Del Rio on final play: “Our offensive coordinator calls the plays”

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The Jaguars offense was in quicksand for most of Sunday’s game against the Browns, just like it has been all season.

The team got the ball back down four points with 2:49 to go. Amazingly, they drove the ball all the way down to the two-yard line with 13 seconds left. (After wasting 28 seconds after their last first down.)

This was going to be Blaine Gabbert’s first nice moment as a pro. The Jaguars got three cracks to win the game:

1. One-yard run by Maurice Jones-Drew.

2. Dropped pass by Jason Hill in the end zone.

3. Errant throw by Gabbert ends the game.

The team has taken a lot of criticism for not giving Jones-Drew the ball on the final play.  We don’t mind the play call. It just didn’t work. We can’t believe Jack Del Rio’s post-game explanation for the decision.

“Our offensive coordinator [Dirk Koetter] calls the plays. I can’t speak to his thinking. You’ll have to get with him,” Del Rio said via the Florida Times-Union.

Uh, what? That statement partly helps explain why Del Rio’s time in Jacksonville has run its course. He’s essentially saying he’s not the head coach; he’s the defensive coach.  He’s either admitting that or throwing Koetter under the bus.

We understand that Koetter calls the plays. But it’s Del Rio’s team.

The Jaguars had just called timeout with eight seconds left, so surely Del Rio was involved in the discussions on what would happen.

“We certainly talked about those things through the course of the drive. We got down and took our crack. You can make a case for doing that. You can guess any number of plays when you don’t connect. [It’s] a missed opportunity,” Del Rio said.

Mike Tomlin, Bill Belichick and Mike Smith would all be involved in a call like that. They are defensive coaches, but they make big decisions on offense. It’s their team.

They would own the call after the fact too.

38 responses to “Del Rio on final play: “Our offensive coordinator calls the plays”

  1. John Fox was saying similar stuff at this time last year in Carolina. Del Rio’s bags are already packed.

  2. I’m really curious who their next HC will be. Probably a no-name because I struggle see any of the proven HCs giving Jacksonville their first consideration.

  3. The offensive coordinator calls the plays, but even though we’re all listening to the same communication and I over see the whole team, I didn’t say anything when the call came in.

  4. Let me fix this for you:

    1. One-yard run by Maurice Jones-Drew.

    2. Defensive Pass Interference not called on Jason Hill in the end zone.

    3. Errant throw by Blaine Gabbert ends the game.

  5. This guy is a clown, not a HC. He has no clue what play is being called on offence, on third down, last minute of the fourth quarter, with the game on the line? Give me a break…

  6. Pete Carroll doesn’t call the offensive plays in Seattle either, but that hasn’t stopped him from personally taking the blame for a few bad calls on offense either.

    So what does that say about Del Rio?

  7. I thought the Browns were about to lose another close game in the last second, my last thought was “poor browns” as I switched the channel, I never thought the jaguars could be so inept in the red zone so “lucky browns”.

  8. There should be a law against impersonating a head coach. I bet it was Koetter’s fault nobody called a timeout with 30 seconds on the clock so they could actually get a handoff to MJD from the 2 yard line too. Pass the blame Jack while you still can.

  9. im a jags fan and i was DISGUSTED! we didnt run the ball on the final play. we have the best running back in the NFL and u dont give it to him. i want del rio gone.

  10. Can you think of a worse coach who’s kept his job a longer time because the owner’s too cheap to get rid of him, lol? I mean, even Marvin Lewis has the “I work for the Bengals” excuse.

    In the pantheon of bad coaches who kept their jobs for more than 3 years in the face of continuous mediocrity or worse, I can only compare this dope to Norv turner from his Redskin tenure, which probably could be explained by the ownership turmoil of the late 90’s.

    Even the bad coach of all bad coaches who kept his job way longer than he should have, Wayne Fontes, would make the playoffs every year to justify him coming back. The Jaguars have no such explanation for this one, except that the owner is cheap.

  11. This whole article is about being flabergasted that an offensive coordinator calls the plays and that the head coach didn’t lie about it to the media. Seriously??

  12. I honestly did not see this season going so bad. It’s disappointing to say the least.
    Gabbert will get better coaching in the new REgime.
    He’s certainly not getting it now.

  13. He reminds me of John Fox last year. I think they both were surprised that they still have a job. They just don’t care what they say anymore. They know they’ll be fired at any moment.

  14. Sounds as though he should get a pay cut if he’s only head coach for 1/2 the team. If I was Weaver I would give him half a paycheck and kick him out the front door.

  15. Amazing that people are now seeing this guy for who he is. Look at how he has treated two qbs in his time here. He always sets someone up for the fall. A spineless douche.

  16. Anybody watching could see it was a failure of coaching that put them in a desperate position to begin with by burning time and a lack of efficiency not learned in practice, followed by a not-bad call but too weak a front line and a rushed final pass into traffic. Even if Koetter called the play, the HC can input at anytime and Gabbert and the receiver have to execute. The failure to coach the team into having more than a final, desperate pass is to blame and that’s the HC’s job.

  17. Hit the road Jack…….. Longest tenured coach in the HISTORY of the NFL to never win a division title!! I just hope the new HC is offensive minded and also decides to keep Tucker.

  18. I have ZERO respect for Del Rio already…throwing his coaches under the bus makes it a negative #.
    Does he have pictures of Weaver in compromising positions with monkeys or something???

  19. Typical Del Rio, blame everyone else just to keep saving his own azz. The guy has never been HC material, I’m just surprised he has lasted this long, guess all that butt-kissin’ does work.

  20. This was hilarious. Bad coaches all day throwing players and other coaches under the bus. Do you know how many beer commercials will come out of this week alone?

  21. Del Ego has made a career of throwing coordinators under the bus. Basically every year he fires his staff and claims the team’s bad performance was their fault.

    The bad news for Jack is that owner Wayne Weaver can’t possibly put up with his “blame the other guy” mentality much longer.

  22. Tomorrow they build team spirit by having everyone take a few swings at Koetter with an axe handle.

  23. im a jags fan and i was DISGUSTED! we didnt run the ball on the final play. we have the best running back in the NFL and u dont give it to him. i want del rio gone.


    Best running back in the nfl? Smoke one for me pal.

    Ps. If I was an NFL owner this would cross Del Rio off the list for ANY vacancy on my team. This guys trying to save his own a s s and tosses his OC under the bus. Absolutely no leadership qualities. Leaders share the love when it goes right and take the blame when it goes wrong.

  24. Follow up question: “Well Jack, which one of your coaches is responsible for calling time outs?”

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