Antrel Rolle wants more toughness from the Giants


Tom Coughlin isn’t the only one upset about the way the Giants performed on Sunday night.

Safety Antrel Rolle feels that the team wasn’t physical enough in their 17-10 loss to the Eagles. The Eagles played like the desperate team that they are and the Giants couldn’t match their aggression. Rolle stopped short of calling himself and his teammates soft, but said that there wasn’t enough intensity on the field.

“At the end of the day, you play within the lines, you play within the rules, but you don’t take [stuff] from nobody at the end of the day,” Rolle said, via Jorge Castillo of the Newark Star-Ledger. “And that’s my attitude. You don’t take [stuff] from anybody and last night I felt like we took a little bit. Like I said, man, I don’t know what’s going to change and I don’t know how it’s going to change, but in order for us to be where we want to go, things are definitely about to change.”

Rolle was particularly upset about the hit Eli Manning took from defensive lineman Trevor Laws after a first half interception. Laws drew a flag on the play, but it was wiped out when Chris Snee retaliated for a hit that came a beat after the Giants tackled Jamar Chaney. Rolle said he wants other teams to fear the Giants, with particular emphasis on receivers coming over the middle.

It would help if the Giants did a little more to cover those receivers. In each of their last two losses, the Giants defense has given up tons of yardage to receivers in the middle of the field. Brent Celek converted three first downs on passes over the middle by himself on Sunday night. That problem, along with an offensive line that has struggled for most of the season, needs to go away or all the intensity in the world isn’t going to make much of a difference.

The self-analysis is certainly on point, but you can’t help but wonder whether things are actually “about to change” for the Giants. In each of the last three seasons, the Giants have had a maddening habit of showing up with listless efforts in games where they absolutely have to win. We hear a lot after the fact about the issues with intensity and effort, but the same problems keep returning on the field.

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  1. the problem with the Giants is we have no “dogs” on the defense. those guys that strike fear in you. rolle is the man on the defense that has that take no crap from no one attitude. we got pieces but that are solid on defense (tuck, JPP, rolle, webster and prince looked good) but we don’t have that guy in the middle at linebacker that strikes fear in people or commands the defense. ever since pierrce left the defense has had no leader.

    i think the biggest mistake the giants made was not signing carlos dansby the year he was a free agent. if we had him in the middle defense would be solid. need to address it in the draft or free agency. alabama has two monsters that could contribute immediately in the pros and give that attitude we are looking for.

  2. first i am not a Giants fan but clearly having Rookie LBs playing majority of the snaps may have caused blown coverages in the middle. Also there was not enough pressure on Vince Young, for the most part he was able to drop back and step in to many of his throws…Osi was getting man handled by Jason Peters and Tuck was MIA.

  3. Rolle should look in the mirror, I did not see him make one play last night. Eli look lost from the very start and they got pushed around up front on both sides of the ball. With the smurfs and cowpies still having to play each other twice and a split being realistic between the two the birds could still win this division.

  4. They can start with Eli. Crap, he looks like somebody stole his lollipop everytime the camera shows his mug.

  5. Can’t believe Coughlin called out his team during today’s press conference.

    They already hate him. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if next week someone runs into him from the sideline and accidentally breaks his hip.

  6. @delintzman – why you hating on Eli? you don’t want your qb to be some hot head punk like rivers. its not eli’s fault wrs couldn’t catch a cold last night. he plays the game with a calm deminar that is his style. eli is far from the problem with this team.

  7. the giants problem is at linebacker. the last four tds given up by the defense were all due to blown assignments. last night kiwi blew the coverage on smith not picking him. hertzlech blew his assignment on the td pass to cooper. he didnt drop. in the san fran game jones blew his assignment on both tds in the second half.

    if boley doesn’t play next week the giants have no chance covering the saints.

    i have to put the blame on perry fewell some. if these guys are struggling with zone coverage why not go man and bring pressure. force the ball out early and hope people can make a play

  8. raynman49 says:
    Nov 21, 2011 7:03 PM
    Maybe Antrel Rolle should play better, and stop the foolish penalties.

    You should tell that to Desean Jackson.

  9. We are gonna find out everything that we need to know about this team in the next 3 weeks!! Will the real g-men please stand up!!!!!!!

  10. If you don’t give your QB any time, the offense isn’t going to move. The O-line failed miserably in every aspect, which is what really cost the Giants the game. Anyone who doesn’t see that is blind as a bat.

  11. giants need bradshaw back. if he cant go, DaRel Scott needs to start. Jacobs should be benched, he does not fit the offense outside of a battering ram on the 2 yard line and on first down from the 2 they should run play action pass to the TE. not that it matters though, the offensive line is basically swiss cheese right now.

    nuff said there.

    defensively, the Giants lost their best run stopping players in the middle of the field to injury, and half the backups have gone out with ACL’s as well. No Goff, who was a damn good run stopper, no TThomas who is the best tackler on the team and arguably best corner, an injured Tuck, Boley was out for that game, Prince just made his first game of the season finally, and Kiwi has been moved around too much due to all the injuries to really take advantage of his talents.

