Cam Newton sets a rookie rushing touchdown record


Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is blaming himself for Carolina having just two wins this season, but he shouldn’t. Newton is doing things with the ball in his hands that we’ve never seen a rookie quarterback do.

Newton has reached the end zone nine times — nine times — as a runner, giving him the most rushing touchdowns for a rookie quarterback since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger. Newton had two running scores on Sunday in Detroit, breaking the previous record of seven rushing touchdowns for a rookie quarterback, set by Vince Young in 2006.

If he continues on this pace, Newton would finish the season with 14 rushing touchdowns. To put that in perspective, 14 is the most rushing touchdowns Walter Payton ever had in a season. And he was pretty good.

Newton also has a chance to lead the league in rushing touchdowns this season; only Adrian Peterson with 11 and LeSean McCoy with 10 are ahead of him right now.

Former Patriot Steve Grogan has the single-season record for rushing touchdowns by a quarterback, with 12 in 1976. Just last year, listed Grogan’s record as one of the five NFL records least likely to be broken. But that was before Cam Newton arrived in the NFL. Newton might just be a couple games away from breaking it.

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  1. Out of everything that happended in that game you focus on some eroneous stat about the losing quaterback. Come on! Then at least mention that Stafford through a team record of 5 touchdowns in a game, only matched by Bobby Layne. The Panthers are the Lions of last year, give the Lions some credit.

  2. The Panthers really need to change the run to pass ratio. Rothlisberger/Ryan/Sanchez were all protected with a run first offense while we insist on trying to be he greatest show on turf in year one of the Newton era. It would also help to maybe “hide” this defense, though that can only work so much. Terrible performance by the D giving up that quick score after tying the game at 35.

  3. How can you say they aren’t losing because of him? 14INT on the season and FOUR yesterday. He’s got 14INT and 5 fumbles in 10 games and they aren’t winning. Maybe … just MAYBE, if the he doesn’t hand the ball to the Lions 4 times, the Panthers can A) score more points and B) keep the Lions from scoring more points. The end result would have been them winning the game.

  4. I think it’s funnier that the least likely record to be broken on that list is in danger of falling this season (consecutive games with a TD pass).

  5. But, but if they’d let Timmy play last year he would had a 100 million TDs plus a parade and a trophy named after him. Just wait – oh it’s too late.

    Timmy’s a winner. Never mind that he’s a runner and until now, that was frowned upon. Now it’s acceptable.

  6. I thought this guy was overrated and should not have been a number one … but now I can’t believe how wrong I was. He looked very good yesterday. He’s looked very good all season and when given time in the pocket – he is very accurate. Only at the end did he look a little flustered, but by then his o-line was caving in every play.

    The Lions dominated from the second quarter on, but Newton was impressive, a better QB than Vince Young ever was that is for sure and right now it doesn’t seem possible that anyone ever thought Gabbert was better than him.

  7. I don’t why Newton gets so much good press when he’s QBing a team with one of the worst records in the league. He needs to take the towel off his head, he needs to quit showboating in the endzone, and he needs to start thinking more about team and less about me, me, and me.

    I’ve never seen a losing QB do more things to bring attention to himself.

    I know a lot of you guys think Cam’s got what it takes to be an elite QB. Frankly, I think he lacks the IT that’s needed to win. Andy Dalton has it; Cam Newton doesn’t.

  8. Cam Newton is a very dynamic player and in hindsight totally deserved the #1 overall pick. It was a great pick, he’s got the highest ceiling clearly.

    But having said that, I think Andy Dalton deserves to win the ROY award. As mentioned in many comments, turnovers really hurt your teams chances to win a game. Andy Dalton isn’t as flashy but is having an amazing rookie season, winning games, and keeping his team right there against the AFC elite. Cam Newton has the potential to be more of a monster than Andy Dalton, but right now Dalton is playing better football. I just hope the hype train doesn’t affect the voters.

  9. How is Cam Newton always the one being mentioned for Rookie Of The Year? Sure, he makes a lot of big plays and has his hand in on a lot of TDs but he also makes a lot of dumb plays. He has thrown way too many interceptions to overlook at this point. Andy Dalton or A.J. Green should be higher than him at this point. They are at least winning games.

  10. Scam Newton – Still not buying him as a QB – crazy gifted athlete, but the QB thing isn’t going to work out for him in the long run.

  11. I am a Panther fan and I LOVE having Cam on the team. Our defense sucks and our offensive line sucks!! If you watched the game closely Cam couldn’t step into his throws because he was under pressure and getting hit when releasing the ball. I would get mad at Cam for the interception UNTIL I would see the replay and see him gettting hit while throwing. The Panthers have to do something to get pressure off him!!

