sunday’s win against the Chargers.

UPDATE: Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports there is fear the injury could end Cutler’s season. Oh my.

UPDATE II: Michael C. Wright of hears Cutler may need surgery, which could end his regular season.

UPDATE III: Cutler broke his thumb on his fourth quarter interception when he was blocked into the ground, according to the Chicago Tribune. He threw two passes after that, completing both of them.

UPDATE IV: He’s out 6-8 weeks. It’s Caleb Hanie time.

50 responses to “Report: Jay Cutler may need surgery for broken thumb

  1. cutler just can’t catch a break… neither can this offense. in the last week we’ve lost FOR THE SEASON, chris williams, gabe carimi, and cutler for who knows how long…

  2. It depends how bad and where the thumb is broke. I remember years ago when Jay Fiedler had a broken thumb and missed 5 games. This could be a big blow

  3. @fruityromo Cutler is one tough MF. If he can play, he will. He’s been nothing short of spectacular this season, making a a dollar outta fifteen cents every week. Fingers crossed that he can play though, because the backup qb situation in Chicago is not gonna be pretty…

  4. Now Cutler probably actually has a broken thumb.

    Very little chance Ben Roethlisberger has a broken thumb.

  5. he better be back for the christmas game against the packers cuz i just bought tickets for that game today..charles is gonna do the gravedigger all night after sacking cutler

  6. Wow if he misses the year that would be a huge bummer for the bears. I’m hoping they loose every game cause I’m a Lions fan but you’d like to see them win or loose with their best player out there. Hes really impressed me this year tempering back those dreadful int’s that always got himself in trouble the last few years.

  7. Tough break for that smug mouth breather. And to all those Bears fans: No, Cutler is not tough. How’s it going to feel losing to Your nemesis 4 times in 1 calendar year? Best of luck in the Packers’ tailwind!

  8. PACKERS fan here, but I gotta admit this sucks for the BEARS and their fans. Lotta respect for Cutler and what he’s done this season. Is Caleb still the backup? It might not be all that bad, he’s pretty good – as the PACKERS have seen first hand.

  9. Not gonna lie, but I was one of the people calling him joke quitler after the NFC championship last season. Now though I have got some respect for cutler, he is a good qb and really has worked on his decision making the past 2 seasons. Sucks to hear this bear fans, I would much rather see the bears in the playoffs than the lions. Outdoor stadium>Dome

  10. Great for my Raiders. We got Houston without Andre Johnson and Mario Williams, the Jets without Mangold, the Chargers without three offensive linemen and Shaun Phillips, the Vikings without Adrian Peterson, and now the Bears at home without Cutler!

    The only way this could get better is if McFadden and Seymour are healthy. Not that it’s the only reason we’ve been winning of course….our two best defensive linemen, Matt Shaughnessy and Seymour have missed much of the season, as well as our defensive leader in McClain and arguably our best cover man in Huff. Of course the QB transition hurt our record and losing our best player in Mcfadden has reduced scoring opportunities, so I’d call it an even playing field despite playing teams at their worst.

    The refs haven’t exactly been unbiased either. The Raiders earn plenty of penalties with foolish mistakes but never get the benefit of the doubt because of their mystique and infamous reputation. Zebras calling Raider games go in knowing they will call plenty of flags to “keep the bad boys of the NFL in check.” The Vikings game was a perfect example of blatant favoritism and official incompetence on a number of text book tackles that resulted in 45 yards of penalties on the Vikings opening drive and extended many other drives.

    Make no mistake though, these aren’t biased excuses or apologies, these are merely observations.

    The Raiders team this Bears squad will be playing, when healthy, is one of the five most talented teams in the league and has a chance to make a deep run when our best players come back.

    Look out for the Raiders, there are few other teams in the AFC who look capable of challenging the Packers and 49ers.

  11. Cutler isn’t soft… guys are just stupid And Stafford isn’t half the qb Cutler is. Jay broke his finger chasing after a guy on an INT. Last week Stafford ran the other way when he threw one. Lions are a overrated joke of team

  12. Before all the meatball fans start to post.

    If you have a fracture of any part of your hand that might affect the way you can use your hand in everyday life.. you have surgery. Pins and reset etc.

    It’s very possible that the fracture is such that they’d be concerned if he didn’t have the surgery he couldn’t have full range of his thumb for the rest of his life.

    I’ve had this happen to me before..

