Rob Ryan says Shanahan doesn’t “punk” him anymore

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It was once believed that the antics of Buddy Ryan would keep Rex Ryan from becoming a head coach. They didn’t.

It is now believed that the antics of Rex Ryan will keep Rob Ryan from becoming a head coach. Ultimately, they won’t.

The thing that could keep Rob Ryan from ever becoming a head coach (apart from his crazy homeless guy hairdo and a not-so-girlish figure) is his own penchant for chatter.

Yes, Rob likes to talk.  And he talks a lot more than Rex ever did when Rex wasn’t a head coach.  Rex seemed to instinctively know that he needed to counter the apple-falling-from-the-tree dynamic by behaving a bit more discreetly.  Until, of course, he became a head coach.

Rob apparently feels no such constraints.  In addition to his slam of the T-bone offense, which came a day after Rex couldn’t stop it, Rob also has taken aim at his team’s opponent on Sunday.

Shanahan . . . used to punk me,” Rob Ryan said about the head coach of the Redskins, per the Dallas Morning News (via  “He doesn’t anymore.”

Rob Ryan is referring to a stretch of games from 2004 though 2008, when Rob served as the Raiders’ defensive coordinator and Mike Shanahan coached the Broncos.  Denver won seven of 10 games during that span.

“He’s going to run a stretch play, he’s going to run his boots,” Ryan said.  “We don’t know what formation or what personnel groups they’re coming from, but they’re coming.”

That’s fine.  And there’s nothing wrong with that last comment.  But boasting about Shanahan “not punking” Rob Ryan is the kind of thing that not only can give Shanahan an extra blast of motivation but also make Rob look foolish if he indeed gets punked on Sunday at FedEx Field by Shanahan.

With the jury once again out on Rex’s performance with the Jets and with Rob presumably only destined to get more talkative if/when he becomes a head coach, there’s a chance Rob never will get that opportunity.

29 responses to “Rob Ryan says Shanahan doesn’t “punk” him anymore

  1. These guys are polarizing. Either you love their constant trash talk, or you hate it.

    Rex is proving to be ‘not so smart’. Throws his QB under the bus. Throws his GM under the bus…(Tebow is like Brad Smith).

    Players like Plax, Mason and Holmes are tuning him out.

    Rob may not get his chance after Rex.

  2. I only pull for the Cowboys when they play the Redskins…but this long haired,fat-mouthed baboon sure makes it hard to even do that!

  3. I’m sure Rex talked when he was a DC, but nobody cared what he had to say because he wasn’t coaching for the Cowboys. In Dallas, reporters follow everybody around with Mason jars hoping to catch some flatulence. Reporters interview each other on subjects regarding the Cowboys as if they are celebrities with inside knowledge.

  4. Skins/ Snyder should hire Rob Ryan. If there were ever an owner and a coach more deserving of one another…

  5. I’m sure Rob will become a head coach. NFL is very “flavor of the day” and if Jerry Jones could ever get out of the way of his team, they might win a playoff game or two and Rob will be called a “genius”. I hope he makes it, so that with Buddy, Rex, AND Rob all failing to lead their teams to a Super Bowl win, it should put an end to this kind of head coach for another two decades or so. The quiet will be quite welcomed by then. BTW – I forget, is this year three or four of the Jets “guaranteed” Super Bowl win? It’s hard to keep track of all the promises and guarantees after awhile. I am amazed that anyone finds this entertaining anymore. To me, hearing the same crap week in and week out got boring after week two of Rex’s reign.

  6. I have never heard a coordinator talk so much. What has he done to think that we care about his opinion on anything? If only him and Rex moved their fat asses as much as they moved their mouths, they wouldn’t need lap band surgery.

  7. Isn’t it a forgne conclusion that Mike Shannahan and Bruce Allen are gone?

    Why wait! Fire them NOW!

    Al Davis MADE Bruce Allen who has since suckered billionaires out of their money.

  8. I feel sorry for any team who hires Rob Ryan as there head coach. He will end up just like his father and brother with nothing to show for there big mouths. Great defensive coordinators but lousy pathetic head coaches who dont have a clue.

  9. Oh come on. The Ryans just bring an added interest to the game. They are colorful and often times end up looking like idiots. Love them or hate them, they add a little fun into a league that seems bent on smothering it out!

  10. Rob Ryan also used to get punked every week by Al “Coach” Davis. When he was forced to run the Coach Davis vanilla no blitz, single high safety man to man D…….

    Ryan never talked in Oakland. He was a silent, loyal willing puppet for his master Coach Davis…..

  11. Jury out on Rex? Say what you want, but the guy has been in the last TWO AFC Championship games. So I dont know what jury youre talking about.

    Players like Rex. Owners want players to come to their teams. Rex will be a head coach soon enough, if he continues to be succesful as a DC.

  12. Punk him? Punk him? It was that last 75 pounds. Shanny can’t even begin to get his arms around Rob now much less punk him.

  13. Coaches of every department, whether it be Head coach, assistant, defensive or offensive should be humble. Smack talk from a coach is about as threatening as a child when he’s told he can’t have something. They are both very loud and obnoxious, but not something that makes one worry. Not only is it annoying, but it is very unprofessional. The Ryan brothers need to re-evaluate themselves.

  14. Jason Garrett needs to grow a pair and tell Ryan to shut his mouth. The guy is a bigger joke than his brother.

  15. Even after the McDaniel’s era, I can say i don’t miss Shanny in Denver. Ohh yeah, Rex and Rob are highly irritating, if you give them any merit at all. I was pushing for The Good Feet stores to hire Rex as a spokesman when he was in town though. That would be marketing gold.

  16. T-bone offense??

    Is that Rob Ryan slamming down 5 T-bone steaks? I do find that offensive.


    For a second, I read that as “puked”. I thought he ate Shanahan, but he just did not go down well.

  17. If Rob Ryan never becomes a HC it won’t be because he talks too much. It will be because he really isn’t good enough. He is a middle of the pack DC and there are more than a few guys out there who should likely get chances to be a HC before he does (if Rob Ryan is a candidate than how come Mike Zimmer isn’t?).

    However, the NFL has more than one dumb owner and tends to have a pack mentality. If Sexy Rexy continues to have success in NY and the Cowboys get to the playoffs, Rob Ryan will eventually be considered. And then he will fail. And be fired. Like his dad constantly was. And like Sexy Rexy soon will be (give it another year of sticking with Sanchez).

  18. Is this the psychic hotline? You KNOW he’ll never get a shot as a head coach? Because .. he talks a lot? Really?!?!?

    Listen here. If he continues to improve this defense, and as much as there are a bunch of retreads and bad coaches in this league … if he doesn’t get a job based on his mouth … then this league isn’t worth two cents. Judge the man based on the product on the field. Period.

    I always find this media dynamic of rushing to highlight quote any controversial material a coach says and blow it up for everyone to hear … then condemning that same said coach for the material they just used to sensationalize … THEN claiming no responsibility for the ensuing controversy … to be pretty disengenious.

    If you disapprove, treat him like the streaker during a broadcast. Don’t show it.

  19. – Number of titles won by Buddy Ryan as coordinator = 1.
    – Number of titles won by Buddy Ryan as head coach = 0.
    – Number of titles won by Rex Ryan as coordinator = 0.
    – Number of titles won by Rex Ryan as head coach = 0.-
    – Number of titles won by Rob Ryan as coordinator = 0.
    – Number of titles won by Rob Ryan as head coach = n/a.
    Wake me when something changes.

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