  12. Until this guy learns how to read defenses(low Wonderlic suggests this will take quite some time) his athletic ability is just going to be a side show. Throwing more interceptions that touchdowns is ALWAYS a bad ratio–rookie or not. Scrambling around and scoring rushing TD’s hasn’t done much for Mike Vick except land him in the tub.
    A smart quarterback knows what kind of team he has and plays the game accordingly. You can’t sling the ball into double coverage if your defense is crippled.
    Sorry, not being a hater but until this guy realizes he’s more Jake Plummer than Brett Favre he’s going to have a tough time.

  13. For those of you morons that are trashing newton because of his interceptions.. You morons forget that Peyton Manning set all time rookie record for most interceptions with 28 interceptions his rookie season, yes 28!! Cam has played 10 games and has 14 interceptions. What a bust Peyton Manning was huh? Let’s also not forget that Tom Brady this year is in the top 3 of QBs with the most interceptions and he is Tom Brady!

    Oh and Andy Dalton had 3 interceptions yesterday as did Christian Ponder. It’s what rookie QBs do.. Throw interceptions! It comes with the territory so de with it.

  14. Proud of the kid. Once he learns how to read coverages better he will be a beast. He definitely isn’t the type to settle for mediocrity. Though he is a tad hard on himself, he is determined to be great. While Vince Young started drinking his own Kool-Aid, Cam is saying, “We haven’t done anything”. Wish him luck.

  15. Newton’s biggest problem is passes sailing high. This happened alot against the Lions, sometimes because of presure sometimes not. Shula just needs to keep working on the footwork with him. Guy’s going to be fine. Its year one.

  16. It would also help if the coaching staff called a game condusive to a rookie with a leaky defense. The Steelers kept Rothlisberger on a pitchcount his rookie year.

  17. @ christopher5777

    I understand he is a rookie and there is a learning curve, but Peyton also didn’t win Rookie Of The Year in 98 when he threw all those interceptions. I didn’t say Cam wasn’t going to be a good QB. I just don’t think he is deserving of ROTY.

  18. Cam will be just fine. Our defense showed up for the 1st quarter and see what the score was. Lot of injuries on this team and the season is pretty much over for us. So why not get Cam all the reps we can and put a lot on his shoulders now when it doesn’t really matter if we W or L. Andy Dalton couldn’t win with 11 of his teammates on IR. Starting MLB, WLB, RT, RG, and WR all on IR. Cam will be an elite QB.

  19. Someone comments about Newton’s low Wonderlic score (which actually was 21) and suggests he’s a slow learner. Someone else comments that Favre had a 22, Marino had a 15, Bradshaw had a 16, etc. but the comment disappears due to a violation of the apparent posting policy that prohibits facts and corrections to comments that are insulting.

  20. Warren Moon would call you all racist for your posts. Some of you make good points, but some of you are just hatin’ to hate. Cam is a rookie. Let him play and let him make his mistakes. I don’t think anyone can crown him after 10 games, and no one can certainly say he’s going to fail as a pro after 10 games. Clearly he has a lot of talent and is going to stick around a long time. So sack up and quit getting offended every time he does a little jig in the endzone.

  21. Yup and did you by any chance notice that Matthew Stafford THREW for 5 touchdowns with a broken index finger on his throwing hand? I know you love Cam Newton but his passing terrible, he LOST and his team is 2-8. Next.

  22. For all you Dalton huggers, he threw 3 INT’s yesterday… hit a wall when he had to play the Steelers and Ravens, esp with no AJ Green.

    Dalton is playing well, but saying he should win ROY over Cam at this point is absurd.

  23. I just like his attitude when he plays. The guy smiles, he actually looks like he is having fun out there. It beats the hell out of the perma-scowls that are the norm in professional sports.

    Sure he has thrown a lot of interceptions recently but he has proven that he has a great arm. He is Michael Vick with the height to see over the line and the personality to energise an entire team. Carolina struck gold in the draft. I only hope the Redskins can be as lucky in the next.

  24. The same people bashing Cam here are the ones who idolize Tebow.
    Tebow doesn’t have 1/10 th of Cam’s skills and ability but yet, people will find any excuse (“he just win”, etc…) when the Broncos are winning DESPITE Tebow.

  25. How do you know that “the same people bashing Cam are the ones who idolize Tebow”?
    Please provide some evidence or insight to back this comment up.

  26. People have to stop saying that HE is losing games. HE didn’t surrender 49 points. HE didn’t immediately give up a tie-breaking score. What HE did do is lead his team to 35 points, including a tying touchdown in the fourth quarter – all this with mostly the same personnel that was one of the worst offenses in the NFL a year ago. HE has been phenomenal; the defense has been atrocious. And all the interceptions you all keep pointing to – not all INTs are the QBs fault.

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