  13. Yessss 1st A.P goes out of the game against Raiders and then Cutler breaks thumb. He is a cupcake and won’t play next Sunday. Jesus may be a Tebow fan, but Satan is definitely a Raider fan.. Go Raiders!

  14. As Matt Stafford hears this news, he waives his broken middle finger (The same broken middle finger that he threw 5 TD passes today) at Bears fans.

    Again bears fans, you have a pretty boy “Justin Bieber” look alike QB, is as soft as a baby’s bottom.

  15. juniorak715 says:
    Nov 20, 2011 10:04 PM
    Cutler isn’t soft… guys are just stupid And Stafford isn’t half the qb Cutler is. Jay broke his finger chasing after a guy on an INT. Last week Stafford ran the other way when he threw one. Lions are a overrated joke of team

    Stafford came into a game and threw a game winning touchdown with a dislocated shoulder in a game that didn’t matter because the lions would only go on to win two games that year.

    Cutler took himself out of a game and road a stationary bike in the biggest game of his life.

    I am pretty sure Stafford is half the qb Cutler is and more.

  16. A broken finger compared to a broken thumb is not even comparable moron.. try griping a football with a broken thumb.. he’s done for the season.. sad to hear, not even a bears fan (broncos) was hoping he’d be around next week to trash the radiers

  17. Worse, Cutler just can’t catch a break. The guy has played remarkably well this year…I say that being a Lions’ fan…but now he breaks his thumb, and Rothlisberger and Stafford both have basically the same injury and are still playing well.

    If Cutler has surgery and misses the rest of the season, it’s all gonna start again with the “Cutler is a wimp” stuff, and I’m not sure he deserves it.

    But then, the Bears have Caleb Hanie…

    :laughter drifts west from Detroit, and south from Green Bay:

  18. Man, what a blow that is. Here’s a Lion fan who feels bad for you Bear fans – from experience, obviously. But also on another note…. Cutler has always gotten a bad rap, beause he’s not all happy and smiling all the time and people dislike aloof celebrities. But the reality has always been that he fights his butt off, plays the game with passion and has the ability to make throws few can. Guy is a pro, and if he had better receivers he could be putting up numbers like Stafford or say Romo does. Guess what. Just like Suh and Co. Bad rap. Their attitudes rub many the wrong way. But their reality is a lot lke Cutler’s. They’re good, professional players who bust butt to be the best they can. But people project them to be things they arent based on heat-of-competition events and a few interviews where they were feisty defending themselves from the incessant onslaught of negativity and hate.

  19. “If Ben can play with it you better hope that Cutler can also play with it. Soft?”


    About as soft as the District Attorneys in the states Ben has been accused of rape.

    “Stafford is still playing with a broken finger, just sayin”


    A fractured index finger, and a broken thumb are far different things, especially when throwing a ball.

    “No, Cutler is not tough.”


    Yeah, for a guy who isn’t tough, how many sacks has he taken the past two years?

  20. troybulletinboard says:
    Nov 20, 2011 9:27 PM
    cutler just can’t catch a break… neither can this offense. in the last week we’ve lost FOR THE SEASON, chris williams, gabe carimi, and cutler for who knows how long…

    Packers had 15 guys on IR last year and won it all. It’s called being a solid organization.

  21. If you think Cutler is soft you either don’t watch football or don’t understand what you are seeing. Either way quit posting because you are too ignorant to post on this particular sport.
    Cutler has taken an unprecedented beating the last 2 years and keeps making plays. Nobody gets back up from the hits he takes.
    Once again, of you think he is soft… Time to follow another sport because football is to complicated for you!

  22. @juniorak715

    “you’re all stupid” wow… Way to add some intelligent football based insight. That’s the argument my 7 year old makes to prove his point.. I read through every post and the only one who reasonably sounded stupid was you… Go away troll. You’re making other bear fans look retarded when it’s just you

  23. I guess thats karma for all the bear fans. You know how many times ive herd them call Stafford a China doll last and this year. How Peppers was going to hurt Stafford again this year and they are going to laugh,


  24. OK, THIS is enough to get me register to post on this site. Yeah, it’s been a generation since Bears fans can really get behind our team (mental block on the Grossman “Super Bowl” team please). But this year they’d seemingly finally managed to put it together.

