Rumors fly that the season could be over for Ray Lewis


Since the stories regarding the status of Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis and his injured foot currently already are all over the place (he won’t play Sunday, he may play Sunday, he’ll miss only one game if he misses any, he’ll miss at least two games), let’s add to the growing orchestra of out-of-sync accounts of the future Hall of Famer’s status.

There’s a rumor making the rounds that Ray got bad news during his visit to a South Florida specialist, and that Lewis could miss the rest of the season.

I’ll believe that when I see it.  Few men who ever have played organized sports possess the will and the heart and the drive of Ray Lewis.  Peter King mentioned during halftime of Saturday’s Notre Dame home finale that, several years ago, Lewis dislocated a shoulder against the Browns.  With his helmet confiscated by trainers, Lewis nevertheless popped the shoulder back into place, did 35 push-ups to show that he could play, got his helmet back, and re-entered the game.

That said, an injured foot can be more problematic, since with every other stride taken it carries the full weight of the body. Regardless of the condition of the foot, if there’s a way to play, Lewis will play.  If the injury is bad enough to keep him from playing today against the Bengals, then it’s reasonable to think it’s bad enough to keep him from playing for a while.

UPDATE 9:43 a.m. ET:  Warren Sapp of NFL Network reports that Lewis will not play today.

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  1. All good things come to an end but I think the Ravens will keep him(as in not send him to IR) just for the motivation that he provides to their defense.

  2. No human can play Linebacker and hit like him for as long as he has without a little help. I have no doubt he’ll play today and the rest of the season. Whatever he’s been pumping into his body HGH, undetectable steroids, etc. he’ll be ready.

  3. Oh here come the excuses. If ray lewis wasnt knocked out for the rest of the season we woulda won the super bowl that year. The end of a career & the end of the ravens! They only win with emotion! No ray, no cheerleading = many losses. On a good note. Dont worry the steelers will gladly represent the afcnorth….AGAIN!

  4. There may be a few long memoried detractors out there who denigrate Ray Lewis, but there likely have been few if any tougher players ever. Many of today’s players (a certain Clevland Brown comes to mind) could stand to learn some lessons from Ray Lewis. Much respect to Ray!

  5. The ravens are well known for hiding the injuries of their players, especially concussions( Todd heap suffered numerous concussions with the ravens that were never reported) so it doesent surprise me that they are being so secretive about weather or not his season is over but I believe the real reason they are not saying anything is to save Lewis the embarrassment of how he suffered the injury,which was when he got juked out of his Jock by marshawn Lynch last week and planted his leg at a really awkward the tape on YouTube you’ll see there is no question how he suffered the injury just like there is no way the ravens are going to admit their star defensive end got owned on a play and then suffered a season ending injury because if it.eventually the ravens habit if not reporting their injuries is going to catch up with them.

  6. Thank you god for the karma to Lewis for that cheap shot hit on hines ward Signed STEELERS NATION!

  7. Anybody that’s ever had a dislocated shoulder knows that it doesn’t hurt all that bad when it is dislocated, hurts a little when it is pulled back into place, and is pretty functional and mostly pain-free once it is ack in place…. until the next day and then it hurts like hell, has limited movement, and strength.

    Yeah, I respect the hell out of Ray Lewis, but it has nothing to do with playing with a dislocated shoulder… seriously, no big deal. Anybody that has ever dislocated a shoulder (I’ve dislocated each one 4X a piece) would likely tell you the same thing…. now this toe thing… that’s a whole different story.

  8. Maybe Ray plays with that kind of passion because he realizes that by all rights he should be in prison.

    While I generally never wish ill on anyone and can appreciate his intensity of play, the man is a murderer who got away with it because he hired the right attorneys. And if he did that, I can only imagine the crap he is willing to pump into his body to stay on that field.

    I wonder if in his spare time he golfs with OJ while looking for the real killers.

    One thing is for sure…when his career is over, he will go back to being a train-wreck of a human being.

  9. A running back ended his career…hahaha. Now thats funny. Got juked lost his jock end of career! Good stuff!

  10. Well then there should be alot of surprised looks on all the faces of these dimwits when he suits up today. Thats what warriors do.

    Even “IF” he does not play, his presence alone, on the sideline is equal to any defensive co ordinator in the league.

  11. Maybe one of his posse could take a stab at cutting his hangnail off for him. I’d rather see him end his career Theisman style.

  12. If he had to play the rest of the season in two cast he still would be more effective than any dream team lb !

  13. steelersownyou says: Nov 20, 2011 8:44 AM

    Thank you god for the karma to Lewis for that cheap shot hit on hines ward Signed STEELERS NATION!

    STeeler Nation, you are still 0-2 this season against the Ravens. You are supporting a team that has a rapist, a drunk driver, and an anti-american. Your nation makes the rest of us sick.

    To the people rejoycing in someone elses injury, grow up. Be happy when you win a championship by beating a team when they are 100%. You are all losers who could never play this game.

  14. Gotta love the way he plays, feels like real football when you are watching him. Hope he gets back out there.

  15. Given their schedule, the odds are pretty good that the Ravens go at least 10-6, Ray or no Ray. But those two remaining Bengals games will determine where they’re at in the division and the second one is the last game of the season, on New Years Day. Will Ray really be out that long? I wouldn’t bet on it.

