Report: Rex Ryan will be fined up to $100,000 on Monday


On Thursday, it was widely believed that an announcement regarding the fine to be imposed on Jets coach Rex Ryan for his “New York echo” would come on Friday.  And it made sense.  Typically, all fines for Sunday violates are disclosed by the league office on the following Friday.

But it didn’t happen.  Throughout the day on Friday, I pestered NFL spokesman Corry Rush like a bill collector with OCD until the moment that NBC SportsTalk went on the air.

On Friday, no decision will be made.  On Monday, a decision reportedly will be made.  And Rex will be dipping into his discretionary spending account to make a significant after-tax contribution to the charities of the league office’s choice.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the NFL is expected to fine Ryan between $75,000 and $100,000 for shouting a four-letter profanity at a paying customer while walking into the tunnel at halftime of last Sunday night’s game.  Per Schefter, Commissioner Roger Goodell still wants to consider the facts of the case.

We’re not sure what there really is to consider.  Rex said it, and it was caught on tape.

A fine north of $50,000 makes sense, given that Rex was fined $50,000 for a shooting a middle finger to a random fan at a non-NFL event in January 2010, when Rex was off the clock and the Jets’ season had ended.  With the NFL intent on ensuring that folks choose to fork over good money to attend games, NFL coaches can’t be telling those folks who fork to “shut the [Corso] up.”

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  1. I can’t ever remember a season when so many fines have been handed out – we spend more time each week talking about fines than we do football!

  2. With the NFL intent on ensuring that folks choose to fork over good money to attend games, NFL coaches can’t be telling those folks who fork to “shut the [Corso] up.”

    Just because a fan forks over good money doesn’t give said fan the ‘right’ to pester and provoke the head coach, either.

  3. The NFL had better recognize that this business of fining everybody if they sneeze in the wrong direction is really distasteful. A player makes a clean hit and gets fined. Rex shoots his mouth off and gets fined. Let players play and let people be who they are. Save the fines for real and substantive issues. Rex and his big blowhard mouth is very entertaining.

  4. That’s outrageous. Looks like Goodell wasn’t happy with the revenue split so he is making it up in fine money. I agree with the previous post. The fine list and amounts go up every week. Goodell and the league office are out of control at this point.

    Ryan dropped an F-bomb. Big surprise. Hardly a $100k infraction. It’s not like he went up in the stands and stole the drunk fans beer or grabbed him by his mustard stained t-shirt.

    I propose this: All fine money has to go to charities in the city where the person fined plays rather than disappear in the coffers of the league office.

  5. What happened to this league? It’s turned into such a weak sport and players and coaches can’t speak their mind? Anyone remember Jerry Burns’ profanity laced freak out in the late 80’s? Goodell would have had him fined and suspended so fast compared to what Rex said to a fan who SHOUTED at him in his own team’s building.

  6. Just because a fan forks over good money doesn’t give said fan the ‘right’ to pester and provoke the head coach, either.

    Well the fan didn’t say anything offensive or provocative, he simply stated the truth; Belichick is a better coach.

  7. Rex Ryan is classless. Everyone with a brain sees that. Short of a physical altercation though, if a classless fan decides to taunt him, I don’t buy the “paying customer” excuse for fining him.

    Fine him $100,000 if he says that unprovoked. Anything else to me deserves at least an eviction from the game for the fan as well.

  8. They need to give the fan about $30,000 of the money …I don’t hate anyone…but I strongly, strongly dislike Rex Ryan…he’s bad for the sport.

  9. The fan deserved what he got, just like those fans in the Pistons-Pacers games. Our society has too much lack of accountability these days. Would you yell stuff or throw a beer at a person on the street without expecting to get punched or told where to go?

  10. I’m no Rex Ryan fan but that sure does seem a bit steep. Given his personality he just can’t shut up and head down the tunnel even at a home game. I can just imagine the abuse Bill Belichick must take heading to the tunnel after a road game. Like a commentor noted above a ticket doesn’t give a fan the “right” to pester or provoke but provokee can’t let himself get into a conversation whether verbal or animated with a drunken idiot.

  11. $100000 fine for swearing at a fan lol. Give me a break. $50,000 for giving a fan thge finger? Roger Goodell is ruining this league. The pussification of professional football continues. Now if you give someone a legal hit and they slither around on the ground you get a fine. This is a girls game now. Lets put some lawyers on the field in stripes now and let them call the game. Pathetic.

  12. Is it any surprise that it is taking them so long to fine a Jet? Goodell loves the Jets, so he was trying to find way to not fine him.

    This just in: “Roger Goodell just announced that the NFL has fined Rex Ryan 75”.

    We are thinking $75K, but he really means 75 cents.

  13. I still think that coaches get off easy compared to players. They should have more control over their players. Whenever a player gets fined for an illegal hit ( one that is actually illegal), hit the coach in the wallet to. Maybe then they would start coaching guys to wrap up and not headhunt. Or they could suspend coaches occasionally. That never happens and should have in the case of spygate a few years back. Like in college, some coaches just have a “lack of institutional control.”

  14. For those fining whiners. How would you feel if your 7 yr old was close to that event? Way to role model, REX!!

    Goodell and the owners don’t keep these fines. The NFL and NFLPA contract directs the money to retired player programs, and agreed upon charities.

  15. We should look at this from Ryan’s point of view. That fan had no right to say that the Country Buffet was closed.

  16. The NFL is getting to be a political correct league. Somewhere along the line a league that was put together back in 1929 never suspected that a good hit or giving a ahole fan a finger would get you a fine of $100,000.

  17. Most of these fines are nonsense!…Years ago when the Jets played at Shea statium I was at a game that we played the Steelers. A loud-mouthed fan in the stands near by was cursing at Jack Lambert the whole game. Several times Lambert turned around to stare at the idiot but the guy kept doing it. After the game Lambert went into the stands after the guy! Lambert got a few shots in on him before other team mates pulled him out of there…NOTHING came of that …and in my opinion justifiably so!…The guy got what was coming to him….and that was it!

  18. If you listen to the clip it sure sounds like once RR tells the fan to shut up the fans all start laughing and shouting. Hardly a reaction of someone that upset at getting it back from Rex. In fact, I would bet a lot of money they said that to Rex just because they knew he would respond somehow…hence the laughter. What’s the harm??? If Rex took a swing at the guy, fine. But it’s just words.

  19. The fine is not enough.

    Rex (“The Mouth That Swore”) Ryan should get at least a 3-game suspension in addition to the fine.

    The Jests wouldn’t miss him anyway after the bone-headed coaching job he did in Denver Thursday night.

    Any team as loaded with talent as the Jests are shouldn’t have to deal with an underperforming wind bag of a coach like this.

    I say bring in Josh (“The Franchise Killer”) McDaniels and let old Rexy hit the unemployment line.

  20. stop expecting these players and coaches to pretend they like fans. they don’t. even when they say, “we have the greatest fans in the world,” it’s because you keep buying tickets and jerseys. they don’t give a damn about you. and they shouldn’t have to care about you. sorry to break it to you all.

  21. Punk behavior, but maybe we should just encourage it until the words have all lost their magical impact.

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