    I have been down on Cutler since he showed up. My reaction to him until this season was that the LAST thing Chicago needed was an overpaid, underachieving diva behind center. It’s a city and a team built on Grabowskis. I always had a creeping admiration for somebody like a Favre, despite the green jersey, that could take a hit from a Warren Sapp, stand up first, and yell down, “Is that the best you’ve got?” And Cutler may have been many things, but he wasn’t that.

    This year was starting to change that opinion. Guy’s got some moxie, standing behind that sieve of an offensive line and taking hits to the point where they were talking about setting sack records. And then, FINALLY, Martz started running the damned ball…and they started winning…and now this.

    Aw hell. Maybe they can dig Cade McNown out of retirement. Or Rick Mirer. At this point I’d take a 50-plus-year-old Jimmy Mac over what they have left on the roster. It’s a shame Blanda’s dead or he’d be a step up; at least he could smell a blitz coming. Push absurdity to its ultimate edge.

    What’s it going to take to get them to actually find an offensive line and a receiver or two for this guy? The defense has been dominant forever but they’re not getting any younger. The special teams are well above average. It’s not like they need to draft a whole team like Indy…unless they wait a few years and start losing what they have.

    Here’s hoping they have enough left in the tank to get into the playoffs. But I don’t think they have enough pieces to make a run at it.

    Gah. I’ve always said that the biggest difference between a Cubs fan and a Bears fan is that the Cubbie guy actually expects to win after a century of futility, while the Bears fan knows that the McCaskeys are going to see to it that they suck again. That doesn’t make it any less annoying when the bottom drops out and the wheels fall off.

    *bangs head into desk for a bit* OK, better now.

  25. jamezz23 says:
    Nov 20, 2011 10:58 PM
    I guess thats karma for all the bear fans. You know how many times ive herd them call Stafford a China doll last and this year. How Peppers was going to hurt Stafford again this year and they are going to laugh,


    I’m not sure I’d be playing the Karma card if I were you, given the nature of your team’s play.

    And up until this injury, let’s compare past health of QB’s, shall we?

    Jay Cutler = 1 missed start, dozens of sacks
    Matthew Stafford = LOL

  26. WOW..I watched game and it didnt look like it was bothering him at the end..But maybe its to serious that if he took a hit on it it could be worse? Maybe he plays all..lets not be media and speculate until we hear officially..Media outlets have to be the 1st to get stories out reguardless of situation and thats pathetic. How about wait until tomorrow after Bears finish all tests

  27. adirtyplayernamedsue | Nov 20, 2011, 9:48 PM EST
    Don’t matter. Our backup is better than what the lions field. GO BEARS!!!


    You’re the absolute best.

    On a serious note, sure glad Stafford realizes how important he is to his team and didn’t try to go linebacker. Get well Jay, never like to see a misguided competitor go down when he’s having a good year.

  28. Come guys leave lil Cutler alone. Plz, it isnt nice. He plays hard I swear. He just quits when its an impotant game. LOL Cutler is Soft, Gutless, and a whinner. (no Bear Fans I wasnt saying winner I said whinner). And to the idiot telling people to go watch a diffrent sport cause we dont understand football, maybe you should tell your boytoy Cutler, that the NFC champiomship games is no time to go sit on a stationary bike and practice for the Tour De France. You sir, do not need to call anyone ignorent until you stop talking,about yourself in the mirror.

  29. Quite a few bears fans on here sayin that stafford isnt half the qb that cutler is. really? hmm well cutler is 28, stafford is only 23. stafford in his FIRST FULL SEASON is blowing away all of cutlers career seasons statistically. For anyone that doesnt understand what that means, it means that stafford is having a better season than cutler has had in any of his 6 full seasons as a starter. imagine that. NOT saying stafford is better, but the claims that he isnt half hte qb cutler is is REDICULOUS! I hope the lions and bears somehow meet again in the playoff though.

  30. I can’t stand Cutler and Duh Bears, but soft he is not. I’ve actually started to respect him a little bit for his toughness. Still, the look on his face just makes me want to smack him.

    I don’t really know why; there’s just something about his “insolent child” demeanor that makes me want to give him one in the mush.

    Yes, it’s completely ridiculous, but I know many people (fans of differing teams) that feel the same way. He’s just… unlikable.

    The real fun will begin if Hanie plays extremely well and starts a good old fashioned QB controversy. There aren’t many things that are more fun than watching the Chicago “fans” start ripping on their team, their players, their coaches, the front office, and each other.

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