    BTW, thanks NFL for running a full schedule on New Years this season, enough football to make mah head ‘splode.

  16. So now the steeler fans are back out and about talking about “making excuses” when 2 weeks ago this site was littered with your pathetic excuses about why you lost. And yes Ray is above and beyond the heart and soul of our team. But unlike “oh we didn’t have Ben it doesn’t count” Ray has the ability to make a difference on the sideline as well. So let’s play this season out with or without ray and come January (“when it counts”) I can’t wait to see the Ravens and Ray help send you fools and your team packing.

  17. I was thinking it’d be a normal thing if Ray Lewis just chopped off his Toe with scissors…
    But now, I’m starting to think Ronnie Lott was just some sicko that got off on Chopping off his own body parts….

  18. >Thank you god for the karma to Lewis for that cheap shot hit on hines ward Signed STEELERS NATION!

    Wow. Hypocrisy maxes out.

    Steelers fans really ought not invoke karma. Your QB, you know, for one.

  19. @steelersownyou….maybe that was karma on Hines ward for being the dirtiest player in the game…and to the other idiot who obviously knows nothing about football he is a middle linebacker not a defensive end

  20. Alright, Ray beat the murder rap and it didn’t go through some high profile/ high dollar trial before he was the NFL star that he is. He is not guilty of murder and refocused his life and priorities after.

    Ray’s career was that of the best and maybe most feared LB of all time. I wished that somehow Marvin would have brought him to Cincy a few times when his contract was up. He will be a sorely missed rival when it’s over. The likes of a Warren Moon or several Steelers players over the years.

    I will say that the Raven may be better off with a younger LB, but emotion and knowledge/study will probably be missed and mistakes might be made. I don’t know, I just hope my Bengals win decisively. Who-Dey!

  21. I am a Steelers fan but I respect Ray Lewis, his passion for the game is unbelievable and his leadership. He helped make The Steelers Ravens rivarly what it is today. If his season is over, I wish him the best of luck.

  22. markmanxp says: Nov 20, 2011 8:39 AM

    He’s a true fighter with a killer instinct that’s for sure.


    No that’s funny.

    I’m sure if he thinks he can play at all, he’ll take a stab at it.

  23. The last time Ray Lewis missed significant games, the Ravens went 6-10.

    Taking Ray Lewis out of the Ravens defense would be like taking Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady out of their respective offenses. For all the talk I’ve seen so far about his toughness, he IS the undisputed leader of the Ravens defense. And we’ve seen how suspect their pass defense has been. Now, since Lewis seems to be where EVERY single running play goes, can whoever fills in for him flow to the ball the same way? I doubt it.

    If the Ravens lose today they’ve got to turn around in 4 days and go play SF. If they lose that game, you might as well hand the division to the Steelers (KC, CLE X2, STL, CIN, SF).

    It’s a shame: He is one of the best players in NFL history, without question, and a fierce competitor.

  24. as brasho says, toes are different from shoulders. If it is a “turf toe” he may be done for the season. it is the injury that made John Ogden retire. Must have to do with the field turf that everyone is using now, because we seem to be hearing a lot more about toes lately (and no that is not a poke at Rex Ryan although it could be.)

    Just out – Lewis will not play today. No excuses Ravens. Man up and beat the Bungles.

  25. he’s what sapp was talking about! And hey PALINFURPRESIDENT…You hold onto that 2 games you won over us this year…If thats what makes you happy…cause after your sorry ravens lose today & to 49ers on thanksgiving. Its over for the cryvens! Steelers AFC NORTH CHAMPS! AGAIN!

  26. McClain has been playing pretty solid this season, so it’s time to see if he is truly Ray’s successor or if we still haven’t found him yet.

  27. Big-time Steelers fan here … We’ve heard and made the murderer jokes about Lewis. Truth be known, he will go down as one of the best LBs ever to play the game. Ever.

    I followed him at The U and, unfortunately, I’ve had to follow him all these years with the hated Ravens. Still, the man can play and I admire him for that.

    Hoping the best for him and, obviously, the worst for his team.

  28. djstat

    You support a team that had one Lewis [jamaal] convicted of being a dope peddler…and another Lewis who had to plea bargain his butt out of a murder sentence.

    do you have room to talk? I think not!

  29. drfever73 says:
    Alright, Ray beat the murder rap and it didn’t go through some high profile/ high dollar trial before he was the NFL star that he is. He is not guilty of murder and refocused his life and priorities after.
    he did NOT beat the murder rap…he plea bargained out of it. That is not the same as a jury finding you “not guilty.”

  30. This is obviously bad news for the Ravens if true, but it isn’t the end of the world for them. Ray Lewis is a good linebacker, but he is no longer the centerpiece he used to be. The past two seasons the power has shifted from Ray to Haloti Ngata and Terrell Suggs. Ngata is the best defensive player on the Ravens, injury or not.

  31. Hey ray I heard you’re out today with a toe injury. Kind of weird. I played with a broken nose against your team and beat you! And my thumb was also broke in the bengals game last week & didn’t miss a play! Sorry to hear your career is over! I didn’t mean to call you soft in my post, but if the shoe fits….. Signed….BIG BEN ROETHLISBERGER

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