    The Giants have been plagued by the injury bug yet again and rookies are only stepping half way into their roles. that more than anything is the reason why these weaknesses have manifested with the Giants and Eli and Cruz have basically been the only consistent NY Giants this season.

  12. Rolle said he wants other teams to fear the Giants, with particular emphasis on receivers coming over the middle.
    When Detroit Lions said they won’t teams to fear them they was call DIRTY.
    I guess it what team say it a pu$$y team say it it mean nothing.

  13. The Giants are salary cap victims. They had to cut starters and valued backups due to the reduction in the salary cap – negotiated with help from the Giants owner showing he placed the League over his own team – and an string of injuries to starters that no team without depth could overcome. NO ONE thought this team would compete this year. Rookies – on a Tom Coughlin team!!! – have had to play roles they were not ready to play. If you take away Kiwi – who really is a DE – the most experienced linebacker they had last night had played spot duty in nine games. This is NOT the team that brought in all the top names in free agency. That was the team they played. This is the team that had to take an axe to it’s roster and has had guys stacked three deep on the sidelines with injuries. The Giants were not supposed to be the “Dream Team” this year. They were supposed to fight the Skins for the bottom. It’s because Eli has been playing extraordinarily well in the hurry up that they have been in games at all. Perhaps the better question to ask is why aren’t the Eagles and Dallas three games ahead of a team that is clearly rebuilding.

  14. Antrel Rolle wants more toughness from the Giants
    Isn’t this the guy that couldn’t handle getting to the stadium an hour earlier than he was used to with the Cardinals? Now he wants other guys to be tougher? Really?

  15. Sorry, but Rolle is the best “form” tackler on the team. If he is in position to take a runner down, he takes them down. A lot of times I get tired oh=f his mouth, but not this time. I think he is dead on accurate with his statement.

    Obviously there are quite a few people posting on here that didn’t “REALLY watch the game last night.

  16. All the comments posted are valid and good points. In addition, the offensive play calling was atrocious, the officiating was questionable, and as usual in a big game the Giants just didn’t show up. I hate this second half of the season collapse every year, it’s time for a change. Mr Cowher, are you ready? We are.

  17. Can’t blame this one on Eli. How many passes were simply dropped? After it got to four, I stopped counting. And the Eagles defensive line simply overran the Giants offensive line…just a beatdown. Eli never had a chance most of the time. Rolle and Coughlin are both right.

  18. Don’t worry Rolley you’ll have all the opportunity to prove your toughness against New Orleans’ offense next Monday night.

  19. Soulman45 says: Nov 21, 2011 9:18 PM

    Rolle said he wants other teams to fear the Giants, with particular emphasis on receivers coming over the middle.
    When Detroit Lions said they won’t teams to fear them they was call DIRTY.
    I guess it what team say it a pu$$y team say it it mean nothing.
    Could you PLEASE take a remedial English class before your next post?

  20. Rolle really needs to look in the mirror. He talked a lot of smack before the first game against the Eagles, and played soft then too.

    For what he is getting paid, I am not impressed with his play at all. I thought he was a fantastic up and coming player, but he isnt fulfilling his potential if you ask me.

    Granted, the Giants LB corps didnt help him at all on Sunday…but for as much as he likes to run his mouth, he certainly has been abused on the field a little too often.

  21. Coming from a long-time Giants fan, this is just the same crap we hear year after year. The Giants start slow, come on strong mid-year, and begin their fiery decline into mediocrity around the middle of November. They say, “we have to play better”. They say, “we have to be more aggressive”. Coach says, “we are not playing well”, and “we need to make adjustments”. It’s the same sad story for Giants fans.

    Good luck to the other NFC East teams… the loss to the Eagles was the annual death knell for the Giants’ season.

    Somewhere, Andy Reid is rubbing his hands together, laughing softly… and saying to himself, “It is good.”

  22. He says ” THE GIANTS ARE SALARY CAP VICTIMS” and then always manages to work the Eagles(the team he is obsessed with) into his post’s. the salary cap is part of putting your team on the field, with all the free agents Philly has brought in(good or bad) they are still $6,000,000 under the cap. the Giants have pretty much returned the same team that choked away their season last year, so how can that be considered rebuilding. but you are a fan(not to knowlegable) but a fan none the less. you keep lying by saying i didn’t respond after the Giant victory in game 1, which i did. but you have yet to send any accolades to the team or fanbase, that physically knocked the snot out of your beloved G-MEN.

  23. i agree with a lot of the comments on here. Giants LB corp was hit hard with the injuries. Having guys like Goff and Sintim would make a big difference when compared to starting Rookies. It’s not that the Giants Rookies are not good, it’s just that they are rookies. Often times they were caught out of position in zone coverage which lead to eagle scores.

    Also, special teams was a major factor in the game. The giants need to play special teams to stop #10. Even if that means bringing in a new guy with the skills to play special teams to defend against 10. (Think tasker or giant special teams ace, R. Thompson)

    As far as coaching goes, Coughlin knows how to coach. Coughlin brings discipline, but he doesn’t necassarily breed toughness. (Two different things.) I think Bill C. does bring toughness, but I think it would be difficult to change this defense (personnel-wise) to a 3-4, which he was running in Pitt.

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