The Seahawks are the second best team in the NFC West

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The Seahawks probably aren’t going to the playoffs. But they are making progress.

Here’s what we learned during Seattle’s 24-7 win over the Rams. 

1. The Seahawks are easily the second best team in the NFC West. They could finish with a decent record because they face St. Louis and Arizona again.  The Seahawks are 4-6 compete every week when Tarvaris Jackson starts.

Pete Carroll has slowly built a rather suffocating defense. All things considered, this Seahawks team has more going for it than last year’s team that won a playoff game.

2. Sam Bradford threw the ball 40 times for 181 yards. He was sacked five times and hit seven more. Steven Jackson rushed for 42 yards on 15 carries. St. Louis’ offense is absolutely lost.

3. Give credit to Seattle for disrupting the Rams offense all day. Chris Clemons had three sacks. The Seahawks gave up only 185 total yards.

4. Tarvaris Jackson didn’t have his best game, but two big plays to Doug Baldwin and Mike Williams were enough. It’s a great sign for the Seahawks they can win going away when Jackson throws two interceptions.

5. We don’t think the Rams would be smart to start over completely after this season. But Steve Spagnuolo might need to get his team playing better down the stretch to keep his job next year.

18 responses to “The Seahawks are the second best team in the NFC West

  1. I love where the Hawks are going. That defense has surprised me with play after play of absolute ball hawking…Kam Chancellor is very exciting, along with Red Bryant, Brandon Mebane, Earl Thomas, and our two towers at cornerback.

    They’re headed in the right direction and are one stud QB away from being for real.

    This is about to get good!

  2. How is it that the Seahawks have beaten the likes of Baltimore and NYG, yet only have 4 total wins?!?!?!

  3. it’s funny, in your predictions you guys had the rams winning. when i mentioned what i thought of your assessment, and that the hawks are improving week by week, i got a million thumbs down, and my comment was mysteriously deleted.

    Our D is on the prowl, bodies flying everywhere, hard hitting cracks everytime someone on the other side touched the ball. Two Picks, a battered up o-line, and we still come out on top, not a bad showing. Marshawn Lynch is an absolute beast. I don’t think T Jax is as bad of a QB as people make him out to be. He’s a really tough QB.

    The Rams and Seahawks both showed a good rush defense. This was a really hard hitting football game, i enjoyed every second of it.

    I’ll say it again: this young Seahawks team is improving more and more each week. Go Hawks.

  4. Seahawks are going to be pretty good in the next couple years. They are a very young talented team and have lost only 1 game this year outright. Their other loses, they were in the game till late in the 4th quarter. I wouldn’t want to play them. They might not be 9-0 or 8-2 or whatever but this 4-6 team is capable of beating any team in the NFL. Offense is starting to click minus the silly plays and the defense is huge, physical and and really starting to play at one of the highest levels in the NFL.

    Harbaugh might be winning with other coaches/GM’s guys but Pete Carroll and John Schneider are building completely from the ground, these are there guys and you are starting to see some of the way things are going. Its only going into 2nd year but PC/JS are building this nicely so far considering its year 2 but Seahawks should be much better in 2012 and winning the NFC West and playoff games like they always do by 2013.

  5. Finally, a PFT article commending the Seahawks without a condescending undertone!

    Thank you, Rosenthal. Welcome to journalism.

    So glad to see it!

  6. @zeckwreck:

    And that one stud QB is either Russell Wilson, Matt Barkley, or RG3 if he decides to come out.

    Scouts will dismiss Wilson bc of his size, I know, but the guy can play.

  7. It’s nice to see another team in the NFC West doing something. However to sit and think that Harbaugh and Co. are going to rest on their laurels and draft poorly and suddenly stop game planning next year, while PC tirelessley toils away then I invite you to go to YouTube and watch your coach ask Jim “What’s Your Deal?” JH will be to the Seahawks what Brett Favre was to the 9ers all of those years-a freaking nightmare. 9ers will be 8-0 in their division this year.

  8. The Rams screwed up with Bradford. He had a great rookie year then they fired his OC, brought in McGenuis and forced Bradford to learn a new offense during an off-season when he couldn’t work with the coaches. They would have been better off giving Bradford some consistency.

  9. …”Pete Carroll has slowly built a rather suffocating defense. All things considered, this Seahawks team has more going for it than last year’s team that won a playoff game.”

    That’s the most intelligent thing this site has posted on the ‘Hawks in a couple of years. And true. Kam is a beast and probably $25k poorer. Thanks, Greg for paying attention!

    4-6? Seahawks lost a lot of early year games because we are the youngest team starting in the NFL, has no off-season, a new OLine coach and our share of injuries including Tavaris, who missed a couple of games. Weeks, 1 – 2, the OLine was clueless, but has gotten much better as the season progressed. Too bad the right side was blown up by injuries, but we’ll survive.


  10. Rams didn’t fire their OC from last year. He is now the HC of the Browns. Rams are better off without him. Boring offense.

  11. Besides the defense that has come into its own, Lynch has turned into a legitimate reliable back. He sat out near the end of the game, hope he is ok.

    4 of 6 Hawks losses they were within a TD with 5 mins to go. Pull out a win vs Cle or Atl or both and the NFC west is closer.
    Jackson has played ok but has to finish those games out, a guy like Williams has to step up and play at least as good as last year too.

  12. Without two picks on the first couple of drives, and with fewer penalties (13 in total, including six false starts), this game could have been even more lopsided.

    Seattle’s losses to winning teams this year: Niners (8-1), Pittsburgh (7-3), Cincinnati, Atlanta, and Dallas (all 6-4). Their only loss to a team with a losing record was Cleveland, the game where Charlie Whitehurst started and was horrible….the defense was left out on the field for over 40 minutes and only gave up six points.

    Up next: Three straight home games against teams with losing records: The Redskins, the Eagles (on a Thursday night – short week and a cross-country trip for Philly), and the Rams again.

    This team could well be 7-6 going into Chicago on Dec. 18th.

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