Sapp: Ray Lewis won’t play today

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The spirit is willing.  But the foot is weak.

Despite a belief that Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis would try to play against the Bengals with a bad wheel, Warren Sapp of NFL Network reports that Lewis has advised his former University of Miami teammate that Lewis will not play.

The next question is whether Lewis will be able to play in four days, when the Ravens host the 49ers.  If he can’t, then the question becomes whether those rumors that Lewis is done for the season are accurate.

24 responses to “Sapp: Ray Lewis won’t play today

  1. as a bengals fan i should be glad he aint gonna play 2day, but i dont feel that way. I have always admired rays desire on the field and just want both teams to be at full strength when they battle 2day, smash mouth afcn style.

  2. As a steelers fan I have mixed feelings about this. With him out, I think the ravens will miss his leadership more than anything. I hate see see people get hurt, especially a legend of the game, but if he is out for the year, a 3rd loss to the ravens seems that much more unlikely.

  3. I hope his buddies remain calm and don’t go off and kill a couple guys. Oh wait, that already happened in January of 2000. Teflon Ray didn’t seem to care at all. What a puke this guy is.

  4. Hope he makes it back for Thursday night against the Niners would be great to se Lewis,Willis and Bowman on the same field..

  5. Let’s swap Sapp for Lewis for next year’s “Inside the NFL” program on Showtime. You know Ray has a huge career ahead of him on TV, though I’ll sure miss watching him play.

  6. for all you pissburgh fans happy that Ray is injured, its a damn shame your team could do the manly thing and beat us in your home stadium. gotta have the Bungles do the dirty work for you.

    @stairwayto7 – I would pay 1000 dolllars to watch you stand face to face with ray lewis and tell him that he is soft. after you were done pissing down your leg and crapping your pants like the toddler you are, Ray would take you to the woodshed and spank you like you deserve. It is obvious that you parents never taught you to respect your betters. And Ray is better than you in all phases of life. He is smarter than you becuase it is obvious that your IQ is coming in at around 78. He is better dressed than you because you wear steelers pajamas. He certainly has more money than you. He donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to shelters taking care of at risk youth. And he is human. He made bad mistakes 10+ years ago and has spent the last decade atoning for his mistakes while you have spent the last 10 years still trying to figure out how to forgive somone who did nothing to you. So the bottom line stairwayto7 is that Ray Lewis is a better man than you in all phases of the game of life. I realize that thinking is hard for you, but think on that for awhile and after you realize you have been beatchslapped, do us all a favor and never return to this forum. We neither want nor need you here.

  7. Jack Lambert’s career ended because of a toe. As a Steeler fan I love to hate Ray. Damn he is/was good. Would never want to see his career end on an injury but I won’t miss him. LOL

  8. Won’t make a difference. He is so over rated (and has been for most his career. I’d like it much more if nata or suggs was possibly out for the year. Hopefully the Steelers get em again in the playoffs…and the game is officiated fairly.

  9. Who is going to win this game? I’m taking Baltimore but I’m feeling queasy about it. I’m thinking Hall and Green being injured, plus Dalton on the road = Balt squeaks one out.

    I’m not happy to hear that Flacco struggles against 4-3s though (which Cinci has).

  10. @ppdoc13

    stairwayto7 was being uncool, but I seem to remember some Ravens fans cheering that Ward received and illegal shot and a concussion because of a Lewis hit.

    So please do not act like this is some sort of low blow that a Steelers fan is laughing that he’s out. Most of the Steelers fans on this thread have actually demonstrated mutual respect, something that Ravens fans did not give 2 weeks ago.

    So drop the sanctimonious rants because you’re not in good moral standing either.

  11. Hey stooler fans. Ravens are going to win this game. Sweep is still in tact. Let me taste your tears now. Steelers lost to the Ravens, twice!!! So when you talk your garbage, know you just sound ridiculous. Silly peasants.

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